Falling Skies Interview: Sarah Sanguin Carter Shares Certain Secrets As She Heads to Vancouver!

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On July 22, 2011 during the festivities at Comic-Con 2011 we had the pleasure and privilege to interview the beautiful and talented Ms. Sarah Sanguin Carter of Falling Skies courtesy of TNT and Dreamworks Studios.

For those unfamiliar with Falling Skies (we do not know how you could not be familiar since the series is the number one science fiction program launch in history), Sarah Sanguin Carter has a long and distinguished career in television and movies including Smallville, CSI: New York, Shark, The Twilight Zone, Wishmaster, Final Destination and many more!

Comic-Con 2011 - Sarah Sanguin Carter - Falling Skies Press
Ms. Carter is currently working on a new television movie, preparing to re-locate to Vancouver for Falling Skies and she is continuing to work with her band “Sanguin Drake” whom you may just see at a venue in Vancouver in 2012!

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Naturally of course I, and all Falling Skies fans are very excited that Sarah Sanguin Carter will return in season two of Falling Skies on TNT as Margaret in the summer of 2012. The real question is whether or not John Pope (Colin Cunningham) will survive Margaret and her Colt 45 automatic pistol in the process!

Falling Skies S1x09 - Sarah Sanguine Carter as Margaret

During our delightful time with Sarah Sanguin Carter we discovered her thoughts on the series moving to Vancouver, the answers to her feelings about what has happened to Margaret, how she feels about Anne Glass (Moon Bloodgood), Captain Weaver (Will Patton) and even the budding romance with Hal Mason (Drew Roy) son of Tom Mason (Noah Wyle)! The creation of her character in Falling Skies was designed to evoke emotion in both male and female viewers as you will witness for yourself in her exclusive interviews below. Enjoy!


Comic-Con 2011 - Sarah Sanguin Carter - Falling Skies Press

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