Warehouse 13: “Past Imperfect” Before “The 40th Floor” Or “You Get What You Give”

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It has been a couple of weeks, I will review both Warehouse 13 “Past Imperfect” episode and then carry on with the most recent weeks episode “The 40th Floor”.

Last week’s Episode was titled “Past Imperfect” and dealt with Myka (Joanne Kelly) finding a man called “Leo”. Turns out Leo was the man who had killed her partner Sam. This episode dealt with Myka’s past and her quest to get Leo for what he had done to Sam.  On assignment in Union Station, Denver, Colorado.

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Union Station Colorado

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Pete searching Union Station
Myka sees an individual that looks very much like this ‘Leo’ character! Off she goes in pursuit of him as Pete (Eddie McClintock) is left to try to get what I believe is an artifact Artie (Saul Rubinek) has sent them after. Myka sees, in flashbacks, the shooting of her partner and wants to go find the guy she believes did the killing.

Meanwhile, Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) and Jinks (Aaron Ashmore) are on the Midwest looking through a rather eclectic collection of doorknobs. They are seeking a doorknob which came from the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. This factory was burned down and 146 women workers died in there. They were kept in and the doors locked to keep them from leaving work early… Seems the fear and pain those poor women felt as they tried to escape the fire was absorbed into the doorknob. Jinks found it (OW!) because as they were going through the old lady’s collection, it burned him very badly.

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Jinks at the warehouse

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Claudia finds a clue
As they were leaving her home, a dog came up to them, very friendly and as Jinks stopped to pet the dog, he, and then Claudia were shot in their necks with what appears to be a dart. They both pass out in the lady’s front yard as the strange collie-mix starts to bark at a distant car. Claudia and Jinks come to to find the artifact has been stolen! They call Artie on the Farnsworth and he seems to think if the dog saw the whole thing then they can get the DOG to help them. He instructs Claudia and Jinks to get back to the Warehouse….and bring the dog.

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Farnsworth to Artie

Claudia and Jinks come back to the Warehouse with the dog. Artie goes to a section containing Fezzes from a depression era mind-reading act; “Mr. Mental and Coco“! Real names; Raymond Frasier and…Coco. In the act, Coco would go into the audience and get things like a monogrammed handkerchief, or what have you, and “Mr. Mental” would be up on stage, blindfolded and read these articles. Seems Ray Frasier had a background in neurology! The Fezzes has small communications devises in them which could read brain waves.

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Fezzes

This could read simple items and get the job done perhaps with what they needed to get from the dog. Claudia, Jinks and Artie are trying the fezzes. No sudden moves, Artie and the dog’s fezzes are placed onto their heads. Artie yells out some things at the dog’s ability to ‘remember’ things. A distraction involving a scarab causes the dog to scamper off!

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Arties Fezzes out

Off Jinks and Claudia go to try to get the dog back. Claudia and Jinks are seeking the loose dog. Claudia gets an idea and uses Pavlov’s bell to get the dog to come to them… The bell also makes Claudia drool like mad! They are successful in that the dog has returned to them…Dead Scarab in his mouth. Claudia is still drooling! This was pretty funny!

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Pavlov's Bell with drooling Claudia

Myka and Pete  get a call that Leo has been spotted at the train station. The Secret Service and our agents meet up with them. They do get to Leo, who seemingly pulls a gun on Myka “Out of nowhere”. Zack dropped Leo with a single shot. Myka is now a warehouse agent and they are now seeing how Leo did things he did. Leo’s lying on the ground, his gun in his right hand. Odd, Leo is a left handed guy.

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Pete is deadly serious

Now they are seeking an artifact that skews up time. Artie mentioned the ship in “The Philadelphia Experiment” They now know Leo is not working alone. Someone is handling the artifact and Leo was only being used. Myka and Pete talk about what Sam would have said at this time of Myka’s discouragement, but that musical card which Sam had left for her was the key. The card’s song (“Car Wash” by Rose Royce) … which Myka used to hate, by the way… was interrupted by a recorded message involving Leo!! What is worse is the Myka remembered Sam wanted to give her this card OUTSIDE of the office.

