Krista Rand: An Outstanding Actress, Rising Fast with a Sanctuary Charity Heart of Gold!

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Recently I had the pleasure of conducting an extensive interview with an up and coming actress, the gorgeous Ms. Krista Rand!

During our time together we touched upon a wide range of entertainment and personal topics including her work in film, on television, in stage plays, dancing and one of her passions, her workbook LIVE updates! (click the banner below to visit Krista at her Workbook LIVE page)

Krista Rand Banner - Click to visit her Workbook live!A resident of Vancouver British Columbia, this wonderfully talented actress was kind enough to invest nearly ninety minutes of her time in an intimate interview.

We discussed her recent work with Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, Ryan Roibbins and Aliyah O’Brien of the hit Syfy television series Sanctuary, her current work with Brian McCaig on “Mr. Young”, another hit (comedy) program featured on the Canadian television network “Y TV” and her work on stage.




Krista Rand and Amanda Tapping at Leo Awards

Krista Rand on Sanctuary Set

Krista Rand and Ryan Robbin at Vanouver Film Festival

Krista Rand on Sanctuary Set
Of interest to fans of Ms. Rand and the program is that the studio where “Mr. Young” is produced has recently been acquired by Disney XD Studios. Many fans around the world and in the United States will soon be able to see the program on the Disney XD Channel!

Y TV Banner - Click to visit Y TV in Canada!
A seasoned stage actress and dancer, Ms. Rand has a flair for professional makeup artistry on the stage, for weddings and other special events! Krista also shared several aspects of her private life with Karen Ford (our former WHR Sanctuary Team Leader) and I such as her leisure activities and discussion about things like her good friend Gina Holden and even a little about a cats life!

Krista Rand and lady friends at Vancouver Film Festival
Click to visit and learn more about Sanctuary For Kids!Krista is passionate about her charity interests as well including her support of Sanctuary For Kids and the search for a cure to the genetic disorder, Hunter Syndrome and Click to visit Once Upon A Cure at their official web site!their Once Upon A Cure gala this very weekend.

Please click the banners below or text link here to attend, donate, and or bid on the fabulous LIVE charity auction currently underway. Thank you.

Perhaps most telling was her recent experiences at the Sanctuary season three wrap parties! Yes my friend you have read correctly, there was two parties in Vancouver the weekend of August 21, 2011, the official studio event and an after party at non other than the home of Robin Dunne featuring a 1980’s motif replete with exciting music playlists from that much beloved bygone era.

Sworn to secrecy after Comic-Con 2011 where Ms. Amanda Tapping revealed that the Sanctuary was credit to house Mr. Dunne, we have not leaked the details of the 80’s Sanctuary wrap “after party” and whether or not Robin Dunne was able to keep his pants on during the festivities in his own home, but YOU can listen to the revelations here, now TODAY for YOURSELF! ZOMG!
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I could go on for a long as the wonderful interview itself, but will cease so you can enjoy the vibrant spirit that is Krista Rand! She is an exciting personality to talk with so I know you will enjoy her interview as much as I did in conducting it.

Thank you Krista for a truly inspiring interview!

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