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On a different topic before starting my review; the first commercial break featured an awesome delight for my senses. There was a preview for the Green Lantern. Ryan Reynolds is Canadian and with me being a fan and Canadian also, this was an awesome Fox preview of the Green Lantern! I can’t wait until June to see this!!!

Fringe S3x20 - Green Lantern promo
As we stop for a different commercial break we see Blair Brown’s smiling face in a commercial for the environment the advertisement is for a “Green It, Mean It“, a FOX television series and a public service announcement. We like to see our stars encouraging the use of locally grown foods and as an advocate for our environment.

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Ready to wake up and smell the fresh brewed coffee in this weeks episode of Fringe? Well, there might be something else brewing at 6:02 AM and it is not coffee!

Brandonate (Ryan McDonald) is busy preparing the machine for it’s dark purpose. He has his team hard at work making sure the lead casing called the Faraday Cage protects the complex when the machine is made active. He doesn’t want a lighting bolt to go flying. Faraday cage is a good name for this device as Micheal Faraday did electrifying work. Bradonate is not a favorite character of mine but Brandon Fayette is. Brandonate himself is sleazy and gives me the creeps every time I see him. There is nothing like a good, bad guy. Ryan does a really great job of playing both characters so well. Is it ultimately, our choices in life that create who we are?

Fringe S3x20 - Evil Brandonate Walternates minion
Walternate (John Noble) appears in the doorway to see how his plans are progressing. Brandonate clears the room so they can discuss the plot they have conceived to be able to use the machine without Peter (Joshua Jackson) They used the blood they slyly took from Bolivia and Peter’s baby in the episode “Bloodline” to create Peter’s DNA profile to be able to use the machine. Brandonate is proud to be part of this momentous event in history to save their Universe, but at what cost will this be accomplished?

Walternate quoted Robert Oppenhiemer, often referred to as the father of the Atom Bomb. Oppenhiemer quoted the Bhagavad Gita, and said, “Now I have become death, The destroyer of worlds” after the Trinity bomb was detonated. Walternate quotes the same thing  realizing that it is true in his own experiments. They are actually about to destroy a world and hopes God will have mercy on them. Walternate is willing to destroy another world and his only son. I stopped and thought a lot about what Walternate said about his demonstration and contemplation.

Fringe S3x20 - Evil Walternate the destroyer of worlds
Will Walternate be able to live with himself? He does not seem to have all that much compassion, if he is willing to destroy another world rather than find another way. The man is willing to use his grandchild’s blood to operate a weapon of destruction. Does that that sound like a man with a soul that would have nightmares after the fact? “May God have mercy on us” but will Walternate extend any mercy to the Universe his only son is in?

As the decision to activate the machine in the Alter-Universe commences we are brought to our Universe where the effects of the machines power begin to unfold. In a field, in the town of Accord New York, the sheep are bleating in terror. As the one Sheppard calls the foreman to help him the foreman runs into a swarm of locusts on his way to the field. The two men and all the sheep are blasted out of existence by a unknown occurrence. What is going on?

Fringe S3x20 - Swarm of locusts
Are the locusts a reference to a biblical end of days? Is this what is in store for the rest of our Universe? The Fringe opening sequence always stimulates the brain, and makes me think. What will our Universe be in for, really? What is our fate?

The bowling pins fall down, and Sam Weiss (Kevin Corrigan) is talking to one of his patrons, “Some days you have it and some days you don’t” he remarks. When Sam looks down at the bowling balls knocking together the expression on his face tells me that is might very well be not Sam’s day. He looks very serious as he takes a device from the locked cupboard and places it on the table. As the metal balls begin their pendulum dance on their own, Sam’s expression is one of disconcert. This is unsettling, and quite worrisome in fact. Sam is someone who seems to have great knowledge and insight. I may not know who or what Sam is but when he is concerned, I’m on the edge of my seat biting my nails!

Fringe S3x20 - Sam Weiss observes trouble

Even though Sam is upset there is tranquility and peace in other parts of our Universe. Olivia is waking up to greet the morning sunshine wrapped in Peter’s arms. Olivia smiles and takes a moment to enjoy the warm loving place she is in. Olivia gets up and runs into Walter (John Noble) in the hall way! SURPRISE!!!!! Wow, gotta love that morning eye opener! GOOD MORNING!! I want to have some of Walter’s delightful concoctions fresh from the oven. Lol Walterism song, with his magic mushrooms in the stew, he is such a delight himself to wake up the sense of fun in side of me! He always makes me laugh!

