V Series Episode 7 “Birth Pangs” – A Second Detailed Perspective


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And welcome to my review of V Series, season 2, episode 7 entitled “Birth Pangs”. I enjoyed this episode quite a lot. I thought it was one of the best episodes I have seen this season.

The episode begins with Anna Visitor (Morena Baccarin) and Thomas Visitor (Martin Cummins) visiting Tyler Evans (Logan Huffman) who is reclining on the Visitor version of a barber chair, while wearing a barbers sheet or is that just a really large jacket? Anna tells Tyler that she was very sorry to hear of his father’s death. (Tee hee hee) She says she is pleased how well he seems to be adjusting to life on the ship, and thaClick to visit Warner Brothers Entertainment!t she hears he has fully embraced the pilot training program.

Tyler responds in a deeper, more mature sounding voice than what he has used before. He says that everything has been great so far, and then he thanks her. I have to say I like this new voice. He seems much colder and non emotional, than his old self,which normally would be a bad thing, but since I always found Tyler to be way over emotional I find this new him refreshing.

V Series sx207 Tyler gets a haircut

Thomas tells Tyler that before he can enter into deep space flight he must have a physical examination. Anna assures Tyler that it is just a formality, and then the assigned visitor barber technician begins shaving off Tyler ‘s hair. The hair clipper he uses has these really pretty blue lights. I like blue!

Anna and Thomas leave Tyler because watching someone get a haircut is really boring, and as they are walking down the corridor Anna comments that the examination will assess Tyler ‘s DNA to be sure he is medically ready for what Anna wants to use him for. She instructs Thomas to have Joshua Visitor report to her as soon as the results come in. She gives us (Christopher Shyer fans) some wonderful news that Marcus Visitor (Christopher Shyer) will recover!!!!! (Yaysome Firefoxes and Apples).

Anna brags about Eli Cohan (Oded Fehr) and the rest of the fifth column having been obliterated. Nice word choice, though, Queen Anna is slipping here, allowing her over-confidence to shield the truth. Yes, she did win a small victory last week, but the fifth column was hardly obliterated. There are still thousands of them crawling around out there under the spaceships.

Thomas interjects that Concordia is moving forward on schedule. Anna finishes his thought by adding that soon the landing sites for their breeding ships will be built, and with Tyler aboard they can begin the next phase of inter-breeding. I do love Marcus, and I missed him while he was healing, but Anna and Thomas work very well together. I enjoyed how in sync their conversation was, the dialogue just seemed to flow quite well.

V Series sx207 Thomas and Anna
In the next scene, Jack Landry, formerly Father Jack Landry, (Joel Gretsch) is seen entering down the stairs into Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure) basement bunker. I love how Hobbes is always busy, he always seems to be busy fixing something, making something. He never just sits around. Kyle Hobbes is a man of action.

Jack is carrying two large duffel bags, inside is every personal possession he has collected over the past twelve years that he lived and served at Saint Josephine ‘s Church. I think it was so sweet of Hobbes to let Jack move in with him until he can find a place of his own. Jack thinks so too, and thanks his friend, he even makes a joke about being sure to leave enough room for Hobbes’ black t-shirts.

Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) arrives next and asks what the over/under is for who will kill who first. Science fiction shows like this can sometimes get kind of grim, so I always appreciate when the writers inject a little humor into the narrative.

Jack immediately asks Erica about Tyler. She says she has not seen him nor spoken to him since Joe ‘s funeral, and then says she does not want to talk about it anymore. Right after this Hobbes spies a stranger at his door. Erica tells them it is John Fierro (Zak Santiago), Eli ‘s second. Hobbes is not happy about Erica giving this guy her address, but Erica says they need this guy because he is their conduit to Eli ‘s worldwide fifth column network.

Erica says that if Anna wants a war then she is going to give her one. And then she orders Hobbes to let Fierro in, which he does reluctantly. Erica introduces everybody. Fierro shakes Jack’s hand, but not Hobbes, perhaps because Hobbes was glaring at him suspiciously. Fierro says he walked through fire with Eli, and that if Eli trusted Erica, then that is good enough for him. Awe! So sweet! I hope Fierro sticks around for a while. Erica replies that she is now ready to take over leadership of Eli’s network.

