Warehouse 13 S3x06 “Don’t Hate The Player” or Facing Your Biggest Fears!

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Hello, fellow Warehouse 13 Fans!

Face it. There are those who would call us “Geeks” because we happen to LOVE quality Television show such as Warehouse 13. In fact, I got my Significant Other into this show just this week, by syncing his iPad to my iMac as I normally do, and …uhm… I ‘accidentally, on purpose’ parked 2 episodes of our show (“The New Guy” and “Queen For A Day”) onto the iDevice. A few days later -which was actually last night, he came to me with the device in hand, a pleading look on his face … “Honey, can I have more Warehouse 13 on this? From the beginning?” Of course he can!! Happy to do that for him!

WH13 on all


My fellow has a pretty high IQ and he loves few things so much as to come asking me for them. Strike it up for a NEW Warehouse fan, folks!

Once again the great creators of Warehouse 13 D. Brent Mote, Drew Z. Greenberg, Jane Espenson, Edward Rogers (music score), and Mark Winemaker, and writer Ian Stokes brought us a super episode.

The regular cast of Eddie McClintock as Pete, Aaron Ashmore as Jinks, Allison Scagliotti as Claudia, Genelle Williams as Leena,  Joanne Kelly as Myka, CCH Pounder as Mrs Frederick, Saul Rubinek as the rapscallion Artie was supplemented by the very talented actor Neil Grayston in another cross over of his Dr. Douglas Fargo character from Eureka!

“Don’t Hate The Player”- Or Facing Your Biggest Fears:

When “my guy” gets to this episode, I feel he will be truly hooked for good. He has always loved the Eureka series and as mentioned above this episode has a special guest star Neil Greyston leader of Eureka’s “Global Dynamics” corporation. It is only right, Eureka last season guest stared Allison Scagliotti (Claudia), so there we go. It is nice to see the crossover of my two favorite TV shows. My guy is a “Gamer” He loves “Second life and virtual reality type games, so this episode is right up his alley!

We open in a coffeehouse. The old kind that would have singers and poetry night etc. A dying trend here in my area. A young man sits on the stage, playing a guitar and Claudia and Pete come in. Pete stands and watches the musician and Pete comes back to him with coffees for the agents, who are preparing for a “Super Fun Night of inventory reports.” (I am working in Retail, I feel their pain!).

Warehouse 13 S3x06 In Cafe

Pete tells Claudia she should bring her “Guit-Box” (Guitar) to play for the locals. Claudia says no… but Pete summarize this whole episode right then by saying “Come on… You gotta get out of your comfort zone! You play at the B&B all the time!” Claudia said “Yeah, where nobody can HEAR me!” Now, after a few years as a musician myself,

I sense that she is going to be pretty fine. It is usually those who ARE good who are also shy about it. The Farnsworth rings and it is not Artie. It is a friend of Fargo’s who is calling because Fargo is in distress. Apparently he and Gibson were testing a new gaming device for better sensory input. Fargo’s heart rate is elevated and is in trouble! Our fearless duo, along with Myka goes to Gibson’s location in Palo Alto, California. They see Fargo and other guys with devices all over them with headbands.

Warehouse 12 S3x06 Fargo in virtual game

Sounds of beeping and light flashing from their hands as well signifies something is NOT going well at all. Gibson tells them what has happened. They were testing a beta of a gaming device and we learn from a Promotional Video Fargo had made for his endeavor called “FARGAMES” about this new device which is called the “B.R.A.I.D.” -Bio-electric Reality Augmentation Interactive Device- Which is a sensory enhancing tool so that one does not just ‘Play’ a game, one actually LIVES in the game. According to Gibson, everything was going well, but after a few hours, their vitals started to spike.

Warehouse13 S3x06 Fargos's Video

Warehouse 13  S3x06 B.R.A.I.D.

Only problem was, the B.R.A.I.D. never worked. The Human brain could not process the lie of artificial reality, but Fargo thought he found something that helped overcome this barrier: A tea, made in a special teapot which turns out to be an artifact! We can see the ‘artifact actions when the lid was lifted and the sounds indicating its’ mystery.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Artifact Teapot

Meanwhile, in New York City, Agent Steve Jinks is at an Art Gallery meeting with Agent Sally Stukowski (Ashley Williams) . That syrupy-sweet Southern accent usually turns people into butter, but Jinks is not impressed. Artie comes into the room and introductions are made. Sally is now briefing them about Eric Johnson, 47, who took a dive out of the window. The official ruling was ‘suicide’ but she is not buying this as Johnson had been very happy in his life, no depression or erratic behavior.

