Fringe Analysis Season 3 Episode 18 “Bloodlines” with Full Episode Video and Science of The First People!


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This has been a Fringtastic week for the Fringedom! Fringe was renewed for a fourth season with a full 22 episode compliment! This has set the Fringies into a frenzy of ecstatic joy! How can we not be, in an absolute, out of this alternate universe, bliss!

Before we begin the review how about a bit of the science of The First People courtesy of FOX Broadcasting featuring Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner?

Click to visit Warner Brothers Studios!The momentous cliff hanger last week, with the thought of William Bell’s (Leonard Nimoy) soul magnets might not be working that well and the jump to the Alternate Universe this week has us all enthralled and glued to our Televisions This is a show that delivers with intensity.  The writers {Alison Schapker & Monica Owusu-Breen} and Director Dennis Smith Click to visit 20th Century Fox Studios! out did themselves with Fringe episode 18 “Bloodlines” . FRINGTASTIC!

The opening sequence was a tense moment for all Mother’s. We begin with Bolivia (Anna Torv) at her ob/gyn appointment with her Mother. Marilyn Dunham played by the wonderful actress Amy Madigan. This is Amy’s fourth appearance in Fringe and she is great as a caring and loving Mother. It reminds me that our Olivia yearned for that sort of parental support as a child in season three episode 12 “Concentrate and Ask Again.”

Fring S3x18 - BOlivia and Mom on the way to the clinic
We begin with Bolivia and Marilyn are receiving the distressing news that Bolivia might be positive for the disease VPE
Click to learn more about the Preclampsia Foundation(viral propagated preeclampsia)  Welcome to the Preeclampsia Foundation. This was the disease that was the demise of Bolivia’s sister, Alt-Rachel and her baby.  This is discouraging news with a whopping 80% chance that Bolivia might have it! That is not the best news that I would want to hear as an expectant Mom.

Fringe S3x18 - The ultrasound
The butterfly in the soothing video mural with the water fall, gave me the impression of a metamorphosis is about to occur. We are in for a ride again. The science of Fringe is always at work making us look at all the props, the nuances and evoking our thoughts to guess at where will the larger pattern eventually take us.

Fringe S3x18 - The butterfly video mural
The scene with Marilyn and Bolivia in car makes me think Bolivia is vulnerable to having a child. She seems to have already resigned herself to not being a parent.  Honestly, no one knows those answers until they are at that pivotal moment. She doesn’t feel she could be a wonderful Mother?  I’m already beginning to feel more and more for Bolivia. As a mother myself, I went through all the worries, real or imagined that all mother’s go through. She also feels she is being judged by her actions because of her ‘one night stand’. Lincoln and her mother just care and it good she has such support. I wonder how Peter would feel if he knew he might be a father or referred to as a one night stand?

Fringe S3x18 - Daugther Anna Torv and Mother Amy Madigan

Bolivia leaves her Mom and as she walks away, she feels that spidey sense kicking in. ( Maybe she picked up a bug from Alt-Charlie, Lol) She feels that she is being followed and for good reason. Bolivia IS being ”observed” by The Observer (Michael Cerveris) is not far away and is watching intensely.

Fringe S3x18 The Observer is watching

Every time I see the well dressed bald dude I get that feeling something profound is about to happen. Just then the ever devoted Commanding Officer Lincoln Lee(Seth Gabel) calls her and  appoints her a security detail out of safety for Bolivia. Unfortunately this was a useless endeavor. There were some unsavory characters waiting for her and ZAP! Bolivia is tasered and kidnapped!

What an opening sequence!

Fringe S3x18 - Fringe Division New York

Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) and Charlie Francis, (Kirk Acevedo) are at the Fringe Division discussing Mona (Julie McNiven) the’ bug girl’ from episode “Immortality” that Charlie went on a date with. This made me laugh. I was curious if he would encourage that relationship at all. She certainly had the hots for Charlie. With good reason because so do I.

Fringe S3x18 - Lincoln and Charlie Fringe Division New York

This conversation about dating brought up feelings Lincoln might have for Bolivia. Charlie teased Lincoln about the fact that Bolivia’s one night stand was driving him crazy! That elicited a chuckle from me. When Lincoln found out that Bolivia was kidnapped his expression on his face was quite telling about how concerned he was for her and her life that should be none of his business as he put it.

