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Hello Stargate Universe fans!

Syfy Logo Chain Mail - Click to visit Stargate Universe on SyfyThis past week’s episode of Stargate Universe “Alliances” was excellently directed by Mr. Peter DeLuise. “Alliances” literally kept me on the edge of my seat.

We had two special guest stars in this episode. Kathleen Quinlan portrays Senator Michaels who is head of the I.O.A. Off OorClick to visit the fabled MGM Studios at their official web site!ld Spending Committee, and French Steward (original Stargate movie as Lt. Ferretti), who portrays Dr. Andrew Covel in Stargate Universe “Alliances”.

In this episode Home World Command is attacked by the Lucian Alliance. The attack happens as Camille Wray, played by the very talented Ming Na, and Sgt. Ronarld Greer, played by Jamil Walker Smith are on Earth. They use the stones to return to Earth while Senator Michaels and Dr. Covel take their places on the Destiny.

SGU S2x13 - Camile and Col. Telford Home World Command

This episode also focused on a couple of relationships. As everyone knows that follows me on Twitter, I as well as karenford1 are huge fans of Mr. Mike Dopud who portrays Varro. Varro was part of the Lucian Alliance that attempted to take over Destiny last season. Varro is one of my favorite characters on the show.

SGU S2x13 - Varro and TJ
At the beginning of this season it appeared as if Varro and Lt. Tamara Johansen (Alaina Huffman) were going to develop into a serious relationship. There are a few layers to Varro and this makes him a very interesting character. He starts off as a bad guy and quickly turns into one of the good guys. Varro helped TJ while she was pregnant and saved her life when the Lucian Alliance took over. Who said chivalry was dead? Varro is the definition of chivalrous. I am sad that Stargate Universe is coming to an end because I would have loved to see the further development of this character and the relationship.

SGU S2x13 - Kathleen Quinlan as Senator Michaels

Varro and TJ are in the infirmary when Senator Michaels and Colonel Everett Young come in. They are laughing and talking. It is evident that they get along very well. It is also evident that Colonel Young is jealous. It was all over his face. Louis Ferreira has done an outstanding job with this character.

SGU S2x13 - Louis Ferreira as Col Young

Last season TJ was pregnant with Col. Young’s baby when she lost it. He turned away from her and Varro was there as support. TJ introduces Varro to Senator Michaels and explains that he has been volunteering at the infirmary. Later in the episode Varro offers to help diffuse a bomb and Col. Young questions whether or not Varro can be trusted. TJ said she believed he could be trusted and Col. Young said “We can see that”. He is clearly jealous of this relationship.

The second (and I felt most important relationship) dealt with in this episode was between Camille Wray (MingNa) and Sgt. Greer (Jamil Walker Smith). Last season Camille had him detained in his room because of behavioral problems. At the beginning of this episode she said the person who needs to go back to with her to Earth is Greer.

SGU S2x13 - MingNa as Camile Wray in communications room

SGU S2x13 - Jamil Walker Smith as Greer in communications room

SGU S2x13 - Activating the Ancient Stones in communications room

She refers to him as “unstable”. After they return to Earth, Greer does not want to talk to her. He told her “I don’t have to talk to you”. While they are in the hall arguing the incoming alarm sounds. Greer pushes her into the room and throws her to the floor. He saved her life. This was just the beginning of their road to recovering any kind of working relationship or friendship.

SGU S2x13 - The beginning of friends

In the blast, Greer’s leg was injured. Camille bandaged it and they set off to find out what happened and how to get out of the rubble. They find Evans who is portrayed by Morgan David Jones. They learn from Colonel David Telford, played by Lou Diamond Phillips, that the Lucian Alliance has crashed into the command center and there is a bomb that has yet to detonate. Greer, Evans, and Wray set out to find this bomb. They find a Geiger counter that measures radiation levels.

