Incorporated: Human Resources – Will Julian Morse Make Ben and Elena Scream and Shout?

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If you thought the first two episodes of Incorporated were shockingly good, hang on to your hat, it gets better, or worse depending on where you live, Green Zone, Red Zone, FEMA Relocation Camps, or what appear to be third world cities of 2016, it gets worse, much worse!

In the third installment of an outstanding new series, we are witness to one of the most severe crimes imaginable, bacon theft! In a scene that is played a bit for humor, there is a more sinister aspect that those who serve others as house maids, are forced to commit theft to survive. And speaking of crimes, we will learn that governments sell portions of their citizens property to remain viable.

Viewers should consider the following question: Are these issues actually a reflection of reality many have experienced in 2016, and do they make you “Scream and Shout”?

Incorporated S1x03 Julian makes you want to scream and shout

Incorporated S1x03 The love between Ben and Elena blossoms
Incorporated S1x03 The love between Ben and Elena blossoms

We will also learn more about the back story of Elena (Denyse Tontz) and Ben (Sean Teale) in scenes that reveal how their early relationship as children blossomed into love in the Dystopian world of Incorporated.

Another superb set of scenes witnessed are to what levels those we are led to believe are in power at SPIGA will stoop to in order to maintain their positions.

Would you believe that rats are served for lunch? No we are not talking about the corporate level type of rats, real rodents will be consumed in a series of scenes that are both disgusting, revealing and revolting at the same time!

Incorporated S1x03 Ben in a Red Zone third world type of hell hole
Ben in the Red Zone, a third world type of hell hole

Such reflections are complete inside the world of Incorporated with third world cities that resemble many of the blighted areas within United States cities today that include Los Angeles, New York, Boston, Oakland, Detroit, Chicago, and the San Francisco Bay Area (among many others) where people live like animals on the streets.

This after 100 years of infiltration of Bloviating Bureaucrats within governments by misguided Marxist’s who have literally sucked the cities dry financially paying bloated salaries and pensions to themselves, literally leaving nearly 100 million poverty stricken in their wake of waste, fraud, and abuse!

Click to learn about John Dalberg-Acton aka 1st_Baron_Acton
Click to learn about John Dalberg-Acton aka 1st_Baron_Acton

In an irony that should not escape the general public, governments themselves are in fact corporate structures created by laws the people (via their representatives) either voted for, or where imposed on the citizens via the tyranny of dictators.

Within corporations, by-laws, a government structure of a sort, is what “governs” the activities of the people who run and work for them.

In either case, the results are often the same; creation of power structures over others by humans tends to lead to human abuse, mostly by governments.

An old adage “Power Tends to Corrupt, and Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely” attributed to John Emerich Edward Dalberg-Acton, 1st Baron Acton, (10 January 1834 – 19 June 1902) in a letter dated April 5, 1887, should be remembered in such regard.

Incorporated S1x03 Power via control
Power via control

In the Incorporated episode “Human Resources”, we learn that things appear to have gotten much worse under corporate control, eclipsing governments as we know them in 2016.

People, the ultimate “Human Resources”, are simply objects to be manipulated to achieve corporate goals and objectives including sex slaves, brainwashing, and as we will learn, even murder of those furthest down the ladder of survival.

Incorporated S1x03 Ben and Elena before she becomes a sex slave
Sean Teale as Ben Larson, Denyse Tontz as Elena

Apparently, those closer to the top have NDA’s that do not allow the corporate structure to murder them, only erase their minds and throw them away like garbage.

Sex slaves like Elena on the other hand have less control over their NDA’s contents, and therefore can be murdered when they know too much from having slept with SPIGA executives while learning their secrets of power in the bedroom.

Incorporated S1x03 Laura helps Rachel
Laura helps Rachel

To be fair to humankind, governments and even corporations, there are many good people on Earth of all faiths, types, heritages, and lineages who have performed selfless tasks to aid others.

In “Human Resources” we will witness Laura (Allison Miller) being an extraordinary human being during her kindness to the Larson housekeeper Rachel (Stephanie Belding).

This editor sincerely believes that there must be at least a few more good people on Earth to compensate for the evil humans, or our race would have perished long ago.

Human Resources:

Incorporated S1x03 Officer Bucky of Inazagi
Officer Bucky of Inazagi

We begin the third episode of Incorporated in a nightmarish cartoon world at what appears to be an Inazagi Corporation children’s brainwashing academy.