Fringe S3x18 - Walternate and Brandon at Dept of Defense

Lincoln calls Walternate (John Noble) to reveal the upsetting news that Bolivia was kidnapped. At the time the call was made. Walternate and Brandon Fayette, (Ryan McDonald) were discussing the possibility of experimentation on children to find a way to other Universe. Brandon is a cool geek in our Universe but he just seems unsavory in the alternate universe. Walternate is unwilling to go the route of experimenting on children, and is very adamant about that decision. Walternate seems very stressed about the abduction of his future grandson and wishes to know every detail that is revealed to Lincoln in the search. I always miss Walter and his Walter-isms in these Alter-Universe episodes. Walternate is not Mr. Chuckles, where Walter is chuckles incarnate! lol 😛

They are able to track Bolivia with her organic technology tracking device but are thwarted by the kidnappers knowing about the tracking device. Lincoln and Charlie are frustrated and angry that ‘they’ removed it, and Bolivia is still missing. The kidnappers have gotten clean away and have begun to implement their plans they have for Bolivia and the baby.

The discovery of the knowledge of the tracking device leads Lincoln and Charlie to believe this to be an inside job. They recruit Alt-Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) to find the person or person’s who would have clearance to the classified information. Alt-Astrid (Alt-Astro) is able to supply them with information of her own about a suspicious vehicle that has been cruising past Bolivia’s house for the past week. Astrid in any Universe is a favourite of mine. I wonder what her character will be doing next?

Fringe S3x18 - Alt-Atsrid joins the search
Bolivia is brought to a makeshift hospital. The Doctor says “Phase 1 has disrupted the regulatory process by now and all inhibitory proteins should be blocked” What does that mean for the baby? Bolivia is restrained and they put a huge terrifying needle into her abdomen. I don’t mind needles, but, c’mon, that was a needle I wouldn’t even use on my enemy. OUCH! I’m really starting to feel for this Olivia.  The Doctor that is injecting her could really use some bed side manners. He let’s it slip that ‘they’ said she was a fighter.

This leads credence to the thought that this is an inside job. So, who is the paycheck behind this evil plan? What is this agenda and what does it have to do with Peter’s baby? The nurse is Yolanda Ulmer (First Wave, Trooper) and she seems to show some compassion. However, when she puts that ‘target’ ultra sound machine pointed at the baby you just know that she is not all bed side manner either.  Who can do those things to a Mother and an unborn child?

Fringe S3x18 - BOlivia about to get needled

Fringe S3x18 - BOlivia tries to reason with the nurse

Henry Higgins (Andre Royo) is the cab driver that has been driving past Bolivia’s place. He made an appearance in the episode “Olivia” and helped Olivia escape in the episode “Abducted”. He is a cool character. I liked the fact he was reading Opus, The Peahen. I love penguins. The last picture in the comic strip shows a taser shot to the woman. How fitting since that’s what just happened to Bolivia. Ouch! I laughed when Charlie said put your hands on the steering wheel and Lincoln said to get out of the car! What the hex you want the dude to do guys? LOL He can’t do both!

Fringe S3x18 - The cab driver

Henry sure knows a lot of things that seem to surprise Lincoln and Charlie. Charlie realizes Henry is the cabbie from the gas station that was helping Olivia. Charlie and Lincoln realize that there might have indeed been a switch of Olivia’s and that things may be more complicated then they seem…. Someone has some explaining to do!

Marilyn gets the bad news  from Doctor Rosa that Bolivia is indeed the carrier of the dreaded PVE. This means the end of the pregnancy for this baby. But is it? Marilyn shows herself to be wanting this baby for her Olivia, but she knows the prognosis is not good. Meanwhile, Bolivia has awakened at this point and is plotting an escape but it foiled by a vicious pain ripping through her abdomen. The baby is growing! They have accelerated the growth of this unborn fetus! What does this mean in relation to the status PVE? In the episode S1-2 “The Same Old Story” there was an accelerated growth of a child. That did not end well for Mother or child. What is going to be the end result for this CHILD of Bolivia’s and Peter’s?

Lincoln proceeds to meet with Walternate where he reveals to him what Henry the cab driver had told him. Lincoln wants to know the truth. Lincoln is very concerned for Bolivia. He needs to know the truth in order to search for Bolivia. But also to satisfy his own curiosity on the events that has come to light with his conversation with Henry.  I think the desire to be fully informed so it might help to a lead is just him fishing for information to solidify his own suspicions.

Fringe S3x18 - Walternate reveals the truth about Olivia
Lincoln ‘s suspicions are confirmed by Walternate, that they two women were indeed switched. How does this really make Lincoln feel? Walternate is willing to tell Lincoln every thing and does. Lincoln finds out that Bolivia did not have a one night stand but is carrying a child, one of great importance to Walternate. Lincoln has a look on his face that he has just been sucker punched in the gut. That was pretty amazing acting on his part. Lincoln looked blown away and perhaps a little nauseous. Lincoln might have some competition for Bolivia’s heart?

