Genevieve Buechner of Caprica and Fringe Interview!


2010-01-02 Caprica poster

Editors update: December 07, 2010.

Caprica Tamara there-is-another-skyMs. Genevieve Buechner star of the hit science fiction series Caprica will appear in Fringe season three episode nine “Marionette”.

Tune in live to support Fringe and our friend, a lovely person, the very talented Ms. Buechner. Thank you.

Fellow Fans,

Last week I interviewed Genevieve Buechner whom you will most likely recognize from Caprica, in which she plays Tamara Adama.

During the interview Genevieve shares some stories from shooting Caprica and discusses some of her experiences on different projects.

Genevieve shares how she convinced her mother that she was serious about acting and got herself an agent at a young age, and how she has dealt with some of the challenges inherent in being a young actor: for Genevieve, the worst of these have been dealing with some recent medical issues as well as trying to attend schools while maintaining an active acting career.

Genevieve also discusses her take on Tamara Adama and some of the things she’d like to see in the future for her character. I found it interesting that the trait Genevieve most admires in Tamara is the ability to pick herself up and deal with the hand she’s been dealt – namely, that she wakes up to find herself in a whole new world and must adapt. Genevieve says that she can relate to this as it mirrors some of her own life experiences.

Genevieve also touches on some of the new movies she has worked on which should be released soon: Courage, Daydream Nation, and Bond of Silence, which is currently filming.



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As always, thanks for reading and watching!

Nadine Ramsden


6 thoughts on “Genevieve Buechner of Caprica and Fringe Interview!

  1. @Zoe Very glad you enjoyed the interview! (And I still maintain we don’t say “oot” ;P)

    And I know exactly what you mean. People make no sense a lot of the time…

  2. Great job on both picture and interview. Nice to see Gen get the recognition. Looking forward to seeing her in the new rolls.And sharing this site with my coworkers and friends.

    Grampa Hal

  3. Super job. If you have contact info for her, send this along to her from me please about a group of people who have epilepsy (a lot of the actors from Heroes are a part of this and Greg Grunberg’s son, who has epilepsy, is the reason he started the site:

  4. Hi Nadine, As you know I love the work you did on this interview! So do a lot of people based on the traffic levels. Genevieve is a very talented actress and I look forward to her returning or Caprica or in the movies or BOTH!!!!

    Best Regards,


  5. She’s so lovely! How could anyone bully her? 🙁 Throughout this entire interview you have the insane urge to hug her.

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