Welcome back Sanctuary fans! Sanctuary season four begins with Adam Worth (Ian Tracey), obsessed with getting his daughter back, having created and used a time machine to escape the twenty first century and the chaos he caused there to mask his real plans. When Adam turns it on, it creates […]

Welcome back Sanctuary fans! This episode seems to be very popular and reaches out especially to the international fan base of the show. As such I feel the need to express how much I love Amanda Tapping and Peter Wingfield speaking French and German, respectively, before we start. “Normandy” opens […]

Hello once again Caprica fans! WR_Systems here posting for Ash0283 who is a bit busy in a meeting at the moment. Here is something very special for you courtesy of SyFy from their recent Digital Press Tour in Orlando Florida! Note MAJOR SPOILERS are in this sneak peek! Now about […]



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