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Now with three episodes of Debris under our belts, there is no doubt this is the most significant new science fiction based drama series that has been released in 2021! WormholeRiders gives the “Solar Winds” episode of Debris an “A PLUS” for reasons we share below!

The reception on social media to this new series broadcast on the NBC Network each Monday has been fabulous. With everyone we know  heaping praise to NBC Universal for making Debris become reality in 2021!

To make things even better for science fiction fans, TeamWHR has confirmed that each episode is available on Peacock TV, the free streaming service from NBC Universal each week right after the live broadcasts on the NBC Network! We have watched the episodes on Peacock TV on our mobile devices while traveling on business and love the fact that this outstanding science fiction series movies has been brought to us no matter where we are! 

In the Pilot Episode the apparent arrival of aliens on Earth occurs with their ability to materialize, or clone the bodies of a young man who had died in a tragic automobile accident.

In the second episode, “You Are Not Alone“, the ability of the aliens to clone a person is multiplied when a victim being manipulated by the aliens is cloned three times!

To complicate matters, while investigating the circumstances in a town named Fleetwood, a cloning of our protagonist, Bryan Beneventi, almost takes place! Were the aliens attempting to replace Bryan Beneventi with one of their own? Fortunately, it seems Bryan was not cloned and the doppelganger was apparently killed. A question remains; was an alien actually inhabiting the clone, or merely controlling it?

Debris S1x03 The Portal in Solar Winds
The Portal in Solar Winds, Image courtesy NBC

WormholeRiders News Agency is a long time admirer of the entertainment industry veteran entertainment J.H. Wyman of Fringe fame, who was Executive Producer and writer for that classic series.

The third episode of Debris, “Solar Winds” takes viewers to another level with cool special effects when a portal to another dimension opens in an Ohio field with human beings who have disappeared in the past including “The Woman From The Other Side” are trapped “Over There” because “There’s More Than One of Everything”. Puns intended since these were the names of Fringe season one episode twenty, episodes nineteen, twenty two, and twenty three in season two of that series.


Fringe S1x20 More Than One Of Everything Portal to the Other Side
Fringe Portal to the Other Side. Image courtesy Warner Brothers

These sequences are much like “The Observers” in Fringe who invaded Earth using a Portal from the future. This Fringey aspect in the story arc gives a familiar, yet unique feel to the Debris series from Wyman’s who have proven that he is more than capable of creating exciting science fiction drama!

Along his company, Frequency Films in conjunction with Legendary Studios, Jason Hoffs, Jeff Vlaming, and Samantha Corbin-MillerTanya Swerling, also of Fringe fame and Katie O’Hara all serve as the series producers, it is obvious that Wyman has assembled a team of entertainment industry experts who have laid a solid foundation for season one and beyond!

Debris features many more great supporting actors all of whom will add realism to the story arc! Courtesy of NBC describes “Solar Winds” as “When Bryan and Finola investigate a mysterious, otherworldly square that has appeared in a field, they come to understand new revelations about our planet. Maddox meets with an old contact“.

We include a clip below from “Solar Winds” for your enjoyment before we begin our review analysis of this episode.



Solar Winds:

Debris S1x03 Finola and Bryan discuss the mission
Debris S1x03 Finola and Bryan discuss the mission. Image by James Dittiger. courtesy NBC

The third episode opens with CIA Agent Bryan Beneventi (Jonathan Tucker) and Agent Finola Jones (Riann Steele) being directed to Ohio subsequent to reports from a utility crew worker who discovers the portal shown above near a cellular phone tower. The worker is stunned when she see people apparently trapped on “The Other Side”.

The scene shifts to Bryan being examined in an MRI machine with his boss Craig Maddox (Norbert Leo Butz) asking about his condition subsequent to being cloned in the second episode. The doctor says Bryan is “normal”, giving him a clean bill of health to go back to work stating “however it cloned him, the exposure had no impact on his biology”.

Bryan, not comfortable after being sworn to secrecy regarding Finola’s father George Jones (Tyrone Benskin) apparently being alive, asks Maddox what is happening? Maddox informs Bryan that they are exhuming George Jones body and that Orbital will “get to the bottom of it”.
Norbert Leo Butz as Craig Maddox. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Bryan tells his boss that if MI6 knew George Jones was alive, they would take her out on the United States before it becomes an issue. Bryan agrees to not tell Finola, but is obviously not happy withholding information from his partner. Our hypothesis is that George Jones, an expert on alien phenomena, has been either or cloned by the aliens or someone who has learned how to use their cloning technology!

