Warehouse 13: “Queen For A Day” S3x04 – How Our Past Can Make Us What We Are!

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It has been a while since I posted, but I can certainly say this; are we all are ready to rock and roll this week with our fearless Warehouse 13 team once again? You bet we are and I am certain you were too!

Once again the great Warehouse 13 cast and crew of Eddie McClintock as Pete,  Aaron Ashmore as Jinks, Allison Scagliotti as Claudia, D. Brent Mote, Drew Z. Greenberg, Genelle Williams as Leena, Jane Espenson, Joanne Kelly as Myka, CCH Pounder as Mrs Frederick, Edward Rogers (music score), Mark Winemaker, Nell Scovell and of course Saul Rubinek as the always cantankerously fun Artie!

This week was extra wonderful with special guest star Jeri L. Ryan (Body of Proof and Star Trek Voyager). Ms. Ryan did an absolutely outstanding job in the fourth episode of Warehouse 13 “Queen For A Day”, as the soon to be yet unknowing queen no less!

WH13 S03x04 Bug

The episode starts out looking like like Artie is having a bad day. We open in the warehouse with Artie chasing a rather strange looking bug. I have seen Japanese beetles about as large, and this thing looks like one of those…On STEROIDS! Claudia and Jinks are in… Shiloh Park (Tennessee) at a Civil War re-enactment event. Apparently they have to find a flask which was owned by Ulysses S. Grant is an artifact….Among a myriad of flask-wearing attendees! This ought to be good…. No, This is Warehouse 13. A loose Artifact is NEVER ‘Good’ in the wrong hands.

WH13 S03x04 Shiloh

Pete had called Claudia to find out where the little marshmallows are kept, and starts to talk about Artie a bit, but Claudia sees Artie standing behind Peter. Pete tried to redeem himself and Claudia disconnects from their call. During some mild banter, Artie loses the dang artifact bug and the chase is on again. As Pete starts to help, Lena calls him. Now, it seems as though Peter is on a “Top Gun” kick, and is dismayed at having to explain what he means. “Has nobody seen ‘Top Gun’?” he says as Leena interrupts him with a message that someone is there to see him. “She says she is your Ex-Wife…?” Leena tells him as Peter falls off the chair.

At the house in town where the Warehouse team lives, Leena and Myka are in the parlour. Myka talks about “27 hours to Dubai and back, and I KNOW I should have gone to the Warehouse first…” as she brings out a beautiful little Beehive statue from her bag. “How does this get to Dubai, anyway?” She asks. “It is not like Dubai looks like Dakota or anything on the packing slip…”

WH13 S03x04 Hive

WH13 S03x04 Amanda

Lena interrupts Myka to introduce her to Amanda.  Amanda is wearing military uniform and extending her hand finishes “Amanda Lattimer”. Pete comes in during this awkward moment and Amanda gives Pete a collectible comic book. Peter is very happy and turns into a big kid. I know what that is like, I love getting gifts, be they returned objects or surprises, I turn into a large, playful puppy as well.

WH13 S03x04 Comic Book

Amanda tells him she is there to get married to someone else. She has come to Univille to get her Grandfather’s ring back. As Pete goes off to get the item, Amanda picks up the little beehive and toys with it. A tiny door opens and something begins to happen in the little artifact.It appears to be golden, mechanical and VERY insect-like! My feeling is a familiar “Oh NO!” I have come to know only too well in Warehouse 13!

WH13 S03x04 Amanda opened hive

WH13 S03x04 Bee in Hive

Artie comes in and then Myka and the awkward chatter continues as Pete steers Artie and Myka out of room… As the little top on the hive opens and a little article goes spinning down inside. As Pete gets Artie out the door and Myka is sent upstairs, we now see the tiny door on the hive open and a little, intricate bee jumps out onto the table – unnoticed by the people in the room!

