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Hello Stargate fans!

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Share the SGU Love. Image courtesy Stargate ZoneIt is an unfortunate fact some individuals out there have been cruel with their hate campaigns regarding Stargate Universe. However, we are putting that behind ourselves and only focusing on positive things.Click to visit Stargate at the Official MGM Website!

With the “Share the SGU Love” fan campaign, the purpose is to help the Metro-Goldwyn Mayer Studios, the production company MGM for short, see the viability of keeping Stargate Universe on the air, we’ll remain positive, conducting ourselves in a very positive and giving way. We shall use one of the most concrete methods of getting attention: the postal system, or as some people call it these days, “Snail Mail” and use Twitter and Facebook to spread the word. We also use the hash tags  “Spread the SGU Love” as well as “Share the SGU Love” on Twitter.

Click to visit and follow MGM HD on Twitter!On the business side of things, where can Stargate Universe be broadcast? MGM does have their own network, MGM-HD, which is available in the US. In Canada, the Space channel, which is owned by CTV, has been getting an average of 1.4 million viewers per night. Sky1 in the United Kingdom has also been airing Stargate Universe with 1.3 million viewers per night, and in Australia, the numbers have been very high for the viewership, coming in with 800,000 per night.

The idea behind this mail-in campaign is to provide positive feedback & bring attention to and also give the head decision-makers at MGM Studios an idea of the numbers of the fans – as well as their geographical locations, and any other pertinent demographics such as gender and age – who want to see Stargate Universe stay on the air.

You can write me by e-mail here Marjorie Roden

SGU Destiny Stargate and crew in action!

This might lead to a co-production with another network or broadcaster, or even inspire the decision-makers at MGM to go forth on their own accord to keep this 15+ year old franchise, which has been on the television since 1997, with the initial “Stargate” movie first coming out in theatres in 1994. The Stargate franchise has been earning MGM a great deal of money not only in the television rights, but also in sales of the DVD’s and most recently, the on-line iTunes sales.

MGM Studios Stargate Universe 'Destiny'!
First and foremost, in keeping with the theme of “Share the SGU Love”, we’ll start by sending Valentines’ Day cards to the m
Spead The SGU Love. Image courtesy StargateZoneain decision-makers at both the main MGM Studios in California, and also to the offices at The Bridge Studios in Burnaby, BC, Canada, where Stargate Universe is produced and all of the elaborate sets have been built.

In these cards, we will express how much we love this series and the stories told, and also make a point of stating where we are located, because a large part of what they, as studio executives need to know, is where the audience is located.

As the mShare the SGU Love. Iamges courtesy StargateZoneajority of the fan base where the show has been getting higher ratings is in Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, letting the decision-makers know this information, and to see who’s taken the time to do this, will make the people in these decision-making roles take notice.

Secondary to this, which I hope many of the fans take part in, is to send Valentines’ Day cards to the producers, creative department heads of the series (in care of The Bridge Studios), as well as any writers, actors, etc, just to drive the point home to the decision makers how much we as fans appreciate the series, as well as the people who work day to day on the series, and how much we hope to see the series continue on in the future.

2010 - Click to visit Bridge Studios Vancouver!
I was asked why I felt including The Bridge Studios in this campaign was important. My method to this madness is quite simple: the series is shot in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, for the most part, at these studios. The people who work day to day on the episodes live in this area, and the non-renewal of Stargate Universe has most adversely affected the crew members, as well as their families. The team built at the Bridge Studios in Burnaby, starting with the original “Stargate SG-1” series created in the 1990’s, has been huge in creating the magic of the franchise. The idea of people making sure the love is “shared” is paramount, because there have been too many knocks the other way, and NOW would be the time to give everyone who has a creative investment in the series a much-needed lift.

