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Welcome back Warehouse 13 fans!

In past episodes, we see that a mystery woman, Rebecca St. Clair (Roberta Maxwell) was found and a mystery about a Warehouse Agent New SyFy Logo Chain Linksknown as Jack was solved. Rebecca turned out to also be a Warehouse Agent. A ring found in the room where Jack stayed showed he was going to choose his Rebecca over the Warehouse after all. All this much to the surprise of Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti), Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder), Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), H.G. Wells (Jamie Murray),  and Pete Latimer (Eddie McClintock).

After the short recap about a debronzing of a historical figure, we find out H.G.Wells actually a woman. Her daughter Christina was murdered and she felt she has lost everything important in her life, except the Warehouse. She was once an Agent at Warehouse 12. She petitioned to be re-hired as a Warehouse Agent,  then after proving herself to be loyal was reinstated as a Warehouse Agent much to the chagrin of Artie. Artie says he will never trust H.G. Wells again!

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - H.G. Wells debronze log

“Where and When”

We open in Green Bay, WI in 1961. A woman is running for her life down what appears to be a residential street. A hooded person confronts her and we see in shadow her stabbing…. Then a strange occurrence, she seems to turn into glass.. Two other people are witnessing this oddity and when the woman has become transparent, the attacker pushes her to the ground. Her now fully transparent form falls backwards.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Glass Girl in 1961

A glass shatters to the floor in the warehouse and Claudia sweeps up the debris as H.G. Wells looks on. “I make you nervous, darling?” H.G. Wells asks politely. “Nervous?” Claudia asks as she works. “Why would I be nervous…? You’re…not… Evil, you’re part of the Team now…!” as Artie comes in with folders about their new assignment.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Morning meeting

A bit of a row develops after Arties’ abrasiveness rubs off on Helena and the others. As they all start in about Helena and the warehouse, a voice rings out “Excuse me…” They turn to see Rebecca. “So, Are you kids still in the Artifact finding business?”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Are you still ..

Rebecca brings out information about a man who in 1961 was the editor of a magazine called “Where and When”. He also murdered three of his secretaries. Jonah Ross was actually Jonah Raitte died of natural causes in 1981, but the murders were done with an artifact that altered the body chemistry of the victims: Blood, bone, etc… were all turned to glass.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Jonah Raitte Photo

The artifact was never found, and Jack and Rebecca both had a time loss experience simultaneously. H. G. Wells asked Rebecca if it was 24 hours. Rebecca replied that it was 22 hours and 19 minutes. The next scene shows H.G. and the others in her section of Warehouse 13 as H.G. is opening a crate there. Rebecca asks her “What does it mean?”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Someone Used my Time Machine

H.G. turns to her saying “It means someone used my time machine.”… OK, Then! Looks like some more fun to be had with time distortion. The scene returns after the introduction music and Helena is explaining the time machine isn’t a vehicle like it was in her novel, “Physical Time travel is an impossibility!” “So it’s not a Time machine.” says Pete.

Helena replies “It’s a temporal consciousness transfer engine. That means to traverse the space-time continuum using one’s mind.” What this means basically, is that one from this time could actually go to the mind of someone in another time and live a day in that time. Feel what they feel, see what they see. The person you are in a sense ‘Inhabiting’ blacks out and remembers nothing.

So, it is not an actual physical manifestation of you, winding up in a 1920’s saloon or anything.  Well, heck! I would have loved to go back to 1964 and place an iPad or modern Laptop on a table at NASA or something! Maybe go back in time and buy up a load of IBM stock for myself! Guess I would have to make sure to inhabit someone rich, buy a bit of IBM and lock it away in my modern name to redeem today.

Okay, Okay, back to the show..

While still in the “H.G. Wells section” Claudia finds a letter and something else that does not look like it belongs there. The letter reads: “Dear Charlie, Do me a favour and put this in the H.G. Wells Storage area. Don’t ask about it, don’t bring it up, Trust me. — Jack” Rebecca says “That’s not Jack’s handwriting”.  “I know,” says Pete “It’s mine…!”