Walter suggests some slippers for Olivia (Anna Torv) because the house is chilly in the morning. Olivia with an uncomfortable smile and a mumble hightails it out of the hallway. Olivia slides back into bed with Peter she lets him know that Walter is wandering about naked and cooking! Peter is not alarmed at all as he is quite used to Walter and it is…….of course NAKED TUESDAY! “The surprise is all mine” 😛

Fringe S3x20 - Its naked Tuesday to cook breakfast
This is a warm and special moment for Olivia and Peter (Joshua Jackson). First thing in the morning is Olivia’s favourite time of day. When the day is full of promise. Waking up in Peter’s arms is a great way to wake up too. Olivia’s new confidence is emanating from her in a happy glow. Also being in Peter’s arm’s helps that glow shine brightly with the sun rising. The moment is disturbed by their phones ringing in unison. So much for a peaceful moment. The day is full of something but I’m not sure if it is positive potential, that we are looking at.

Olivia (Anna Torv), Peter and Walter meet Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) out at the field where the sheep have been replaced by a swath of destruction. Broyles believes that they didn’t cause the damage but Walter believes they shouldn’t bet the farm just yet. Walter discovers that the granite contains quartz crystals. The rocks were exposed to a major gravitational event under extreme physical pressure.

Walter theorizes that a vortex has opened up and that their worst fears are now being realized….The world is in jeopardy! Peter is skeptical, but Nina Sharp (Blair Brown) is in panic when the machine came on by itself. Nina calls Broyles who is at the field with the rest of the Fringe team investigating the phenomena. Broyles is made aware of the machines activation and Nina gives Broyles a message to give to Walter. “Tell Walter it’s ON”

Fringe S3x20 - Nina calls Broyles

Fringe S3x20 - Tell Walter ITS ON
The Fringe team is puzzled by the machine turning on without Peter and feels their assumption are wrong that only Peter can activate it. So,now that the machine is “On”. Walter is certain that the machine caused the vortex to open and this is just the beginning. The world is in peril and can they stop it?

Walter, Olivia, and Peter head back to Harvard to the lab to try and figure out what is going on. Peter is frustrated and confused because he thought he was the only one capable of operating the machine as it’s only power source. All of Peter’s first assumptions about the machine are wrong but Walter comes up with a conclusion to their dilemma that is plausible. Quantum entanglement, is at work so the machine started up because of a sympathetic reaction to the machine In the Alternate Universe.

However this still leaves the question to our Fringe team as how they were able to activate their machine in the alt-universe. Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) comes in with some disturbing news from Broyles that there are anomalies devastating our world. The decimation that has occurred, has affected Walter’s moral and is making him think that Walternate may have won this war. Has Walternate won? Has Walternate become the “Destroyer of Worlds”? I would like to think that he has not won this battle yet.

In the Alt-Universe Boliva is walking her baby Henry in his stroller and he is one cute little nugget sizing up the world. Bolivia named her baby after Henry Higgins. What a wonderful gesture of appreciation for his friendship and help to name her baby after him. Bolivia has taken to motherhood very well, and she also has a glow about her not unlike our Olivia does.

Fringe S3x20 - Bolivia with her little bundleFringe S3x20 - Bolivias little Henry Higgins

However, the special moment between Mom and baby is halted by that ever interruptive Fringe event phone call. Bolivia is off to Liberty Island to check out a Fringe event and leaves Henry in the care of his nanny. As Bolivia goes to leave I caught our ever diligent Observer (Michael Cerveris) out of the corner of my eye on the other side of the fountain. He is never far away when things are about to get interesting. Is Bolivia and Olivia becoming more like each other, in that they have found confidence with the love they have in their lives?

Bolivia and Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel) are on their way to Liberty Island to check out a class ten event. Lincoln is quite amazed as to the magnitude of this occurrence. Bolivia is set and ready, to jump out and see to this Fringe event but Lincoln gets a call from the Secretary to stand down. Bolivia is certainly concerned about why they were asked to stand down and Lincoln is not able to offer any assistance as to why he was given the order to stand down. The information is above his pay grade but it is not over Walternate’s. Bolivia sets off to confront Walternate and to question him for an explanation. Walternate and Brandonate are discussing the effects or rather the lack of results the machine is accomplishing. I suppose they were hoping for better results by now.