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Myka and Pete investigate

In other words, Sam may have felt it was not SAFE to give it to her at work because of other Agents perhaps being involved! Myka remembers the only other agents with this case were Zack and Jim! Myka says: “It’s time to do something impulsive!” Myka and Pete, along with Jim, go to see the other man, Zack. “Well, this is rather formal, just to say goodbye…” Zack says cordially. “Actually, it’s you who’s saying Goodbye” Said Myka. Pete continues “Yeah, we know how you worked with Leo to get the plates, when Sam got too close, you dropped him…” Myka took it up from here: “All for a lousy promotion!”

Zack looked incredulous at these allegations  but JIM digs out the artifact! We see some nice effects of time freeze and a ‘sudden’ appearance of weaponry. Myka gets this artifact away from Jim “The Ship’s Barometer!” she exclaimed.  Jim asked “You know about it?” Myka replies “I know that you can stop time…” As we see the muzzle flash and bullet in mid air from Pete’s gun “And I know you sent Sam into the National building with a big target on his chest”

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Myka looks for the lead

Zack said “When he picked you to be his partner, I knew he had his doubts about me” Myka said “So you killed him.” Jim replied “No, but I held you back long enough so that Leo could.” Myka realized that was why she was late… by 47 seconds! It was during this that Jim regrouped his senses and knocked the ship’s barometer out of Myka’s hands and says “I’ll take that…” But as he reached for the artifact time came back as Myka kicked Jim and Zack’s bullet hit Jim. Pete asked her after the melee. “Do you feel better?” Myka said “No…” But Sam’s killing is now resolved.

Myka gave Allison Sam’s lapel pin and they leave each other in good standing.. Back in the Warehouse, Artie shouts the last 3 digits of the license plate and Claudia runs a trace on it. The team has decided to keep the dog, which Artie knows now to be named “Tray” short for “Trailer” The dog will be the warehouse mascot now. License plate is traced back to a rental car…. which would require a Driver’s License, which is quickly visible for all to see: They all look at the screen…It is Sally Stikowski, the FBI agent!! So a new character was added “Trailer The Dog”, Myka got some closure to a case which has been bothering her enough to make her leave her old job, and now another threat from our pal Sally!

Warehouse 13 - S3x07 Artie and doggie time

“The 40th Floor” Or “You Get What You Give”

We are recapped with scenes of the Regents. Those who oversee and protect the protocol of the Warehouse agents and are in fact “as one” with the actual warehouses. These Regents seem to be of an anomalous life form as they are very unusual in their abilities of mind. But as we see, they also can be under threat. The opening scene of this episode shows a regent named Theodora Stanton being tortured with the doorknob of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. 146 ladies died in the fire at the factory and the doorknob seems to have the power to cause anyone who holds it to burn alive. A horrific death.

We see this happening as a regent, bound to a chair is forced to hold the doorknob and be tortured in this way by none other than Agent Sally Stukowski (Ashley Williams) ! Although the Regent did say something, the doorknob was placed back into her hand and she burned alive in the chair as Stukowski watched.

Warehouse 13 S3x07 - Theadora burnt

So, Myka and Pete go to “Hot”-Lanta (Atlanta, GA) and catch up to the nefarious Agent Stukowski at a bar called “the ALIBI” Agent Stukowski tries to run, but Myka zaps her with a Tesla gun and Pete with Jinks carry her back into the bar.  Jinks notices her car is the one they saw in WI in the last episode, too….But someone is sitting in the car. A mysterious man I saw in New York a couple of episodes back who I now know to be “Marcus”. Jinks slowly starts to approach the car and Marcus slowly drives off.

Warehouse 13 S3x07 - Sally Stukowski down

Warehouse 13 S3x07 - Suikowski's partner in car

Our team is now going through Sally’s bag and they bag the doorknob. They use a parchment from Henry Morgan Stanley. laying one’s hand on this shows where that person has been in the previous twelve hours. Artie sees where Stukowski has been.They see where she has been more than once, and they find 528 Donald Street is their destination.

Warehouse 13 - S3x08 - Map from her hand

Claudia gets the SIM card from Stukowski’s phone for retrieving data of her calls.. and the team arrive at 528 Donald street… site of a skyscraper. As Artie, Pete, Myka and Claudia  all try to enter, heavy security tells them the building is closed. Artie surveys the situation and they act as though they are leaving. Claudia then does the nicest ‘Revolving Door’ scene involving a little Tesla Grenade! I enjoyed this.

