Destination Truth: The Haunted Forest & Search For The TaTa Duende

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Welcome back Destination Truth fans!

The Haunted Forest, Return to Romania:

Syfy logo banner May 2012 - Click to learn more at the official web site!From the Destination Truth Offices in Los Angeles, CA, Josh Gates puts a call into Evan Stone, inviting him to return to the Hoia-Baciu Forest in Romania. This will be Team Truth’s second visit to Romania’s Bermuda Triangle. The Hoia-Baciu Forest is one of the most paranormally charged areas in Europe.

It is famous for producing strange lights, phantom noises, and terrifying apparitions. The Circle is located in the middle of the forest. It is known for its electrically charged atmosphere and while located in the middle of a thriving forest; nothing will grow in this Circle.

Click to visit and learn more about Ping Pong Productions at the official web site!For our new viewers; this is where Evan, Josh’s former cameraman and member of Team Truth, was picked up and thrown about 15 feet, from a sitting position, he was also scratched, through a thick coat; by a mysterious unseen force of energy. The entire encounter was caught on film was reviewed by Team Truth as well as Syfy’s Ghosthunters, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson.



Destination Truth S5x02 R Newsightings 2


Destination Truth S5x02 R Evan 1

So, now that you are caught up. Evan is on board for the Haunted Forest and ready for round two!

Here we go, on to Romania! With new team members Tristant Icaza; tech specialist, Richie Fung; medic, Katy Murakami; field investigator, and Adam Butler; audio specialist, Kyle Wheeler; camerman, David D’Angelo; camerman, along with Erin Ryder and Josh; they traveled 6400 miles to the city of Cluj, Romania.

Destination Truth S5x02 R Cuji city teampic 4

After meeting up with Evan, who has decided to face his fears. The team comes upon a local arts festival where they interact with the locals and make some new friends! They also witnessed a unique approach to childcare!

Destination Truth S5x02 R kid in a box

Adrian Patrut; professor of inorganic chemistry, at Cluj University. Dr. Patrut relays that many people have been pushed back 3-4 meters from an energy surge in the Forest. In addition, Dr. Patrut reports that there have been 100’s of occurrences of strange happenings in the forest since Team Truth was there 2 years ago. Josh shows him some video from the prior investigation and Dr. Patrut calls it an energy discharge, and says it has happened to quite a number of people.

Destination Truth S5x02 R Adrian Patrut 5

Next Team Truth travel to talk to Zelia Puscas an eyewitness who has lived near the forest for the past 35 years. She reports that she does not like to go into the forest at night she also states that she knows of at least seven people who have hanged themselves in the forest.

She believes that a negative energy is in the woods and that negative energy drove those people to hang themselves. The villagers were gracious and shared what they knew about the forest as well as inviting Team Truth for lunch. First, Josh and Ryder decided to help with the chores!

Destination Truth S5x02 R Ryder Josh milk goat 7

Josh and Ryder both end up milking a goat, which is a Destination Truth first! Josh even tries the goat milk when they are done and comments that it tastes a little sour, but good! After the chores were done Team Truth enjoyed a local flavored lunch. From the look of the food at the table, nobody left hungry! Josh does call it their “Last Supper’ , they all laugh, but Evan and Josh both know what is ahead of them and

Destination Truth S5x02 R prev airplane roofoff 9

On the previous expedition, while flying over the Circle, the roof came right off the plane! However, this trip they have a different plane, but it is the same airfield! So, with Josh, Evan and Adam on board they locate the Circle, in the middle of the Forest, and get a huge thermal hit! Then from nowhere the winds pickup and the airplane seems to be having problems with alarms going off!

Josh says ‘Oh no, not again’ as they decide to take the plane down because the winds are too strong. They come in for a very fast, but safe landing. Josh states that he needs to remember not to fly in planes over this Forest!

Destination Truth S5x02 R plane, wind 50 knots 10Team Truth transfers to all terrain vehicles and head for the forest. They find the place of their previous investigation and begin setting up the camp, they hang a tarp in case of bad weather then the infer-red and motion activated trap cameras throughout the forest in order to try to capture any paranormal evidence that may occur.