Fringe S3x20 - Bolivia confronts Walternate
As Brandonate leaves Boliva enters and Walternate is at his most cordial in hopes of catching a glimpse of his grand son. Bolivia is there to disappoint him for she is there with questions and dressed in full emotional battle gear to question the intentions of Walternate and the purpose of the weapon. Walternate holds no punches when Bolivia questions him about the lives of the people living in the other Universe. Walternate is willing to sacrifice his only son to save Bolivia’s but is that really a sacrifice for Waternate?

Does he feel resentment that Peter choose to go with Olivia and Walter instead of choosing him? Walternate lays a bit of a guilt trip on Bolivia suggesting that he is choosing for her son to live instead of his own. He doesn’t seem too heart broken with the thought of eliminating his own son.

Fringe S3x20 - I gave my son to save yours

Fringe S3x20 - Bolivia knows what Walternate will do
Walter, Astrid, and Peter are trying to figure out a solution to their problem. Walter feels that Peter’s suggestion of dismantling the machine is not a viable one. The machine could tear their Universe apart with the quantum entanglement to consider with the other machine in play. Astrid points out, that this idea may not be any better than allowing the machine to tear holes in our Universe? Walter, Peter and Astrid are at an impasse as to what to do. They will need some more constructive ideas to figure out what the best thing to do is. Olivia calls Nina to figure out a way to maybe save some lives.

Fringe S3x20 - The truth about Sam Weiss

In the Alt-Universe they have an early detection system for tracking the anomalies by watching for electrical magnetic spikes, odd thermal patterns and radiation spikes. Olivia will go to New York and help Nina with this task of setting up an early warning protocol and hopes Walter can come up with a plan to save the Universe. Peter wants to say something to Olivia but he stops himself. I think he doesn’t want her to worry, or is that he doesn’t want her to talk him out of a plan he has formulated in his mind? Walter grasps at thoughts and ideas but Peter tells Walter that at this juncture they have only one idea to consider. Will Peter do this? The question is, can Walter really let Peter go?

Walter and Peter are discussing that very thing. There is only one way and it makes sense that Peter can turn the machine on, maybe he can turn it off. The drinks are poured and Walter tells Peter that the Observer was preparing him to let Peter go with the test he gave him with the girl and the keys. Peter feels he must try and with Walter’s help they may just be able to save the Universe. This moment between Walter and Peter is showing us how far Walter has come in accepting his responsibility for his actions but more importantly his ability to let Peter go. Walter has been preparing for this for some time. Is he ready? Is Peter ready to see what this machine really does. Are Peter and the machine’s fate intertwined? The evidence is there that Peter can operate the machine but the pictures suggest it won’t be a very good final outcome.

Fringe S3x20 - The outcome may not be good
I felt a lump crawl up my throat with the scene between Walter and Peter. The raw power of a father and son’s love, and together willing to put a life on the line to save the Universe . A life so precious to Walter he was willing to cause irreparable harm to our Universe so he could keep his son in his life. Now he must give him up to fix his mistakes. Could I ever make that choice? The musical score gave me goosebumps and the words were a tug to the heart. John Noble can make me laugh but he has the ability to make me cry ………..I could use a drink too!

Olivia is on her way to New York to Massive Dynamics Headquarters to see Nina Sharp unaware of Peter’s plans to try his hand at the machine. She listens to the reports coming in of anomalies occurring along the Eastern sea board. This will not be easy to protect the people even with the protocol’s in place. The world is quickly showing that Walternate’s plans are indeed coming to fruition. Nina and Olivia must try to do what they can, with the resources available to them. There is an inadequate amount of amber stocked. There is only enough amber to cover eight to ten events.

Fringe S3x20 - Not enough amber

Nina was trying to find someone and she finally reveals to Olivia that if Peter and Olivia were together that this wouldn’t be happening. Olivia was surprised and frustrated that Nina didn’t reveal her information before hand. Nina’s propensity to reveal only what she knows at the most dire hour is always a frustration to me so I can see Olivia’s feelings clearly. However Nina was sworn to secrecy so I’m willing to forgive her.

