Being Human: Episode 12 “You’re The One That I Haunt” and Episode 13 “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You”


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Hello once again Being Human fans,

We are doing a combined episodic review and analysis because these two episodes are inextricably tied together. Our Team Leader OffWorldTravelr (Ginger) will be doing an additional special analysis about the mythology and mystery of Syfy’s version of Being Human in the not too distant future.

SPOILER ALERT: If you have not watched these two episodes and do not enjoy spoilers, please stop reading now and return when you have done so. This analysis explores the episodes with focus on certain aspects of the finale with discussion of the Single Effect as presented in Episode 12 “You’re The One That I Haunt” and Episode 13 “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You”. If you do not mind spoilers, please continue reading and enjoy. Thank you.Click to learn more about Being Human on Syfy!

Episode 12:

Previously we learned that Josh (Sam Huntington) became aware that Nora (Kristen Hager) was pregnant, and the Dutchman (Terry Kinney) warns Aidan (Sam Witwer) to prepare for what is coming. for goodness sakes our lovely female protagonist Sally Malik (Meaghan Rath) had become a zombie.

Being a zombie will play an important part of what is too come later in the episode. The makeup and special effects used to “zombie out” Ms. Rath are outstanding.

Being Human S1x12 - Sally is a zombie
One part I truly enjoyed is during the beginning when there is an extremely funny bit between the other two heroes of Being Human. During the scene between Aidan and Josh packing up loads of wooden stakes. Josh quips that one fell out of his hospital garb and is forced to explain to his co-workers as if he has taken up whittling wooden stakes as a hobby!

Being Human S1x12 - Whittled stakes in the bag
Of course wooden stakes will likely be needed since we all know evil vampires can only be effectively killed by a wooden stake to the heart (or is there another way? In any event the lines delivered by Josh (Sam Huntington) and are simply hilarious as they pack up the stakes for what is about to happen!

Being Human S1x12 - Whittled stakes ready for the bag
In episode 12 Aidan (Sam Witwer) is about to be attacked by Bishop (Mark Pellligrino) in a struggle for power over the vampire legions operating in the eastern seaboard of the United States. At the end of this episode Aidan will lay near death.

But I am getting ahead of myself. This wonderful episode directed by Erik Canuel and written by Nancy Won includes flashbacks to poor Sally Mailk in her new zombie state. A bit later we observe Sally haunting Danny (Gianpaolo Venuta) in the bathroom while he is shaving. During a great moment of story arc and visual effects, Sally the zombie threatens to slit his throat while he is shaving. This obsession Sally has for Danny snaps her out of her zombie state so she can return to her new life as a ghost. Welcome back to the “real world” Sally!

Being Human S1x12 -Sally returns to reality
The Syfy version of the Being Human series does a good job not over using this technique to fill in the back story. This time the important sequence is between the secret lovers meeting with Aidan and Celine (Nathalie Breuer) after seeing her in Boston in the present day. In the look back Aidan had been in love with a human which is where his apparent aversion to relationships stems from. The flashback takes us to Seattle Washington with a younger (20 year old) version of Celine. This time the Celine character is portrayed by Laurence Lebouef during their underwear clad lover romp.

Being Human S1x12 -Flashback to Seattle with Young Celine
After seeing her older self (in Boston) the flashbacks include not only their relationship in which Aidan has not turned her into a vampire, but Bishop has tracked him down to return to the vampire clan.

Being Human S1x12 -Aidan and Bishop in Seattle
At this point Bishop is grooming Aidan and his evil side has not been revealed in full quite yet. After the flashback, we return to find Celine in our time and in Boston.

Being Human S1x12 -Celine is in Boston
Coming to Aidan’s rescue in the hospital, Josh’s aids in stopping him from attacking a hapless janitor Aidan suspects is part of an attack he knows is coming from Bishop. This demonstrates the solid nature of their friendship. Despite being paranoid, Aidan has good reason to be on edge.