Bryan joins Finola and the Orbital Team on board an AWAC’s aircraft and heads to Millersburg Ohio to investigate the portal sighting incident. On the way, they discuss a shadowy organization named “Influx” headed up by Anson Ash (Scroobius Pip) who has been involved with dealing in, and using contraband alien objects since the pilot episode.

Upon arrival in Ohio, a complete Orbital team has the area under quarantine. A video of the portal has been captured, however, now the portal has vanished or is no longer visible to the human eye. Odd sounds are heard coming from the portal that are only audible on the video.

Debris S1x03 Byran and Finola with meet Muntz and Tom
Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi, Matthew MacCaull as Muntz, Thomas Cardot as Agent Tom. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

The Orbital Team reports that no Debris has been located at that time, but Bryan and Finola are not so certain. A search of the surrounding area is ordered when Finola correctly says “It’s got to be around somewhere”. While doing research and documentation that night, Finola hears a voice captured on the Orbital frecording equipment, heard on all the teams audio devices.

This person will turn out to be Nicole Hegman  (Sarah Desjardins), trapped on the other side of the portal. Nicole is recorded saying that she sees the lights from equipment illuminating the field. The team correctly determines that the portal must still there even though it cannot be seen. 

When the team goes outside to the field near the location of the portal, Nicole continues to communicate with everyone stating that she can see them! Finola request that a technician create a way to communicate with Nicole, states that the invisible “Legari Spectrum” of light have only been built as receivers. Finola tells Agent Tom (Thomas Cadrot) and Specialist Muntz (Matthew MacCaull) the electronics technician, that they must make contact with Nicole!

Debris S1x03 Bryan helps Muntz build a transmitter
Matthew MacCaull as Muntz, Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Bryan, apparently a well trained electronics technician in his own right, scavenges some electronic relay parts from a million dollar piece of equipment much to the horror of Muntz! A bit of humor occurs when Bryan snubs Muntz, telling him that he always lets the other guys (like Muntz) touch the Debris first to avoid being turned inside out just as the alien portal suddenly re-materializes in the field.

Using a cobbled together transmitter from the parts Bryan brought to Muntz, Finola is able to communicate with Nicole. Bryan states that there must be Debris nearby or the portal would not be visible allowing Nicole and Finola to communicate. The portal breaks up, but Bryan learns that Nicole Hegman is a real person who disappeared from Saline Michigan in 2019. Bryan ask how is that possible when the Debris only started falling to Earth six months ago?

We segue to Craig Maddox who goes to a “dead drop” in a local store to purchase something. Inside the bag is a cell phone. Maddox is contacted by a Russian spy named Tarkolov (Dmitry Chepovetsky). Maddox seems nonchalant about the contact indicating that he is a double agent. There is something about the Maddox character that make a viewer not want to trust him. Maddox shows Tarkolov a video of objects appearing out of thin air, much like the portal in the field. Tarkolov shares with Maddox that the Chinese claim to have similar Debris objects.

Debris S1x03 Nicole Hegmann portrayed by Sarah Desjardins trapped on the other side of the portal
Nicole Hegmann portrayed by Sarah Desjardins trapped on the other side of the portal. Image courtesy NBC

Maddox, we know that he has a hanger full of objects that the CIA is reconstructing to understand the alien technology as witnessed in the first episode. Maddox is fishing for more alien tech pieces is not convinced that the Chinese government have anything.

A trade of some Debris is arranged between Tarkolov and Maddox for the following Friday. Later we will learn that this is an inter dimensional transport device very much similar to the portal in the field.

The Portal back to the field has not reappeared as Bryan and Finola discuss why Nicole cannot see the others trapped on the other side and they cannot see her. Finola suspects that each of the occupants are on a different frequency. Both are still stumped why the portal in the field disappeared, but believe it is still there.

Much like portals in the history of ancient civilizations, Finola shares with Bryan that her father believed in a theory of dimensional points in North America where such things occurred.

Debris S1x03 Richard Hegman and Finola discuss Sarah's disappearance
Riann Steele as Finola Jones, Christopher Shyer as Richard Hegman. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Subsequent to viewing a video made by George Jones, Bryan finds a map of such portal locations, or access points discussed by George. Two of which directly correlate to the field in Ohio and the place in Michigan were Nicole disappeared. Muntz, Finola and Bryan theorize that the appearance of Nicole and the ability to communicate with her appears tied to how emotional she is when the portal appears.