2010 SGU MGM The Stargate at Bridge Studios!Getting the attention of people in the decision-making roles is paramount, so sending the cards and/or letters to them in personally marked envelopes, with the individual’s name on then, would be a good plan. Subsequently, if people decide to send cards to multiple cast & crew members, mailing them in one large envelope – with each card in individual envelopes with the people’s names on them – to save on postage would be understandable. Bottom line, if you can afford to mail cards individually, to really make the mailboxes at MGM Studios and The Bridge Studios in Burnaby stuffed full of Valentines’ Cards, go wild!

Be as creative as you like with the cards. Some have suggested sending “We love Stargate Universe” cards for the campaign, others have considered sending regular Valentines. The idea is to do this en masse, and to drive home the point that the number of fans out there who love this series is a big enough fan base to warrant giving Stargate Universe a third season (and possibly beyond). Be positive with your cards, and if you do have an individual story to tell (ie: if a certain episode really spoke to you in a trying time), include that in your card. These are the kinds of things the shows producers and creators love to hear. Also, I know of some fans who have offered to design a pre-made postcard, available on-line for printing. Links for this shall be provided once the card is designed.

It is my hope that this campaign will get the attention of mainstream media outlets as well, because one of our other goals is to help MGM find some other networks to work with in the future. By bringing attention to both Stargate Universe and MGM Studios via the mainstream media would work for all parties involved.

Stargate Universe Ice Planet episode "Water"

If sending Valentines Day cards to the folks at MGM Studios and Bridge Studios is not your cup of tea, sending in positive letters to the bigwigs would be great, too. The main point is to get the attention of the MGM Executives, and let them see how large the fan base for Stargate Universe really is, so that the series is not outright canceled. We all love the storyline that has been so beautifully created by this creative team, and if any of the tweets from some of the actors are any indication, we are in store for a cliffhanger that will leave all of us howling and screaming for more.

Now for the contact information, the mailing addresses are:

Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios
10250 Constellation Boulevard
Los Angeles, CA 90067 USA

MGM Worldwide Television Distribution
2500 Broadway Street
Santa Monica, CA 90404-3065 USA
MGM Studios

Corporation Purchasing
240 Broadway Street
Santa Monica, CA 90401 USA

The Bridge Studios
2400 Boundary Road,
Burnaby, BC V5M 3Z3 CANADA
The people we want to reach are:

MGM Presidents, Vice Presidents, and CEO’s:

Gary Barber, Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of MGM
Roger Birnbaum, Co-Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of MGM
Charles Cohen, MGM’s Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Gerald Ament, Executive Vice President, Worldwide Television and Legal Affairs (found on MGM’s website)
Jim Packer, Co-President, Worldwide Television (found on MGM’s website)
Gary Marenzi, Co-President, Worldwide Television (found on MGM’s website)
Erik Lomis, President, Worldwide Theatrical Distribution, Home Entertainment & Acquisition (found on MGM’s website)
Ann Mather, Head of the Board of Directors, MGM
Steve Hendry, Senior Executive Vice President, Finance (found on MGM’s website)
Michael Vollman, Executive Vice President, Theatrical Marketing MGM; President, Marketing, United Artists (found on MGM’s website)
Board Members at MGM:
Fred Reynolds, former CBS Chief Financial Officer, current MGM Board Member
Jason Hirschhorn, former MySpace President, current MGM Board Member
Christopher Pucillo, founder of Solus Alternative Asset Management, current MGM Board Member
Patrick H. Daugherty, a partner at Highland Capital Management LP, current MGM Board Member
Kevin Ulrich, CEO of Anchorage Capital Group LLC, current MGM Board Member

Stargate Universe Production Team:
(Most of these people are based in BC, so please send in care of The Bridge Studios)