V Series sx207 John Fierro meets team Erica

V Series sx207 team Erica meets Fierro

Fierro says that in the wake of Eli ‘s death some of his top lieutenants are getting together in Bangkok, Thailand to strategize what to do next. If Erica is to be the new leader she needs to be there. Hobbes says he has used fake ID ‘s lots of times to travel in and out of the East. I think he says this hoping that he will get to go too. Then Erica says, I guess we should go to Bangkok.

Next it is back to the mothership, where Tyler is being flashed with pretty blue lights scans. Joshua Visitor (Mark Hildreth) is explaining to Anna and Thomas Visitor that Tyler ‘s vitals are excellent but his levels of phosphorus are not as high as they need to be. Anna says that the red rain should have infused him with more than enough phosphorus for inter-breeding. Joshua explains that everyone’s body is unique and that Tyler ‘s body seems to be rejecting the surge of phosphorus.

Anna commands Joshua to give him a concentrated dose. Joshua says he cannot guarantee Tyler will absorb enough to make him viable, which causes Anna to turn to Thomas; She says they may need to alter their plans. She asks Scary Thomas if the backup candidates have been tested? Scary Thomas replies that Rafael from Barcelona is their most promising backup candidate. Anna tells him to arrange for Rafael to visit with Lisa. Thomas asks what if Lisa rejects him? Anna replies that Lisa will breed with whoever she tells her to.

The blue light examination stops and Anna tells Tyler he has passed. He is relieved and excited when Anna tells him he gets to go away on his first over night flight. After Tyler leaves the room, Anna orders Joshua to inject Tyler with the phosphorus injection. He asks what will happen if after that his levels remain low. Anna coldly replies that if this happens he will be of no further use to them. I assume this means Tyler may become the victim of a shuttle malfunction or something similar that ends in his death.

In the next scene we get to travel to Bangkok Thailand where Fierro, Hobbes, and Erica are meeting with Eli ‘s top lieutenants. I love how all three of them are wearing sunglasses, while none of the lieutenants from Eli ‘s team are. I think the sunglasses make them all look really cool. And I like how John Fierro is wearing them too, perhaps signifying that he is now part of Erica ‘s team? I noticed that Erica ‘s glasses are tinted much more lightly than the guys, maybe because she is the leader, and the leader needs to be able to look people in the eye and stare them down.

V Series sx207 The cool team


V Series sx207 Erica Evans V team leader
The lieutenants are not happy to hear that Eli turned the leadership over to her. They say they have many of their own plans in motion, including a plan to avenge Eli ‘s death. Kyle speaks up then, and says sarcastically, Oh, like suicide bombings, and attacks against innocent humans. You are just throwing pebbles at a giant when you do stuff like that. I think he means that they need to have bigger bolder plans because the things they are doing while fun like throwing pebbles at a giant would be, the pebbles do not actually hurt the giant.

One of the Lieutenants does not agree with Hobbes and grumbles that he told everyone that this would be a waste of time. I bet he just does not like being told that his plans are not very good. Erica sees her chance to act like a leader and jumps right in and commands him to stop, as he is trying to leave. She says that if they are going to defeat the Visitors they need to change tactics. She says that Eli died because his plan did not work. She tells the lieutenants that she has contacts on Anna ‘s ship, as well as access that they will never have without her.

Fierro speaks up then in Erica ‘s defense. He reminds the others that Eli chose Erica to lead them, and he says that they owe it to Eli ‘s memory to give her a chance. So then one of the lieutenants, a different one than the guy who tried to leave early, tells Erica to present them with a plan. If they like it, and think it is a better plan than any of their own then they will follow her, if they think her plan is stupid then leadership will pass to someone in their group who had already proven their worth.

Back on the mothership, Queen Anna finds Princess Lisa, and she tells her about Rafael. Anna tells Lisa to entertain him, but I do not think she means play Parcheesi with him or read to him from her favorite book of poetry. Lisa is confused and wants to know what is going on with Tyler. Anna does not look pleased that Lisa has questioned her. So Lisa adds as logically as possible, that if Tyler senses her disloyalty it could upset her mother’s wonderfully devious plan, whatever that plan is, since Lisa does not know yet. Anna replies that her plans for Tyler are none of Lisa ‘s business. Lisa ‘s job is to do whatever her mother tells her to do, and Anna is telling her to entertain Rafael, as in kiss him and stuff. She warns Lisa to never question her again.

While still in Bangkok, Erica is having a video conference call on her laptop with Jack, Sid, Chad and Hobbes, who is lounging in bed in his own hotel room. That is where She and Hobbes are when they make this call. Erica tells jack that Eli Cohan ‘s lieutenants do not think that she has what it takes to lead them. Jack sympathetically says that they fought this war on their own before, so they do not need them. But Erica realistically tells Jack that if they are going to defeat Anna they need an army to do it.

