Fringe: “An Origin Story” Means Emotions May Be The Biggest Problem At War!

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Fringe Letters of Transit Futuristic Banner - Learn more at Warner BrothersHello Fringe fans!

What an episode we had last week, huh?

The most heartbreaking point of the story told here so far, the death of Etta Bishop (Georgina Haig) and how the Bishop family dealt with it. This tragic circumstance has motivated the Fringe Team to fight even harder to defeat the invaders of Earth, The Observers.

The battle continues in this weeks episode with a long title “Through the Looking Glass and What Walter Found There”.


An Origin Story:

In the fifth episode titled “An Origin Story” and right in the first scene the pain was there right before our eyes as Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) found Etta’s secret storage of C-4 explosives, weapons and other things while Olivia Dunham (Anna Torv) was asleep.

One nice thing that we noticed when he found his daughters stuff was the recognition of himself through his daughter smartness for having such a cute safe in her house, yes, I said cute because any weapon against Observes deserves such a description; those cold hearted motherless sons of very good nice parents that have never ever had anything to do with dirty prostitution.


Fringe S5x05 - Etta's secret storage of weapons

Fringe S5x05 - Peter trying to comfort OliviaAs Peter was going through Etta’s stuff, Olivia woke up to an adorable and heartbreaking moment with her husband.

You know I am quite sick of the word heartbreaking because of what they have faced this season is far worse that heartbreaking! It is a whole new level of heart-wrenching which was shred to pieces over and over again in a way that cannot ever be healed.

This is how POlivia is at the moment and I guess pretty much everyone feels exactly the same. I happily have no idea what it is like to lose a child and as far as we have seen on the show, Walter destroyed one universe to save his son which ended badly.

A war had started and it caused Peter to erase him from the timeline unaware of that. Right now, Peter lost his child and what he will do to avenge her death is a question I am most curious to know about.

All of these things made that Greek sentence he learned from his mother sound very loudly in my head, has he not understood one word of that sentence?

Fringe S5x05 - Olivia crying on Peter's arms

When we got to see Olivia, I had to look somewhere else, I could not look at her, it was so painful There was pain all over her face despite the fact that there were no words said. I have said to some friends that I refuse to believe POlivia is going through all that and somehow they will get Etta back later on, they have to. It does not matter what anyone says, I will hold on to the so called blind hope until the end.

Fringe S5x05 - Olivia is so sad and devasted I have got no words to describe the feeling

Fringe S5x05 - Observers ObserveThe Observers came from the future to do the business we have seen they do. It was very cool to see them get their things from the future through those black windows (wormholes) to accomplish their goals, then those white huge boxes came out of that window floating.

I was like NO WAY? The effect it had when the boxes fell on the ground was also super cool; the curiosity is killing me about what the heck was on the other side of that wormhole.

At first, when I watched he promo I thought It was Over There and the hopes of seeing Altlivia, the absolutely sexy hot, red head Anna Torv and Agent Lee (Seth Gabel) but now as we know it was the future… WHAT THE HECK?! Seriously awesome!

Fringe S5x05 - Observers bringing their tech stuff out of a wormhole from the future

Fringe S5x05 - White Boxes from the future via wormholeThe window they opened reminded me of season one’s window opened by David Robert Jones (Jared Harris) who was on the hunt for William Bell (Leonard Nimoy) and to do it he had shot Nina Shark, sorry, Sharp (Blair Brown) to get a power cell from her mechanical arm.

The huge difference was that we could actually see things over there, as if we were looking through a window and in this one the Observers have opened. All we could see was black probably because back in season one, the opened wormhole was both at the same time, here and over. They are different from what happened in this episode which was a connection between present and future.

Fringe S5x05 - Astrid drops the news about the Ambered video tapes to the team

The scene of Walter Bishop (John Noble) asking POlivia to keep Etta’s perfume which helps him cope with the loss remembering her as a little kid was rather simple and awesome at the same time. Right after that, Peter got a call from Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) that led to some Walter/Astrid greatness involving a propane tank plus an ethanol gallon in Amber very close to the tapes they need which unfortunately Fringe S5x05 - Anil break some news to Olivia and the teammade it impossible to retrieve more video tapes for now, all due to Walter’s cooking habits.