Myka is now coming down the stairs in the house and sees Artie sitting, waiting. He says she does not have to tag along. We can tell Artie is not very happy with Myka because she supported Helena being reinstated as a Warehouse agent.The fact that he never trusted McPhearson and McPhearson debronzed H.G. Wells and did not in fact ‘Have Artie’s back’ still rankles Artie. After a small quarrel, Artie say that he will handle this one on his own and walks out.

Back in the Warehouse, Myka returns and tells the others Artie has gone to check out Raittes’ apartment on his own. She sees their expressions and says “What?” We now watch a couple in 1960’s clothes and hairdos on a video.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Alternate Pete & Myka in 1961

It is Pete and Myka. Myka is inside Rebecca’s brain and Pete is in Jacks’. Pete references a line from Total Recall. Their banter in a sense proves they are indeed Pete and Myka. Pete was going to tell what the artifact actually is when the tape breaks. “Maybe we should wait until Artie comes back.” Myka says. Rebecca points out the longer they wait, another person’s life is in danger.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Myka get H.G. Wells' Headgear

Now we watch as Helena places headgear on both Pete and Myka’s heads. Rebecca remembers how she had awakened in an orchard with Jack kissing her after their blackout. It was after this case that the two of them fell in love with each other. At this point Pete asks “What happens if something happens to Jack and Rebecca while we’re in their minds?” Meaning what if something kills Jack or Rebecca. Helena says “I suspect your minds will be lost… forever.”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Pete gets headgear

She and the others all look about at each other. “Hoping not!” Helena says as she places the headgear onto Pete. “I can’t change the past” Helena says to him “But maybe you can” “So…” Pete says “Is there like a big countdown?” Helena replies “Nope!” as she pulls the switch. The platform with Pete and Myka starts to turn ever faster and the clock winds back into a sea of white.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Going back in time

Pete (As Jack) and Myka (As Rebecca) are in an old newsroom setting. Cigarette smoke fills the air, The clatter of typewriters and muttering reporters blends in with the strains of “Why Haven’t I Told you?” on a radio.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Myka & Pete see themselves

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - 1961 Newsroom

They look at themselves in the glass of a curio cabinet and realize they made it. They were Jack and Rebecca in 1961. Their boss Charlie Martin comes over to snidely ask if they are done fixing their hair and nails.  Ultimately Charlie tells them “I need you in Calcutta. You’re off the Glass Girl case. if another Glass Girl turns up I’ll get back to you.”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Armin Shimmerman as Charlie

He leans over his desk “This is on direct order of Mrs. Fredrick! That lady terrifies me!” Rebecca and Jack talk him into one more day. Oh, and they will need all Charlie has on Jonah Raitte.

Jack and Rebecca (Pete and Myka go off on separate ways to try to spot the Artifact. A fun scene of a typing pool with the typing music mixed with the clatter of old typewriters lightens the mood. All the references to 1961 with the music and ‘Steaks for a dollar’ is actually pretty cool!

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - 1961 Street

Rebecca is trying to make an old tape recorder work and acts very flustered when another secretary comes to her. “First day?” she asks. Myka recognizes her as Roxanne. Jack is at the Raitte home, being let in by Jona’s wife.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Roxanne

Jack has used the Secret service ploy and is “Clearing the area for a presidential visit”. While in her home, he remembers the tale of Raitte and the four dead women.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - In Raitte Home

Jack is getting a bit personally invested. Talking to people knowing they are hours from being killed can do that.

Back at the Warehouse, Power fluctuations and Helena becomes a bit nervous. We also see Rebecca is having pain. She is not well. Claudia growing concerned asks Rebecca what is wrong.  She had too much pain to reply, We next see Rebacca resting on a couch and Artie holds up a bottle of medication. Artie had gone through her handbag and found a cancer drug, Erlotinib.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Rebecca Sick

Seems most Warehouse agents do not live long enough to die from Cancer, but Rebecca accepts the prognosis of “Grim… and that’s optimistic” She says to Artie. “I always said I would find that artifact, if it was the last thing I did.” Artie clasped her hand and said “Rebecca.. We’ll find it!” He really seems to care very much for Rebecca. It is a special bond with Warehouse Agents.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Artie Found Meds