Fringe S3x18 - Lincoln Lee is shocked by the truth
Lincoln is running out of time. Bolivia’s baby has grown exponentially with the mad scientist filling her with wacky drugs and by now she looks 9 months pregnant. That had to be some serious pain, no matter the pain killers and the milligram amount. I’m cringing at the thought of it.  They are conducting a procedure in a joint expander machine to make sure her body is okay for the advancement in her pregnancy. That has got to hurt! I’d clench my hands too! What is this about a time table? Is there a time limit? What is their agenda? Bolivia is going to have to do something herself to get out of this mess. She tries to appeal to the ob/gyn nurse compassionate side and gets a no help from that heartless woman.

Lincoln and Charlie are trying to find her with the help of Atl-Astrid. They are going to have to tell Marilyn that Bolivia has been kidnapped. Charlie volunteers to talk to Marilyn. Charlie says to Lincoln “You talking to me”? I love that line, any where in any universe! In the Alternate Universe Francis Ford Coppola directed Taxi Driver, That was very clever for Charlie to say that line.

Marilyn is telling Charlie that Bolivia can not have the baby and that means what ever these people are up to, could very well kill Bolivia.

The nurse is about to get a comeuppance’s as Bolivia goes Dunham on her. Gotta love that! Even as advanced  in pregnancy she is, she can still show her fighting skills. Yes! Deliver ultimatums and kick butt! Bolivia escapes only to find herself in a worse predicament. The baby is coming! Bolivia calls Lincoln but will he get there in time? He sure does, with the help of Henry Higgins. The  cabbie that knows all the back streets to China town where Bolivia was being held.

Fringe S3x18 - The bundle in Chinatown
Now this is where my sanity flies out the window, between the nail biting and the crying, I’m hoping up on the back of the couch to watch what is about to unfold. Henry is once again there to help out. He offers to help with the delivery of the baby. There is the heart wrenching scene between Bolivia and Lincoln. That is some incredibly stellar acting of Anna Torv and Seth Gable. A single tear rolls down Lincoln’s face as he promises Bolivia that he’ll make sure the baby will be okay. The pain on her face is making me cringe.  How could anyone not feel for Bolivia?

Fringe S3x18 - A tear for BOlivia

Lincoln professing his love for her was a delight and a sorrowful moment  with the thought of her dying looming with every push she made. When the baby was born and Bolivia went so still, Lincoln’s expersion on his face had me just in tears. I cried more than the baby did! *phew* Bolivia and the baby are both fine and I can crawl down off my perch on the back or the couch. Henry has done a wonderful job of delivering Bolivia’s baby and hopefully we will see his character in future episodes.

Lincoln’s profession of love bodes well for our Olivia. With Lincoln’s love for Bolivia out in the open, I’m hoping this may lead to something for the pair. Perhaps sharing a traumatic event between them, opens a lot of possibilities for love to grow?

Lincoln and Charlie are at the hospital where they meet up with Walternate. Walternate seems to be so concerned for the safety of his grandchild and Bolivia. Walternate is one guy that I would not wish to cross. Good thing Lincoln seems to be on his good side.

Fringe S3x18 - Lincoln Lee with Alt-Charlie

Fringe S3x18 - Alt-Charlie with Lincoln Lee

Lincoln and Charlie are not pleased that Walternate has not been sharing his secrets with them. Which leads them to speculate as to what else they may not know. What may have happened to Broyles and if there is a correlation between the events of the switching of the 2 Olivia’s. I wonder what they intend to do about the lack of knowledge they have on these events?

Marilyn and Bolivia are marveling at the wonder of the little miracle cooing and stretching in her arms. The PVE did not have time to manifest and a miracle to love and hold is born. He is gorgeous, and so precious. Bolivia is showing us those beautiful Anna Torv smiles we all love. You can’t help but smile with her. But what are the insidious plans for this little miracle?

Fringe S3x18 - Mama BOlivia smiles

Fringe S3x18 - Mama BOlivia cuddles with the little bundle

We don’t have long to enjoy the Mother and son moment before we see the transfer of the baby’s blood sample to a minion. August, our Observer is there to witness the transaction as well.  What does the Observer mean”It is happening?” I’m speculating that this baby is more important than we first realized. Is Peter the only person that can operate the machine?  Is this child important to the Observer’s as well?

Fringe S3x18 - The Observer is seen again!

The minion is the sleazy Alt-Brandon and he delivers the blood sample to none other than Walternate! He executed this plan and put their lives in such great peril. I thought he had a moral stance on not experimenting on children?  Wouldn’t the rapid growth of a child be considered experimentation? What plans does Walternate have for his Grandson? Is this child ‘FATED’ to be an intricate part of the larger pattern of Fringe Science.

Fringe S3x18 - Waltrnate and Brandon view the child

Fringe S3x18 - Grandma and BOlivia with the little bundle

Fringe returns Friday April 15, 2011 with season three episode 19 known as “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” (LSD). In the meantime, enjoy the full episode “Bloodline” courtesy of FOX via Hulu!

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