The room is filled with young children who are being instructed to turn their parents into the Inazagi authorities for doing something, apparently virtually anything, that may bring harm to the “sacredness” of the corporation.

Incorporated S1x03 Krista Bridges as Diana Walters
Krista Bridges as Diana Walters

It is here that we meet Inazagi Senior Vice President Diana Walters (Krista Bridges) who is observing the children being brainwashed to be obedient to the Inazagi corporate doctrine.

One is reminded of such efforts in our own time; misguided Marxists whom have invaded our education institutions with the malevolent mission to subvert the free will of students via their nefarious schemes of enslavement.

Similarly, the Nazi Germans of the 1930’s and Joseph Stalin in the 1920’s instituted such programs to keep their respective populations in line. In 2016, indoctrination occurs among many western civilizations using the vile practice of hiding the truth via so called “Political Correctness” (PC) brainwashing in our schools in specific, and in society in general.

Click to learn about thought police brainwashing
Click to learn about thought police brainwashing

PC uses or I should say, has created, brainwash shaming. Such detestable activities have produced similar unfortunate results in 2016, with innocent people harmed or even killed because of the failure to recognize the truth about truly evil people masquerading under the guise of governments, charity, religion, or even corporations.

We all know that most children love cartoons, and are therefore relatively easy to indoctrinate using said medium.

Incorporated S1x03 Inazagi brainwashing academy
Inazagi brainwashing academy

Watching the Inazagi kids being subjected to brainwashing made this sequence all the more disturbing and quite frightening. Sadly, many parents, even today, have little influence over their child’s development. Whether it is in 2074, or in 2016 for that matter, children come home with perverted ideas of others jammed into their brains for what are often evil Marxist social programming purposes.

This factor is evidenced in 2016 as witnessed by the university school age youth crying over the recent Presidential election in the United States. What were the results of such indoctrination gone amok?

Click to visit McGruff the Crime Dog at his official web site!So called safe spaces, Play-Doh palaver, safe coloring books with crayons, and pet therapy sessions, with classes cancelled on many universities, all to help the poor melting little “Snow Flakes” cope with reality. Sheez!

Seemingly harmless, the cartoon uses an Inazagi police officer dog named Bucky, a caricature of McGruff the Crime Dog.

We are sickened to hear the little waifs chanting in unison “If you hear something yucky, tell Officer Bucky!”.

The effect of kids being programmed to be stool pigeons for their corporate “benefactors” is also quite disgusting, well presented for maximum effect within the story arc of “Human Resources”!

We will learn a bit later that Inazagi executive Diana Walters is pregnant, horrified that such tactics will ultimately be used on her own child.

Incorporated S1x03 Demore Barnes as Inazagi EVP Richard Mason
Demore Barnes as Inazagi EVP Richard Mason

Diana is planning to defect to SPIGA to ensure that her own child does not become a brainwashed “Snow Flake” under the iron fisted power of Inazagi corporation, which as we will learn, appears to have an edge over SPIGA in certain areas of technology.

During an introductory meeting led by Inazagi Executive Vice President Richard Mason (Demore Barnes), Diana whispers to Elizabeth “I have many miles to go before I sleep”, a quote from a Robert Frost poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening” that began “But I have promises to keep…”

Incorporated S1x03 Julian calls a meeting of SPIGA Techs
Julian calls a meeting of SPIGA Techs

Ben is among the top computer programmers within SPIGA’s Counter Intelligence Tech Division. These technical wizards have been called to a meeting with Julian (Dennis Haysbert) and Elizabeth (Julia Ormond).

This scene is subsequent to a video link with a SPIGA International executive portrayed by Rob Stewart of Killjoys fame.

Incorporated S1x03 Rob Stewart as SPIGA International
Rob Stewart as SPIGA International

Elizabeth is warned sternly to “keep your house in order” after the Chad (David Hewlett) disaster revealed in the first and second episodes of Incorporated.

Plans are being made to recruit the Inazagi defector Diana Walters during an upcoming meeting between the two corporations with what Roger (Douglas Nyback) refers to as a “velvet curtain” to allow the transfer inside SPIGA during the meeting with Inazagi.

Incorporated S1x03 Ben finds Elena in a Red Zone restaurant
Ben finds Elena in a Red Zone restaurant

While the SPIGA executives plan the method, including the use of a murdered Arcadia sex slave that Ben fears is Elena, the action then takes us to the past via flashback to some six years earlier in a Red Zone city hellhole.