I must say, the Egyptians were indeed an advanced people, as this hive and bee were from Warehouse 2, but just LOOK at the clean intricacies of the hive and bee. My father was a machinist/engineer and would have been challenged to make something so beautiful and small without his shop and perhaps even a watchmaker’s qualifications

WH13 S03x04 bee is loose

Pete and Amanda reconcile as Pete holds the ring she has come for, and he asks about the new man in her life. Her wedding is the next day, so I think we all know something is bound to happen. As Amanda leaves, Pete hugs her and she passes the table where the hive sits a little too closely. The tiny bee falls into Amanda’s bag but no one knows! We see the bee sitting among her make up in the bag.

WH13 S03x04 Bee in Purse

As Pete and Myka are talking about his former marriage when Artie comes in holding the empty hive. “Where is the Bee?” he asked, shrugging and …Logically…Very nervous! They remember the events and realize what has happened. Peter is none too pleased about this. He is saying “No!… No no no no no, an artifact did not fall into my ex-wife’s purse on her way to her PERFECT fairytale wedding!

No, That did not happen!!” Artie comes up to Pete reminding him of Arties’ law of Artifacts: “The worst thing that can happen with an artifact -WILL happen with an artifact.” Myka says “It is in Amanda’s bag.” Artie tells them all “NOW we can panic.”

WH13 S03x04 Artie's Law

Now we are at a castle in the Poconos, the scene of Amanda’s wedding. She walks in among the preparations for the event. Her phone rings and she narrowly misses getting the bee riled up as she brings out the phone to see it is from Pete.

She seems to debate about answering this when her fiance shows up. She puts her phone back into her bag, covering the bee. When her fiance asks if she got the ring, she reaches in to the bag to get it. It is at that time she is stung by the artifact bee. She is then distracted by a woman who is calling the caterer an idiot and draws Amanda away. As we see her walking off, her finger is an angry red, glowing a bit.

WH13 S03x04 Civil War play

Back in the Shiloh Park, The Civil War re-enactment is in full swing. Claudia and Jinks are in a tent, looking over flasks. All of these flasks are not what they came for. Kinks asks why they do not flash badge and start doing individual searches of the attendees. Claudia tells him that is not how they work. Again using her favorite word “Stealthy”.

Claudia reminds him the other attendees would freak out when they find out someone there has Ulysses S. Grant’s flask. Apparently, if someone drinks from this flask, they will believe they are actually fighting the real civil war and not just acting it out. Jinks asks Claudia how they are going to get the flask when she see uniforms hanging there in the tent. Soon, They exit the tent dressed as Confederate soldiers.

WH13 S03x04 Jinks and Claudia as Rebels

Back at the wedding venue, We see Amanda coming out in her dress, which is quite beautiful to hear some bridesmaids debating about who was supposed to bring or do what. Amanda whistles to draw their attention and realizes her finger is actually getting worse. Amanda holds her finger out for the others to see.

As they take her hand, we hear the ominous ‘Artifact’ sound and see a light travel from her to them. As the light goes into the bridesmaids, they become very, very attentive, offering her Band Aids, Triple antibiotics etc.

WH13 S03x04 Bridesmaids subjugated

However it is the tone of their voices that have my attention. Her fiance’s party enter the room; Three Marines in Dress Blues… and Amanda goes to hug them in greeting. Again with the sound and light, they are now under the spell The men now, are attentive, bidding her to rest and offering her a chair. Again, their voices are calm and almost robotic.

WH13 S03x04 Groomsmen Subjugated

Pete now enters the wedding venue and sees this all happening. He is talking to Amanda and I see the bridesmaids and the Marines for her husband to be all hovering protectively around her. Myka Asked Amanda where they could talk privately. as the three walk away, the wedding party is right behind them in unison.

WH13 S03x04 Being followed

Her fiance-Mike’s parents appear and Amanda asked the others to keep them away from her for a while “I do not care what you have to do, just keep them away from me.” Amanda tells them. –Now, WHY do I get a really BAD feeling from this?? Oh, I do not know, possibly the way the sound of angry bees start to drone as the wedding party go to the groom’s parents? Not only that, it is the way the wedding party gags and picks the groom’s parents up and carries them out of the room.