Being Human S1x12 -Aidan goes after the janitor

Being Human S1x12 -Aidan about to stake the janitor

We are sure exactly why this has occurred, Aidan’s edginess. However the intervention by Josh is short lived. Aidan later flashes on one of Bishops female operatives in the stairway proving that people loyal to Bishop are indeed out to stake Aidan in the heart. Josh proves his loyalty and stakes the operative who turns to dust before our eyes.

Being Human S1x12 -The new operative is discovered

Being Human S1x12 -Ashs to ashes dust to dust
One of the episodes greatest sequences that I enjoyed illustrates just how far people will go to lie and cover their tracks (much as in real life), Danny  shows up with a 5 gallon container of gasoline to burn the house down in an effort to immolate Sally after she haunted him. As we observed in a previous encounter with a medium, we learned that he had indeed killed her. I recall something similar in life when I was a volunteer fire chief. In order to elude the law a sex offer had attempted to burn his own residence and the evidence of his crimes.

Being Human S1x12 -Danny the arsonist

Being Human S1x12 -Danny burning down the house

Being Human S1x12 -Josh and Aidan arrive in the nick of time
As in my real life experience, in Being Human episode 12, Aidan and Josh arrive in the nick of time to call the fire department and the blaze is extinguished. In a bit of justice after Josh stops Aidan from turning Danny into a vampire, Sally materializes in front of his face and scares the dickens out of Danny warning him he will never be safe.

Being Human S1x12 -Sally show herself to Danny

Outside Danny, like many malcontents and criminals become when caught is now terrified for his life, confesses to the murder of Sally and is taken into custody where he will be “safe”. If only it was so easy in real life for people who have done wrong to learn from their mistakes. We will have more on that topic later.

Being Human S1x12 -Danny confesses his crimes
In a very touching scene between our heroes near the episodes end we observe two of them having martini’s as they are celebrating their successes in surviving.

Being Human S1x12 -The trio toast to success

All of a sudden a doorway or portal to the “other side” (the after life) appears in the living room. Apparently as a result of her having served her purpose on Earth in having justice exacted on Danny, Sally is about to be set free from her Earthly bounds by some sort of divine intervention (the presence of the doorway to the afterlife). What ever this presence is it will play a critical sole in the next sequence of events.

Being Human S1x12 -The portal appears

Being Human S1x12 -Sally is shocked when the portal appears

Suddenly Bishop crashes through the widow casing with a wooden stake in hand and stabs Aidan in the chest! Just when it appears Bishop will succeed in eliminating his age old nemesis and one time protege, something miraculous happens  Bishop begins to “burn” emitting smoke in the process screaming from pain. There was no precedent in previous episodes. Some (including me) have theorized that he was wearing a Star of David, but that was not made apparent in the setup. Another thought it might be due to his attempting to kill his vampire offspring, however Bishop and other characters had eliminated their offspring so that does not fit.

Being Human S1x12 - Bishop burning
It was only after viewing the episode again I had the logical theoretical answer. Perhaps the presence of the doorway or portal to the other side itself is the reason? The fact that the portal to the afterlife was present indicating a divine or non Earthly power must be the answer. Additionally something does seem to be looking over our three heroes throughout the entire thirteen episodes.

Being Human S1x12 - Bishop glanes at the portal
Bishop flees for his own life. He is observed looking towards the portal to the afterlife and hightails it out of the building. We are left with Aidan seemingly alive, but he in need of fresh blood and medical attention if he is too survive. This final sequence setups what I consider to be the second part of episode twelve “A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To Me Killing You”, episode thirteen the season finale.

Episode 13 – Season One Finale:

When we last left our heroes they were in the throws of either: joy, exasperation and or desperation as the three main cast characters dealt with their challenges. We learned that Josh (Sam Huntington) was aware that Nora (Kristen Hager) is pregnant, Sally (Meaghan Rath) discovered the portal doorway and used it to visit outside the house to “mosey” around, and sadly Aidan (Sam Witwer) was attacked by Bishop (Mark Pellligrino) lay near death afterward until Josh convinced Nora to violate hospital protocol and save him.

