Warehouse 13 “Buried” S2x11 Review and Analysis with Full Episode Video!

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Welcome back Warehouse 13 fans,

Last episode, we saw what “Time Travel” really meant. One did not physically travel back to another time past, rather, their consciousness New SyFy Logo Chain Linksinhabited the body and mind of someone in the past.

While Myka and Pete were back in 1961, they inhabited the bodies and minds of Jack and Rebecca, who were Warehouse agents themselves and were investigating the murders of four women by a Jonah Raitte.

Our crew of heroes Claudia Donovan (Allison Scagliotti), Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder), Artie Nielsen (Saul Rubinek), Myka Bering (Joanne Kelly), H.G. Wells (Jamie Murray), and Pete Latimer (Eddie McClintock) were stunned to say the least!

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Jonah Raitte Photo

But Jonah Raitte was not, in fact the killer. His wife, Beth was. She was vanquished by Myka/Rebecca and Peter/Jack hid the artifact in a cherry orchard which Peter in the modern day retrieved for the return to the warehouse.

Warehouse 13 S2x10 - Pete with artifact today

Rebecca St. Clair was dying of cancer and H.G. Wells and the team gave her the last gift of seeing Jack again by placing her into the young Rebecca…. only for a few minutes. Despite repeated attempts by Pete Lattimer, the events of the past could not be altered. This saddened Peter, as he had hoped to perhaps save one of the murder victims. He, like everyone else, learned the ink in which the events of the past, are indelible.

As we know, H.G. Wells’ (Jamie Murray) daughter was killed during a home invasion robbery in 1899 and we are treated to the knowledge that Helena herself did go back in time to ‘deal with’ her daughter’s killers. Helena also mentioned that this ‘time travel’ happens randomly in nature. but her ‘Temporal Consciousness Engine’ when applied, would last for 22 hours and 19 minutes.


This episode opens with Pete serving breakfast to his new love Kelly. A bit of fun banter ensues over Peter only having one banana to split between them. She points out if they were at her place, they’d have had a better breakfast. HA HA! Pete agreed and she swipes BOTH halves of the banana as she walks out of the dining room.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Pete And Myka

Later, Peter is at the Warehouse and talking about Kelly and getting more serious. Helena is there and says, “I have nothing against the opposite sex, most of my lovers were men…” As she smiles at them. Peter appears a bit uncomfortable and we move along to Kelly. Myka asked him “Do you Love her?”

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Peter gets razzed

During the banter, Mrs. Fredrick seems – again – to appear out of nowhere. She reminds Peter that he is allowed to share the true nature of their work with only ONE person in their lives. So the question is not whether he moves in with Dr. Hernandez, but “Is she your ‘One’?”.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Alexandra, Egypt

Now, we are in the beautiful city of Alexandria, Egypt and in a marketplace, we’re enjoying this time with three young men. One of them – spying three attractive women -says he may just start a harem. Another one of them is trying to text his kid sister and finally has a signal. One of the others reminds him: “Dude! No phone calls!” John says “It’s my kid sister. She’s eight! Who’s she going to tell?”

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Three Students

The other man says “No one’s supposed to know we’re here…” tries to continue when he is suddenly very, very dry and coughs. He punches back water and is unable to speak as we see he is drying up in front of us. Soon, we see the other boys are also desiccating as they try to get help for their friend… and then for themselves. The effects were good enough to be a bit unnerving.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Desiccated Student2

At the Warehouse, Mrs. Fredrick starts to also have problems. -Back in Egypt, another of our trio also begins to become completely dried out amidst screams and chaos in the marketplace..Mrs. Fredrick, back in the warehouse begins to speak the words “Uds Pookah s’fet” (I spelled it phonetically…I’m not fluent on Ancient languages like Demotic-the language of Ancient Egypt) over and over.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Mrs. Frederick speaks Demotic

A deep, Male voice seems to join with hers. According to the translation Claudia finds in their computer, it means “The Penalty Is Death”. Peter asks “What, do you have this thing set on ‘Extra Scary’?…” As they start to look at the possibility of artifacts in the warehouse from Egypt, a news brief from the State Department flashes up about the deaths of three American Students in Alexandria, Egypt. From their first showing of symptoms, their deaths were almost immediate.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - News On the Students

In Pittsburgh, PA, at the home of one of the students, Peter and Myka, with Helena are trying to find out what the boys were doing in Egypt. According to John Dempsey’s Mother, the boys were not even supposed to be in Egypt. They were supposed to be on an archeological dig in Peru. Mrs. Dempsey says maybe she should call Terry and Rod’s parents… and starts to cry… “What happened to our children?” Myka promised her they will find out.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - At The Dempsey Home

