Stargate Liquidation: WormholeRiders to Witness End of Era in British Columbia!


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It is with great sadness to bring you this news: After 15 episodic years, 3 series and 3 movies that WormholeRiders News Agency will be covering live at the Stargate liquidation by Maynards Auctioneers in which everything we all know about all three franchise series will be liquidated beginning this Friday June 17, and continuing Saturday June 18, 2011.

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The auction will be at The Bridge Studios facilities at 2400 Boundary Road in Burnaby British Columbia. Courtesy of Maynards Auctioneers. WHR will bring you details about the developments throughout this weekend ahead as the franchise is placed on the shelf.

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Please check back as we will be announcing additional details and ongoing news coverage about the liquidation of Stargate very soon. In the meantime, we ask everyone for respectful behavior from all involved, especially for and to all those who lost their jobs as a result of a ridiculous boycott of the Stargate Universe program which doomed the wonderful series on Syfy and hence contributed to the end of the entire MGM Stargate franchise itself.

We appreciate your respectful reverence at the public auction as an epic end of an era occurs in our time right before our very eyes. Thank you.

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26 thoughts on “Stargate Liquidation: WormholeRiders to Witness End of Era in British Columbia!

  1. Dear Gene,

    Yes we are aware. Thank you. We will be posting a suggested and successful way to support a franchise proven with Chuck, Fringe and Sanctuary soon.

    Dear Pat,

    We do not know about Propworx. We are only providing coverage of the liquidation as a news agency.

    Dear Mr. Hildenrand,

    No there is no on-line process. The liquidation sale will run two days and then that is it.

    Note to all. Thank you for your comments. This thread is now closed to further posting.

    Best Regards,


  2. Oh, gosh, so sad. 8-( I wonder why Propworx did not take this stuff to auction with the other things? That way more fans could get a piece of the action, so to speak. Just this past week, a Daniel Blue BDU sold for over $1500! Wish I could be in Vancouver….. 8-(

  3. hey. are you guys aware that some sgu fans on facebook, twitter and web sites are still saying boycott syfy? its not just the people that did not like sgu. thought you should know.

  4. I too was approached by cretins who said to boycott syfy at two recent conventions. I told the event coordinators who the trouble makers were. It was interesting they knew exactly what was going on, who they were and had been watching them for a number of years.

    Don’t mess with my Sanctuary people.


  5. Shame on the comments by ignorant people who say there was no boycott! you must be blind! Its all over google. Sheez!

    Its obvious to me that they are in denial probably because they did boycott syfy. I will not and always support scifi on any channel.

  6. I was approached by the boycott people at a large forum. They threatened to kick me off if I did not stop watching any programs on Syfy or NBC! Because of these trolls who are losers they are running a hate like atmosphere.

    I will not participate in any such thing as a boycott and only download legally from itunes.

  7. @sgakaz The boycott was not imagined. please do your homework because there are literally page after sickening page of searches with entire web sites that dedicated themselves to putting Stargate Universe and Syfy out of business.

    These types of people who have nothing better to do than boycott a show or a network should learn from their mistake. Thank you.


  8. I was a long time fan of Stargate from the movie and onwards and out of all of them I loved Atlantis the most but I still watched SGU, in the beginning there were some boring ep but I kept with it and it did get better but by then most fans had lost interest, my brother who had no axe to grind just stopped watching because he found it boring and a lot of the old fans did not like the new format of the show which Brad said was something he wanted to do but people would not want to sit and watch with their kids or parents some of the things that where shown on that show and that was the bottom line, not some imagined boycott.

  9. Thank you for the tone of your news article. It was professional and factual as they always are. Its clear to me that the people who were part of the boycott are defensive because they know they did the wrong thing and did shoot themselves in the foot as SK said.

    @Sarah and Chevron Atlantis – You are just plain wrong and have misquoted the facts. There were hundreds of thousands of people boycotting Syfy and illegally downloading, not a couple hundred from some forum over at any web site.

