ABC moves up “V” with Morena Baccarin!


Hey Morena Baccarin Fans!

Originally scheduled for 2010, ABC has moved up the air date for the premire of the remake of 1980’s “V” to this year! The pilot episode of “V” will air November 3, 2009 on ABC! YAY! According to a recent news article released by TV Guide On-Line, “V” The News Series is listed as the fourth most anticipated television show this fall, the highest rating for a science fiction series in many years! Amazingly, “V” The New Series beat out Stargate Universe which came in 10th

V The New Series (or #VTNS as it is being referrred to on Twitter) features the beautiful and talented Morena Baccarin! Ms. Baccarin is well known among Stargate fans as the daughter of Vala Mal Doran (Claudia Black)! Morena’s memorable portrayals of Adria ‘The Orici’ and earlier in the decade in FireFly as the irresistable “Inara Serra”, will undoubtedly make Morena a “V” favorite character with her fans worldwide! Go Morena, Go! 😛

Morena plays “Anna” as the stunningly beautiful, charismatic and dynamic Leader of the Visitors. Anna-Moerna appears to be benevolent, charming and offers friendship to the people of Earth. In actuallty, Anna is fierce and manipulative, always ruling the Visitors (and if she has her way, humanity) with an iron fist (sounds a little like Adria. LOL!) . Morena will surely help make VTNS a success!

Click Anna-Morena’s image above to see ABC’s VTNS trailer! Enjoy!

We thank ABC for their courtesy and use of the “V” trailer promo embed on our web site! 🙂

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