Meanwhile, Helena sees the little sister coming down the stairs and goes to her. Gently, Helena finds out the little girl’s name is “Gabrielle” (Gabby) and gets to see the family’s computer. She gets the picture of John in Egypt which he had texted to Gabby right before he died. Myka shows the image to the warehouse team on her Farnsworth and hieroglyphics on the wall behind john seem to strike everyone. Myka is ordered to bring her team back and is disconnected by Mrs. Frederick. Turns out the symbols are actually markers of “Warehouse 2”!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - John Dempsey photo

Apparently, “Warehouse 2” woke up and is trying to find its’ caretaker. Peter is astounded at the thought of the warehouses being like a living being. Mrs. Frederick tells him “You know by now the warehouses are more Organic than your average structure..!” Warehouse 2, now awakened sees Mrs. Frederick as its’ caretaker because it would tie to the current caretaker of the Warehouses. That is why she started to speak Demotic. In 31 B.C. when the Romans attacked, the agents of the time did not have time to take artifacts and leave the warehouse properly, so they wound up burying it.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Artie Decifers

Artie and Claudia go to a room where all the documentation of the past warehouses are kept. Looking at the photo of John Dempsey and the wall behind him, Artie deciphers what the hieroglyphics mean. Turns out, the three students apparently broke the seal and woke Warehouse 2. That’s why they dessicated as they did. Warehouse 2 is back online and while it exists and gets stronger, Warehouse 13 will begin to die. “So we need to find Warehouse 2 and shut it down.” Claudia concluded.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Meet Mr. Valda

Back in Alexandria, Myka and Peter meet Mr. Valda. One of the Regents to assist them in Egypt. They drive off to the Valley of Alam Mafaza. This was the location of Warehouse 2. Makes me wonder who set these Warehouses up, and what the heck was the very first warehouse like?

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Warehouse 2

It looks as if they are at an archeology dig campsite. Clothes left out and other things tell the agents that the dead students had planned on returning to the camp. In one of the tents, Mr. Valda and Peter find a map of the local area.”Where on earth did they get this?” asked Mr. Valda.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Map at campsite

Peter said: “Looks like they thought they were going to get rich” Mr. Valda replied: “Instead they got a facefull of deadly hematite and natron. basically, they were mummified alive” But that’s nothing compared to the challenges that await us within.” Three word always come up in dealing with Warehouse 2; Mind, Body, Soul. Mr. Valda shows the other the key which will shut down Warehouse 2 once they get inside.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - The Key

Helena needs some advise of what the fashionable British Archeologist wears to such event! This picture was very cute! I love some of the ‘comic relief’ in this show. one starts to really get serious, then they throw something in like this. Helena said she was wearing what the fashionable Archeologist would wear. Myka corrected her, telling her this what what movie producers THINK the fashionable Archeologist should wear!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Helena-Fashion Victim

Back in the warehouse 13, Mrs. Fredrick is wired to headgear, which is trying to override the input of Warehouse 2. Beside her is a machine – in usual ‘Warehouse’ tech (Read “Steam Punk”). On the round screen of the gizmockus is a moon. As the moon is ‘eclipsed’ this indicates how much of Mrs. Frederick’s mind is being eclipsed by Warehouse 2.  Frederick’s eyes become wide as the Demotic speaking begins again.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Mrs. Frederick neurocap

Our team in Egypt has now gained entry to Warehouse 2 and it looks spectacular! Peter references the King Tut exhibits and how this puts those exhibits to shame! In the large great hall are posts, Obelisks, if you will, standing in parts of the floor. One Spot in the floor has no obelisk in it.   Unfortunately, the Warehouse’s defenses are active and the huge room shuts our heroes in as the ceiling starts to lower! It will crush our team if it is somehow unstopped!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Great Hall WH2

Based on a game called “Pancakes” Peter figures out the posts in the floor must be removed in order before the ceiling touched them. Then the right one has to be be stood in a certain spot. He’s right, the post stops the ceiling. Now, these posts must weigh quite a lot. I am impressed by the teams’ fitness and they move these about!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Playing "Pancakes" 2

As they are moving the Obelisks about, Mrs. Frederick is again speaking the ghostly language of Ancient Egypt. Artie is growing more and more concerned for her. She could in fact, Die if the second warehouse takes over her her mind!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Artie Worries

It is during this that we return to Warehouse 2 and we see the final Obelisk placed into the floor. The ceiling touches it and stops!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - They did it!