It is at this time that Camille discovers they have been exposed to lethal levels of radiation. Greer and Camille began to argue over past differences and Evans told them to stop arguing. Evans grabbed Camille and held a knife to her throat. She told Greer to shoot Evans because he is Lucian Alliance. Greer shot Evans saving Camille’s life a second time.

SGU S2x13 - Finding the bomb

Camille and Greer found the bomb. They were faced with dying. It wasn’t until then that they began to work out their differences. At the end of this episode they are back on Destiny. Camille talks about her friend Sharon that lives in DC. She told Greer that they were more than just friends.

Greer also opens up and told Camille about this mother. He started to cry when he told Camille about how he did not get to say all that he wanted to say to his mother. It was at this time I believe they saw each other as human beings instead of enemies. I believe Camille and Greer’s relationship will be stronger because of what they went through together.

On a related topic, Karenford1 and I were discussing the use of “Icarus” in Stargate Universe a few weeks ago. I did a little research and found why I believe they used the term Icarus in the series. Project Icarus is an joint initiative by Tau Zero Foundation and the British Click to learn more about Project Icarus!Interplanetary Society to design an interstellar probe to travel to Barnards Star. It made perfect sense to me. A few times Destiny has used a star to gain energy to continue its mission. There is no coincidence here.

I want to briefly discuss the theory of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation or CMBR. The CMBR simply put is detectable radiation left over from the big bang. What excites me most about Stargate Universe using the CMBR in the storyline is it involves the most coveted questions in cosmology today. How old is our universe? Was it created from a single point that simply exploded into existence into what we see today?

Click to learn about the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe!Did time and space exist before the big bang? What is the fate of our universe? All of these are huge questions in cosmology today, and scientist believe they are on their way to discovering the answers to these questions. The discovery of the CMBR happened by accident in 1965. Since then we have used the CMBR to come up with a baby picture of our universe known as the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe or WMAP.

Senator Michaels was a friend of Chloe Armstrong’s (Elyse Levesque) father Alan Armstrong (Christopher McDonald). She requested to see Chloe as soon as she was aboard the Destiny. She explained to Chloe that she felt Chloe being stuck aboard the Destiny was a waste. She told Chloe “your father had such high hopes for you”. Chloe is quick to tell Senator Michaels that “my father died so that we may live”. She does not want her father’s death to be in vain. This moment was great because it is the first time this season we have heard Chloe speak of her place aboard the Destiny.

SGU S2x13 - My father died so we can live

The Lucian Alliance has attacked Home World Command.They have a bomb in the command center that Camille and Greer have to find. They find the bomb but must diffuse it. This takes several minutes and a few tricks. Dr. Covel and Senator Michaels are unexpectedly sent back to Earth. When they get there Dr. Covel finds that their bodies have been exposed to lethal amounts of radiation.

SGU S2x13 - Dr Covel does not want to go back

SGU S2x13 - Deadly circumstances

Dr. Covel sabotages the system so that they can no longer go back to Earth. Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) figured this out and the Senator asks Colonel Young to send them back to Earth by breaking the link via the Ancient Communications Stones.

SGU S2x13 Rush figures it out

Varro saves the day! He instructs Senator Michaels how to diffuse the bomb. Once back on Earth, Senator Michaels diffuses the bomb. We do not get to see what happened to the Senator or Dr. Covel, but one can only assume they died as a result of being exposed to that much radiation.

SGU S2x13 Varro saves the day

SGU S2x13 - Varro show how to deactivate bomb

SGU S2x13 - Senator Michaels faces death

SGU S2x13 - Dr Covel faces death
The episode ends with Camile and Greer on the observation deck discussing their new found respect for each other from their new death experience. It is a beautiful sequence with outstanding visual effects my Mark Savela and his team!

SGU S2x13 - Camile and Greer on the observation deck

Stargate Universe airs again on Monday March 28, 2011at 10:00 PM EST/PST or March 29, 2011on the Space Channel in Canada. I hope you will tune in to watch the new episode of Stargate Universe. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of “Hope” courtesy of Syfy via Hulu for your enjoyment!

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