Then Dr. Sidney Miller (Bret Harrison) asks, so even if we had an army how would we fight the Visitors? And Erica explains that if they can find out what Anna wants then they will know how to stop her. Hobbes says over his coffee cup, that they know the visitors want them for breeding, but admits that they do not know exactly what means yet.

Chad Decker (Scott Wolf) interjects from work something that he recently learned about the live-aboard ‘s. He says when he interviewed Anna last week she said that the next batch of live-aboard ‘s to come up would be the last. Then he and Erica agree that if Anna is stopping the live aboard program this must mean that she will soon have whatever she needs. The next question they ask is what does Anna need?” Erica thinks there might be someone on the ship who can help them find out. She tells Chad about Lisa and asks him to go on board and talk to her for them. Chad is very surprised to hear that Anna ‘s own daughter is working against her.

Then she asks Sid how he is coming along on the DNA research?” He replies that he reached out to the global scientific community, and he found out there were cases of other boys with their DNA missing, but so far all the ones he had found died as infants. Erica tells him to keep looking. I love how good of a leader Erica has become, and I enjoy watching her give orders left and right just like Anna does, except that Erica is a lot nicer than Anna, and she only skins those who really deserve it.

V series sx207 Team Erica conference call

Switch scenery to outdoor cafe with Erica, Hobbes, and Fierro. Erica asks John about the death of Eli ‘s son. Fierro admits that Eli had him investigating it. He says he started with the doctor who delivered Eli ‘ son, and he found out that the man is dead. But he began looking into the doctor’s practice where he discovered that eighteen years ago he had a rather alarming number of babies under his care die from what was listed as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.

Erica suggests that it is possible that those babies died because their DNA was messed with. She says no one would have thought to check for that. Then Fierro says that after he learned about this he found a common link between the babies who died. All their mothers suffered from Pre-ecclampsia. Erica, told us in season two, episode one, “Red Rain” that she, too, had been diagnosed with Pre-ecclampsia. Fierro says that many of the mothers were treated by the same specialist, Doctor Veena Rai (Marny Eng).

Erica is visibly shaken when she hears this doctor’s name spoken as this is the doctor who treated her when she was pregnant with Tyler. She says that she looked everywhere for her, but she could not find her. Fierro says sympathetically that he could not find her either, so he used his fifth column contacts around the world and it paid off with a cop in Hong Kong who thinks he may have found her. Erica declares that if it is Doctor Rai she might know what the Visitors did to those boys, and why, which is why she says they must talk with her. So she and Hobbes and Fierro hop on a plane (I imagine) and fly to China.

V Series sx207 Erica learns new information about her doctor
Back on the mothership, Anna goes to medical bay to speak to Joshua. He tells her that Rafael is en route from Barcelona as she requested, and that according to his file his phosphorus levels are ideal. Anna smiles sweetly and tells Joshua how much she trusts him (It is a very scary smile, really. If Anna ever smiled like that at me I would run for the nearest broom closet). *giggles* Anna tells Joshua that she is about to tell him a secret, and then she tells him that she is sensing weakness in Lisa. (She moves quite close to Joshua as she is sharing, I am not sure if she is trying to intimidate him, if his scent is exciting her, or if she simply does not wish to be overheard.) Joshua asks Anna what she wants him to do, and she tells him to pretend to Lisa that he remembers being fifth column. Anna wants Joshua to test her daughter, she also asks him to watch Lisa, and to report everything he sees to her directly.

Next we watch Lisa go down in the elevator to visit with Diana Visitor (Jane Badler). Diana seems miffed that it has taken a week for Lisa to come back, and she believes that it has taken Lisa this long to decide to trust her. But Lisa claims that she wanted to come back sooner, but that her mother watches her every move. Diana then notices that Lisa looks troubled and she asks her what is wrong. Lisa explains the Tyler/Rafael situation to her. She does not understand why her mother would ask her to kiss Rafael when she told her to kiss Tyler.

Diana explains that Anna must be changing her plans, she then picks up on the fact that Lisa likes Tyler. Lisa sticks her chin in the air and haughtily exclaims that visitors are not supposed to have human emotions. But then Diana tells her that emotions give you power unlike anything else; she grasps Lisa by the arm and shakes her a little as she says it to emphasize the importance of her message. Lisa is worried what her mother would do if she ever found out that Lisa has emotions. Diana suggests that Anna might throw her down there in the dungeon with her, and then she tells Lisa that if she does not want this to happen then she needs to be very careful to not let her mother know.

