Debris Review: Supernova Orbital Retirement or Fountain of Youth Center?

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The sixth superb fantastic episode of Debris, “Supernova”, directed by Steven A. Adelson, written by Jeff Vlaming and Davia Carter addressed many of the outstanding questions about the series that all viewers in general, and we here at Team WHR in specific, had all wondered about since seeing the exciting Pilot episode of Debris.

Of course the writers and creators of the “Supernova” episode added several new intriguing aspects that will undoubtedly shape our knowledge, and overall enjoyment of the aliens technology in upcoming future episodes of season one!

As you may recall in the the second episode, “You Are Not Alone“, it was documented that the aliens have ability of the extraterrestrial technology to clone people.

As we found out, in the third episode “Solar Winds“,  George Jones (Tyrone Benskin) may have been cloned subsequent to his death when his body was switched in a morgue in the United Kingdom without the knowledge of his daughter, Finola Jones (Riann Steele).

In the fourth episode, “In Universe” what blew our minds is what was revealed; that the nefarious “Influx” organization is actually holding what appears to be Finola’s father captive.

Is he the real George Jones or a clone?

And why precisely is “Influx” holding George Jones or his clone hostage?!

Debris S1x06 Finola encounters and captures Anson Ash
Finola encounters and captures Anson Ash. Image courtesy NBC

Finally in the fifth episode, “Earthshine” we discovered that Anson Ash (Scroobius Pip), the apparent leader or top field operative of “Influx”, had been captured. This was subsequent to successfully testing their ability to use Debris to transport very large objects the size of a New York City bus across vast distances before Orbital stopped their next experiment.

Before he was captured by the Orbital team, Anson bragged to Finola that the alien technology belongs to all humans, not just governments who would hoard the benefits for themselves.

In the “Supernova” a new element is added to the mysterious aliens technology, the ability to use Debris objects that become a literal fountain of youth, removing decades of age from the people expose to it’s unearthly power.

Debris S1x06 Finola and Bryan decide to confide in each other
Finola (Riann Steele) and Bryan (Jonathan Tucker) decide to confide in each other. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

This discovery makes sense because aliens traveling between galaxies that take thousands of years would require the ability to stay young so they would arrive alive at their destination, in this case our Earth, alive and vital to complete whatever their mission is!

The best news is that Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) and Agent Finola Jones decide during the episode to disobey Priya Ferris (Anjali Jay) of MI6 and Craig Maddox (Norbert Leo Butz) of the CIA! 

Both of our heroes decide to confide in each other since their boss’s have been withholding information about Finola’s father, George Jones, as well as specific details about the alien technology objects of Debris found all over the Earth.

Real questions we have yet to learn about is whether or not any of the aliens survived when pieces of the ship were observed crashing all over Earth? Are these aliens living amongst us, or did all of them perish from some interstellar travel catastrophe that we have yet to learn about? And finally what, if anything, does Julia Maddox (Jennifer Copping) have to do with a mysterious cell phone Craig has tracked to Maine in the United States?




Debris S1x06 Kurt portrayed by Dylan Colton uses Debris to make his old friends young
Kurt portrayed by Dylan Colton uses Debris to make his old friends young. Image courtesy NBC

The episode opens shortly after Anson has been captured in a scene with a young man named Kurt (Dylan Colton) who has apparently found an unusual piece of Debris. Kurt is highly upset, no doubt due to the dead bodies close by that are emanating energy fragments associated with objects that have been exposed to the alien technology. Kurt leaves the rural house and enters a car where a woman named Clara (Paloma Kwiatkowski) is waiting.

Clara, also quite upset asks Kurt “What do we do now?”. Kurt answers as confidently a possible “We need more people”.

We then move to the Orbital aircraft, itself is an AWACS (Airborne Early Warning And Control System). This is a propeller drive miniature AWACS with a radar drome on top. We find Bryan and Finola preparing for their next mission. It is obvious that both are tense from being ordered not to reveal certain secrets by their nefarious boss’s Priya Ferris and Craig Maddox.

Debris S1x06 Bryan the human food vacuum cleaner and Finola
Debris S1x06 Bryan the human food vacuum cleaner and Finola. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Naturally our human food vacuum cleaner Bryan is stuffing his face snacking while Finola makes a sarcastic, albeit awkward joke that some part of the microwave communication system was not designed by NASA to be Bryan’s personal toaster oven!

Bryan goes on to share with Finola that many such things like microwaves, Dust Busters and memory foam mattresses were all invented by NASA. Finola is not impressed as Bryan shoves what appears to be the rest of a a persoshiki sandwich down his gullet.

These fun humorous exchanges make the series enjoyable allowing our two heroes to take the harsh edge off the untenable situation that their superiors have placed them in.

