Kyra Zagorsky, Superwoman of Syfy!


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Kyra Zagorsky You Decide 1This past weekend on April 18, 2015 we had the awesome opportunity to interview the fantabulous actress Kyra Zagorsky!

Most recently seen as Julia Walker on the hit television series Helix, and soon to be seen on another sci-fi hit Continuum.

No doubt Syfy certainly knows a good thing (Kyra) when they see it!

We at WHR You Decide know that millions worldwide all have one thing in common beyond loving the series: Renew Helix!

We have now seen Dr. Julia Walker grow through two seasons of Helix.

A strong and intelligent woman, Julia endured multiple events in the first season!

From being infected, thanks to Peter, to learning that her happy summers with mom in Montana were not all entirely real, we .look forward to a third superb season of Helix!



And on top of all of it, she learns that the brilliant mad scientist Hiroshi Hatake (Hiroyuki Sanada) is her father! In the end, Julia, like Hatake, is an immortal, and her “new” life begins – will Doctor Julia Walker continue his research and protect his legacy? Does she go to work for Ilaria?

Kyra Zagorsky You Decide 2Well, we know from season two that the answer to those questions is a resounding yes – to all of the above. We can joke and say that regarding Amy (Alison Louder), Michael (Steven Weber), and Anne (Severn Thompson), the “apple” did not fall far from the tree (get it?); we can say the same of Julia and Hatake – she is driven like he is, she is willing to sacrifice the few for the good of the many, and seems to not exactly fit in with Ilaria.

Julia has escaped turmoil over the past two years, however it looks like things have caught up with Click to visit and follow Kyra Zagorsky on Twitter!her in the next 30…will she take Soren’s (Jimmy Thorburn) blood and survive? We’ll have to wait and see – if we and the rest of the Helix universe is the fortunate to receive a season 3 (please, please, please!).

The woman behind Julia, Kyra Zagorsky, is just as driven. An entertainer who caught the acting bug in high school and never looked back, with a first love of Shakespeare and the theatre, Kyra has transitioned into film and television.

With roles in the Stargate franchise (Atlantis and SGU) and Smallville and Supernatural, Falling Skies and Soldiers of the Apocalypse, she has found her way into our living rooms many times over. Kyra exudes professionalism in all she does, and that shows through in all forms of media that we see – from the small screen to the big, and even in print.

Kyra Zagorsky You Decide 4Born in the metropolis of New York City but raised in a small town in Colorado, Kyra credits her parents and her formative years with the product that we now know and love.

A master and student of acting, Kyra is often cast in a role that allows her to portray a strong and intelligent woman, often permitting her to use the various martial arts that she has also trained in over the years.

Kyra Zagorsky You Decide 5Dividing her time between Los Angeles, Montreal, and now Vancouver, this mother of two and wife to The Flash’s David Singh (Patrick Sabongui) sat with us to chat about Helix, her career, and a few other tales the other day. Helix season 2 may have concluded, but when you think about it, Continuum season really is just not that far away. So, sit back, put your feet up and take a listen and enjoy – I dare you to not crack a smile while you listen!


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  1. I appreciate you writing this article about Kyra! Your insight has made me think a lot about this fine actress! Thank you!

  2. Good morning Kyra!

    Thank you the the delightful and intimate chat about life and your roles in Helix, Continuum, Stargate and your career. You are a lady and a wonderful individual to have invested your time here at WHR You Decide, and thank you Karina for producing!

    Best regards,


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