V Series sx207 The power of emotion
Lisa asks her grandmother what she should do about Rafael. She says that she does not want to be with him. Diana says that Lisa should not have to be, but that in order for Lisa to save herself and possibly save their species she must do whatever Anna commands her. I do not think this is the answer Lisa wanted to hear. She may also be getting a little tired of being told that so many lives are depending on her. Certainly Lisa never asked for any of this responsibility, nor did she ask to be born of royal blood. Although I think the idea of one day being queen excites her, but the idea of becoming just like her mother should scare her good and plenty.

Next Chad arrives on ship. He sees Lisa and heads toward her, getting into his reporter act for his cover story just in case he needs it. He smiles brightly at Lisa, introduces himself and says he would like to do a story on her, and what it is like being first daughter of the visitors. Lisa is not too enthusiastic about meeting this reporter, but she is polite. About the story she says she will be happy to do whatever her mother wants. And then she tries to leave the annoying human reporter behind, but he follows her, and steps into her path.

V Series sx207 Chad gets in the way of Lisa
He says that Erica Evans told him that she could help. Lisa must be suspicious, she asks why Mrs. Evans would say something like that. Chad says because he is working with her, and Lisa is smart enough to realize that he does not mean that he works with her in the FBI, but she chooses to play dumb instead in case this is a trap or a test. Chad realizing he needs to take this a step further says that he knows she helped Erica destroy her mother’s soldier eggs. He says he knows that she wants to stop her mother, just like he does. Lisa decides that Chad is for real because her mother does not know that Lisa or Erica had anything to do with her eggs being scrambled. (I like scrambled eggs; toast is yummy too, but with butter, not jam.) 😛

V Series sx207 Chad tells Lisa the truth

Lisa Visitor asks Chad what he wants from her; she sounds kind of annoyed, to me, like, “why does everyone keep bothering me? I am not a superhero.” (A pun by the actress Laura Vandervoort, did play Supergirl on Smallville) Chad quickly explains that they need information on the live aboard ‘s, and what Anna is doing to them/what she wants them for. He says, lives depend on our getting this information, but he also says, please. (Chad must have done very well in Pre-school). And then even though Lisa is not a superhero, she does agree to help. It may have been the magic word that helped her make her decision. So now all of you parents out there can tell your children, “remember your manners. Save the world.” *giggles*

Lisa immediately goes to an area of the ship where the live aboard experiments are done (at least this is where I think she has gone, perhaps she is in the V record room or even their library. If this is their library it is a very sad one) Wherever Lisa is she is there to look through the live aboard records. Joshua sneaks up on her , sees what she is doing, but is too far away to read which records she is reading. He scurries out before she even knows he is there. Then she leaves and Joshua leaps out from a corner and asks if he can have a word with her? Lisa is surprised to see him and wants to know what he is doing there in the red arrow hallway? The red arrow hallway is the hallway where they wheel the unfortunate live aboard ‘s down in the middle of the night so they can stick them in the needle machine. It is a much quieter place during the day.

V Series sx207 Joshua catches Lisa

Joshua says that he was looking for her because his memory from before the shooting from season one, episode twelve, “Red Sky” has been returning to him. He says that he remembers being fifth column and feeling human emotion, and he wants to talk to Lisa about these memories. He claims he remembers that he used to talk to her about them before. Lisa does not believe Joshua. From what I remember the two never really talked, as in two friends, heart to heart. And he didn’t mention the egg bombing at all. If Joshua really did remember he would have mentioned it, so Lisa correctly realizes this is a trap, and says nothing damaging. Good on ya, Lisa!

V Series sx207 Joshua tests Lisa
Erica, Hobbes, and Fierro are now in Hong Kong, China eating at another outdoor cafe with the cop who found Dr. Rai, Wen Chiang (Ash Lee). Hobbes says, “Are you kidding? Hong Kong cops have never heard of a donut shop? (Is holding up a small chicken foot with chopsticks)

V Series sx207 Hobbes wants a donut

Chiang solemnly says that Chicken feet are a delicacy. Then Erica gets down to business, asking Chiang about Doctor Rai. Chiang takes a photo out of the folder he is holding on his lap, he passes it to Erica. She recognizes the woman. That is her, she confirms before passing the photo on to Hobbes. Chiang says that she took a long time to find because she has been living under an assumed name. Kyle suggests that they pay her a visit. Chiang says that Doctor Rai lives in a highly secured building, but that because the police are wired into security he could get them in, but he does not know how to shut the system down.