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - Tesla Grenade

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - Tesla Zapped

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - Come on in, guys

Upon re-entering the building Artie notices a tattoo on the wrist of one of the security guys and exclaims “The Eye of Horus…” But what *I* saw was the eye of “Thoth”. The ‘tear ducts’ of each are reversed. Thoth’s is His right eye… The tear duct comes down to the left from the eye, but Horus’ eye is His left one and its’ tear line comes down from the eye to the right. The Eye of Horus is actually the basis of today’s “Rx” symbol used in Pharmaceuticals. -But I digress-

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - Egyptian eye

Artie seems to know the significance of this symbol. On checking the guard’s pocket, he finds a business card to a suite on the 40th floor, belonging… apparently to a Diana K. Snow. When Myka asked who she was, Artie seems to be visibly shaken and acts as if to ‘shush’ her. Back in Atlanta, Jinks and Sally are volleying little remarks to each other as he tries to question her as to what she is doing.

Sally tells him that the Regents are not the paragons of virtue he would like to believe and she can prove it. Another voice comes in: ” Can you,  Miss Stukowski? because that is something I would very much like to hear” as Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder) walks into frame. Forgive me, but when SHE shows up I know this is serious Business! Even Sally has the expression of “Oh #$!t” at this time.

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - I'd really like to know

Back in the skyscraper, our team reach the suite and are greeted by one of the Regents Mr. Cosaan. Myka now figures out “Diana K. Snow” is an anagram. Two other Regents are there too; Philippe a Russian Regent and Jane another Regent Three Regents in one place. Kate Mulgrew is “Jane”. Good to see her! She is a favourite of mine in general.

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - Three Regents

Our team takes the elevator with the other regents but Myka tried to tell the Regent security man not to….OH WELL, said so in the script, right? The elevator cables are broken and Myka uses a grapple gun from 1890 to shoot out a cable to secure the elevator car until they can escape.

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - Building coming apart

Back in Atlanta, Sally lays on the Southern Accent thick as molasses to Mrs. Frederick, who, in turn tells her to can it, Sally, “You’re from Connecticut” (Good curve ball!) So Stukowski does in fact start to talk normally, saying “That’s right boy wonder” to Jinks “Even the human Lie Detector can’t detect a phoney accent” Frederick is now going to try to persuade Stukowski to spill what she knows. Mrs Frederick is telling Stukowski the Regents she had tortured and killed were friends of Mrs. Frederick’s. Sally snapped back ‘Those friends of yours are the ones who started this all, lady!” Jinks asked “Started what?” Sally said “You’ll see… soon enough”.

Back at the skyscraper, Artie calls Claudia on the Farnsworth and tells her about the elevator. At the same time, on Peachtree Avenue, Stukowski’s cohort, James Aquino is closing his account at a bank… Meanwhile, Pete and Claudia have triangulated Sally’s cohort’s location to that place and are arriving there. Upon completion, Aquino grabs the bank manager and holds a spray can to him. Pete pulls a Tesla gun on him “You do realize that’s not a gun you’re holding…?” but Aquino tells him “You have no idea what this can do…” and pushes the Bank manager forward, spraying a bit of the paint onto his jacket. The jacket starts to burn. A chase ensues and Aquino escapes… for now.

Aquino's profile

Back up on the skyscraper, Artie is trying to tell the Regent’s security man Mr. Jackson, to get all of them out and contact emergency service. As Myka starts to leave, but the female Regent says she is going with Myka. Security guy does not like this! So far however, he is left with little choice in the matter with a look from Jane.

Warehouse 13 S3x08 - "FUBAR"

As she and Myka walk along, one of my Favorite lines came from Jane: “If this is a typical Snag, bag and tag, I’d hate to see it when things are all FUBAR” (FUBAR = F—ed Up beyond All Recognition)… After seeing all they could they rejoin on the 34th floor Everything to the 11th floor is inaccessible. Artie then sees a reflection of the building they are in and sees it is in fact disintegrating from the ground up.