Just as they feel relief at this victory, a door opens to a hallway. As they go to it, they see very sharp, deadly blades swinging up into the floor…Which would cut someone to pieces if one did not know how to get through it. The blades, being assisted by bursts of flame make this a rather precarious task! Peter thinks the hieroglyphics are code for how to get through the hall.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Hall Of Blades and fire

Back at the Warehouse 13, Vanessa (Dr. Caulder)  returns to see Artie. Mrs. Frederick is still fighting the second warehouses’ input. We see the moon is eclipsing quite rapidly as Mrs Frederick grows weaker and weaker! Vanessa is there, hopefully to try to help her, or to assist in the transition to another who would become a Warehouse agent…Succeeding Mrs. Frederick.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Vanessa and Artie

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Mrs. Frederick getting eclipsed

Back in Egypt, the Hall is still ablaze with the blades coming up constantly. Helena has an idea and fires a shot to send a cable down the hall to the other side. She affixes it to their side and they start across as an echo sounds the word “One Must Die” in Demotic.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Helena Fires cable

Valda tells Peter “The Water Bearer holds the key” as he tosses the key to Peter and assures Peter that he’s right behind him. As they get across, they see Valda is staying back and the cable is on fire. Peter wants to go back and get him, but Valda yells back “NO! You come back, we both will die! ‘Moot-Kah’Tu’  ONE must die! This is as it must be! Now, GO!” Mr. Valda falls into the flames. Alone again, without their guide, our trio is now going with Helena thru another door.

Dr. Caulder, Vanessa, is now with Mrs. Frederick and it is clear she is there for Frederick. “Your neurofunctions are dropping Vanessa tells Mrs. Frederick. The headgear starts to act up and Vanessa asks if Mrs. Frederick is in pain. As Mrs. Frederick hisses “Yessssss!” she is bending a metal chair arm with amazing strength. Vanessa says “Her connection with Warehouse 2 is getting stronger. Artie tells Claudia to use his Farnsworth to try to reach the team in Egypt, but she can’t. “I have a feeling their Farnsworths are out of range.” At this point, Artie has to go check on something, and Mrs. Frederick starts to speak in Demotic again. Claudia gets the translation: “Where once there were four, now there are three.”…More word and the translation: “And two will lose their way.”

Helena holding the torch aloft enters what appears to be another sub-chamber, like a temple with a large face in stone on the main wall.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Second Test

As the others follow, We hear the voices of their loved ones talking to them. Helena hears her deceased daughter, Peter hears Kelly and Myka hears a male voice. Suddenly, we are in the 1800’s and Helena is with her daughter – now alive. Peter is with Kelly, kissing her passionately and Myka is back at the modern Warehouse accepting a cup of Americano coffee from Artie. All of these we know are illusions and all three of our heroes are with those they love as if they are no longer in Egypt at all.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Pete's False Reality

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Helena's False Reality

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Medusa's eyes

But we know they are very much in Egypt, their minds are where they want to be. Helena is embracing her daughter and is overjoyed to be with her again, Peter sees Kelly and tells her “It’s you!” Kelly say “It’s me, I’m right here” Peter says “No, it’s you… You’re the One!” Myka, meanwhile is being given an assignment from Artie in the false reality. Back in Egypt, the face on the wall has glowing eyes. Helena promises her daughter “I’ll never leave you!”. As the statue’s eyes glow through the scenarios, Peter confesses the nature of his job. Kelly tells him “That’s OK. I will always be right here for you and I can keep your secret because I love you!”. We see them in the Chamber looking entranced….As the floor starts to crack under them.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Floor crumbles

The glowing eyes seem to suspend them all in a hypnotic state as the floor starts to fall away. Our trio starts to notice an odd, red light in their scenarios: A glowing brooch on Christina’s doll, an Exit sign in the Warehouse with Artie and a large red square in Kelly’s room with Peter.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Reality Calls to HG

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - False Reality Myka

This seems to draw our heroes back to reality and Myka’s the first to start questioning the reality. “This… isn’t … real” she says … She begins to shout in the chamber and the others are still entranced. Myka shouts and gets the others to come around as they do they all look into the face of the Medusa!Myka throws her torch into the eyes of the Gorgon.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Medusa struck

The eyes grow firey and then dark and then the face turns up into the wall, the floor becomes sound again and where the Medusa’s face was is a doorway.Peter realizes that Kelly is ‘The One’ he can share his secret with. Helena is most upset and cries for her daughter. Myka comforts her and reminds her of the task at hand.