Fierro volunteers for this assignment, claiming that hacking is one of the things that he does best. The Hong Kong police officer warns that they will only have a short window of opportunity to break into the doctor’s home because the security system does an internal check every fifteen minutes. Erica says she does not care how much time they have she just has to get in there so she can ask this woman what she did to her son. Erica and Hobbes sneak inside the building. Hobbes knocks out a security guy and puts on his uniform while Fierro works on hacking into the security. Fierro is successful, he tells Chiang, who calls Erica. He says the monitors will now go on a loop and she has fifteen minutes before the system automatically reboots.

V Series sx207 Hobbes as a security V

Hobbes knocks on Dr. Rai’s door wearing his security guy uniform. In what I assume is Cantonese, he tells Rai (Marny Eng) that the heat sensors were picking up an electrical short in her apartment. She says she is not having any problems. Hobbes says they got an alert on the sixth floor, and that they just nearly avoided a fire. So she opens the door, Erica and Hobbes instantly pull their weapons. Erica rushes in, grabs Dr. Rai, and pushes her up against the wall. She shouts at her, demanding to know who she thinks she is, and crying that she trusted her. Veena wants to know who they are, so Erica tells her that eighteen years ago, she and her baby were patients of hers. She says that Doctor Rai was supposed to take care of them.

The doctor tries to pretend that Erica has mistaken her for someone else. So Erica angrily, grabs her again and slams her face down onto the dining room table. She orders Hobbes to take the doctors hands, then Erica takes her knife and administers the V test by cutting off a little piece of her skin on her neck to see if she is human or V. She discovers that Dr. Rai is a Visitor. It is important to Erica that Veena understand what she is going to do to her. She says that she is going to skin her slowly from neck to tail until she tells her everything that she did to Tyler. Erica says that she is going to keep her alive so that she feels every cut. Then after she has her good and scared she demands that she tell where her safe is located. At first Doctor Rai does not answer, but after Erica shouts at her twice, she says the safe is in the bedroom.

V Series sx207 Erica wants answers from Dr Rai

Erica lets her get up so she can show them. She keeps her hand on the back of the doctors neck while she pushes her forwards. Hobbes tells Erica, they need to hurry. Erica purposely slams Doctor Rai’s head into the corner as they are rounding it into the bedroom. Veena shows them the safe in the closet. Hobbes finds the switch to open the front covering. He asks for the combination. Erica must have relaxed her grip on Veena ‘s neck because Veena reaches back and slaps Erica ‘s gun away, and then she runs straight for her balcony. Erica and Hobbes chase her through the sliding glass door, but they are not going to follow her over the railing. Really cool sequence while she is flying through the air before popping a suicide pill and exploding into flame. That was one wicked awesome scene! Many kudos to all those involved in putting this scene together.

V Series sx207 Veena the flying Visitor


V Series sx207 Veena bursting into flames

Erica realizes they don’t have much time left. Hobbes tells her to look for a flashlight or a power drill, or any kind of tool that they can use to break into the safe. Erica does find a flashlight, and Hobbes finds a drill. Hobbes says that they are going to raise the pressure on the inside, so that it is higher on the inside than it is on the outside. The trick he says is in not blowing up the contents in the process. He then teases Erica, “Pretty quick to slice and dice back there, agent Evans. How did you know Rai was a lizard? ” Erica says she did not know. Hobbes replies that he likes this new Erica, while pulling a small white cord out of his watch. Erica comments that this looked very Mission Impossible like. Hobbes calls it a det cord (detonation cord?) He says he never leaves home without it. Erica says she thinks that this is a good things for them today.

Hobbes asks Erica to crawl under the shelf where the safe is sitting. He needs her light so he can see to shove the det cord into the hole he made with the drill. But he says Erica ‘s hands are smaller, so he has her shove it in; they have a moment where they just looks at each other, and you know that they want to kiss, but dagnabbit they do not!

V Series sx207 Hobbes and Erica shipper moment

Erica gets the cord into the hole, Hobbes ties it off, and then plugs the other end into his mobile phone. He dials something, and the door of the safe blows off. Soo cool! And I agree with Erica, very Mission Impossible. As they are running out of time they grab everything out of the safe and run. They almost get caught when a bunch of cops arrive just as they are entering the stairwell. Their cop friend enters at just the right moment, shows his identification and tells them that the suspects were spotted outside. They all run to see, which gives Erica and Hobbes a chance to escape.