Warehouse 12 S3x06 Agents in Muse

Johnson only fell two stories, but the injuries are much worse than anything like that. Artie sees an interesting piece of art. A Van Gogh painting called “Stormy night”. Artie wants to get that out but cannot tell anyone. “If we’re going to get that painting…” Artie tells Jinks “…We’re going to have to steal it” They leave and we see Agent Stukowski lower her cellphone and give Artie and Jinks a suspicious look as they depart.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Stormy Sky

Back at Gibson’s house, we see Lena on the Farnsworth showing a teacup to our team. “Did the teapot look like this?” She asked. It was an exact match and that is when we learn it is part of the set owned at one time by Beatrix Potter, of “Peter Rabbit” Fame. Beatrix used to make teas from various fungi cultivated by Potter during her time as a mycologist. The tea was known to stimulate the pineal region -The imagination center- of the brain. They asked Lena to send them the scans of these items.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Tea set

Just as sounds of distress emanate from the other room! Seeing Fargo and Jerry in distress, Claudia says looking over the schematics, she sees no way of doing anything for them…”From out here.”. Out comes the tea, and Peter with Claudia are hooked up to the B.R.A.I.D. and are given choices of Avatars. Pete wants to be a “Bad @$$”, but Claudia says “I’ll just be myself” Peter drinks the tea and is tripped off into game. Communication is established with this reality and then Claudia says, “Fill ‘er up” as she hold out a cup for the tea.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 More of gamers

We spiral through the brain into a fantasy land of generic landscaping and Peter with Claudia are walking on a road. Peter looks like a Gladiator, and Claudia makes an adorable Elf! Pointed ears and all. They both stop and look as Claudia asks “Is it me, or does that look a little bit like…” Pete replied: “Yep, Fargo made a “Warehouse 13 Video game!”

Warehouse 13 S03x06 Pete and Claudia as Avatars

The Warehouse actually looks like it is a mix of a palace and the Warehouse itself. I am guessing this MIGHT be a coming item. A “Warehouse 13 game”… sans the seizures and health risks and trippy-tea, might just sell!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 The Warehouse in game!

Claudia looks at Pete and says “Aaaaand, you’re a stripper.” “No!” Pete clarifies nervously, “I’m a Gladiator. It’s cool, right?” Claudia says “Yeah… nice skirt!” Peter looks at Claudia and says “Heh, nice ears!” She finds out she is not ‘Herself’ but is in fact, an ‘Elf’. “I said MYSELF!” Claudia grumbles. Pete tells her that is why she need to enunciate! All of their getting acquainted with their Avatars is interrupted by an Avatar of ARTIE! Welcoming the ‘Players’ to the game!! –This is Too COOL!!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Artie as an avatar

Whump! Down our duo falls into the game through a wormhole-like portal! They end up inside “Fortress 13, the most wondrous place that has Never been seen!” Claudia sees they must play along in order to continue into the game. As they do accept the challenge to save the princess, Myka calls them on the Farnsworth. –Well, at least THAT works in the Alternative reality!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Welcome Players!

Now back in New York City, We hear the ‘mysterious music as Artie enters the gallery. Jinks is following Artie, saying the security system is far too sophisticated.. As Artie disables the door lock with a pen-like instrument. Jinks starts to enter the room but Artie stops him, pointing out the laser light beams crossing the room from every which way.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Jinks and Artie in Museum

Warehouse 13 S03x06 in the gallery

Artie explains; “To Warehouse agents, this isn’t burglary, it’s ‘creative snagging’.” as he launches a small device called an ‘Eclipse’ to the other wall, disabling the laser beams. They now stroll into the room. The laser detection system will be ‘off’ for 42 minutes and 59 seconds. The time of an actual eclipse. Pretty cool, huh?

Well, it WOULD be, but our Southern Belle, Agent Stukowski is there, and she knew they would be back! She tells them “You either include me, or ah’ll trip the alarm.” Will Jinks and Artie resist the guile of that Southern accent?? Do they feel the suspicion that I do?? Remember the tale of the “Crossroads’ and Deals with the Devil happened in the Deep South too. If “Scratch” (The Devil) talks like that in those fables, I’d be pretty careful!