Sam Weiss is the expert that William Bell consulted and trusted explicitly. Nina herself consulted with Sam with matters to do with the machine. Nina reveals that Sam has great knowledge and is the author of the Die Erstern Menshen . The ‘First People’ books were written by Sam, and Nina had figured the anagram out in episode “Concentrate And Ask Again”. Olivia needs to know what Sam knows for a chance for them to turn the machine off and save the Universe. Olivia must find Sam Weiss. Where is Sam?

He disconnected his phone and closed down the bowling alley? How can one find Sam if he does not wish to be found? Sam had said at one time he was older than he looked. I’m sure he learned a few things about cloak and dagger in his many years. Is he an Agent for the Observer’s? This question always pops into my head when I think of Sam. I believe Sam to be a larger part of this whole picture than we all realize. Who does Sam answer to? Only to himself?

Fringe S3x20 - What does Sam know

The world is about to rip apart and there is a feeling of dread and loss in our hearts. I’m worried about the out come of Peter’s fate, whether Olivia can find Sam and the pain that Walter is feeling. Fringe lifts us up and makes us laugh. It also makes us cry. But there is always time for love. Watching the two young lover’s in a chase and ending up in each other’s arms made me smile. That’s kinda of amazing. Jack and Genie are not so amazed when the look up at the sky and see all the Easter colours parading across it.

I would be alarmed too if it wasn’t for seeing Sam. Seeing Sam made me think that he is not gone but perhaps busy working on the problem. That is an encouraging thought. Sam is looking through a magnified screen like Walter had, for seeing into the other Universe, but it is smaller. Sam is concentrating quite hard and doing some very complicated math. Unfortunately he does not not look pleased with the his total of zero. Sam’s expression tells me more than I wish to know. Perhaps the outlook is not the greatest but here is still hope, right?

Bolivia is holding Henry and singing to him. Awww He is the cutest little nugget. Bolivia loves him and it shows in her face. I think she has realized that Walternate may not be the best Grandfather for her son after all. That a man capable of sacrificing his own son and an entire Universe might not be the honorable leader they have blindly followed.

Fringe S3x20 - Bolivia sings to baby Henry

I am thinking, Bolivia is seeing things from the perspective of a Mother. She sees the potential there could be to save both worlds, if someone was just willing to try. Bolivia and Lincoln have a bond and Bolovia trusts him beyond anything. Even though she jokes about saving his life and that she was only trying to save her fifty dollars, you can see that she trusts Lincoln with her most precious treasure, Henry. Lincoln and Bolivia are not sure that Peter can help change Walternate’s mind but there has to be someone willing to try. Lincoln hugs her and doesn’t want her butt to get hurt. They are closer than ever, and Lincoln’s love for her is evident in his face as he wishes her to come back.

Fringe S3x20 - Alt Lincolns love for Bolivia

Olivia and Bolivia are becoming more and more alike in some ways. They are both willing to do what they feel is the right thing. They both are more confident of who they are.

Bolivia is about to embark on a mission that she is not sure will work or even accomplish what she hopes it will. Bolivia sneaks into Liberty Island lab to get the device Walternate used to get to the other Universe. She comes face to face with Brandonate and puts a gun to his head. She wasn’t taking no for an answer and threatened to shoot him in the leg if he didn’t talk. I was kinda hoping she would shoot him, but no such luck. Brandonate tries to lie to her about when the patrol comes but he should have known better than to try to fool a seasoned trained professional.

Bolivia is able to get the devices from Brandonate but the danger is very real. The chances of her using the device to get to the other Universe and get back safely is chancy and not to mention the danger of molecular cohesion breakdown. Bolivia pistol whipping Brandonate was a highlight. She was unable to activate the device and she was captured! What will Walternate do with her?

While Olivia is on the hunt to find Sam and finding dead ends and an empty apartment. Walter and Broyles are discussing the machine and if Peter can really turn it off. Walter thinks it is possible but he is not sure. Broyles asks Walter a hard question.

Fringe S3x20 - Broyles wants answers

How does Walter feel about what Peter is about to do, not as a scientist, but as a father? This is one emotional charged scene where Walter uses Agent Broyles ‘s first name which shows how emotional Walter is. Walter blames himself that it was his inability to let Peter go 26 years ago, and that is why Peter must do this now. Walter is unsure that Peter will be able to break the machine’s power source and he does not wish Peter to suffer if things do not go according to plan.

The machine is so powerful and will Peter be able to beat the machine? I am feeling a lot like Astrid at this point, scared and worried. Astrid wants to know if Peter wants her to call Olivia but Peter is sure she will find out soon enough. Peter does wish to leave Olivia a message, Astrid the ever optimist tells Peter to tell Olivia himself.