We get a short change of scene with Jack out taking a walk. Ryan, who did survive the blast somehow, jumps out at Jack and asks for his help. Jack is just as angry with Ryan as Erica was, and he repeats the same lines about how Ryan betrayed them, how Joe Evans (Nicholas Lea) is dead because of him. (none of them know about Hobbes little part in that escapade.) Ryan says he knows what he did was wrong, but Anna had his baby, and he didn’t have any other choice. And Jack tells him, no, you could have told us what was going on. Ryan is just very pitiful, and he again asks Jack for help in getting his daughter away from Anna. Jack has had enough, and as he is walking away, Ryan says, “You know of all the people I would think that you would be the one who understands. Everybody needs a second chance.” Jack stops, looks at him and says, “I’m not a priest anymore, Ryan. It’s not my job to absolve you.” And then he walks away.

Back to Hong Kong, Erica and Hobbes and Chiang enter some kind of office where they can talk privately. Chiang says that Rai visited the same cities over and over for nineteen years. As they are looking through the Visitor version of a flash drive, that they stole from Rai ‘s safe, Erica, Hobbes and Fierro discover that there are 29 boys in the database, in 29 cities, and each one has a mothership parked over them. They realize that the ships were parked where they were because of these 29 boys, Tyler included. Erica also then discovers for sure that Tyler is not the only one missing DNA, which tells her that this makes her son expendable.

V Series sx207 Resistance in Hong Kong

Erica is upset, she walks away a little from the group. Hobbes follows her, and promises that they will figure it out, and they will stop Anna and will keep Tyler safe. Those are a lot of promises to make, and as excited as I am to see Hobbes and Erica together I cannot help but worry what is going to happen when Erica finds out that it was Hobbes who blew up Eli Cohan ‘s base. Will she blame him for her ex-husband’s death? Will she feel betrayed like she does by Ryan?

V Series sx207 Kyle and Erica look so good together

Chiang picks up a small bottle and asks what is in it. Erica recognizes the bottle because they are the same prenatal vitamins that she took when she was pregnant with Tyler. Fierro asks why a doctor would keep prenatal vitamins in a safe?” Hobbes says they would not unless they were trying to hide something. So he takes a pill, cuts it open, removes a small metal cylinder, cuts that open and hundreds of tiny pink and silver bugs go racing all over the table.

Chad is at work getting his hair and makeup done while waiting to go on the air for his show when Lisa calls him with the information that he asked her for. She says she is sending the information to him.

V Series sx207 Chad Decker has no time for his hairdresser

Erica and Hobbes are home, and are in a meeting with Jack and Sid. Science boy has been studying the metal bugs and he knows what they do. He invites everyone to come and look at what he has found. He says the Visitors must have programmed the metal bugs to go after DNA with a Y chromosome, and that is why the pregnant mothers and baby girls were not affected.

V Series sx207 cyber bug image

Jack says then that they now know what the Visitors did and how they did it, but they still do not know why. Sid reminds him that they know the Visitors created empty space in these boys DNA so that they could put something in, but they do not know what yet. Then Chad arrives with the information sent to him by Lisa. He claims he might know what it is all about. He tells them that Anna has been using her needle machine to harvest DNA from the live a boards but not just any DNA, the best of the best.

“That’s awesome!” Sid exclaims. “I mean definitely not awesome, but it explains something that has been driving me crazy.” He then explains what he is talking about. He shows them DNA from Alpha the V skeleton he found. Alpha ‘s DNA is one hundred times more complex than normal DNA. Sid explains, but then he shows them Malik’s DNA, which is one thousand times more complex than Alpha ‘s. Sid explains that the genetic evolution from Alpha to Malik should have taken five thousand years, but the Visitors did it in fifty. Sid says this explains why the Visitors did not just annihilate them. They needed them alive because they were stealing the best of their DNA. Then Erica adds that the Visitors are using them to fast track their own evolution.

V Series sx207 Dr Miller is awesome
I really like the addition of Doctor Miller. Sid is cute, and funny, and nerdy, and smart, and I feel like he has added a lot to the show whenever he has had a scene. A scientist character was badly needed for a long time, so I am very excited that now we have one. I like that Sid was able to finally give us answers to why are the Visitors here, and what do they want from the V television series world.