Warehouse 13 S03x06 Fargo and Jerry in game

Back in Palo Alto, Our team is hooked into the game and we see them on the sofa, hands and headband lit up, amidst beepage from the tech around them. Myka, meanwhile looks over the scans Lena has sent with Peter Rabbit early sketches and story lines. “Not the Peter Rabbit *I* remember…” Well, looking at these, I don’t recall that Peter Rabbit either! YIKES!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 - Peter Rabbit-dark 1

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Peter Rabbit Dark

She says as she gets a mug containing pens and pencils, looking at it. Peter and Claudia, back in the game are walking about and it turns out they have been going in circles to about twenty minutes. They hear the cries of a female and see something on the floor. Pete tries to free it with his sword, but it did not work. Instead Pete felt (Yes, FELT) the full sensory experience Fargo was talking about. Claudia has a vial of ‘Purple goo’ so she reasons this is all involving an artifact and uses the gel to unlock the bonds of the captive.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Freeing the entity

On rising from the ground, the captive drops the hooded garb and it is revealed to be Lena… with wings! She tells the players that for freeing her, she will show them the way. As she turns, a ribbon of gold lights a path through the darkness. And because Claudia used her wits instead of brute force, Lena gives her a white feather. “This is your Boon.” She explains. “If you need to, you may call on Lena… of the Eagle People”.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Who turns out to be Lena

Lena turns, wings spread and she flies away. Claudia and Peter continue on their way, unaware that some -THING- is following them. They continue to another room, which turns out to be a copy of the Dark Vault in the Warehouse. “Oh, No he didn’t!” Claudia exclaims “Pete assures her that yes, he did copy the Dark Vault!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 The Key to the Black Tower

In the center of this room a key lays on a small pedestal and Claudia picks it up. She recognizes it as the key to the black tower where they need to go to free the Princess. –I do not know what frequency they used but on the TV, my desktop and my iPad as I watched this on each, the sound used as the key glowed in Claudia’s hand got my dogs barking like mad. They got a sound in there that the Pom-Poms did NOT care for.

As Claudia turned back to Pete, he said “Claudia, WAIT!” They both look at the ground where it is like liquid now. They see a hand coming out and Pete offers his sword handle to the entity to pull it out of the mire. It is Doug Fargo! Fargo is relieved to be rescued and in this reality, his vitals slow down to normal. “Where’s Jerry??” Fargo asks as he reached to grab Peter’s controller…

WH13 S03x06 Fargo's saved!

“What happened to your controller?” Pete asked. “HE happened…” replied Fargo as we see the monstrosity with glowing eyes that was following Claudia and Pete.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Grim reaper

The ‘Grim Reaper’ snags all their controllers as well. Pete tries to initiate swordplay but failing this, he turns to the others and says “You know, I think even in a video game, sometimes it’s OK to … RUN!!” They all commence fleeing to a safer area. The Farnsworth rings and Myka reports Fargo’s vitals are back to normal. She also tells them about the original Peter Rabbit stories being like a dream journal and very dark! Fargo points out that ‘executioner guy’ and the quicksand were NOT part of the original game.

They are guessing the tea has something to do with it. Seems the tea calls up darker aspects of the subconscious! Fargo always feared drowning and he was in quicksand. Fargo believes the ‘executioner guy’ is from Jerry’s fears. Myka tells them to find Jerry and get out of there as she continues to research more. Okay. But without the controllers how do they do that? Fargo says they have to play it out. Finish the game. Fargo tells them Jerry must have gone to the Black Tower! Off to the Black Tower!! …Myka finds out the girl on the picture mug with Jerry is an old girlfriend who they find out is called Hannah!

WH13 S03x06 To the Black tower!

Back in New York City, Jinks and Artie are in the gallery. Artie uses a device which places a copy of the “Stormy Night” painting onto a blank canvas. “Nice!” exclaims Jinks. Artie says “This is a memory paper from the Johannes Gutenberg printing press. Van Gogh himself wouldn’t know the difference.”.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Copying the painting

Agent Stukowski sneezed and she and the others are attacked by the original painting’s storm. Artie sees it was the puff of air from Sally’s sneeze that triggered the artifacts’ reaction. Artie sprays neutralizer onto the painting which stops the storm it was creating. Just when it seems we have won, the alarm system re-activates and summons ‘New York’s Finest’ to the museum!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Neutralizing the painting