Team Truth is ready, for a Destination Truth first, returning to a previous site to re-investigate!

Destination Truth S5x02 R base camp 13

Before the investigation even gets going, Tristant notices a light just over the horizon on one of the cameras setup at camp. They are all excited and charged up for this investigation! Josh, Evan, Kyle and Adam decide to go sweep the field where the light came from immediately! Here we go!

Josh does not see anything through the FLIR camera but he does find a trail leading into the forest. They decide to follow the trail and see if they find anything. While traversing the trail through the dense forest, they all hear a voice, a kid’s voice Josh says! They press on to try to find the source of the strange sounds.

Destination Truth S5x02 R strange lite 14


Destination Truth S5x02 R ryder strange sound 16Ryder, Katy, Richie, and Dave are on another trail when Ryder hears something. Ryder sees something run across the trail in front of them. Then they all hear a screaming sound. They are seeing lights thru the astro-scope, between the trees but see nothing thru the night vision goggles or with the naked eye. thru push further into the forest heading in the direction of the strange noise they heard.


Destination Truth S5x02 R josh,evan,adam,kyle 15

Josh and his team hear a noise also. Josh thinks it sounds human and they start an EVP session. Josh starts with ‘Is there anybody here’? The EMF detector starts going off like crazy, jumping all over the place. Evan begins talking and asks if this is the same presence that has touched him before, right then they all seem to jump and yell at the same time. Kyle swears he saw a shadow going for Evan.

Destination Truth S5x02 R evan shadow 19

They press on and shortly find themselves walking right into familiar ground. They have arrived in the Circle. Evan says ‘Hell No’ as they enter the Circle and that he is already getting a weird feeling. Josh calls Ryder’s team and they all converge at the place of the prior investigation.

A mobile base-camp is setup and they begin by each taking 30 minutes in the Circle. As Josh takes his place in the Circle, he asks for a sign from the presence, his thermal imager goes out immediately. Ryder remembers that is exactly what happened last time.

Destination Truth S5x02 R Josh circle 20

Evan goes next. They have four cameras on him. All seems calm but then with 8 minutes left, Evan stands up and starts moving around. The walkie-talkie’s are acing up, Evan begins running and falling and and saying that he has a ringing in his ears really bad. They all react and go to help Evan, thats when they notice that Evans ears are bleeding from the inside.

Destination Truth S5x02 R Evan circle 21

After experiencing strange events, Evan tells Josh that he is ready to leave. Josh agrees, gets everyone to settle down, while they get Evan stabilized. Then they get their gear packed up and begin the journey back to Los Angeles, CA and Destination Truth’s Headquarters.

Destination Truth S5x02 R LA ofc Romania done 22

After going through all their recordings, video and audio. Josh sits down with Ryder and Evan to discuss the findings. They see lights above the horizon and per eyewitness reports, what they captured matches the previous reports. Then they begin listening to the audio EVP recordings.

A child’s voice does come through; actually, it is a child’s laughter. They asked and received a response. That is exactly when Kyle saw the shadow going for Evan. Then they review footage from the Circle. Evan said when he stood up he was feeling dizzy and hearing ringing in his ears. Evan was a skeptic before experiencing activity in the Circle, on Destination Truth’s previous visit, now he is a true believer.

The Circle did not disappoint, energies not understood and best left alone. Team Truth will not be returning to Romania or the Hoia-Baciu Forest, this one is in the books!

Destination Truth S5x02 R LA ofc evp final 23

Jungles of Belize – Belize City

We are in search of a primate that lives in the jungles of Belize called the TaTa Duende it runs through the jungle causing havoc and whistles a warning, it has sharp claws, stands about 30 inches tall. Witnesses say that they lack thumbs and their feet are turned backwards which make them impossible to track.

Destination Truth S5x02 Belize 1


Destination Truth S5x02 Carriage 2Un-Belize-able! Hot and humid is the word of the day. Ryder whistles for their ride. Do not look a gift horse in the mouth she says, at least it runs! Ryder has booked them a horse drawn Carriage! They did upgrade to a real running Jeep. To get where they need to be they have to cross a Swing Bridge, Team Truth joins in and they succeed in opening the Bridge.

