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“The Fog” (fourth) and “The Heist” (fifth) episodes of La Brea clearly establish the second half of the second season with the sixth episode appropriately called “Lazarus” when we will enter the Time Travel facility that was build in 10,000 BC.

In these episodes our La Brea heroes, trapped in prehistoric times will confront dangers they have never faced previously. Similarly, our three heroes in 1988 will be required to make decisions that could adversely affect the timeline, and the lives of several key characters.

Moreover, will Josh (Jack Martin) and Riley (Veronica St. Clair) ever be able to reunite with their families in 10,000 BC? Instead they mutually decide to try and stop a Wormhole Portal that is projected to erupt off the coast of Southern California that will wipe several cities off the map when no such incident had ever been recorded in known history.

Most importantly, “The Fog” and “The Heist” deal with the “Grandfather Paradox” when we learn that Isaiah (Diesel La Torraca) may not be adopted in 1988. If Isaiah is not adopted, he will never become Gavin (Eoin Macken), marry Eve (Natalie Zea) and therefore never become the parents of Josh and Izzy (Zyra Gorecki).

La Brea S2x05 The Lazarus building
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Additionally, we must deal with the loss of a main character, Rebecca Aldridge (Ming-Zhu Hii). Viewers will recall that Rebecca is integral to the story arc. Not only did Rebecca build the Time Travel facility in 10,000 BC, she has been instrumental in shaping the events in the future and the past.

When Rebecca is fatally attacked by ravenous wolves who invade the survivor’s encampment looking for an easy meal, we must ask; how will our heroes ever get back to the future when one of the architects of this time travel adventure is lost in a tragic circumstance before she completes her mission?



The Fog:

La Brea S2x04 Izzy and Eve happy to be back together
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This exciting episode opens with Izzy who is asleep as Eve gently strokes her hair subsequent to being reunited. Gavin enters to witness this tender scene between Eve and Izzy promising to rescue Josh and Riley who have been marooned in time in the year 1988.

All seems to finally be going well for the family and everyone in 10,000 BC for the time being. While Lucas (Josh McKenzie) and Veronica (Lilly Santiago) are eating when Scott (Rohan Mirchandaney) suddenly emerges from the forest bragging about a huge field of marijuana that he needs as a crutch for his nervous emotional issues.

La Brea S2x04 Lucas and Veronica enjoy eggs at the camp
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Lucas notices that Scott is no longer limping after he had claimed he was injured when the three of them raided Paara’s (Tonantzin Carmelo) fort for food. Unfortunately the peace of the encampment will soon be shattered by theft events in “The Fog”. Paara’s warriors plan an attack to teach the survivor’s a lesson about stealing. Viewers will recall that Scott actually faked his injury to obtain a computer card key from Silas’ (Mark Lee) tent that will allow Rebecca to gain access to the Time Portal equipment and rescue Riley and Josh from 1988. Lucas is aware Scott is hiding something, but lets it go for now telling Veronica that Scott is the worst liar he ever met!

La Brea S2x04 Ella tries to talk with Veronica
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It turns out that Scott is not the only one hiding things. Ella (Michelle Vergara Moore), who traveled back to 10,000 BC from the future to save Veronica, is having a difficult time in communicating with Veronica.

This is because Veronica feels tremendous guilt over the role she played in kidnapping young Ella (Lilly – Chloe De Los Santos). Fortunately, Ella is persistent, ultimately breaking through to Veronica with both young women mending the painful past they shared.

La Brea S2x04 Gavin Sam and Ty plan their defenses
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Meanwhile Sam (Jon Seda) and Ty (Chiké Okonkwo) are planning their defenses fully expecting Paara and her warriors to lay siege to the encampment as retribution for their theft of food.

Little do the survivor’s realize that a far worse fate awaits them all when a huge pack of prehistoric wolves, operating under the cover of the fog will brutally attack the survivor’s encampment!

La Brea S2x04 Rebecca passes away leaving things unsettled
Image courtesy NBC

While Gavin is on patrol in the forest, the wolves attack in the fog nearly killing Gavin.

If not for the quick actions of Rebecca who whacks the wolf temporarily drives the wolves away.

The cost to our survivor’s is what will prove to be a fatal injury when one of the other wolves rip open Rebecca’s throat.

La Brea S2x04 Eve and Levi plan a counter attack against the wolves
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The development of the wolves attack actually ends up bringing Paara’s people and our survivor’s together to fight for their lives to defeat the vicious hungry wolves.

Coming to the rescue is Eve who is an expert with bow and arrow from her college days.