Being Human S1x13 - Aidan is near death
This wonderful episode directed Adam Kane and co-written by Anna Fricke and Jeremy Carver opens with flashbacks between the secret hospital room where Nora is asked to help Aidan to the original meeting between Josh and Aidan. Josh had been attacked by Marcus (Vincent Leclerc) and another vampire bully in a back alley where Josh worked.

Being Human S1x13 - Marcus traps Josh in the ally

Aidan came to Josh’s rescue which began their friendship. We are not sure exactly when this has occurred however the intervention by Aidan cements their friendship proving that people with different perspectives and beliefs on Being Human can not only respect each other, they can become friends and overcome the human tendency to spew bile when they discover secrets about each other.

Marcus and the other bully leaves but you can clearly see that the intervention to save the perceived enemy has left a rift that grows into obsession by Bishop’s faction that lead to the attempted assassination of Aidan by Bishop to secure his position of power with the “Dutch”.

Being Human S1x13 - Marcus is Bishops evil minion

Being Human S1x13 - Marcus and bully vampire beat Josh

Being Human S1x13 - Aidan has saved Josh

This is one of the Single Effects of the episode. In real life people often seek self gratification and power at the expense of others with no regard for the damage they inflict on anyone. Perhaps it is even a bit more simple than that.

Some people in this world, real life, are inherently evil and will lie, cheat, steal and slander others to get the attention they crave. At its worst this base human sickness will drive others to the depths of depravity with violence including attempted murder much like Bishop did to Aidan.

Back in the underground chamber Nora agrees reluctantly to provide the blood transfusion saving him from death. Celine (Nathalie Brewer) offers him live blood to heal faster but Aidan refuses indicating that if he feeds he would drain her. Instead Aidan is using a metaphor to indicate he just needs time  to heal.

This too is a message for all of in Being Human. Rather than taking the easy way out Aidan decides to heal further before feeding on Celine to become strong in the pending confrontation with Bishop. In this way he will not need all of her to be ready for battle of power on the eastern seaboard. This battle is symbolic in nature played out as to whom will be the vampire leader in that region.

Being Human S1x13 - Celine comforts Aidan

Unfortunately in real life things do not always turn out so well. People seeking power do not wait patiently. Instead of being introspective about the wrongs they had committed, these misguided souls lash out in anger with what can only be described as a “blood lust” in tragic misguided acts seeking revenge and retribution. Such is a bankrupt way of living.

What these people do not realize is the transparency of their actions are witnessed by all for what it truly is; an evil attempt to cover their own transgressions against others. Much like Bishop this type of hatred drives many in our world who think they should have the respect they perceive as power others have rightfully earned.

Being Human S1x13 - Bishop evilly pats Josh like a dog
Sadly these types of people do not learn that it is not a power you can steal. Respect is earned by doing the right things in life, not by stepping on or slandering others to get to their perceived position of dominance other others. We here at WHR see such poor behavior all the time especially on Twitter where these sad souls not only hurl grenades at others, they pour gasoline on the conflagration trying to foment insurrection by creating often cruel arguments designed to foster ill will.

Being Human S1x13 - Bishop a study in evilness
Let’s set the record straight, the team here at WormholeRiders News Agency does not participate in these juvenile attempts to create conflict. Instead the team does everything possible to not give the malcontents what they seek attention. Instead we ignore them wherever possible. That does not mean we are unaware of what they are doing. We are however quite aware of their dubious actions.

In fact many people send us e-mails with their foul plans, the direct messages the troublemakers think are private and even links to their ill considered trouble making posts. Where the malcontents always go wrong is that they “think” that certain people are their allies, their (friends when in fact they are allies of the WormholeRiders team. Perhaps the troublemakers will learn a lesson one day? We certainly hope they will do so and learn about what Being Human is all about (love and forgiveness, not living a life hating others or holding a grudge ).

In the telling of the Being Human story in general and this episode in specific Aidan may be a vampire (the stereo type personification of evil) but he is really a “good guy”. What do Aidan and his true friend Josh desire? He wants to do the right things between the werewolves and vampires obtaining peace in the process, or at least a working cordial relationship between foes in this age old struggle of conflict in Being Human.