Once again back in Palo Alto, Hanna comes into the room and sees Jerry and the others. She cannot wake him out of the game. She tells them she wanted more…something serious. She had waited for months and even found the ring he bought her. But he never asked her. Jerry kept putting off having a normal life with her, wanting “FARGAMES” to take off first. She broke up with him a week before.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Hannah explains

My take on this people –Guys and girls who are heavy gamers, … you may want to take a close look at this. No everyone is willing to wait for you. Invite your loved one on board. they may well like what your endeavoring to do, they may not, but it is better to find out now, right? Stringing anyone along until YOU are ready is not cool. Establish yourself if you must do so, do it on your own or with your business partners first, THEN get your romantic interests going.–Just my thought on this matter.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 in the tunnel

We now see the gamers going through the white tunnel like the one in the first Warehouse 13 season. They get to a doorway and Claudia is all set to go on in to save the princess! Fargo wants to tell Claudia something first, but Claudia uses the key and walks in.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 OMG! Claudia!

Oh, Em, Gee, the Princess is CLAUDIA!! A very, very… BUXOM, Bodacious Claudia!! Yep, Fargo had to do this in honor of “boy gamers” everywhere, right? “Our” Claudia sees this simpering, shrill voiced defenseless little girl version of herself and asked “What are those THINGS on my chest?”

During this jocularity, we hear a male’s voice weeping bitterly. Pete draws his sword to fight the prospective foe, instead finding Jerry who is now warning them of impending doom. We see the ‘real-life’ Jerry, vital signs going through the roof! Meanwhile in the game, the ‘Princess’ Claudia is dissolved by the ‘Executioner Guy’.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Princess dissolved

Pete goes to slay the thing and gets whacked down by the ‘Executioner Guy’! Claudia tries to revive Peter, while Jerry’s avatar, trembling and calling to Hannah, gets Claudia’s attention. “Who’d Hannah?” she asked as she tries again to revive Peter. Pete gets to the doorway to see the glowing eyes and then a wall of fire!

Back in this reality, our gamer’s vitals are all elevated and Gibson is freaking out a bit over Jerry’s heart rate of almost 230 bpm. Myka puts on a headgear. It is figured out, the ‘executioner guy is perhaps Hannah! Fargo says it is not….Oh, yes, it IS!! It is NOT only part of the game. They call on Lena! She appears and lends them her Steed! This is pretty good effects here.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 the Reaper is Jerry's Girl

Back at the museum, Artie and Jinks are in the back of a police car assuming Agent Stukowski has turned them in. But she actually had not. She gets our daring duo away from the local cops! NICE! But why was she so willing to do this? The plot definitely thickens!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Jinks and Artie in Police car

Back in the game, Claudia, Pete and Fargo watch as Jerry is affixed into a guillotine and facing decapitation by the ‘executioner’… Which HE thinks is his fear of commitment (Hannah) Jerry pleads with the entity, reasoning his fears of commitment and that he meant no harm!

WH13 S03x06 Jerry on Guillotine!

Claudia, meanwhile starts to hear the voice of her Doctor from her time in the Psychiatric facility. “This is all another delusion, dear” he says. Claudia turns slowly to the voice “Dr. Mitchner?” she asks… “He’s not real” she says as the avatar tells her “None of this is real, You’re an emotionally troubled young woman…Your brother is dead!”

Fargo and Pete are instantly bound in Strait jackets held by a virtual ‘assistant’ and Claudia also is now in a strait-jacket is now writhing on the gurney beside Dr. Mitchner. Claudia is screaming and terrified. “You’ve placed yourself in this delusion Claudia, hiding in the warehouse where you would feel safe… but you’ve been here all this time in this institution….with me.” The Doctor holds an arcing electro-shocking type device over Claudia’s head as she continues to scream. Dr. Mitchner continues; “You need your treatments, dear. You’ll feel better after your treatment, you always do…”

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Claudia in her nightmare

A red-hooded figure appears, shooting a flaming arrow at a site off screen, distracting the “Doctor”, I think at the ‘assistant’ who was holding Peter and Fargo in their strait-jackets at bay… which seems to snap Claudia back into the game. Claudia looses her bonds and jumps off the gurney, and dissolves Dr. Mitchner with the device he had been holding. He disappears into a spray of blue light, as does the ‘assistant’ who was with Pete and Fargo. I really like the “Virtual” game effects in this episode. Very cool!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Claudia dissolves Doctor