WH13 S03x04 Worker Bees-Grooms' parents

Pete and Myka are now trying to tell Amanda that something got loose while she was at the Bed and Breakfast. But because of their security protocol they cannot tell her what it is! They do get to search her bag and found the bee (I do wonder if that missing stinger is going to be noticed… Well, OF COURSE it will! They have to finish this, right?)

Back in Shiloh Park, the Civil War groups are fighting and sounding ‘realistic’. Claudia and Jinks finds a man in Confederate uniform to speak to. They asked if he knew the one who hit him in his face. The man tells them “It was Private Johnson. The guy went crazy right in the middle of a skirmish… Started punching other players and hitting them em with the butt of his rifle… And we have rules against that sort of thing!”.

WH13 S03x04 learning about Pvt Johnson

It is at this point a ‘Yank” comes up and fires his rifle at them “You’re DEAD, Rebel scum!” Jinks fires back at him “So are you!”. As the Union man falls he dramatizes by gasping “Long live Abe Lincoln!”.

Back at the castle, Pete and Amanda are talking in private. Amanda is also apologizing to Peter about their failed marriage. As they lean in for a final kiss (Where I am thinking “Uh-Oh, Pete is next) they are interrupted by Mike coming in asking where his parents are.

As we end the scene, Amanda said “Will at 15:00 hours, I will finally be Mrs. Michael Martin.” Mike jokingly agreed, saying “And I will finally own you, Woman!”. They do not see the spellbound wedding party staring down at them standing above on a landing. Amanda’s words echo: “Nobody gets in or out”.

WH13 S03x04 Being watched

So, of course Pete and Myka are stopped by the wedding party as they try to leave. Pete sees what Myka sees as the bridesmaids come at her as well. Pete pulls a Marine’s dress cap down over his eyes and using that distraction Pete and Myka run back into Amanda’s salon.

As a sword comes through the wood of the barricaded door, Amanda is also now clued in that there is something seriously wrong. She reasons to Peter’s “Need to know” that given that they under attack by her own wedding party, she is sure she “Needs to know!”

WH13 S03x04 Sword through door

Artie has found details about the hive and bee at the warehouse. A female Pharaoh who ruled around 1479 B.C.E. “Hatshepsut” created the artifact using the pheromones of honeybees. The Pharaoh would then actually place the stinger into her own body to become a “Queen Bee”. Myka then looks at the bee they have and there is no stinger!

WH13 S03x04 Artie tells about the bee

Shiloh Park is seeing more battle of the Civil war. We see a Union Soldier holding a gun on a confederate “Die you Rebel Dog!” The confederate replies “Dude, I shot you!” The scene goes to the Union man’s hip, where an ornate flask hangs from his belt. The Union man snarled “You will die Rebel, traitor… And I shall be victorious!! holding his rifle aloft. “…For my great country!” Well, if it isn’t our Private Johnson, who sincerely believes he is at the real Battle of Shiloh.

WH13 S03x04 In Shiloh Park, TN

Private Johnson aims at the rebel and Jinks stops the shooting. (Remember, this guy really believes he is in the actual Civil War) Jinks is trying to tell him what is really going on. Instead, Pvt. Johnson again attempts to kill Jinks (Confederate uniform, remember?) Claudia comes up, dressed in female attire and asks Johnson with a southern drawl “You would not hurt a lady would you sir?”

WH13 S03x04 Claudia's a lady!

WH13 S03x04 Mini-Tesla

To which Johnson replies “I would never harm a woman.” but he raised his bayonet “But I intend to kill this scurvy gray-bag!” Claudia replies “‘Fraid not…” ZAP! She Tesla guns Johnson! Seems Claudia made a ‘Mini-Tesla’. Small but equally effective! Jinks told Claudia about his big sister who was always saving his butt.