Levi (Nicholas Gonzalez) work with Gavin and Sam to lure the wolves into a trap using the black rocks from “The Cave” which have explosive properties from their inherent energy that is being used to power the Time Travel facility.

La Brea S2x04 Eve Scott and Levi attack against the wolves
Image courtesy NBC

Eve takes aim and fires an arrow loaded with the explosive rocks into a campfire that is near where the survivors are hiding in the upside down transit bus.

The loud explosion and fireball scares off the wolves, who freak out and scramble for their own lives, saving our heroes from being eaten for lunch by the nasty prehistoric wolves!

La Brea S2x04 Everyone warches Rebecca pass away
Image courtesy NBC

All of the survivors visit Rebecca back at the camp where Sam is attempting to save her life. Sadly, it is too late for Rebecca.

Rebecca passes away leaving things unsettled regarding using the Time Travel facility to rescue Riley and Josh in 1988.

However, Rebecca tells Gavin about a woman from 1988 who will be able to help them all. Rebecca shares that the woman is planning on coming back to 10,000 BC to set things right, that Scott knows what to do to make it become reality. Then sadly, Rebecca passes away.

La Brea S2x04 Caroline is Isaiahs Gavins mom
Image courtesy NBC

The episode draws to a close with Riley and Josh following home the mysterious Dr. Caroline Clark (Melissa Neal) on a tip from Franklin March (Byron Coll) who we met previously in the series and earlier in the episode.

Riley and Josh follow Caroline to her house and learn from Caroline that she is Isaiah’s mother, making Caroline Josh’s grandmother.

This revelation results in adding more questions to looming “Grandfather (Grandmother) Paradox in La Brea!

The Heist:

La Brea S2x05 Our heroes plan The Heist
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC)

The fourth episode was directed by Ron Underwood and the fifth episode of La Brea was directed by David M. Barrett. Both episodes were written by series creator David Appelbaum and Jessica Granger. In conjunction with “The Cave”, these last three episodes and the forthcoming “Lazarus” episode play like an enjoyable three hour movie that creates the pivot point for the series.

The opening sequence finds us with Gavin, Levi, Eve, Sam, Izzy, and Lucas who are planning “The Heist” that they will accomplish by stealing a wagon load of black rock energy ore to gain access to the Time Travel facility so they can use the Computer Card Key that Scott stole from Silas to enter the facility. Their plan is to activate a Wormhole Portal to 1988 and ultimately rescue Josh and Riley in 1988.
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

The plan is fraught with danger since our heroes will gave to hijack the wagon right under the watchful eyes of The Exiles. Sam leaves to gather the survivor’s leaving Levi and Gavin alone. Levi states that he wants to talk with Gavin about his affair with Eve.

Is Levi planning on stepping aside to allow Gavin, Eve and their family to come together? It would seem so. However, Gavin says that it is not the right time and they head out to disclose “The Heist” plan with the survivor’s.

La Brea S2x05 Ty knows about Eve and Levi
Image courtesy NBC

Speaking of Eve, she is with Ty who has decided to leave the encampment to join Paara at her fort to spend the rest of his life with her. Eve is supportive of Ty’s decision stating “I think that going to the fort to be with Paara is the right decision”. Ty shares with Eve that he knows she has been close to Levi. Eve bows her head in shame saying that she never thought she would see Gavin ever again. Ty, a counselor, states to Eve that “sooner or later you are going to have to make a choice”.

La Brea S2x05 Izzy talks with Eve and Gavin
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Subsequently, Gavin and Eve want to talk with Izzy. They find Izzy at Rebecca’s grave and tell her about what they are about to do and that she (Izzy) must stay behind. Izzy will have nothing to do with their plan unless she is allowed to go along to be close to her parents.

Gavin and Eve reluctantly agree telling Izzy that she must follow their instructions to the letter with no exceptions. Izzy agrees. Eve, Gavin, Levi, Sam, Lucas, Scott and Izzy  set off to execute “The Heist”.

La Brea S2x05 Gavin and Eve discuss Izzy
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

On the way, Eve and Gavin discuss Izzy who Gavin notices is acting a bit high strung asking if Eve told Izzy about her relationship with Levi.

Eve confesses that she did because she could no longer lie to Izzy about what happened between them. Gavin states that he still loves Eve which raises Eve’s anxiety. Later, near the end of the episode, Gavin will declare that he is going to do everything to win back Eve’s love.