Turns out, the red-hooded figure was Myka, who has joined in the game! She removes the red robe and looks like a dominatrix …Pete does not mind! Pete is all for this look. They all figure out when they were all confronted by their worst fears, seeing the others with them helped them get enough courage to cut through their fright. Now, they have to find Jerry and get him out of the guillotine! Claudia uses her “Boon” -The feather given to her by Lena earlier in the game, to get them out of there to where Jerry is about to meet his deadly fate!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Myka as Dominatrix

Back in New York City, Agent Stukowski, Artie and Jinks are on a street side as Stukowski gives them a roll containing the real Van Gogh and got the ‘real’ fake one in the right place. All looks nice and cozy as she leaves them. Jinks see Artie is troubled and asks “What’s wrong?” Artie simply says “Something” as we see Agent Stukowski heading back to her car, while looking at a man in a taxi, who looking back her, nods calmly.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Agents with art in NYC

Back in the game, our team arrives where the ‘Executioner’ is Pete and the executioner are in swordplay. Fargo tries to off the demon-like creature but ‘she’ gets his controller… the one he had hidden… then Pete tried to run her through with the sword! NOTHING!! “Cheater!” Pete snarls as he continues to fight the menace. We get a glimpse of the Angry Hannah!!

WH13 S03x06 Better look at Hannah Avatar

Oh, heck, it is up to Jerry to face this demon. Myka and Claudia continue to urge Jerry to go to her/it and propose!-His fear of the proposal being this monster, he has to fulfill the proposal- and end this! Jerry runs to the entity and proposes to ‘it’. ‘It’ becomes a beautiful Hannah who smiles at Jerry and dissolves away.

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Hannah Avatar proposed to-happy

Arthur (Artie) comes in saying “Congratulations Players! The game is complete! Now let us go get something to eat!” BANG, our heroes are back in Palo Alto, looking at their hands and gaming devices! They are all in this world again!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Game's Over

Now that all is well, we return to the coffeehouse and Claudia is stepping onto the stage. She did actually play and sing the song for “Real”. That IS Allison Scagliotti herself playing the song. Pretty well too, I might add! Song was “Where is My Mind?” By The Pixies from their ‘Surfer Rosa’ as well as their ‘Wave of Mutilation’ album.I like the original track, but Allison Scagliotti did a VERY nice job on the ‘acoustic’ version!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Claudia out of her comfort zone

As we hear Claudia singing, we see Jerry, proposing on bended knee, ring and all, to Hannah. She accepts! We see the teapot from Beatrix Potter being placed on the shelf in Warehouse 13.Things are being put right in our Warehouse World.

Warehouse 13  S3x06 Jerry proposes in reality

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Tea set in Warehouse

As the audience applauded, we flash to a place where Agent Sikowski tells a person in a wheelchair; “It’s done.” A male voice instructs; “Now, wait.”.

Warehouse 13  S3x06 Sally meets a stranger

Looking over the warehouse we now see the “Stormy night” painting in its’ proper place, but it starts to release light as tiny, mechanical-looking bugs swarm out all over the warehouse!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 Bugs from painting!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 The bugs keep coming!

Warehouse 13 S3x06 - SWARM!!

…To be continued!!

My Take…For What It Is Worth…

We all have fears. Every one of us. We can try to look all cool and nonplussed, but every single human being….maybe others too, have deep dark places we do not want to go to in our minds. It may well be interesting to actually see a game which calls us out in recognizing our fears. Fargo’s game, albeit fictitious right now, may be quite factual and ‘normal in a few years. Right now there are games and psychiatric methods involving games to help patients dealing with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and some fears like that of flying.

Simulation games to get at the root of these troubles is nothing new. but the methods may well become so sophisticated in ‘Virtual Reality’ within a few years, who knows what else can be done? Perhaps “Mind Control” will be served with these things we all now see as “Recreation”. I believe we all have a Response-Ability to be aware and perhaps act on any unhealthy fixations with video games in general. When a GAME takes over your normal life, this is not unlike the Addict seeking their next ‘fix’ of their chosen joy. Be it drugs, alcohol, sex, gaming, whatever it may be to you, we should maintain a boundary between ‘reality’ and ‘fantasy’.

I wonder now what the heck those darn Bugs are? Tune in next week as Warehouse 13 returns on Syfy with another great episode “Past Imperfect” 9 E/P 8 central time. We include the extended sneak peek below courtesy of Syfy via Hulu!!

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