Series Produced by

Brad Wright …. executive producer (40 episodes, 2009-2011)
Carl Binder …. executive producer (40 episodes, 2009-2011)
Robert C. Cooper …. executive producer (40 episodes, 2009-2011)
N. John Smith …. executive producer (20 episodes, 2009-2010)
John G. Lenic …. producer (40 episodes, 2009-2011)
Joseph Mallozzi …. consulting producer / executive producer (40 episodes, 2009-2011)
Paul Mullie …. consulting producer / executive producer (40 episodes, 2009-2011)
Martin Gero …. consulting producer (8 episodes, 2009)
Alan McCullough …. consulting producer (8 episodes, 2009)
Jennifer Johnson …. associate producer (25 episodes, 2009-2010)
George Horie …. line producer (20 episodes, 2009-2010)
Andy Mikita …. co-producer (20 episodes, 2009-2010)
Linda McGibney …. supervising producer (19 episodes, 2010-2011)
Mark Savela – department head, Visual Effects
Sonia Gilmore — visual effects coordinator
James Bamford — stunt coordinator

Bridge Studios Visual Effects!
If there are any other parts of Stargate Universe‘s production that you are particularly inspired by or drawn towards (ie: writing, make-up, set design), you can find the names of the department heads at IMDB.

Some of the actors have their official websites and or fan club addresses which they can be reached at. However, if there are some whose addresses you cannot find, it can’t hurt to send any Valentine “Share The SGU Love” cards and or fan letters to them at any of the addresses listed above. It can’t hurt for the people at MGM Studios to know how much we appreciate their acting, can it?

Click to visit the SGU Cast at MGM Dot Com!
Have fun with whatever you send out, and remember, remain positive while you SHARE  THE SGU LOVE!!! All images courtesy to WormholeRiders News Agency courtesy of MGM Studios. Video of WR_Systems (Kenn) included below is the entire Comic-Con 2010 Stargate Universe panel so you can see just how wonderful the actors and creators are! Enjoy.

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!

As always we appreciate your reading this article and for visiting our news sites at WormholeRiders News Agency. Please feel free to leave a “Share the  SGU Love” comment or a question here. We will respond to your comment or question as soon as is possible.

If you prefer, click the social media icons below to share this news article or as many of our readers and visitors often do, visit TeamWHR or me on Twitter by clicking the text links or images avatars in this news story and or on See You on The Other Side at my FaceBook“!

Thank you. Click to visit and follow Marjorie Roden on Twitter!

Marjorie Roden

13 thoughts on “Stargate Universe: As The Wormhole Turns – Share and Spread The SGU Love!

  1. You got my vote to save SGU.
    Other petition site only allows voting if you have Facebook.. 🙁

  2. Maybe I haven’t searched carefully enough but I didn’t find an e-mail adress where I can send an e-mail to share the ‘SGU Love’. Is there anyone who can tell me the adress?

  3. Four years ago I stumbled across a show called Stargate Atlantis in reruns.

    It was a couple of years after that that I had cable put in just so I could get this show as it was made on the Scifi channel. Unknown to me I was in a depressed state because my son had moved to college a couple of hours away. I know what you’re thinking. Two hours away is nothing. It is to someone who almost lost him due to surgery a few years before. A protective mother yes indeed I am and proud of it.

    Anyway as I was saying, Stargate Atlantis became my focus at a time of need. It wasn’t long before I was buying DVD’s of The original SG1 and Atlantis as it came out. One day I was at work and I had an idea. Why not write my own episode. I can do this, I told myself. From that moment I began writing. The thing is it’s all in longhand so it is taking a while. I’ve actually written two episodes but am rewriting the first one because once I reread it I had too much romance in it. Some may like it some may not. Fourteen chapters typed with the fifteenth in progress the first one is on its way. I was hoping to send it to be put as a episode but since the cancellation I turned it into a book. I wish it was still on air. This franchise saved my sanity. Please keep it going. Thank you.

    PS The second story is finished writing but waiting its turn to be typed. I have loads of other ideas if MGM changes its mind to keep it. PLEASE!!!!

    January 8, 2011

  4. Great article and great campaign! I love Stargate, especially SGU and I don´t want the franchise to go down like that. I am sure you are in contact with the SGU Awareness guys?

    My deepest respect for all who support this cause and to all the producers, actors, writers and behind the scenes guys who give us an awesome show for so many years. May the adventure continue!