Destination Truth S5x02 Zoo Kayla Hartwell 4They need to figure out if another animal could be mistaken for TaTa Duende. Spider monkeys could be the culprit but there seems to be more reports of the TaTa Duende than spider monkeys in the wild.

Josh talked to primate expert Kayla Hartwell, she noted that the each have 4 fingers to aid in swinging through trees and feet slightly turned backward to help with balance. Kayla says there are many undiscovered animals living in the jungle and anything is possible.

josh uncovers a local, Winston Harris, a local farmer who claims to have personally seen the TaTa Duende. While walking through the jungle, near the place where he saw the TaTa Duende he actually found and has in his possession a strange skull. Josh asks if he would be able to take some photos of the skull for review when they return to Los Angeles, CA. Winston takes Josh to the skull and here is one of the pictures Josh took.

Destination Truth S5x02 skull 8

They are now going to a local village but must take food as an offering. While looking through what is available at the local market, Ryder is frustrated because she cannot find what they are supposed to take. Finally, they end up locating Plantains and Casaba! Gifts in hand they head south.

Destination Truth S5x02 Casaba 9

Destination Truth S5x02 airboat 10We have Mango Swamps and an Airboat, a thermal Imager and Josh Gates. Whow! Right There in the water, Josh yells for the boat to stop, he has seen something on the thermal Imager, in the water.

Richie at the front of the boat sees what Josh saw it is a crocodile. Josh says they need to investigate the smaller rivers near the swamp. To do this they are going to need smaller boats.

Destination Truth S5x02 Smaller boat 11They head back to the docks, to get smaller boats. They get kayaks. After 2 hours of paddling Team Truth finally arrives at the Garjfuna Village.

They are welcomed to the community by the local residents. Josh talks to Jabbar Lamby a tribal elder, about the Tata Duende and where he thinks the team should search. He tells Josh that they should keep going south and that the TaTa Duende will be in a cave. He shows Josh on a map where they should travel to.

Destination Truth S5x02 jabbar lamby 12

After hiking south through, the rain forest for 3 hours Team Truth comes upon the site of the most recent sighting. They go about getting base camp setup. They have infer-red cameras and trap cameras and a perimeter alarm, so they will know if anything comes within the range of base camp.

Destination Truth S5x02 basecamp 13


Destination Truth S5x02 ryder,kate 15As darkness falls, Josh heads off South with Richie, Adam and Dave. We all hear a screaming and get the chills. They head toward the screams. Ryder, Katy and Kyle headed north and are hearing screaming noises where they are walking. They see nothing.

Ryder saw something. Looked like an animal with fur, right in front of her. It begins moving around Ryder and her team. They see nothing. I hope that it moved off, they do not want to corner anything.

Destination Truth S5x02 josh water 16Back to Josh and his team. They come upon a ridge and then josh gets a heat signature, maybe a cave? They have the biggest cave, it is flooded though.

Josh decides to proceed into the cave, they jump in, swimming with pared down gear. Something is in the frakking water! Josh is not kidding! Says for everyone to get out now!

Team Truth headed back through the Belize rain forest and returned to their home office in Los Angeles, CA. After analysis it was determined that the scurrying noises heard while in the caves eluded the cameras. The noises in the jungle did match the reports of what people were calling the TaTa Duende. However, they turned out to be local Haller monkeys.

Josh took the pictures of the skull to Jim Dines, at the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles, Ca. These pictures show a broken skull with parts missing, Mr. Dines deducts that it is hard to draw a conclusion. Nevertheless, concludes that it is not a TaTa Duende.

Destination Truth S5x02 JimDines 18

These were both unique investigations. In addition, least you forget deep in the jungles there could be anything, still undiscovered and yet to be named. I was so happy to see our Monster Hunter, Ryder, Evan and the new members to Team Truth. Syfy has made many viewers happy with the return of our beloved #Destination Truth!

Destination Truth S5x02 Josh Gates final belize

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