Mayans MC Review Season 3 Finale… Redemption, Salvation, Brutality and Truth!


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Hello, my fellow Mayans M.C. fans.

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Mayans MC poster. Images and videos courtesy FX Networks

It has been a few months since that epic season three finale. I am so happy that the series was renewed for a fourth (and fingers crossed for more) seasons.

There was a lot that happened throughout this third season, we saw the progression of some characters and the spiraling downfall of others.

The writing, directing, and acting in this season was top notch. Everyone brought their A game to a show that was filming through a pandemic.

The fact that the showrunner Elgin James wanted to bring fans a third season even through a pandemic, shows just how passionate he is about this show and how much he believes in it.

The show certainly helped countless fans maneuver through this pandemic a bit better with outstanding story arc by the creators, cast and crews!

This entry will have some spoilers, so if you have not watched the third season, now is the time to stop reading and go watch the series. From my last Mayans M.C. post in April, things took a 180 turn for the worse.

One of the more shocking things that happened was that Steve the Prospect, played by the wonderful comedian Momo Rodriguez, took his own life in front of his Mayan brothers.

Mayans MC S3x10 Momo Steve the Prospect commits suicide
Steve commits suicide. Image courtesy FX Network

I must say that the “Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write” episode was shocking to me and many other viewers.

However, the season finale also completely made sense when you remember the past events that lead up to it.

It was a harrowing scene, the way the scene was shot, I thought at first that it was a dream sequence until I realized it was not.

Momo Rodriguez was really a wonderful actor in this series. It was great to see him use a wide array of emotions with his character. The character of Steve will be missed.

I hope that we see Momo in future series on television as well as maybe in stand-up specials!




Chapter the Last, Nothing More to Write:

Mayans MC S3x10 Michael Irby as Obispo Bishop Losa
Michael Irby as Mayans leader Obispo “Bishop” Losa. Image courtesy FX Network

One actor that really stood out this season was Michael Irby (Obispo “Bishop” Losa). We learned that he lost his young son in a car crash and still blames his ex-wife for causing the accident. His work this season was absolutely phenomenal. He not only allowed himself to be vulnerable, but he also allowed his anger and immense sorrow, rage and pain to come through. Michael has always been the leader of the pack, but in this season, you saw him unravel a bit and it made his character more relatable. You saw how broken he was reliving the memory of what happened, you saw the cracks in him open further and further. No parent should ever have to bury a child, especially a father burying a young son. I have always been a fan of Michael’s and this season made me admire him more.

Bishop also had the task of making sure that his chapter of the Mayans were still the most powerful. They were at odds with the Northern California chapter and that came a head a few times during the season. Not to mention another bombshell that was dropped on us by another character, Che “Taza” Romero (Raoul Max Trujillo), he was gay. In that world of the MC, being gay is a death sentence. It will definitely be interesting to see what happens in season four as we were left with a cliffhanger.

Mayans MC S3x10 Galindo tries to kill Emily but loses his nerve
Galindo tries to kill Emily but ultimately loses his nerve. Image courtesy FX Network

Danny Pino’s character Miguel Galindo went off the deep end in the worst way during the last few episodes. Not only did he receive false information from his dead mother, but his world basically imploded on him. Danny Pino did such a great job spiraling out of control. You could see him question everything that he thought he knew in his life and those closest to him.

What he did to his wife Emily Thomas (Sarah Bolger) still shocks me to think about. I will not say any more than that, but I will add that I was gobsmacked with what actually happened. It was something that we the viewer did not expect to happen.

We then saw his closest ally and friend Nestor (Gino Vento) ignore his wishes and make a decision that will no doubt have repercussions on their relationship next season. I am very curious to see what happens between these two men that have been friends since childhood.

Mayans MC S3x10 Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez
Emilio Rivera as Marcus Alvarez. Image courtesy FX Network

Another favorite character is Marcus Alvarez (Emilio Rivera) who had a bigger role this season than in the past. Emilio is a veteran actor that you have seen in many different films and tv series. From a six episode stint on the Bold and the Beautiful, to guest starring roles in NYPD Blue, The Shield, Kojak, My Name is Earl and Sons of Anarchy where we are first introduced to Marcus Alvarez.

Marcus’s character decided to defy his boss Galindo making his moral dilemma this season play out in a very Shakespearean way. He was torn between three families, his Mayans family, his work family, and his real family making his portrayal as Emilio something viewers could relate to.

I will be completely honest with you, Emilio scares me, in as much as he is so good at playing those menacing characters. If you have seen his social media though, what he portrays on screen is the furthest from how he is in real life. That is what it means to be a great actor, when you can be so good that fans are convinced that is how you are in real life.

Mayans MC S3x10 JD Pardo as Ezekiel EZ Reyes
JD Pardo as Ezekiel EZ Reyes. Image courtesy FX Network

Now, let me talk about JD Pardo and his journey as Ezekiel Reyes this season. I know that in past articles I have mentioned JD a few times and with good reason. He is one of those actors that is not only pleasing to look at, but that has a body of work and the massive chops to back it up. Ez’s journey this season did send him down a rabbit hole.

From the burgeoning love of Gaby (Sulem Calderon) to the demons that surfaced once he embraced his full patch capabilities. We saw him transform, not only emotionally, but physically. Ez has always been physically fit, there is no question about that, but his transformation almost became otherworldly.

