Fringe Season Three Ratings Analysis – A Season Four of Fringe IS Coming!


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Rating analysis of Fringe episodes “The Firefly” and “Reciprocity” confirm that the series is more well poised at it’s new home on Fringe Friday’s!

In fact TV By The NumbeTVByTheNumbers-Fringe-Jan3011-4-SmileyFaces!rs has recently changed their opinion that Fringe is now likely to be renewed!


Click to visit Warner Brothers Studios!We have published our opinion previously and have been sharing for some tie that Fringe would fare much better in terms of ratings on Friday night’s than the series has on Thursday evenings where the competition was stiff. We are pleased that TVBTN has chosen to alter their status for Fringe in a positive direction. Click to visit 20th Century Fox television!

What is important to consider is that perhaps the most critical factor for broadcast networks is the “rating number” and “share” of the crucial 18-34 year old and 18-49 year old target groups.

As WHR has stated before, season four of Fringe is now a certainty as we have reported previously. Speaking of the ratings, lets review the facts shall we?

Ratings for season three episode eleven “Reciprocity” are included below. We note there is a .05 discrepancy by TVBTN that contributes to a .1 (point one) rating error in the half hour numbers. However, we believe this is a minor statistical mathematical rounding error by the analyst. Our analysis confirms  a 1.9 rating at the half hour mark, the same rating for the 9:00 PM to 9:30 PM time frame:

TVByTheNumbers-Fringe-Bannerized-Jan2911Click to visit TV By The Numbers-Fringe-Jan2911

Ratings for “The FireFly”:

Fringe Ratings January 21 2011 TV By The NumbersFringe S3x10 Ratings 9 PM Slot - TV By The Numbers
Click to visit TV By The Numbers!The facts are now more than crystal clear. Two weeks in a row Fringe captured the highest share in the critical target groups of 18 to 49 and 18 to 34. These factors are what advertisers and the studios value to a very high degree. The DVR numbers for “The FireFly” increased viewership to 6.82 million viewers, however the additional 42% is not weighted in the calculations in the same fashion as LIVE views. If you need to understand ratings please visit Nielsen and or TV By The Numbers.

This does not translate to you the fans of Fringe not watching LIVE for the remaining ten (10) episodes. Even with Leonard Nimoy now lined up for a return as Dr. William Bell to join Anna Torv, Blair Bown, Jasika Nichole, John Noble, Joshua Jackson, and Lance Reddick, it is important that we seek to push the LIVE viewing numbers beyond five (5) million in the weeks ahead. We suggest you please watch your favorite science fiction television programs LIVE so that the ratings and share increase! Thank you.

With Supernatural ending its six year run,Click to visit Neilsen Ratings Service! the next milestone of 5 million LIVE viewers should be easy to reach. Lastly, we would like remind viewers that other non science fiction genre programs should not be used as a comparison against Fringe. That is like comparing apples to oranges. While both may be fruit. a person who likes apples  may not like oranges!

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  1. good analysis of fringe ratings. pleased to see you supporting the show because it is one of my favorites. it looks like your new team is much more serious and timely than when there was only one writer who was always late or never even bothered to post her reviews at all. thank you

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