Debris S1x06 Agent Tom meets Finola and Bryan at the scene
Agent Tom meets Finola and Bryan at the scene. Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Thomas Cardot as Agent Tom. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Finola and Bryan arrive in Enville, Tennessee to investigate the dead people. Upon doing so they are joined by advance team member Agent Tom (Thomas Cadrot) who has already been contacted by the local police about four to five teenagers who had been seen near the old home. As we will learn, there are a number of missing persons in the area and that these are not teenagers who a local woman spotted, but the elderly people who have somehow been made young again.

Sadly, not all those exposed to the Debris survived in what seems to be an uncontrolled experiment to harvest the energy to keep them all young. The team enters the home to find an Orbital team member named Dr. Masakela (Daniel Bacon) examining the dead people he found in the residence. One body is witnessed with a cell phone suspended in mid air. The doctor says that enough alien electrostatic energy is coming from the body to full charge the cell phone!

Debris S1x06 A cell phone is discovered floating above the corpse from Debris energy
Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Daniel Bacon as Dr. Masakela. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

The dead people do not have any signs of violence that would be associated with a robbery or home invasion by criminals which leaves the circumstances even more perplexing since the bodies are extremely old, appearing to have been dead for hundreds of years. However, Dr. Masakela says with conviction that the victims are died recently and only appeared ancient because the life had literally been sucked out of them.

As we will learn later, the victims in this “fountain of alien youth experiment” must stay in very close proximity to the alien object causing the effect. However, Kurt, who has escaped with Clara believe that with more people exposed, they can extend the range of the phenomena. This proves to be false as the dead bodies piled up attest to. Bryan and Finola find an ID card that matches the description of a reported missing person, several missing persons in fact will be tied to this particular Debris event.

Debris S1x06 Craig Maddox questions Anson Ash who is in custody at Orbital
Craig Maddox questions Anson Ash who is in custody at Orbital. Image courtesy NBC

We move to CIA Orbital HQ in Langley, Virginia where we find Anson Ash (Scroobius Pip) who is about to be interrogated by the Orbital Team Commander Craig Maddox.

Anson is creepy enough all by himself, but as Craig approaches him we witness that a cockroach crawling on Anson’s forearm near his wrist!

Anson appears to pet the little monster who has obviously no problem with an insect like Anson gently stroking him.

In fact the cockroach seems to enjoy it as much as Anson does!

Debris S1x06 Anson Ash in custody
Scroobius Pip as Anson Ash .Image courtesy NBC

Acting as if nothing has happened, Anson calls for “room service” ordering Moo Goo Gai Pan with some fortune cookies on the side from Craig as Anson continues to play with the cockroach! Did I mention this guy is really creepy yet? Well, there is more. Craig reads Anson his service record including the fact that he is an ex SAS (British Special Air Service) commando who abandoned his military duty some years back.

Craig wants answers about “Influx” but Anson, apparently part of a rogue nation of alien object hunters is flippant, telling Craig that neither he nor any geopolitical government will get to control all the Debris. Anson does share with Craig that the alien technology “will free the world” and “in the presence of a power so vast” that Craig type of people will never understand it.

Craig presses Anson, confronting him with the fact that he knows that “Influx” switched George Jones body at the morgue in England, going so far as to accuse “Influx” of re-animating the dead body and switching it with a similar dead corpse so they can torture the real George for the scientific secrets he holds that could help “Influx” decode the alien technology.

Anson falls silent while Craig tells him to get some rest because the next time they meet, he (Anson) will need all of his energy, alluding to the fact that torture will be used so that the CIA can get the information demanded. However, one has to ask why Anson is so confident and flippant? Could it be that there are sleeper agents inside the CIA that will help Anson escape?

Debris S1x06 Brian and Finola work with the Orbital Field Team to investigate the event
The Orbital Field team investigates. Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Team WHR story arc speculation? That if it is not “Influx”, then it could be that Priya Ferris of MI6, who we know has inside operatives at CIA may be involved!

Finola, Bryan and Agent Tom continue to track down the people involved with the “Fountain of Youth” Debris, They confirm that the missing persons are somehow associated with the events they are investigating. Meanwhile Kurt and Clara who have the alien object have linked up with other “young” people who are testing their theory that if they can only recruit a few more people they may be able to extend the range of the Debris that has made them young again. Later we will learn the motivation of Kurt and Clara, they are husband and wife seeking to use the alien object to continue to stay young.

Segue back to Craig, we find him meeting with the Russian agent Tarkolov (Dmitry Chepovetsky)… again! Craig wants to purchase another alien object from Tarkolov who states he will cooperate so long as the United States shares equally in the discovery of the alien technology.

Debris S1x06 Finola and Bryan find Kurt's abandoned car
Finola and Bryan find Kurt’s abandoned car. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

The action takes us to McMinville, Tennessee, where Finola and Bryan have tracked down Kurt and Clara at the same time they confirm that more missing elderly person have been identified.