Back on the mothership, Anna is sitting alone at her desk when Joshua walks in to announce that Rafael has arrived. Since Joshua is there Anna asks him if he approached Lisa like she asked him to? Joshua tells her that he did, and he tells her that Lisa gave no indication she has ever felt human emotion. Anna says that Lisa could have been testing him while he was testing her. Joshua acknowledges that Anna may be right, and then tells Anna that Lisa was going through medical files. He has to admit he does not know which ones when she asks.

V Series sx207 Anna is concerned
Lisa goes to entertain Rafael the Peace Ambassador (Charlie Carrick) like her mother told her to do. She is friendly and kisses him, but does not go any farther because she just cannot force herself to cheat on the love of her life. She tells Rafael that she is sorry, but he has to go. Anna is watching, of course, and she is not happy. She storms into the entertaining room and demands to know why Lisa disobeyed her. Some very lovely ominous music plays throughout this scene, which just meshes quite well with everything else that has been going on. Lisa explains her actions by yelling that she is tired of being told what to do and then she demands to know what her mother’s plans for her are.

V Series sx207 Rafael
“How dare you talk to me like that!” Anna says, then she asks Lisa if she wants to strike her? Lisa replies that she does, indeed. Anna invites her to do so, Lisa hesitates so Anna helps by hitting her first. Lisa lets her arm fly and ends up bloodying the side of her mother’s mouth. Afterward, I am sure Lisa is freaking out that she actually hit her mother, and what will Anna do to her now? But I bet there was also another part of her that was relishing the victory, strutting around the ring, and shouting, “I’m number one! I’m number one.” Anna moves closer toward Lisa and she instantly apologizes, claiming she did not mean it. Anna touches her once on the shoulder in a gesture that may or may not have been intended to comfort. She tells Lisa not to be sorry, that this is only her breeding skin fueling the aggression needed to become Queen.

Anna appears to understand and to hold no ill will until she grabs Lisa by the face and hisses that she is not Queen yet, and that until she is she will do as she is told. She then pushes herself off Lisa ‘s face and leaves. It is clear by Lisa’s reaction that her aggression is still fueling, though she manages to control herself.

V Series sx207 Anna makes her point
Anna tells Joshua that the problem with Lisa may be more serious than she first thought. Joshua is concerned because they cannot proceed with inter-breeding without Lisa. Anna tells him she wants to show him something. It is a queen egg, which she had preserved, it is the last of her clutch of offspring. If Lisa proves disloyal Anna says she can be replaced. She tells Joshua that this egg is her only alternate to inter-breeding, so she says the very survival of their species could depend on it. Anna asks Joshua if he can hatch it safely, and he says, yes, he can. Anna instructs him to begin the process immediately. Joshua then points out that it will take years before the new queen reaches reproductive maturity, and he says that their accelerated growth experiments have not proven successful. Anna commands him to run more.

V Series sx207 Queen egg

Joshua asks who she would like to run the experiments on since all her children have now matured. There does not seem to be anyone left to experiment on until Joshua has an idea, and he sees that Anna has had it too – They will use the hybrid baby. Joshua is hopeful it might work as he remembers that at birth Ryan ‘s daughter did appear more visitor than human. She had human skin and hair, however, she had a Visitor tail and claws. As Anna is about to leave Joshua has one final thought. He tells Anna that this new experimentation could result in the hybrid ‘s death. Anna replies with, well then she will die serving her Queen. And the matter is closed, all problems solved, all issues settled.

Erica and the gang are having a group conference call with Eli ‘s most trusted lieutenants. Erica tells them that it is possible the visitors have been doing this all across the universe, consuming the best of every life form they come in contact with to create a superior master species. But now they are doing it here on earth, and she says she is going to stop them. One of the cell members wants to know how the 29 boys fit into this plan of developing a master species. Erica explains that each one of the 29 boys is missing a part of their DNA. There is a void, she says, and we believe the Visitors plan on filling that void with a mixture of the genes they have stolen. Another cell member would like to know what happens after they insert their DNA? (Good question)

Erica promises that she will find out. She says that in just two days, working with her team she has managed to uncover a vital part of the Visitors plan. She asks Eli ‘s former resistance mates to imagine what she could do with an army. A cell member admits that what she has done here is most impressive. He then wants to know what is next, but Erica will not tell him until he and the rest of their worldwide network lieutenants tell her that they trust her, and only if they unequivicabaly accept her as leader of the fifth column. It does not take long for Eli Cohan ‘s former followers to agree to follow Agent Erica Evans.Then Erica tells them all her plan which involves the final group of live aboard ‘s that Anna is welcoming onto the ship. Erica says that they suspect that once Anna gets their DNA she will have what she needs to move onto the next part of her plan. Erica announces that they are going to stop that from happening.