They grab the flask! -I want one of those min-Tesla guns! Great for protection in the big city, I can imagine the permits needed…Permits? Permits? We do not need to worry about Permits! The Law could always use less paperwork too, in trying explain what a “Tesla” gun is.

WH13 S03x04 Grant's Flask!

As Jinks puts it into the deactivation bag, the scene is witnessed by another attendee who says “Damn Trekkies, Always crashin’ the party, pretending they’re time travelers’ and walks off.  I rather liked that!

Artie and Myka are talking on the Farnsworth. The Stinger is not in Amanda’s finger. Artie tells her it works it’s way through the body, drawn to the glands. It creates the pheromone production and anyone Amanda touched become ‘Worker Bees’ who are slavishly devoted to her every need and protection. So now they must break out of the castle.

WH13 S03x04 Preparing to kill groom

They see the Bridesmaids clearing the large table in the reception hall, and meanwhile, the other Marines hit Mike and carry him off. Amanda tried to get them to stop, but they did not obey. By now they do not listen to her, but blindly continue to protect her at all costs!

WH13 S03x04 Groom being taken to main room

The wedding party now has Mike tied up and on a table. It looks like they are going to kill him. Myka is on the Farnsworth with Artie who is telling them what is happening. The ancient Pharaoh Hatshepsut’s husband had been mummified alive by her attendees, so this was bound to happen to Mike!!

Artie calls back, he has found that the artifact bee is like a magnet. Holding this artifact over Amanda’s left clavicle (Collarbone) will draw the stinger out of her body. After a but of fighting to subdue the wedding party, Myka and Pete do, in fact, accomplish this task.

WH13 S03x04 Removing stinger

We see the light leaving all the effected parties after the -now complete- Artifact bee is placed into the neutralizer bag. They get up, bemused at what happened. None seem to remember being in fights or anything, but they all have bruises and battle wounds. Normalcy is restored!!

Although a bit disheveled, the wedding party goes off without a hitch and it was a beautiful ceremony. LOVED Pete’s explanation of the wounds on the wedding party to the groom – Mike Martin’s parents, “They ate bad mushrooms…. I guess they had a bad trip” I totally cracked up at this, being of an age to remember when “Magic Mushrooms” were a hot item!

WH13 S03x04 Wedding happens

Back at the Warehouse, Pete was telling Myka how it wasn’t his marriage he was trying to hide, it was his past self. He never wanted anyone to see him like that. Heck, Pete, I think we all are like this. I do not care how wonderful we may look today, our past is what shaped a lot of what we are. Claudia finds an article about Olivia Jinks, the ‘big sister’ who was killed by a stray bullet. Jinks sees her and tells her that is why he joined the ATF.

WH13 S03x04 Jinks' past loss

Jinks assures Claudia it is okay, as she starts to apologize for making him sad…again. Jinks tells Claudia about his sister. “She was your age, and I’ll always remember this one time we were….” as Artie looks at them through a window from another room.

My take… For What It Is Worth…

So, in this episode, the past came up to visit our fearless team. We find out that much as that past may not have been our finest moments, it is what makes us what we are today. There are many things  am sure we would like to erase in our pasts, but we cannot erase ourselves. The best we can do is accept those times we fell flat on our faces, times we made bad decisions and learn from it. Our mission here is to grow, so consequently, we did not arrive here knowing everything, being “Good at” everything, we have had to come to our own fruition through trial and error.

The problem with some people today is that they do not LET GO of some past things. We have to try to MOVE ON and stop living the past over and over again. Best to try to figure out what we learned from it and stop dwelling in the murky waters of what WAS, This is something we all have the ‘Response-ABILITY’ to do, the rest is all Choices we make.

One of my favorite adages is: “When you wonder if your mission on Earth is done, if you wake up the next day… it is not.” Long may our fallibility and growth continue!

Warehouse 13 returns next Monday with the exciting episode “3…2…1” featuring the return of one of our favorites actresses, Jamie Murray, as the evil minded H.G. Wells! we include the extended sneak peek below courtesy of Syfy!

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