La Brea S2x05 Scott will give up the pipe crutch
Image courtesy NBC

Speaking of anxiety, Scott begins to experience a panic attack when he discovers that his supply of marijuana is low because he did not bring enough along. Scott confesses to Lucas that he believes he has always been a failure. Scott goes further on why he is addicted to smoking marijuana that he uses as a crutch to relieve his anxiety. Scott relates a story from his youth when he did nothing when his brother was drowning. Lucas, who has overcome his own addition, tells his friend that smoking drugs is not the answer. Later, during the excitement of “The Heist”, Scott throws his pipe away, thanking Lucas for believing in him.

La Brea S2x05 Virgil escaped but will he become a Red Shirt
Image courtesy NBC

As our heroes approach The Cave, something potentially bad occurs.

They run into Virgil (Greg Hatton) who tells the team that The Exiles are in the process of moving their mining operations because “The Cave” has exhausted the supply of the black rock energy ore.

If they do not get there very quickly, “The Heist” plan will fail!

Levi sends Virgil back to the encampment for safety.

La Brea S2x05 Caroline tells Josh the truth
Image courtesy NBC

Back in 1988, Caroline is stunned to learn that Josh is her grandson.

Riley and Josh (from Riley and Josh relating their time travel  story) that Isaiah is her son, Caroline reveals that she will be heading back to 10,000 BC eventually to complete the time loop or face a paradox if her son Isaiah is not adopted in 1998.

We already know by travels through the Wormhole Portal, Isaiah became Silas’ grandson. We do not know all the details yet on how Isaiah originally gets sent back to 10,000 BC.

La Brea S2x05 Riley and Josh confront Caroline at the adoption center
Image courtesy NBC

However, we only know that Isaiah must be adopted by friends of Caroline’s, the Harris’ so that Isaiah will become Gavin Harris. Caroline tells Riley and Josh that she has an errand to run and that she will be back as soon as possible. Riley and Josh suspect Caroline will not follow through on putting Isaiah up for adoption, changing all history of the Gavin Harris family, so they follow her to an adoption center.

Their fears are unfounded when they learn that Caroline is meeting with the Harris’ to complete the adoption, thereby maintaining the integrity of the Harris family timeline. Caroline, Josh and Riley head off to try and stop the projected tsunami that will devastate Southern California in three days time!

La Brea S2x05 Ty and Paara plan to help The Heist heroes
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

In the meantime, Ty, who has gone to live with Paara, tells her what is going on with The Heist scheme to get into the Time Travel facility by hijacking the wagon of black rock energy ore.

Paara, a savvy survivor in her own right in prehistoric 10,000 BC, suspects that Eve, Gavin, Levi, Sam, Lucas, Scott and Izzy will be attacked by The Exiles and possibly be killed or be taken prisoner.

Paara gathers her band of able bodied warriors to go to the aid of our heroes with Ty.

La Brea S2x05 Taamet is husband of Paara
Image courtesy NBC

In the end, the hijacking of the wagon of black is successfully accomplished by Gavin, Eve, Levi and Izzy, but not with a potentially devastating cost.

Unfortunately, the diversion created by Lucas, Scott and Sam to divert The Exiles attention by freeing the salves goes awry. The Exiles immediately take chase to capture and enslave Lucas and Scott.

It is at this point we learn much more about The Exiles enigmatic leader named Taamet (Martin Sensmeier).

La Brea S2x05 Paara takes aim
Image by Sarah Enticknap courtesy NBC

Paara arrives in just the nick of time taking aim at Taamet with her trusting bow and arrow but fails to take the easy shot.

To the astonishment of our heroes, Paara relates that Taamet, The Exiles leader is her estranged husband.

Taamet flees when confronted by Paara and her warriors saving our heroes from capture by The Exiles.

La Brea S2x05 Lazarus beckons our heroes
Image courtesy NBC

The final sequence finds us where it all began, with our heroes taking the wagon of black rock energy ore to the Time Travel facility where they will attempt entry and hopefully rescue Riley and Josh trapped in 1988!

It is here that Gavin confesses to Eve that he will do whatever it takes to get his family back together, including his love for Eve!

La Brea S2x05 The key card to Lazarus
Image courtesy NBC

Join TeamWHR at NBC for the next exciting episode of La Brea named “Lazarus” airing on November 01, 2022 and available at Peacock streaming television the very next day.

The Time Travel facility code named Lazarus is where we the viewers will finally get to use the Time Travel Computer Card Key.

We hope to gain access to the mysterious facility where we will likely meet the enigmatic leader of Time Travel facility in 10,000 BC that our fallen heroine Rebecca built to restore the timeline, and ultimately, tragically died for!

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