    Hopefully we´ll hear some good news regarding Stargate Universe soon?!

  5. Hi Alexandra,

    Thank you for your polite comment. The news article my Ms. Roden of Canada is focused on supporting the franchise owner MGM Studios, the production facilities at Bridge Studios and of course all the great actors, actresses, crews and support people that have made Stargate possible for over 17 episodic and movie years.

    We are also sad that Caprica is no more. This was a shocker because NBC Universal did a brilliant job as did all the actors, actresses and crews. It was a beautiful series. Unfortunately, the ratings for Caprica kept dropping.

    With regard to SyFy, do not be mad at the. They have been a great supporter of Stargate since they picked up SG-1 and then Atlantis starting nearly 10 years ago. They did license Stargate to make SGU at great expense. They made a business decision in part because unlike other television markets in the world (Canada, UK, Australia to name a few) where Stargate Universe was an unqualified success when measured against total viewing population, various so called Stargate “fans”, in fact entire groups in the United States boycotted not only the Stargate Universe series and or illegally download it, these so called Stargate fans would do the same thing at a number of Stargate conventions we covered in 2010. Thinking they were sending a “message” to the creators by insulting the actors and actresses of SGU whereby they would “get rid” of Stargate Universe in favor of Stargate movies like “Extinction” and “Revolutions”.

    Their “plan” had a fatal flaw. If all the people numbering some 500 that make and act in the Stargate franchise lose their jobs, who would be around to make more Stargate? Tragically, potentially no one. We are sad that the problem, mostly (but not all) was in the United States that forced SyFy to cancel SGU. We respect their need to make a business decision.

    The good news is that IF everyone who claims to be a Stargate fan will “Spread The SGU Love” and write positive non attack letters (and tweets and facebook posts), it is possible that the Stargate franchise will be able continue.

    In closing, we will have more news articles tracking the progress of Save SGU campaigns. WHR will support any positive non attack (or insulting) effort to support the Stargate franchise. WHR will not however support people or groups that insult or attack others, including the studios or the networks involved.

    Thanks again for stopping by.

    Best Regards

  6. Thank you for starting this campaign! I’m looking forward to helping Spread the SGU Love! I’ll be going out and getting some Valentines cards and will send out to as many people as I can.

    Thank you!

  7. Great article Marjorie and Wormholeriders!

    I love Stargate Universe and will write letters to support this campaign. I noticed however that there is no mention of Syfy? I thought they owned Stargate since they ran all the series ever since I can remember? I am disappointed with them since they also canceled Caprica. Shouldn’t I write them too?

    Best wishes


    PS: I love this blog and have been a regular visitor. I like it even more now that you got rid of that other red background. The little red wormholes or whatever they were hurt my eyes. Please do not take any offense.

  8. Hi Leena,

    Thank you for your comment.

    Good catch! Looks likes a double click rolling down the database list too quickly. Yes Louis Ferreira (Justin Louis) is a superb actor who has really done a great job as Col. Young. Lets all hope we will see more than just the next 10 episodes!

    Best Regards

  9. Hi! I just woke up and am a bit sleepy still, so my eyes (and brain) are not ready to read lots of text written in English (not my native tongue) but I’ll read it later for sure. I only read thoroughly the “Filed under” – section (heh) for I’m a great fan of Louis Ferreira and even seeing his name written anywhere makes me smile… but his name wasn’t included? Please, file this under his name too! =)

    Thanks for putting so much effort to save our beloved SGU! Happy New Year for you!!

  10. hi again. i love mgm studios and stargate universe. it is the entire evolution of the stargate franchise and i hope that mgm is able to find a way to make the next season. thanks for the info so i can send a valentines to mgm to support your cause.

  11. Dear Marjorie,

    Thank you for the honor of posting your “Spread The SGU Love” news article. You have written a comprehensive piece focusing on the positive aspects of supporting MGM Studios and Bridge Studios. Very well done!

    Best Regards

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