Then three things happen. Nicoles father Richard Hegman (Christopher Shyer) is brought to the Ohio site. Bryan relates that the portal and the access points maps are similar to the Bermuda Triangle. Richard confirms that the voice is Nicole’s and that he felt her presence when he was in the parking lot in Saline Michigan in the past after she disappeared. When Richard approaches the area where the Portal is, although invisible, Nicole sees him and she communicates that she can see him, and that for her only a few hours have elapsed.

Muntz believes that time is moving at a different rate in the other dimension where Nicole is trapped. This situation is similar to the Avengers Endgame character Scott Lang who was trapped in a Quantum Realm where only hours elapsed even though he had been gone for five years!

Debris S1x03 The Orbital Team finds Debris near the portal
Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi, Riann Steele as Finola Jones. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Meanwhile, Maddox’s boss Harris Grohl (Todd Thomson) shows up in his office and states that the Russian Tarkolov has been spotted in the United States. Maddox does not tell his boss that he met with Tarkolov providing further evidence that Maddox is a double agent of some sort, but whose side is Maddox really on, ours, the Russians or the “Influx” rogue agents?

Then the Orbital team detects that Debris is close by and tracks it down. One piece is no longer emanating power, but the other larger piece is.

Their discovery indicates that the pieces of objects in a forest are too far away to keep the portal fully activated. Nearly depleted of power and emanating power erratically, this is why the portal appears to blink off and on.

Debris S1x03 Anson hides and evades the Orbital Team
Scroobius Pip as Anson Ash.mage by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

A truck stolen by Anson of “Influx” is found close to the pieces of the objects. Anson, Loeb (Ben Cotton) and other of his operatives are seen hiding behind the tress in the forest but are not detected by the Orbital Team. Anson and his team use their transport tech we have witnessed being used in previous episode. Anson and his crew disappear before Bryan and Finola can find them.

Muntz demands that the pieces be sent back to Orbital headquarters immediately. Finola and Bryan want the remaining power in the object to be used to free Nicole and the other people trapped on the other side of the Portal.

Bryan suggest that the Debris pieces be brought to the field before sending then to Orbital HQ. The pieces are transported and mounted by mobile hydraulic crane. Once in the field and pointed at the Portal, it reappears in a three dimensional shape with Nicole and others fully visible.

Bryan orders that one of the the larger deactivated other pieces be shoved through the Portal. As this is done, Nicole is able to push her arm through the Portal while Finola pulls her all the way through. At this point the Portal loses cohesion and all the people trapped inside are freed!

Speaking with each person, the Orbital Team discovers that some have been missing for longer than Nicole with two people stating they disappeared in years past ranging from 1976 to 1989. Nicole is reunited with her father as the team says to the others that they will help them find their families.

Debris S1x03 Finola with her father George Jones before his body is switched
Tyrone Benskin as George Jones, Riann Steele as Finola Jones. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

The finale sequences take us to Maddox in his hanger laboratory. Two opposing pieces of functional Debris are setup with Maddox standing between them throwing a chair throw one, only to have the chair reappear behind him being gently slid back instead of being thrown from portal to portal!

Maddox gets a call that the body exhumed from the grave is not George Jones! Maddox looks at a security video of Finola with her father at the morgue in England the night he washed ashore some time earlier. Finola can be clearly seen removing her fathers watch for sentimental reasons.

While viewing the video sent by his operative in England, a twenty four minute segment of the security video from the morgue is missing! What is revealed when the video resumes is shocking, George Jones body had been switched!

Debris S1x04 Bryan and Finola in spacesuits!
Jonathan Tucker as Bryan Beneventi, Riann Steele as Finola Jones. Image by James Dittiger, courtesy NBC

Whomever swapped the bodies made a serious mistake because the replacement cadaver used to switch with the George Jones has a watch just like the one that Finola removed from her father!

The question becomes not that was George Jones cloned, but by whom, and for what purpose!?!

Next week in a Debris episode named “In Universe”, a TeamWHR favorite actor, Jennifer Copping (Van Helsing, Travelers and Riverdale) will be guest starring as Julia Maddox. The exciting promotional images feature our heroes in space suits, so make certain that you tune in to NBC as the epic science fiction mystery of aliens on Earth peels back another layer of the onion!

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