Olivia got a phone call too, but from Anil (Shaun Smyth) to tell them about the Observer’s dirty work. The thing is, the baldies have brought these white huge boxes from the future to build their pollution machine to make the air breathable to them.

Of course the resistance wanted to attack the next one, even though it will not be possible unless they can read that weird language the Observers write on their note pads. They also showed who they got as hostage, a baldie!


Fringe S5x05 - Baldie hostage

Fringe S5x05 - Team discusses the events regardign the wormholeAs far as I am concerned, they have worked hard and they have gone nowhere, but lost Etta.

So I agree with Peter. It is not the time to be all careful and afraid; they have to do something big like shoving an anti-matter thingy up inside a place you would not like to know. An idea that sounded possible and more effective, they would try to turn those wormholes into black holes which would cause massive destruction on the other side.

Walter explained it well, though I did not buy his idea I do not know why, it sounded like he wanted Peter do something he knew would not work or it was something else entirely. I just know that it looked weird.

Fringe S5x05 - Walter tried to talk Peter out of his dangerous idea

Fringe S5x05 - Peter shots the bomb into the wormholeAs Olivia herself pointed out that there was one problem. How would they get close enough to throw the anti-matter bomb inside the wormhole? This was a problem given the fact that it was full of Observers and Loyalists around. Olivia was really worried about the whole plan, but it was not all.

She was really afraid of losing Peter, too, given the danger of the plan. It was difficult to put the plan into action, because the cube the resistance got from the Observers was deactivated and he needed the captured Observer (John Prosky) help to activate it.

This scene was absurdly interesting and just WOW, Peter was reading him this time, the talented gambler was back and he managed to build the cube without a word from the Observer.

EverythingFringe S5x05 - Aparently, wormhole became a blackhole seemed to be working perfectly well despite the interference from an Observer, Peter threw the bomb at the hole and it exploded which made all white boxes come back to the hell where they had come from; however it did not work at all.

While they were escaping believing the plan had worked, Anil, Peter and Olivia spotted another portal with those white boxes coming out of it. FAILURE, again. There was one sentence Olivia said about the gun she used to shot the Observer while he tried to stop them from exploding the wormhole, she said “Yes, it is that type of gun” and this gun was created by Bell, remember Brave New World parts one and two?

Bell surely had some knowledge about the Observers’ technology at that time. It is all interesting because for the whole time, he knew stuff but to what length did he know things? The questions are endless.

Fringe S5x05 - Yes, it is that type of gun

Fringe S5x05 - Captured ObserverThe participation of John Prosky as the captured Observer was absolutely crazy awesome. His speech about the ant colony and how Peter feels about he Observers was amazing.

Peter was oblivious to his limitation refusing to acknowledge the Observers superiority in power, and it led me to think about the perception of things that we have had on season five so far. There has been some anomalies this season, I do not know how, it is so hard, to put them to words.

What if the whole thing is some sort of shared consciousness of theFringe S5x05 - Captured Observer had a taste of what Peter Bishop is made of characters with September (Michael Cerveris)? It would mean that none of this has already happened but yet, it will happen. We know for sure that September is a friend to them and it is undeniable that these Observers would smash humanity in a blink of an eye, though WHY have not they done it? WHY is the resistance so active?

The Observers do have the power, the means, anything necessary to wipe mankind off the planet and they have not done it. Maybe what is happening here is what happened in Lysergic Acid Diethylamide back in season three, but longer. My point is, September knew they had no chance against the baldies and maybe helping them see what he must have experienced so they would have a chance. It sounds too absurd to say that, but I do not know what to think anymore.

Fringe S5x05 - Captured Observer banging into Peter's head

Fringe S5x05 - Evil Observer The “poker” game between Peter and the captured Observer was simply magnificent, but the fact that it was the game of one player due to the fact that even arrested, tied and unable to do anything, the damned observer was still in control of himself and in part, of the situation. Was he being read by Peter and as said, afraid?