Fringe S3x20 - Astrid waits for the result

Peter seems to be the only calm one in the room. Peter even teases Broyles if this works he wants to be considered officially retired. Walter offers Peter sedatives to calm his nerves and I’m thinking Walter is the one that needs them more. Walter rubs electro conductive gel showing Peter how much he loves him with the gesture. A father must always try to keep his child from harm and Walter has always done things with Peter in his mind. Walter has never been able to let Peter go and this is the moment where Walter must.

Fringe S3x20 - Walter rubs the gel on Peter

They do not say the words to each other but the love flowed between them like an electrical current itself. As Peter steps forth towards the machine Walter, Broyles and Astrid, his family, will be standing there waiting for him. Peter walks towards his destiny and reaches out to grasp his fate and the machine rejects him and catapults him into the air and to the lab floor below. Walter is beside himself. The Doctor’s bring Peter to the emergency room and Walter is adamant that they do their best. The doctor assures Walter that they will do their very best, but Walter is unconsolable. Olivia rushes to the hospital and Astrid is there to greet her with the news. Peter went through a myriad of tests and the Doctor’s are confidant he will be all right.

Fringe S3x20 - Peter is rushed to hospital

They just cannot figure out why he is still unconscious. The machine rejected Peter and seems to be protecting itself or something. Olivia asks about Walter and Astrid tells her he is taking it very hard. He is in the chapel and he is talking to God as he feels he has no where else to turn. Walter was encouraged by the sign when God sent him the White Tulip. Walter found solace in the thought that God my have forgiven him for the wrong he had he had committed against he Universe. Walter knows what he did was unforgivable and he doesn’t deserve forgiveness but he was willing to let Peter go, willing to let him die. Walter feels this should count for something. Walter begs God to take him instead of Peter because he changed, punish him for his crimes and to spare our world.

Walter is not religious but in the hour of darkness we sometimes turn to faith to question the torment with in our soul and beg for answers to help us. The Fringe episode aired on Good Friday and as a Christian I can’t help but wonder if there are implications in reference to the meaning of Good Friday. Jesus asked God why he had forsaken him, I wonder if Walter feels that God will not answer his prayers, also?

Fringe S3x20 - Walter prays
Olivia sits in the hospital waiting room and as she hangs her head in defeat, and despair the new day dawns and the sun shines across the floor. She steps out to greet the sunrise and to see if this world is indeed full of promise. It might very well be, as Sam climbs the stairs to greet her. Sam is here to help and he asks Olivia to trust him now. They have little time and must hurry to the machine. Olivia takes one final look at the sunrise and at the hospital door and follows after Sam. What is Sam about to do? Can he stop the world’s destruction?

Walternate walks down the darkened hallway to the cell that once housed Olivia but now imprisons Bolivia. Walternate thinks that Bolivia and himself are alike in some ways for they are both willing to make sacrifices for the greater good. Bolivia doesn’t think he understands her at all. Walternate is willing to let Peter die to heal their world just as Boliva is willing to leave her son and risk her life to do what she feels is right. Walternate has given up on his ideals to do what is pragmatic. Where as Bolivia still is clinging to the ideal that killing billions of lives is not the greater good.

Fringe S3x20 - Walternate in dark hallway

Fringe S3x20 - Bolivia is trapped by Walternate

Which begs the question, when did Walternate give up his ideals? When he lost Peter? When Peter chose to go back instead of stay with him? Walternate advises Bolivia that since she is the mother of his grandson, she will remain imprisoned for her own good until this is over. I think Lincoln would have something to say about that if he finds out.

The choices we make are sometimes for the greater good but being pragmatic can only get us so far before they cloud our judgment of what is decent and right. That is when we begin to abandon our ideals. What humanity is left?

Fringe S3x20 - Is there any humanity

Fringe returns Friday for the second to last episode of the season “The Last Sam Weiss” on FOX at 9 PM EST/PST. Make sure to tune in for what is sure to be a lead in to the cliff hanger season finale!

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  5. I missed this particular episode as we were in B.C. and with the 3 hour time difference Fringe came on earlier than we were used to. So I’m very happy to see Melinda’s excellent review and hear the story. This episode was a rollercoaster ride for the emotions. An incredibly great series!

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