You saw his body change, become more intense and contort with emotion. An actor like JD is a dream to work with, he is the type of actor that fully commits to his character flaws and all. He is not afraid to walk that line, to show the good, bad, and ugly side of himself.

Mayans MC S3x10 Sulem Calderon as Gaby
Sulem Calderon as Gaby. Image courtesy FX Network

With this season showing more of Gaby and Ez’s love blossom, it also challenged him. He was being torn in two different directions, toeing the line between two worlds. With his past also still present always in his life, he had a difficult time navigating this season for sure. JD gave himself fully to this season of Mayans and you can tell from the first episode to the fifth episode which definitely changed the trajectory of Ez forever. One scene that will stay with me for an exceedingly long time and that I had mentioned before is the flashback scene of his time in jail. I have rarely seen an actor go through a gamut of emotions with such voracity and such truth that it took my breath away. It literally stunned me, and that is a rare thing to do as I tend to be critical of actors work. I am constantly in awe of JD’s work and always look forward to his future projects and hopefully I can work with him one day.

Mayans MC S3x10 Coco decides to give up drugs and is saved from Issac by the Mayans
Coco decides to give up drugs and is saved from Issac by the Mayans. Image courtesy FX Network

The wondrous thing I love about this series in particular is that the writers give the actors meaty scenes for them to work off of. It also helps having awe-inspiring actors of immense talent working through that dialogue with honesty and raw talent. Richard Cabral’s character of Coco is one of those awe-inspiring actors that stun with every breath the character takes. His incredible journey this season was one of biblical proportions, a modern-day Lazarus if you will.

Coco’s spiral into heroine addiction and the eventual resurrection played out with heartbreaking realism. Richard is another actor of astonishing range; I believe there is nothing he cannot do as an actor. At first, I was a little but disappointed at the writers for not giving his character much to do accept be a drug addict, but as the series got closer to the season finale, you saw all of that pay off. His relationship between Hope (Vanessa Giselle) and his daughter Leticia (Emily Tosta) became the very thing that saved him and brought about his redemption. He will always be an actor to watch no matter what he does. I am also curious to see what his character will go through in the fourth season.

Mayans MC S3x10 Carla Baratta as Luisa Adelita Espina
Carla Baratta as Luisa Adelita Espina. Image courtesy FX Network

Carla Baratta’s portrayal of Adelita was glorious to watch. Her journey, especially toward the end of the season really solidified how amazing Carla is as Adelita. It also showed us a side of a woman that was not only scorned but transformed and liberated by her own actions. Carla has a quiet intensity about her and that comes through with voracity when she plays Adelita. She gives Adelita (and frankly all women) the permission to be who they truly are.

She does not by any means shy away from the ugly parts, the big parts, the small parts, the broken parts of herself. She gives Adelita fully over to every single emotion that Adelita feels whether it is good or bad. Carla is spectacular in this season that I am so excited to see where Adelita is taken next season.

One of my favorite reasons to love this series is how women are written. How Elgin has made it a point to not only include women in the writers room but behind the camera as well. It is one of the few shows that allows women (especially of color) to shine. In the business that is show, women (again especially WOC) have to fight ten times as hard for their spot at the table. There have been small changes that have happened over the last ten years or so, I am hopeful that more and more changes will come. I am hoping that we as an audience can see more WOC behind and in front of the camera. I am always an ally and advocate for that kind of change and will be front and center when that change happens, cheering for my fellow artistic sisters.

Mayans MC S3x10 Felipe Reyes and Gaby meet to discuss the future
Felipe and Gaby discuss the future. Image courtesy FX Network

The third season of Mayans is the best so far and it can only get better. As it is on hiatus now, the actors are doing other projects as well as taking a much-needed break. I am sure the writers are planning and plotting the next season with much fervor. I implore you to watch this season and understand why to write an article about this third season is a challenge as there is so much to cover that I cannot possibly do it all.

Also watch the series because it is an exceptional series. Yes, it is a spin-off of the much beloved and extremely popular Sons of Anarchy, but it does stand in its own two feet. It does bring the world of Santo Padre to us with vivid reality, the world of the Mayans roaring through us.

Each episode is shot like a mini movie, the scenery, the landscape, the stunning visuals all elicit visceral reactions from the viewer. I cannot tell you how many times during the live tweeting the cast does during the episodes it is remarked how amazing the show is shot.

Mayans MC S3x10 The Mayans toast to what they must do
Mayans toast to what they must do. Image courtesy FX Network

As a photographer myself, I am constantly looking at how movies and series are shot and what kind of visuals the cinematographer uses. Mayans is definitely one of the shows that the scenery and landscape are also serve as an additional character if you will.

The town of Santo Padre and the remoteness of it, the expanse of it and the confinement of it is prevalent in certain characters and their situations. I am hoping that we will get to see a few more landscapes in the next season (and hopefully seasons to come).

Well, my fellow Mayans fans, I hope this article has convinced you to start watching an amazing show. I will say that the first two seasons of the show may get a bit frustrating as it was still finding its legs, but once the third season starts, it is full throttle from there. I can tell you with certainty that I will be counting the days until season four starts.

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