    Anyone in the entertainment business or even regular fans knows that if you do not support all of a franchise it will die. And so it is now reality. Over the next 3 days there will be no more Stargate thanks to people who make excuses about not liking a show that just like the previous Stargates except it was better with music, better special effects and character development JUST like SG-1 and Atlantis AND many guests from the first two series.

    I am sad that there will be no more Stargate thanks in part to the people who boycotted the show.

    I am happy that the subject of the boycott has been exposed by Wormholeriders and that Sanctuary is no longer being attacked as collateral damage by people boycotting Syfy. We can and will save that show before it is canceled too thanks to the great people like WormholeRiders.


  10. Thanks Marty for pointing that out. WHR never said anything other than "contributed" and the boycott did make a negative contribution.

    As we know, people sometimes forget how to read instead seeing "red" when they are upset. Trying to defend wrong doing like the anti SGU crowd who went around attacking people on Facebook, Twitter, at conventions and illegally downloading is not acceptable behavior under any circumstances.

    Of interest is that the Syfy boycott people are not the only one's who were illegally downloading. We published a link to the definitive industry analysis on the subject months ago. It is at epidemic proportions so I will include it again in the article going out tomorrow night about how to support science fiction television in a positive manner. It has already worked for Chuck, Fringe and Sanctuary. It was working for SGU too, just not fast enough to save the show.

    The liquidation is a message to fans just like "SK" said: "If people don't support the shows we DO have, no new ones will be made".

    Chuck is saved, Fringe is saved and Sanctuary is up ~600,000 viewers in the USA in only a few weeks thanks to breaking the boycott. We all have more to "contribute" to support the shows we love. If SGU gave us nothing else it is proof that boycott's are not helpful. We will share about our contribution to the fans with what the plan has been for a long time posting tomorrow night for all to enjoy.

    Until then: Peace.

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Best Regards


  11. You people should read what WormholeRiders actually said: “ridiculous boycott of the Stargate Universe program which doomed the wonderful series on Syfy and hence contributed to the end of the entire MGM Stargate franchise itself”

    Can you read and understand English? The operative words :

    1. Boycott
    2. Hence
    3. Contributed

    Several people here admitted to being part of the boycott. I know people who bragged about it on Twitter. The boycott did “contribute” . Now lets also do what was asked, have a moment for respect for the hundreds of people who lost their jobs because of the boycott which “contributed” to it.

    Thank you

  12. @WR_Systems I don’t now how a couple of hundred registered people on SGUS website influenced the drop in ratings for the show. Brad Wright told us not to watch so we didn’t well I tried to give the show a chance but it was far too boring and there was a lack of chemistry as well between the character. SGU was just poorly written and not many people were interested in it. You forget that since SGU had such high production cost not even getting 1.6 million viewers would have been enough for it to receive a renewal it needed something like 2 million viewers at least and no there is nothing wrong with the ratings system the drop were across all of the countries around the world.

    So don’t blame the haters for SGU’s demise

  13. I guess this means none of the ex-producers are going to say ‘we’ll make a movie someday’. Very sad day for Stargate fans to see it finally all just get sold off. It was a fun ride while it lasted. And, I think all this kevetching about who was at fault for SGU’s demise is pointless. The basic fact remains that #SGU did not get the ratings (aka the Nielsen ratings) they needed to survive. No group of fans on the internet made any difference, pro or con.

  14. I’m really disappointed at the overall tone of the announcement here and the implication that there was a mass conspiracy on the part of disgruntled fans to sink a particular show. Bottom line is that SGU’s ratings started moderately and then fell steadily to all-time lows for the franchise.

    You can bet if the series had been everything that it was touted to be, enthusiasm for the series would have been contagious–and even the most determined of boycotters would have changed their tune and joined the party. The complaint I heard over and over was “I’ve given it [insert number of episodes over five here] tries and I just can’t get into it.” This is hardly the fault of a disgruntled fanbase.