Or was he just pretending, manipulating Peter because you know, we are always looking for a pattern everywhere even if there is no pattern at all, looking for a meaning where there is none?

It made me feel like we have no way out of this, and it is all lost. Frakking Observer! Based on the observation of a fly, Peter took the decisions he took regarding building the cube up solely from his intuition and knowledge about engineering which came from the future, a very distant future, by the way. Too much in my head.

Fringe S5x05 - Peter built the cube

Fringe S5x05 - Olivia Talking to WalterRemember the conversation between Peter and Olivia about the fact that she was afraid she might lose him? Walter listened to it and as the biggest POlivia shipper of all time, he found a way to help them out with a tape from one of Etta’s birthdays before the frakking invasion which Olivia refused to watch at first.

The conversation he had with Olivia was the most important thing that has happened so far in season five. Olivia had dealt with her pain building walls around her heart once and Walter himself broken the whole universe because he could not cope with losing a son.

He also mentioned vengeance from his evil doppelganger Walternate. They have to deal with it together otherwise what Olivia fears the most is gonna happen, they will lose each other and it just cannot happen. I cannot understand what the Awards people must think what good TV is.

Fringe S5x05 - Walter reminds Olivia of his life

Maybe their minds are full of stupidity and their way to judge what is good and bad is just craptastic. I am not sorry if I offend anyone, I am sorry I do not feel sorry.

This TV show and its cast have been slapped in the face throughout the years and I just do not get it. The scene between Olivia and Walter was just super awesome, why cannot they see the talent here?

Fringe S5x05 - Peter goes full on bad ass mode

Fringe S5x05 - Peter RevoltsAt this point, I am not sure of anything else; one thing did scare me. Peter told the Observer if he had that tech inside him, he would be ten times what the bald one is. SCARY!

By the look in the Observer’s face, what did he read there? Have I understood what I…? No! Not possible that Peter is actually thinking about it. However as it turns out, he did it. Peter took the tech out of the Observer’s head and inserted into him to my absolute shock, I mean, has he lost his mind completely?

If I could, I would have screamed at him DO NOT FRAKKING DO THIS FRAK FOR FRAK’S SAKE, but Fringe S5x05 - Olivia crying unfortunately, Olivia’s call came a bit late as she said she needed him to come home in one of the saddest scenes ever as she was crying her heart out as she watched her daughter’s birthday party video tape.

He already had the thingy inside him and Gene in heaven protects Peter from what I think will happen now. Did you see the look in his eyes?

Has Peter gone completely powered up Observer mode angry-mad bad-ass? Smokes come out of my head.

Fringe S5x05 - Peter implants the Observer's device in his own head, crazy

Fringe S5x05 - Has Peter gone completely crazy mad?Maybe it is all happening, and Peter will become a rough, cold hearted Observer, but it does not mean it is all lost. The Observers are emotion free, right? The do not have hearts.

If it is all caused by tech that takes all emotion from them, it does not happen smoothly. I’d like to believe that there is a crack in all things for obvious reasons.

Remember Sheriff Mathis played by the great Martha Plimpton, right? In season two, episode called Northwest Passage?

You just need to find a crack in the Fringe S5x05 - Peter's weird looks after Observer's device implantdarkness so the light will get in and this whole thing was not mentioned one, but throughout the whole series.

We are led to think about it in minimal pieces of dialogue or in major ones like in the ditto episode or like in the fourth season, episode One Night In October that even with having his mind completely erased by his counterpart, Professor McClennan (John Pyper-Ferguson) still had in his heart the thinking about darkness and light taught by Margery (Julie Schnekenburger).

Do you remember when Broyles (Lance Reddick) told Olivia about the indelible mark, an imprint people leave on our souls so big it cannot be erased and it changes us forever, if it is all happening for real, then this is how Peter will be saved if what I think happens to be true, which I hope is not the case at all.

I also hope that no one helps The Observers like seen in the Reward Wire videos by FOX Broadcasting!

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