As the Wormhole Turns – Illegal Downloading, Just Say No!

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Click to learn more about Illegal Download and Up Loads at Techyville!Before doing so, have you witnessed some of your friends bragging about illegally downloading and uploading copyrighted programs or digital material? Do your friends offer excuses that they just want to see the programs?

Did you know that such activity is stealing the property of others? Did you know that many illegal sites are a ruse to hack your computer or mobile device, installing virus’s or Potentially Unwanted Programs (PUP’s)? Worst of all did you know that such illegal sites install keyboard readers so they can steal your identify, credit cards and bank account information?

At WormholeRiders News Agency, we abhor this type of conduct as do millions of law abiding citizens. If you are an illegal up loader or down loader, we have some serious news for you to consider. You are no longer anonymous. Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) and governments are now capturing user data resulting in their loss of access to the Internet, and time in prison. We suggest that you click the image above right or the text link to the right to learn more in an excellent article on illegal downloading published March 05, 2013 by Techyville.

We respectfully asking everyone to inform others doing illegal uploading or downloading to stop this behavior so that we can get many seasons of this great science fiction series and other programs as well. Unless the purpose is news reporting or other uses as provided under law, “Just say no” to illegal up loading or downloading. Thank you.

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