Artie sees this is originating from an Anarchy symbol tagged on a wall of the building. Back in “The Alibi”, Agent Stukowski is being readied for interrogation by Mrs. Frederick. Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder) has a medal from a Japanese unit from World War 2 (Unit 731) who dealt in human experimentation and biological warfare. The medal taken from a commander’s coat, can cause the wearer to have the sense of drowning. It is being held now by Mrs. Frederick.

Unit 731 Medal

In other words, Instant “Water torture”.  Mrs. Frederick is on the phone with Mr. Cosaan and say she will do whatever it takes to get the information from Stukowski. As Frederick places the medal against Stukowski’s chest, Sally is in a sense drowning and the effects are pretty good.

Simulates drowning

Claudia has rigged a way to ‘lie’ to Akino’s GSP system as he drives along. Claudia digs out a little gizmo she apparently made and connects to Aquino’s GPS while they are bot on the move. Claudia then gives false directions to the device in a perfect ‘GPS Voice’ and Aquino is none the wiser. He continues through the streets listening to his GPS!

AHA! GPS system!!

Meanwhile, Jinks watches Mrs. Frederick apply the medal again to Sally’s chest. He is against torture and tries to reason with Mrs. Frederick. But she will not listen and again makes Sally suffer. Sally, unknown by the others is working the restraints loose behind her.

"Berlin Wall…Berlin Wall…"

At the skyscraper, Artie and the others see a window washing rig below them and they try to get down to it. As they travel down a stairwell, they notice the landing giving way. Jackson is forced to make the Ultimate sacrifice as he falls into the burning floor. Jane tells Myka “Mr. Jackson knew the risks. So …Cowboy up.”

Jackson's Sacrifice

Back at the “Alibi” Sally mentioned the Berlin wall regarding the paint. As Mrs. Frederick keeps the medal to Sally’s chest, Sally works the restraints almost free and Jinks can take no more of this “We don’t torture people! It gives unreliable intel!” as he pulls his gun on Mrs. Frederick!!! Yikes, this guy has got intestinal fortitude doing something like that! It is at this time Stukowski is free and makes good her escape from Jinks and Mrs. Frederick. As they watch Sally running off, Mrs. Frederick turns to Jinks and says levelly, “Now, we must discuss the consequences of YOUR actions.”

Jinks pulls his gun!

The Warehouse team -via their Farnsworths- talk about the Anarchy symbol and the German taggers who painted it. Seems the ultimate symbol of their rebellion is steeped in intense emotion. Pete and Claudia  catch up to Akino they have now trapped in an alley and Akino says “We’re both cooked” and sprays the stuff into his own mouth, which causes him to disintegrate.

Aquino's suicide

Aquino disintegrates

Claudia and Pete bag the paint, but this does not stop the skyscraper’s disintegration. Artie, at the skyscraper is trying to get them to the window washing rig. Philippe, a Russian Regent has been crushed by a part of the building and knowing his fate, he and Jane join in the Regent bonding to transfer power to her from himself. Mr Cosaan assists with a key that joins these shackles together..

Joining of the shackles

Transfer of Guardianship

After a flash of energy and light, Jane is now connected as she should be, releasing Philippe from his tie. “My time…is over….” Philippe tells Jane. “You are the guardian now…” and the red lines of disintegration take Philippe. Jane is shaken and is helped up by Myka.We get the feeling Jane and Philippe knew each other for ages.

Philippe dies

Artie uses an artifact on the large window glass to get it out of the way and unfolds Lloyd Wright’s Pick-up-Sticks. As Artie drops this out the window, they form a ladder. I’m sure a lot of people in construction and those of nefarious intent would Love to have a set of these sticks!

Artie's Ladder

Artie gets down the ladder to a safe drop to the scaffolding. Jane is holding back, still upset by the death of her colleague Philippe and Myka now plays the ‘big girl’ saying “Look, he knew the risks! So Cowboy Up, lady, ’cause we’re gettin’ the hell outta Dodge! Come on…” Jane makes Mr. Cosaan go first, leaving Myka and herself on the floor. The ladder is now corrupted so Arite reluctantly leaves the two women on the 40th floor. Mr. Cosaan is adamant that Jane must be rescued.  Meanwhile, Jane figures out a way to use the fire hoses on every other floor and rappelled down the floors through the elevator shaft.