  15. Thank you everyone for stopping by.

    Dear F.J.W

    Your comment is not approved being misleading expressing opinions from the United Kingdom about what happened here in the USA that have no bearing on what happened here.

    Despite several visitors who showed you about the boycott, you did not research to be able to express accurate facts. The fact is that when the number of illegal boycott downloads are added to the legal viewers. the amount of USA viewers held steady at nearly 2 million. Please do your research about USA demographics. When you do we are sure you will see the same facts we did. As mentioned earlier we will post again on the subject

    Dear Sebastian Hildebrand,

    I do not think this auction has an on-line component. I will double check before the auction just to be sure.

    Dear SK,

    Thanks for your honesty.

    Dear Pip.

    Yes we saw the illegal streaming links. There were tens of thousands of them supporting hundreds of thousands of illegal viewers each week. So sad about illegal downloading.

    Dear Fred,

    Apology accepted. Thank you for being honest. I know of several friends who also admit they were mislead about what a boycott would accomplish.

    Dear Alexandra,

    Yes we will.

    Dear Laura,

    Yes we were at the events you mention and observed the same thing.

    Hope I responded to everyone. Heading out for business meeting. Be back later.

    Thank you everyone for your comments

    Best Regards,

  16. Hi,

    I was at San Diego in 2009 and 2010 with friends. The first year my Atlantis and SG-1 friends were excited because there were rumors about SG-1 and SGA stars to be in SGU like SG-1 stars had been in Atlantis.

    In 2010 at San Diego when they did not get the SGA star they wanted in the show they conspired in local restaurant to verbally attack the Stargate Universe people at the Creation Stargate con in November. It was a large group of people I know from on-line forums and Twitter. They expressed glee at killing SGU and were sure they would get the SGA movie once they *taught MGM and Syfy a lesson*. They were just plain wrong.

    Boycotts never work. Even the Boston Tea Party was a failure that took decades to fix and make peace with England. I just hope my soon to be born grand kids will grow up to see new Stargate like my kids did. Thanks.


  17. I wish I could go and see the auction. Will you be posting reports? I ask because I live in Los Angeles and cannot get to Vancouver this weekend.

    I was at the 2009 Stargate con. I saw and overheard the SGA fanatics plotting when Martin Gero was on stage. They got up by the hundreds grumbling that he had canceled Atlantis and walked out of the room acting like spoiled brats. I was shocked that any Stargate person would be treated so rudely at a convention.

    Now we know what they did. They have messed it up for everybody. Shame on you! I forgive you but hope you have learned a lesson from your foolish boycotts of Syfy!

    Lastly I would never boycott Syfy. They saved Stargate SG-1 and brought us 12 more years across three shows! Please send more science fiction. Thanks Syfy.


  18. I will go to the auction buy something and hug friends I have there. I loved all the versions of Stargate but was told to boycott by someone who worked at a Disney who was obsessed with hating MGM and SyFy. When she said only Atlantis was the real Stargate, I knew she was trouble. I then bought the SGU season one DVD’s watched all of Stargate Universe season two. it was a great program. I had realized that if all Stargate fans watched and showed SyFy we could maybe get the movies, but it was too late.

    I was wrong to listen to my ex-friend and should not have boycotted SGU. All it did was end up canceling Stargate and I will watch Sanctuary live every week.

    I apologize and will never boycott SyFy again.

  19. I’m extremely sad to see this Liquidation, it marks the end of an era for me. Stargate was a huge part of my life for many years and this is a sad day, indeed.

    PS – I’m not a fan of SGU, but I didn’t encourage others to boycott the show. I think the people encouraging a boycott of Syfy now are shooting themselves in the foot – if people don’t support the sci-fi shows we DO have, no new ones will be made.

  20. Hey,

    any chance to bid online or over phone or anything? Sitting in Germany here and it’s kinda hard to have a trip booked till then..


  21. Agreed. The people boycotting SYFY sent out thousands of illegal streaming links too saying if we “had to watch” do it illegally. It made me sick to hear what they said bragging about it at Vancouver and Los Angeles conventions. I even told a few people off who were active in the boycotts and never downloaded the illegal versions.