Agent Tom has found their car in a forest with more signs of energy from the alien technology that has been discovered in the vehicle. Finola and Bryan head to the scene to conduct a search for suspects later.

It is here that Bryan makes a decision to confide in Finola when he receives a call from an Orbital Agent. Bryan is shocked when Jose tells him that they are searching Finola’s apartment behind her back. Bryan is pissed off and tells Jose that he “you’re on your own!”. Meanwhile Kurt finds an old man near a lake named Subash telling him that he can help him.

Debris S1x06 Bryan gets a call that the CIA is searching Finola's apartment
Debris S1x06 Bryan gets a call that the CIA is searching Finola’s apartment. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Just before Bryan and Finola search the forested area that night, Bryan’s guilt reaches a peak when he gets another text from the Orbital Field Agent requesting if he knows Finola’s passwords while they discuss her father. When Finola inquires about why he is discussing her father, Bryan reveals that he has known for two weeks but was sworn to secrecy by Craig. Finola then confesses that she knew that he knew. It is a this point both our heroes make the decision to trust each other and keep secrets from Priya and Craig.

Byran and Finola run after a young man named Caspian Cole (Cardi Wong), one of the missing elderly people, now young, admits who he is and that he is working with Kurt and Clara while they perform a conversion to a youthful Subash which takes place nearby . Kurt and Clara successfully covert him to a young version of Subash (Siddhartha Minhas) further complicating the situation. Meanwhile another “young” person runs in the opposite direction and gets too far away from the “Fountain of Youth” object, dying right in front of Finola.

Debris S1x06 Finola, Bryan and Agent Tom search for Kurt and Clara
Debris S1x06 Finola, Bryan and Agent Tom search for Kurt and Clara. Thomas Cardot as Agent Tom, Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Clara and Kurt are running away when she tells him that they cannot be involved with people dying as a result of their having the Debris. Bryan, using a walkie-talkie calls Kurt and informs him that his search for the “math” of how many people needed to be converted to being young at long distance from the object is wrong and will not work.

Bryan tells Kurt that two more people have died and he must surrender. Dr. Masakela speaks with Bryan and informs him that he has developed a method to wean the people made younger from the harmful effects on humans, but that they will gradually return to their normal biological age. In this case Clara will become old and feeble again, something Kurt is not yet willing to accept.

While alone in the field hospital, Bryan receives a package from another Orbital Tech doctor. Bryan asks why it came so early? The doctor says he does not know, but that it may have something to do with his blood work. What blood work? This is the first we have heard about it! Bryan injects himself with whatever it is, but the viewers are left with another conundrum; what’s up with Bryan that he requires regular medical injections? 

Debris S1x06 Bryan and Finola find out where Kurt and Clara went together
Debris S1x06 Bryan and Finola find out where Kurt and Clara went together. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

While Bryan, Finola and Agent Tom are observed hunting down Kurt and Clara while Bryan tries to explain what has happened.

In a heartbreaking sequence, Clara tells Kurt that they have to stop what they are doing before more people are hurt. Both are crying but realize they must surrender the Debris. Kurt and

Clara decide to leave the range of the object together in their final moments of life as a happy young couple before they they die. Subash, seen with Finola in the Orbital field hospital unit understands that he will grow old again, but is grateful for the short miracle he was given and will savor every moment of life that he has left.

Debris S1x06 Irina sells the object to Craig
Debris S1x06 Irina sells the object to Craig. Image courtesy NBC

The final sequences finds us first with Craig Maddox in a hotel room with a young  Russian woman named Irinia (Andrea Stefancikova) who is delivering a piece of Debris that allows eavesdropping on communication devices in trade for another unspecified object that Craig has brought to swap with her.

Irina says that she knows the CIA has other objects that are far more powerful for communications eavesdropping and wants to know why Craig wants this weaker device. Craig  replies simply “because it works”. A big reveal is when Irina says she hopes that Craig knows what “you are doing”. Craig replies “You always worry too much” meaning that these two have worked together in the past!

Debris S1x06 Finola and Bryan discuss how to handle Maddox and Priya
Finola and Bryan discuss how to handle Maddox and Priya. Image courtesy NBC

That last scene is with Finola and Bryan in their SUV. Finola tells Bryan that he can trust her, moreover that she appreciates that he told her about her father against orders. Finola also shares with Bryan that she does not know why Priya told her to reveal why her father George was in Greece shortly before his death. Bryan shares that Priya is “leaving just enough breadcrumbs for Maddox to figure something out”.

Both agree that they are being used, and cannot trust their boss’s, but with a flash to Craig, Bryan shares with Finola that although Maddox saved his life, the CIA is surveilling her apartment !

The big question that comes to mind?

With the new alien technology communications object device, does Craig now have the capability to listen in to their and other peoples conversations, including his wife, what Finola and Bryan just said to each other? Anyone no matter where they are?! 



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