Colin Ferguson Interview: Random Acts of Haitian Charity in a Primeval New World!

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Click to visit and follow Colin Ferguson on Twitter!This past Sunday June 24, 2012 we were honored with an interview from Mr. Colin Ferguson who joined us 6 PM Pacific, 9 PM.EST to discuss his recent charitable journey to Haiti where he and friend Misha Collins worked with Haitian Reconstruction!

Colin Ferguson was in Haiti helping build a wonderful new school for those in need who are still struggling to survive and restore a sense of normalcy to their nation after the devastating earthquake in 2010.

Traveling a great distance from the Los Angeles area, Colin worked tirelessly in Haiti to help the people! Colin Ferguson brought his boundless energy, determination and dedication to the task thereby bringing many smiles to the faces of the still suffering Haitian citizens from his fantastic charitable efforts!

Haiti Reconstruction - Colin Ferguson works tirelessly to help the Haitains
Courtesy Colin Ferguson Facebook page

How can you can help bring smiles to the people of Haiti as well? Simple! We can all support the same fine charity organizations as Colin Ferguson did by donating to Hope For Haiti and “Crowd Rise” hosted by The Random Act.

Click to learn more about Colin Fergusons Hope to Haiti Charity!

As you can see for yourselves, from the images regarding his charity trip to Haiti, the outstanding work performed by Colin supporting Haitian Reconstruction, his selfless acts made many people happy! This included his many fans who helped make the project possible with their generous donations!

Haiti Reconstruction - Colin Ferguson brings smiles to the faces of Haitian citizens!
Image courtesy Colin Ferguson’s Facebook page

Eureka - Colin Ferguson as Sheriff Jack Carter!Mr. Ferguson’s acting career spans seventeen years in Canada, the United States and Europe. Perhaps best known as the steadfast, persistent and lovable Sheriff Jack Carter in Eureka, Mr Ferguson’s career has brought enjoyable entertainment to his fans in television series and movies including CSI: Miami, Lake Placid 3, Line of Fire, and Malcolm in the Middle.

Colin Ferguson’s latest efforts include new projects such as an appearance on the fantastic new science fiction series Primeval New World (with longtime respected friend Amanda Tapping), Like Father, and The Stupidest Angel, as well as many more you can learn about at his official web site!Prineval New World Banner - Click to visit and follow on Twitter!

During our seventy-five minute interview with Colin Ferguson, he shared many details his Haiti Reconstruction experiences including learning dealing with the challenges posed by the tragic 2010 earthquake which laid waste to that impoverished nation.

We hope you enjoy listening to our exclusive interview about Haitian Reconstruction with Colin Ferguson as much as we did in conducting it and bringing it here at You Decide for you!

Hatian Reconstruction - Colin Ferguson hangs out with the local school kids!
Courtesy Colin Ferguson Facebook page

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