    They deliberately made the ratings drop with illegal downloading and posting crap at web sites like SGU Sucked. They are now ex-friends for what they did.

    All of the boycott people ruined Stargate for all of us. I love Sanctuary and will always watch it.

  22. I do not understand why Stargate fans boycotted SGU. If you are a true Stargate fan, then I would expect you to like SGU. It’s basically the same story. I agree 100% that fans fighting amongst themselves and with the studios caused Stargate’s demise. I will miss SGU as I missed SGA. I loved SGA almost as much as anyone out there, but I loved SGU just as much. One thing is certain, I will miss Stargate!

  23. Hello TH,

    Thank you for stopping by. We will have to agree to disagree.

    Stargate Universe is one of the finest serialized science fictions series ever created in history as proven until the haters attacked and boycotted the program. As for getting a "grip" we have a firm "grip" on reality and the facts as have been mentioned here and at many other news web sites (no not fan hate sites). Many official search and news agencies have documented the ridiculous boycott of Syfy and attacks against them. In fact MGM, their support studios and all whom are well informed in the news business proved beyond a shadow of a doubt long ago that the boycott (trying to force the creators to make SG-1 and SGA movies) is what in large part killed the Stargate franchise. Their reward for being malcontents? Now there is not going to be any new Stargate for anyone anymore. The auction on June 17 & 18 2011 means Stargate is over for now. :-(

    Now the "Boycott Syfy" people are attempting to kill off Sanctuary and other shows too. They will fail because as we did with Chuck and Fringe, members of our news team will support positive team work efforts and help stop the ridiculous boycott. We have already seen great results for Sanctuary since we started being a part of a much larger team effort. We suggest you support Sanctuary as well. Thanks

    As for the boycott research, perhaps because you are from Australia / Asia Pacific Region (or so your first layer IP address says), maybe the facts are being filtered in your country? Hop on a proxy server in the USA and Google, Bing or Yahoo search for it. Its all right there for anyone to read including you. Facts are facts plain and simple.

    Speaking of positive news about fan campaigns, we will be posting something very nice tomorrow so hold off until you read the package of documents.

    Thank you again for stopping by.

    Take Care and Best Regards

  24. Welcome back Gene,

    Thank you for the cordial comment.

    Yes we have had to delete many foul comments as well as people who tried to convince us to illegally download and boycott Syfy. 9,953 to date. Actually we have 9.954 now, but we are considering letting one post despite the obvious ignorant comment by the person. We deal in facts here not arguing with people who do not research the obvious (see next)

    You are correct. All anyone has to do is do a Goggle, Bing, and or Yahoo search and tens, if not hundreds of thousands of "boycott hits" come up.

    As for attacks on us or our professional friends, we ignore the troublemakers since what they seek is attention for their misguided behavior.

    As for Gateworld, I have an account over there but rarely get to visit anymore (I am too busy). The GW owners are not bad people. They have supported Stargate for over 10 years. I just do not think they are aware of what is really going on in their forums (or so my friends tell me).

    Best Regards

  25. i completely agree that a lot of the stargate atlantis and sg1 fans had a bad attitude and bad behaviours who ruined the entire franchise and boycotted stargate universe. sgu was one of the finest scifi shows ever. to see what they did all you have to do is google search boycott syfy or syfy boycott or boycott mgm and see the hatred proving these people were not real stargate fans. like patick gilmore and brian smith and many of the actors and creators said, these trolls had nothing better to do than attack people and cause them to lose their jobs. i have a gateworld account, they let the haters run wild over there with almost no moderation. friends and i saw the hate attacks at stargate conventions too. i am surprised they have not attacked here? did you have to delete their comments?

  26. Ken you seriously need to get a grip, people didn’t lose their jobs because of a “ridiculous boycott”, they lost their jobs because of the producers putting out a sub par show that hardly anyone wanted to watch.

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