Being Human S1x13 - Aidan and Josh want peace
Bishop on the other hand represents the evil people in our world who will do anything to secure their position, positions by the way that neither Bishop nor the malcontents of our world rightfully deserve either by training and hard work. Such positions are certainly not earned from their exhibited (demonstrated) and often repeated misguided behaviors

The episode continues with additional flashbacks from the past back to the present circumstances with our heroes reflecting on how they arrived at this critical juncture in their experiences.

Josh reflects on Aidan’s intervention and his successful application for employment at the hospital. Sally discovers that during or from going through the portal door that after the process she has a more solid existence being “tethered” to Earth in the process.  Aidan discusses the reasons for befriending Josh. Nora considers whether Josh will be a fit father not yet realizing the reason for his behavior, that he is a werewolf.

Being Human S1x13 - Nora does not yet know
During a poignant scene between Celine and Aidan, we discover that in the past Bishop had deliberately stopped her from meeting Aidan to exact revenge. Subsequent to the flashback, Celine gives herself to Aidan to complete his healing process to be ready for the fight for power, a conflict he can no longer avoid.

Being Human S1x13 - Aidan and Celine before her sacrifice
Evil Bishop tells Josh that Aidan is to meet him for the fight to the death or face the consequences threatening Josh’s family in the process. With no apparent way to stop the evil Bishop or the impending conflict, Josh reluctantly delivers the message to Aidan.

Being Human S1x13 - Josh infroms Aidan of the location
Much like in real life there are times when evil intentions must be stopped before the consequences spin out of control. It is not a pleasant thing to do, however putting a stop to rants and the attempts to do harm to others must be taken as a corrective action of the highest priority. It is a tough lesson in life and during Being Human Aidan rises to the task to put an end to Bishops reign of terror.

Being Human S1x13 - Joshs letter to Nora
The final sequences of the episode are superb. Josh is facing a full moon and Nora having read a touching letter from him finally observes his transformation first hand. She is shocked by the truth of his other persona.

Being Human S1x13 - Josh transforms

Being Human S1x13 - Nora is shocked
This metaphoric sequence is also reflective of real life when we learn of the behavior of people in their true nature. The question we all must ask is whether we can forgive people when they go rogue and try to hurt others. The answer I would like to offer is yes, please do so. Do not carry a grudge, it is not worth it and you only harm yourself in the process. Learning to forgive people is critical to the process of Being Human. In this manner Nora forgives Josh for not telling her the truth sooner. It will not be so easy a fate for the evil one Bishop.

Being Human S1x13 - Bishops head is a bowling ball
In the final battle with Bishop, naturally our hero Aidan prevails. I very much enjoyed the severing of Bishops head rolling like a bowling ball rather than the traditional stake to his heart that Sally brought to try and help Aidan. In this action we learned that the mythology of Being Human death can came in another manner. As Aidan dissolved to dust, the question we must consider is this the actual end for the Bishop character in the series?

Being Human S1x13 - Bishop ashes to ash dust to dust

I think not. In science fiction no one really stays dead for long. I am confident we will see more of Bishop in the future during season two, most likely in flashback sequences to round out the story line of his evil deeds and how Aidan and he became enemies.

Lastly the scenes with the three heroes sitting in the apartment were sweet. I say heroes because that is exactly what they intend on becoming, super heroes to fight the forces of evil. Suddenly a knock come on the door. Aidan  tells Josh and Sally it is a pizza delivery. Not!

Being Human S1x13 - The Heroes celebrate

Being Human S1x13 - The Heroes wait for pizza

Being Human S1x13 - Sally is happy too

Of course it is the Dutchman informing Aidan that “she” wants to meet him. Since Aidan is now the leader of the vampires on the eastern seaboard we are left wondering who “she” is? A perfect cliffhanger setting up the second season of the Americanized version of Being Human on Syfy would you not agree?

Being Human S1x13 - The Dutchman appears

Being Human S1x13 - She wants to meet Aidan

I suggest that you watch the entire season one on Syfy before watching the thrilling finale. If you missed any of season one or the finale, you can watch On-Demand on many cable systems such as Comcast or on Syfy Dot Com.

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