Elena is observed as a server at a restaurant where a glass of brackish water costs nearly six dollars! Ben, living up to his pledge to find Elena enters the restaurant, buys the water and exposes the wedding ring Elena gave to him when they were children. The scene is joyful and poignant as the two are reunited, but a bit disturbing as we see Elena’s hands trembling from her own education in 2074.

Incorporated S1x03 Elena at school
Elena at school

Elena is attending “school” in the Red Zone, a facility which is actually a recruiting instrument to prepare suitable candidates for a better life outside the Red Zone via fast paced drug induced computerized learning. Elena dons head phones and inserts a needle in her arm in what we learn later is an amphetamine drip bag.

During the scene, Elena passes out from convulsions as a panicked Ben watches from outside. Ben rushes to her rescue and takes her to his own “safe space”, a screaming place where he has learned to purge his own feelings of helplessness.

Back to the SPIGA and Inazagi gathering, first we are shown water served in the meeting. It is crystal clear and tasty looking. Diana drinks a lot of water to cover her trip to the ladies room to meet with Elizabeth. Diana is escorted by Inazagi security, only allowed privacy once she is inside the restroom.

Incorporated S1x03 Elizabeth meets with Diana
Elizabeth meets with Diana

During the secret restroom meeting, Diana reveals what she will offer SPIGA to aid in her defection plans; Inazagi’s has created a super seed technology that allow crops to grow in deserts.

Diana states her defection requirements which Elizabeth accepts. We also learn that Inazagi has programmed their employees to be killed via a wireless computerized blood destruction chemical, which makes the successful defection of Diana a very difficult challenge.

Incorporated S1x03 Ben and Julian prepare the dead Arcadia sex slave
Ben and Julian prepare the dead Arcadia sex slave

Ben has obtained permission to be present when the murdered Acardia sex slave is setup for the body double transfer arranged by Jonathan Hendrick (Damon Herriman). Ben is worried that the dead girl is Elena and makes sure he is part of the transfer by stating as SPIGA’s top programmer, only he can perform the switch quickly enough. Julian and Elizabeth agree.

During the pre swap attempt, Ben and Roger discuss with Julian that the murderous biological chemical “kill switch” inside Diana must be turned off by Inazagi for the defection to be accomplished seamlessly.

Incorporated S1x03 Sara Botsford as Ramona the hacker
Sara Botsford as Ramona the hacker

Before all this comes to fruition, Roger has slipped out of SPIGA headquarters to find a way to deactivate the “Keyhole” hacker device that he obtained when Ben was forced to leave it in Julians office. During this trip to the Red Zone, we meet an unnamed Red Zone hacker named Ramona portrayed by veteran character actor Sara Botsford.

What is most intriguing about this meeting is that we had been led to believe that corporations such as SPIGA and Inazagi had a lock on high technology. Not so. This factor was suspected when we learned that Ben had the “Keyhole” in the first place.

Incorporated S1x03 Rachel explains why she stole the bacon
Rachel explains why she stole the bacon

We move to Laura who is heading home. Earlier, her housekeeper Rachel was observed by viewers stealing a hunk of bacon worth $600! Rachel is being handled roughly by SPIGA security as Laura asks what is going on. Laura covers for Rachel telling the security team she gave the bacon to Rachel. Laura uses the bacon as a bargaining chip, letting the two company cops take it with them as a bribe.

Back in the Larson household, Rachel confesses to Laura that she only stole the to help pay for surgery for an ill young child living in her building. Laura suspects the child has a ruptured appendix and goes even further to help Rachel by instructing her to bring the child to her Green Zone home under a pretense.

Incorporated S1x04 Ben is called in as a doctor
Incorporated S1x04 Ben is called in as a doctor

Diana is setup to be poisoned in the meeting where Inazagi Executive Mason is conducting a hideous murder of a fat person referred to as a sacrifice while all the attendees wear brain scanners to partake in the “event” as the hapless victim is killed. Inducing a scratch, Diana falls to the ground.

Diana appears to be near death with the poison used known to kill within minutes convincing Inazagi executives she is dying.

Ben is called in as the SPIGA doctor to all involved the during the session between SPIGA and Inazagi. Inazagi executive Mason is tricked by Ben who states she has cardiac arrest to deactivate the blood tech that will kill Diana.