Berlin Wall, with graffiti

Meanwhile, the others figure out the possibility that by painting over the anarchy symbol with a peace symbol and feeling emotion to counteract the effects of the other paint could reverse the effects. As they paint, it is in fact, working! The red lines of destruction are being replaced by blue and resolve.

Warehouse 13 S3x07 - Pete paints over the chaos

Sally, however is in with her cohorts who end up killing her. The man who has been working with her -Marcus- seems to care a little at least as he says ‘It’ll look like an undetected heart defect’. The other man in the wheelchair said “Marcus, you were right… She wasn’t up to it.” Marcus replies “I’ll make sure someone finds her”. The other man says “You’re a good friend.” Marcus walks out of the room. I guess we shall see no more of this villain Stukowski!

Warehouse 13 S3x07 - Agent Stuikowski's death

Back at the skyscraper, everyone is seeking and finding each other. Pete is very relieved to find Myka. Mrs. Frederick is there too, and she with Mr. Cosaan speak of this ‘business’ called “A to Z Technologies”. Apparently this is the name the bad guys are using.

Claudia is told by Jinks that he has been fired by Mrs. Frederick. Claudia is ready to go talk to Mrs Frederick but Jinks stops her. He leaves and Claudia sits back down and cries. As the others are all leaving,  Myka takes Pete over to where Jane is standing. Myka makes the polite introduction: “Jane, this my partner Agent Pete Latimer” Jane turns to Pete, who stares back, smile dissolving as he exclaims “MOM!”

Warehouse 13 S3x07 - "MOM!"

MY Take…For What It Is Worth…

This episode has a lot of “Energy Transference” playing into it. Seems we GET what we GIVE in this one. Never presume that just because you have been inducted into a top, top, top secret organization that those above you are “Buddies” or “Friends”. Jinks was too sensitive to carry out an interrogation of a brutal ‘spy’.

Pulling his gun on Mrs. Frederick was the ULTIMATE act of insubordination and frankly he is lucky to have only been fired. However, having said that, this was abut the most ’emotional’ I have seen Mrs. Frederick become. I do not think Jinks will stay away. Instead, I am hoping something happens to bring him back.

I think we all knew she was very close to the Regents and did, in fact have their protection at heart. I will miss Agent Stukowski’s character, as the Warehouse team sort of needs a BAMF adversary. She WAS a bit irritating though with that high-pitched voice and syrupy accent. She did bring it up a notch though, in that she has shown us the Regents are NOT ‘immortal’. They are a close-knit group who have always maintained an air of mystique. How old ARE they? How did they come to the point where ‘Guardianship’ is transferred in the way it is? Is it a form of Ceremonial Magic? Technology alone? Are the Regents in fact, a branch of ET humans given charge over Eartheaon history perhaps?

The paint with the heavy emotion infused into it speaks of energy transference through inanimate objects. Do we have this power in real life? Most likely we can. Some people place a lot of faith in Crystals, Totems and Jewelry or a special thing a family member may have left us. In my own opinion, I saw the paint as symbolic of our ability to tear down corporations/groups we may be in. Causing discontent, lowering morale of colleagues, what have you… could well turn a happy workplace into a drudgery. We as a people must take care not to tear down the infrastructure of a society in part or as a whole. I also saw it as the power of Peaceful intent overriding the hate and fear that is the basis of war. Instead of ‘buying into’ the act to war and the emotions which may be causing this conflict of spirit, we must take ourselves in hand and gain control over our environs and those who would have us fall. We are the ‘Blue paint of peace’ in many ways.

I was surprised by Pete on seeing Jane and saying “MOM!” this was a surprise and hopefully, it means Kate Mulgrew will be around for some time to come.

NOTE: Because of the Labor Day Holiday this Monday there will be NO Warehouse 13 until September 12th! Enjoy the week off and get caught up on your Warehouse 13 viewing! We include the extended preview of the next episode “Shadows” featuring Alessandra Torressani of Caprica and her new series Team Husbands!

I hope you had a great holiday weekend.

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