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - We'll Find it!-Artie

Meanwhile it is found out by our daring duo in 1961 from Charlie that Raitte had taken tax deductions of a separate residence on Hoover street. Roxanne had been murdered on Hoover Street! Jack and Rebecca go to try to stop her murder (They were the two people who witnessed her killing I had mentioned at the beginning of this episode)…

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - We'll Find it!-Artie Charlie tells about other house

They meet Roxanne on Hoover street and try to stop her, but she is frightened and runs off, right to the hooded figure who stabs her. She shatters as she hits the sidewalk.  Just as Raitte pulls up to see the two of them standing over the pile of glass. IT IS NOT RAITTE WHO IS KILLING THE WOMEN!!

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Roxanne scared

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Roxanne as glass girl

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Raitte pulls up

At the Warehouse, Artie has found a clot in the power supply. He throws a switch to stop the current. This jeopardizes Pete and Myka’s Lives! He does not know what he has done!

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Artie finds power drain

Raitte and Rebecca with Pete are now told by Raitte that he was never sleeping with the women, he was trying to take over the magazine with their help. Raitte actually valued the women highly and felt they could really shine in a company that would appreciate their abilities!He thought the other two women, Meredith and Ruth were off in Los Angeles, but is shocked to learn they too are dead.  “We have to get to Beth! Before it’s too late” Pete (Jack) tells Raitte and they all run to the car.

Back at the Warehouse, Artie is confronted by Claudia and Helena about what his switch-flipping could have done. Artie is dead set against Helena, claiming she is trying to kill Pete and Myka. It becomes quite a snarl when Rebecca’s soft voice tells Artie “I asked them to do this, so if you want to kill the one responsible, Fire away.”standing defiantly up to Artie.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Smiling Beth at Jonah

Artie is still as Helena gets up and said they had to get this sorted out. “If we don’t fix this, we’ll lose them… They’ll die!” She tells Artie Stand over me, watch my every move… But let me save them” Artie looks at Helena intently as he says “If they die…I won’t bother rebronzing you….What do you need?” “A new power source!” Helena replies and they go off to try to fix this.

Back at the Raitte Residence, the trio rush into the house and Jonah calls out for his wife …who does not answer. He turns to Jack and Rebecca “She’s not here. That’s good, right?” “Why is it good, Jonah?” Beth asks as she enters the room, smiling. Jonah Holds her in a tight embrace and says “I was so worried about you!” She stepped back still smiling saying “You shouldn’t be, I tried to make it so you’d never have to worry!… Ever! that we’d always be OK”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Then Fire Away!

Rebecca/Myka is staring… she knows something is very wrong. Raitte tells his wife about Meredith, Roxanne and Ruth having been killed. Beth looks over at Rebecca saying “So, you went right out and got yourself another whore!” still smiling like the psycho she is becoming in front of us. Raitte stares at Beth “What?!?”  “I took care of the others! And you just bring another one around?” Myka’s got a weapon aimed at Beth now and she said there’s got to be another way.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Myka with gun

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Beth uses Raitte as shield

Beth clocks Jonah, knocking him out. Beth tells Rebecca, “You just… shoot your little ray gun there, and hit my husband!” Pete/Jack grabs Beth from behind and the fight ensues. Beth stabs Pete/Jack in the hand and his arm starts to turn to glass.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Pete's hand turning to glass

Myka/Rebecca tackles Beth and throws her into a china cabinet and frees the artifact from Pete/Jack’s hand, which turns quickly back to normal. Myka/Rebecca and Beth are now fighting and Beth is getting the upper hand until the inevitable sound of a stabbing takes place. Beth falls back and starts to turn to glass.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Beth Stabbed

Raitte sees what is happening to his wife as she says with dying breaths: “I wish you loved me more…” As the glass overtakes Beth, Raitte, brushing beth’s face with his fingertips gently and finally understanding the gravity of what his wife had done exclaims: “Those poor girls!…I wish you’d loved me less…!”  Beth is now completely glasslike. Raitte walks away, When Beth has become entirely glass, Pete/Jack pulls the artifact from Beth and she lays there, shimmering like a diamond – even her clothing has become glass.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Beth is glass

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Artifact Retreaved!