Back on the mothership, Thomas and Joshua enter Anna’s office where she is pacing restlessly. Thomas says that Tyler is proving to be quite a capable pilot. Anna says, good, disinterestedly. She asks Joshua to check Tyler ‘s phosphorus levels immediately. She says that she is still hopeful she can move forward with him. Thomas then asks how it went with Lisa and Rafael. Anna replies, not as well as she would have liked, though she convinced him to stay on the ship for now. Anna says that Lisa must be dealt with. Then she asks Joshua how he was progressing with her backup plan. Joshua says that they had initiated the experimentation as she had requested. And then offers to let her see the results for herself. Thomas explains that the hybrid survived the aging experiment, however there was an unforeseen side effect. Her maturation strengthened her immune system. In other words her body seems to have healed itself of its chronic pain. It meant Anna no longer has leverage over Ryan Nichols.

Ryan finds his way onto the ship looking for his daughter (Trinity Jarman). He ends up in a room with an adorable toddler. He asks where his daughter is, and is pointed to the toddler. He kneels down to look at her, she is playing with a doll, then a smile lights her face, and she gets up, Ryan smiles because he thinks she is going to him, instead she goes straight to Anna, saying, “Mummy.” Anna picks her up and turns to face Ryan, with a smile. She tells Ryan than Eli Cohan is dead, and that the fifth column have been neutralized as a threat. As a reward he gets to spend a few hours with his daughter. And then she puts the child into his arms. He smiles sadly and says, thank you. My queen.

Anna praises Joshua for his excellent work. Then she says that Ryan Nichols (Morris Chestnut)  cover has been compromised within fifth column. She determines that he is no longer of any use to them, so she asks Joshua to arrange to have him eliminated quietly. Tyler makes it safely back to the ship. He is super thrilled about his experience flying. Lisa sees him and calls his name. She goes up and hugs him, tells him how much she missed him. He missed her too, but he has to go shower quickly because

Thomas Visitor is going to teach him how to download his flight reports. Lisa tells Tyler that he cannot keep running away from her. Tyler wants to know what she is talking about. She accuses him of holding in his emotions. She says your dad just died. It is okay to be sad. He gives her a funny look and tells her that she does not get it. Tyler does not want to feel anything. He just wants to be a pilot. He tells Lisa that he wants to forget about his past.

Lisa goes back down to visit Diana,, she tells her that she was right about her caring for Tyler. She says that he is the one that she wants, but she is no longer sure he wants to be with her. Diana tells Lisa she is sure that she will figure it out, and then she offers to help her. Lisa tells Diana how grateful she is to have found her, and claims that Diana is the only one who understands her, and what she is going through. Diana tells Lisa that she learned to recognize the good in human emotion, even though Anna refuses to see it. Lisa tells her grandmother that Tyler used to care, and now she does not know him anymore.

V Series sx207 Lisa and Diana
Lisa confesses that she disobeyed her mother today because she could not control her emotions. She confides in Diana that now she is worried that Anna suspects the change she has gone through. Diana tells her that she is on very dangerous territory, and reminds her that Anna must not suspect anything. She tells her to trust no one, but her, and to not tell anyone that Diana is here. Lisa promises she will not tell. Diana tells Lisa she knows that she is afraid, but that everything is going to be all right. She reaches out to hug Lisa, but she pulls away suspiciously and wants to know why she is doing this. (Poor Lisa, whenever her mother touches her it is usually a trick or it is because she is trying to be nice because she wants something. Lisa has never had true affection and love.)

Diana tells Lisa she is hugging her because Anna never did, and then Lisa lets her grandmother hug her. After the hug has ended Lisa pushes a small communications ball into Diana’s hand, explaining that she is all alone up there on the ship, and that this ball will allow the two to communicate whenever they want without risking being caught by Anna. Then Lisa has to get back, so she leaves, and Diana looks down at the little ball and smirks. I am not one hundred percent sure what this smirk means, but it made me uneasy, and now I am worried that Lisa may have both sides to fear.

V Series SX207 Diana has an evil smirk

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