Van Helsing Review Sisterhunt Scares the Vanator Out of You!

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The fifth episode of season five, “Sisterhunt” takes us on an adventure with Violet (Keeya King) and members of Ivory’s (Jennifer Cheon Garcia) Sisterhood, specifically Zuma (Kat Ruston), Mira (Briana Skye) and Claire (Christina Meredith Lewall).

The episode takes places subsequent to Violet and Ivory who successfully escaped the military facilities located near Fort Collins, Colorado in “State of the Union”.

The Sisterhood is seeking to locate the whereabouts of Jack (Nicole Muñoz) and Vanessa (Kelly Overton), have they returned to the present time and where they may be located after being trapped by Dracula, The Dark One (Tricia Helfer) in the past.

Van Helsing S5x05 Mira Violet and Ivory of the Sisterhood
Mira, Violet and Ivory of the Sisterhood. Image courtesy SYFY

Sadly, not all of our five feminine vampire hunter heroes will survive this journey into darkness and evil.

A truly frightening episode, “Sisterhunt” is not for the faint of heart. The scenes are artfully done and will literally scare the hell out of you with a return of the Vanator, one of Dracula’s secret weapons to track down, and kill enemies of The Dark One that was set loose in the previous episode, “State of the Union”.

“Sisterhunt” was written by Waneta Storms, features a fair amount of fighting, choreographed by Kimani Ray Smith, who also directed this exciting episode!




Van Helsing S5x05 Violet flashback to her father Hansen
Violet flashback to her father Hansen. Image courtesy SYFY

The episode opens with beautiful overhead cinematography of a wilderness area, a trademark of Van Helsing seen in many past episodes. This after Violet, Ivory and members of the Sisterhood had escaped from the military facilities outside Fort Collins, Colorado. Violet, while looking at the amulet of evil, has a flashback to Hansen (Neal McDonough), her father, who has said his entire goal was to protect his daughters Violet and Jack, made with eggs from Vanessa as was revealed in season four of Van Helsing.

Viewers will recall that Hansen sacrificed himself to save Violet from being taken over or consumed by Dracula, The Dark One. Our feminine band of vampire hunters, Violet, Ivory and the Sisterhood are at their camp sharing memorable on the first night away from Fort Collins. The Sisterhood are observed talking about how they were saved from being enslaved by Dracula as a result of the actions of Ivory, Jack and Violet.

Van Helsing S5x05 Mira tells Violet and Ivory about her nightmare in the Sisterhood
Mira tells Violet and Ivory about her nightmare in the Sisterhood. Image courtesy SYFY

Violet, Ivory, and the Sisterhood have to come to grips with the evil they seek to destroy. Each has been infected previously by the evil darkness that is Dracula.

Each must learn to deal with the evil located within themselves before they can ever hope to defeat Dracula, The Dark One.

Violet and Ivory, and the Sisterhood are on their way making their way to the White House to confront and hopefully Dracula. None are aware that Dracula has unleased the Vanator, an orb of evil that she sent out in search of the amulet containing the evil that Jack placed inside of it in the dark ages.

Van Helsing S5x05 Claire is found dead in the morning
Claire is found dead in the morning. Image courtesy SYFY

Claire is assigned to take first watch that night. She will not last the night! The evil Vanator finds Claire who is found the next morning with her heart carved out of her chest!

Frightened by this development, Violet, Ivory and the two members of the Sisterhood, drive to an abandoned house where they can set up a to consider what is happening.

Bad move! Rabid vampires find our feminine heroes, and attack.  Ivory and Violet, in a fun scene of fighting are able to save Zuma and Mira… for the time being.

Van Helsing S5x05 Violet and Ivory search for answers
Violet and Ivory search for answers. Image courtesy SYFY

Ivory and Violet lecture Zuma and Mira that they must be stronger if they are expected to survive. This will not be the case. Both Zuma and Mira  will fall victim to the Vanator before the episode is over. Zuma makes a huge mistake and heads down to the basement where the Vanator seizes her soul! Zuma is able to grab the amulet from Violet’s neck to free the evil. Fortunately, Ivory saves the day and chops off her head.

Next we observe Violet being affected by the Vanator. Violet thinks that she hears Jack’s voice and goes off alone to find Jack. Once again Ivory saves Violet who has seen this evil previously when Michaela summoned a Vanator. Violet who has succumbed to the Vanator, is directed to open the amulet. Ivory impales Violet with her knife driving the Vanator from Violet’s soul.

Van Helsing S5x05 Violet confronts the Vanitor
Violet confronts the Vanator. Image courtesy SYFY

As we know, Violet can self heal so she is not killed. Mira freaks out and becomes the next victim of the Vanator who tricks Mira into hearing the crying of her own sisters that Ivory had killed years earlier.

Mira attempts to fight the evil but fails. Mira, knowing that chopping her head off will stop the Vanator, and promptly does so leaving us with only two survivors, Violet and Ivory!

Violet and Ivory know they are in trouble. Violet remembers something Ivory mentioned to her in the past life about how to defeat a Vanator; That they can be stopped whoever summons it. Violet opens the amulet against the advice of Ivory sucking Dracula’s evil into herself!

Van Helsing S5x05 Violet and Ivory share a lighter moment as they load up their truck
Violet and Ivory share a lighter moment as they load up their truck. Image courtesy SYFY

Violet is successful. After sucking the evil into her body, she orders the Vanator to self-destruct. Barely escaping with their lives, Ivory helps Violet puts the evil back up into the amulet.

The final scene finds Violet and Ivory loading up the truck to continue their journey. Both are concerned by the losses all have suffered; Jack, Vanessa, and the members of Sisterhood.

Determined to kill the evil of The Dark One, Violet is searching the pages of the Van Helsing family book for clues. Inside they find a drawing of Jack on pages that Violet swears were not there previously. The book documents that Jack was alive in 1778 !

Van Helsing S5x05 Jack is in the Van Helsing book
Jack is in the Van Helsing book! Image courtesy SYFY

Even more exciting is that under the drawing of Jack, in the crest below her picture, Violet shows Ivory a series of coordinates for latitude and longitude. Violet,

familiar with such things from her college days, tells Ivory the coordinates are on the east coast of the United States. Our two lovely ladies make a promise to each other that they will find out what Jack left at the coordinates, and kill the evil, Dracula, The Dark One!

As we proceed to the sixth episode of the fifth and final season, make sure to tune in to watch the entire series on SYFY or watch on Netflix. In the meantime, we also suggest that you tune to SYFY at 10p/9c each week to watch the exciting season five concluding episodes. You will not be disappointed and will hopefully enjoy Van Helsing as much as we do!

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