Vanessa is with Mrs. Frederick and talk of what is to happen if she dies. Claudia refuses to even consider this possibility.  A new Warehouse Agent must be appointed while she is still alive. Claudia is the best one to be chosen for this, apparently. Mrs. Frederick starts to speak Demotic again, but now no translation. Out trio has reached the Ancient “Office” of Warehouse 2.This is where the Ancient’s “Artie” would have done business.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - In The Main Office WH2

They look out over the vastness of the Warehouse 2 and see an amazing shimmering light out in the center. Helena says it is safe to assume that is what is effecting Mrs. Frederick. She tells the other to wait and lowers her torch into a well in the office. This starts an oil fire which travels about the warehouse and we see the beautiful illumination travel to light the whole place.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Oil illuminates

Peter sees a wonderful Astronomy wall, as I would call it. Holes in a wall, allowing pinpoints of light into the room, but to me seems to mean the stars. Hmmm… “The Water Bearer”- Aquarius? Look for Aquarius and they have the key! Peter and Myka go to the pinpoints as Helena takes off to check out the warehouse….Or is she?

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Night Sky

Granted, the view out over the inside of THIS Warehouse is spectacular as it does indeed Come alive

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Lightening and orb

Back at Warehouse 13, time is running out for Mrs. Frederick. Vanessa tells Claudia there’s no time left. We see scenes of images and what I think is data coming to Mrs. Frederic’s brain and she starts to speak Demotic again. Vanessa wraps an iridescent green band around Mrs. Frederick’s wrist.

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Preparing for Agent transfer

Mrs Frederick is receiving the data download from Warehouse 2. It is all the things in Warehouse 2 and is happening very rapidly on the screen

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Mrs. Frederick gets download

Holding the other end out, apparently for Claudia’s wrist to also be wrapped. Back in Egypt, Peter and Myka stand at the wall Peter is clicking on to what the wall is. They figure it out, as Vanessa tells Claudia to give her her wrist. As Vanessa is wrapping the band around Claudia’s wrist,…

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Claudia is readied

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Placing key to Aquarius

The key is placed in Aquarius and it has indeed shut down the Warehouse! Mrs. Frederick commands “STOP!” She is back! I think at this point even Claudia looked very relieved.

In Warehouse 2, Helena shouts “Myka! You have to see this!”…. She sounds very concerned about something she sees in the main warehouse!

Vanessa is leaving now.

Claudia is being told by Vanessa she sill be ready to be an agent someday, and Vanessa leaves. Mrs. Frederick is now requesting to be debriefed and about what happened while she was ill. Claudia is telling her about those students who went to Egypt without anyone knowing not being rich enough to do this on their own. Could they have been hired by someone to find Warehouse 2 and it was someone with long arms and deep pockets. “If I find the source, I find the bad guy.” Claudia finished. Claudia mentions that Artie has been gone for hours now.  Mrs. Frederick tells her the search came up with something: “I got a Ping?” Claudia asks. “You got a Ping…” Mrs. Frederick replies as she shows Claudia the computer screen. The money used for their search came from Warehouse 13! And if you read the screen, You will know WHO got the money out!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Money came from WH13

Back in Egypt, Peter and Myka go to Helena and starts to tell her excitedly about the night sky map and how they fixed the warehouse. Peter starts with “I did it… well, WE did it…!” Helena says softly as she stands with her back to them “I do hope you can forgive me” as she turns to them, holding a warehouse gun on them. She stuns them both. They fall to the ground, unconscious!!

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Helena is Traitor

Warehouse 13 S2x11 - Myka and Peter Stunned

My Take… For what it is worth

I will not say I told you so, because I did not see this coming either. H. G. Wells had me fooled as well, because I had had hopes she was in fact a good one. Seems she has an agenda of her own and we will have to wait until the next Episode “Reset” to find out what she has planned for the Warehouse 13 operatives!

I enjoyed the heck out of this episode. Loved the rich historical location of Egypt and seeing how far back in history Warehouses have actually existed. This show with all the artifacts and historical figures is one of the best around. We will have to see how Peter, Myka, Claudia and Arte, Let alone the Regents can stop the now known to be evil H. G.Wells!

Warehouse 13 returns this evening July 11, 2011 at 9 PM E/P 8 PM central on Syfy with “The New Guy”. In the meantime, we include the full “Buri3ed” episode courtesy of Syfy via Hulu. Enjoy!

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