Next, Ben takes Diana to an elevator alone where she is revived and swapped for the murdered Arcadia sex slave who has been altered to look like Diana and programmed with her bio technology markers to complete the process of tricking Inazagi’s Richard Mason that the dead person is Diana.

Incorporated S1x03 Roger gets his hacker tool after a rodent luncheon
Roger gets his hacker tool after a rodent luncheon

Back to the Red Zone. Ramona confirms that much is available in the Red Zone when Roger is reduced to begging for the technology to crack Ben’s “Keyhole”. The price he must pay? Chasing rats in the filthy sewer streets and eating the disgusting creature for lunch! Roger, obsessed with obtaining the SPIGA promotion and therefore have the power to blackmail Ben, agrees. Roger eats the rat raw in a truly horrendous scene that may come back to haunt him later.

Incorporated S1x03 Riot at the gates
Riot at the gates

In a quick scene switch, we are with Laura and SPIGA security who are dealing with a near riot at the compounds gates because Rachel’s entire apartment overheard that she is getting access to medical attention to save the child with the ruptured appendix. Laura is hit in the head as the guards implement anti-riot techniques to quell the unruly mob.

Incorporated S1x03 Elena's ring
Elena’s ring

As the episode winds down to an intriguing conclusion, we are with Ben who is examining the Arcadia sex slaves belongings who was sacrificed to swap for Diana.

Inside the box of personal effects, Ben finds the wedding ring that Elena gave to him during their time in the relocation camp, that Ben had returned to Elena six years in the Red Zone years later.

Incorporated S1x04 Elena and Ben at the screaming place
Elena and Ben at the screaming place

This invokes a flashback in Ben’s mind when he and Elena had escape the computerized education center that nearly killed her. We find the two lovers on a roof top that Ben refers to as his “screaming place”.

Elena and Ben scream to relieve their tension while a nearby neighbor tells them to “shut the f_ck up!”. The scene ends with Ben and Elena kissing to seal their love vows made years earlier.

In a brief set of quick scenes, Elizabeth, Ben and Julian are with Diana and her baby who have survived to defect to SPIGA. Roger is witnessed barfing up the rat he just ate to obtain the “Keyhole” technology that Ramona has embedded in bio tech leaf. Ramona has video recorded Roger and cracked his contacts list on his “Apple” like watch threatening him that if he ever returns to harm her, she will send the video to everyone he knows!

Incorporated S1x03 Ben and Laura back at home
Ben and Laura back at home

Ben returns home to a different reality away from SPIGA and to commiserate with Laura about their “boring days at work” that were in fact nightmares.

Why these two lie to one another is beyond me!

Ben fibs further, knowing he has the promotion nearly locked down, promising to accompany Laura to her doctor’s appointment planning for their pregnancy.

Incorporated S1x03 Julian tells the parents their daughter is dead
Julian tells the parents their daughter is dead

Julian, in a moment that demonstrates he is not all corporate monster, goes to visit the parents of dead Arcardia sex slave. At this point, we are still led to believe it is Elena.

The parents are surprised to see Julian, the mother is furious, slapping and threatening Julian who admits their daughters body cannot be returned for burial. The father intervenes stating “this man can have us all killed!”. Julian, appearing to be sincere leaves their apartment “I’m sorry, I cannot imagine anything worse than losing a child”.

Incorporated S1x03 Elena appears before Ben and Theo
Elena appears before Ben and Theo

The last two scenes are good news. Ben, with Elena’s ring, is visiting Theo (Eddie Ramos) to give him the news Elena is dead. As the two begin to deal with the apparent death of Elena, Ben passes the ring to Theo.

We learn that Elena has programmed the ring to scan the DNA of whoever is holding it. Elena, we learn is alive. The video message warns Theo that she is worried that her own NDA will result in having her memories erased. And that she will always love her little brother.

Incorporated S1x03 Roger coughs up a rat fur ball
Roger coughs up a rat fur ball

The very last scene finds us with rat eater Roger and the ‘Keyhole” hacking device that previously belonged to Ben which, thanks to Ramona, he has cracked. Scanning the contents, Roger stumbles upon Ben’s secret surveillance of Elena. Human rat Roger is certain he can now blackmail Ben, but is interrupted by a coughing spasm producing a bunch of rat hair from his less than tasty lunch earlier in the Red Zone.

Personally, I hope that Roger the rat gets what he deserves, choking to death on a rat fur ball and a pine box in 2074!

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