They plan a way to keep the artifact in hiding until they could retrieve it in the present day. They found a camera in the credenza and make the video they had watched at the Warehouse. Now they are telling Raitte he has to run. The other women and now his wife, She tells him he is the prime suspect. “Where do I go?” He asks them. Myka/Rebecca tells him “St. Louis. Trust me, you’ll be safe in St. Louis” She them hands him the tape in an envelope. “We need you to mail this movie. It’ll clear your name someday.”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Video to WH13 mailer

The envelope is addressed to the Warehouse 13. They plan to hide the artifact in the Cherry Orchard. So, now we know how Rebecca and Jack woke up in that orchard! As they pull up to the hiding place they recognize from Rebecca’s memories. The Warehouse team is trying to power up the Time machine to bring back Myka and Peter, and they finally try the method of beating a fist down onto the machine. Just like with an old TV set, IT WORKED! Meanwhile, Peter/Jack and Myka/Rebecca dig under the cherry tree to bury the artifact. Jack is trying to leave a note for Rebecca, but are brought back to the present before he can finish it. The note blows away in the wind. Back at the warehouse, Myka and Pete return.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - All wait for return

After they tell the others they know where the artifact is and it is all getting settled, Rebecca asks if the machine still works. She wants to see Jack again. Helena explains the trip would only last a few moments… and they are not sure they could bring her back. “Why would I want to come back?” Rebecca asks softly. Artie understands exactly what she wants to do.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Pete with artifact today

Pete is digging under the tree in the orchard and finds the artifact. Next, we see a news clipping on a computer screen “Rebecca St. Clair, Local Teacher, Dies at 81”

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Rebecca's Obituary

Artie looks sadly at the computer, Myka walks in. Artie tells her “Turns out the artifact is from a Cinderella story. Instead of a handsome prince giving her glass slippers, Cinderella used the knife to… Well” [Edited for children].

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Rebecca awakens

We return to the orchard in 1961, and Rebecca wakes up to see Jack laying there, sleeping. Rebecca looks elderly as she rises. She brings out a compact and looks at herself to see her youthful face looking back.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 Rebecca in Youth

Jack wakes up and she tells him “I’ve missed you so much!” Jack replies “What?” and Rebecca kisses him passionately. As she pulls away, we hear a rush of sound and realize that the ‘Modern’ Rebecca has gone. The Rebecca there now has no memory of the last 22:19 hours and she is taken aback. “What are you doing?” “Something I should’ve done a long time ago…” and kissed her again. They fall back into the ground in the orchard. Rebecca is given the second chance we might all wish for. She got to see Jack that last time before she passed on.

My take….For what it is worth

I’m normally well-controlled-emotional, but I was blubbing like a baby with the beautiful music they used in this closing of the episode. This was very well done and should strike a chord in any sentient being

All joking aside, we might all wish to turn back the clock to days of youth and vitality. if it is true what Helena said about inhabiting the mind of another in a past time, I wonder what I would do if I could go back, knowing what I know now. Maybe we cannot change others’ realities, could we in fact change our own? Could I have left a note for myself to find at sixteen, saying: “Yes, you WILL need science and math in life. Study them!” or: “No, the guy you want to date is NOT a good match, he’s a doper”. Wonder if I would have listened to Myself? I sure as heck didn’t regarding my parents or anyone else. I wonder what many of us would have done given a ‘second chance’. There are a lot of things I, for one, would have done differently.

I also liked how Helena said about the memories of being in a different time “Happens randomly in nature”… Perhaps a whole new slant of the “Past Lives” theories?  Hmmmmmm….!
Warehouse 13 returns in season three on July 11, 2011 with “The New Guy” so check back soon for our exclusive pre-review of the fantastic new season. In the meantime we include the full episode of “Where and When” courtesy of Syfy via Hulu! Enjoy!

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