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Hello Sanctuarians!!!

Sorry for the delay in posting this Sanctuary episode review for those fans in the US, but as I am in Canada, I did not get to see this SyFy Logo Chain Mail - Click to visit Sanctuary at Syfyawesome show until Friday night. And as I am not one for posting spoilers for people to complain about. Even though some people do not mind them, I thought it best to wait until us Canadian’s at least had a chance to see it.

Sorry for those of you in the UK and that part of the world where you still have to wait until June to see, but you guys are in for a real treat when you do.

Now, onto my thoughts…

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Will walks into room

Well I must say that watching the beginning of this episode made me think of the ending of the movie DOOM. Where it makes you feel that you are the one in the show. This was so cool how the camera made me feel that I was the one frantically getting dressed and walking into the room to meet up with the rest of the gang. Kudos to the effects department on that one. It was brilliant.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Helen examining Will

And it carried on into the infirmary where Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping) and Henry Foss (Ryan Robbins) are in Hazmat suits. I thought to myself, ‘please let him not have something growing out of his head.’ And after Helen had taken a sample of Will’s blood, she was a little reluctant on letting Will see himself. Henry was unsure as well, but with Helen’s approval, Henry past Will a mirror and that is when you see what all the concern was about.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Will looks in mirrorScales??? I was like, ‘oh goodie, Will is going to turn into a fish.’ LOL. Of course you can see the honest to goodness concern on the face of Dr. Helen Magnus (Amanda Tapping). And with everything they have been through together, she was determined to solve this. And knowing Helen like we all got to know her these past three and half years, she was very protective with her team.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Helen winks at WillSanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Will's box of filesThen a little while later, Helen comes back in the isolation room she put Will into, only this time with no hazmat helmet on. So,, NOT contagious, that is good news.

Not knowing what this was or how he got it in the first place was puzzling to say the least. But as Will had loads of time on his hands apparently, Helen could not help but make light of the situation and prop a box of files on the bed next to Will. I guess he was behind on his work for Helen like I find myself at times. LOL

And again with the effects of you only hearing Will’s voice behind the camera. And I LOVED the way the camera “blinked” as if you or I would blink our eyes. That was just to wicked if you ask me. And what I had to give a chuckle at was with the cute little wink she gave Will, along with a smile, and then left him to the huge stack of files in the box. Poor guy.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Will meets up with Henry, Kate & Big Guy

Though, I felt bad for Will. He was finally allowed out of his room and found the gang, Henry, Kate Freelander (Agam Darshi) and Big Guy (Christopher Heyerdahl – I swear, I have to find a better name for him), talking about him with the way they tried hard not to look at him.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Kate asking Will a question

But the best part of that scene was when Kate was all serious and wanting to ask Will a question. Will being so understanding with his ever changing appearance, told her to go ahead, to ask him anything. That is when she popped the question. “Any way you can save us 15% or more on car insurance?” LOL. Well I never laughed so hard, and the look on Kate’s face was priceless. What a cute smile. 🙂

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Big Guy laughing at Kate's question

Of course, Will was not impressed. And the expression you can hear from his voice was so funny. “Geiko? Really?” Well I just cracked up laughing again. And the best part was that the Big Guy bust out laughing too.

This whole episode was so awesome. Looking around through Will’s eyes. I think that this episode was the best by far with the effects and camera work. It could not have been easy to make this one, and hopefully if someone from the cast reads this, they can tell how they done it.

But what makes this show stand out was how much the characters have grown more and more as a family. With Will changing into something we were not too sure of until last minute, it really tested Kate. She confided into Henry that she had never dealt with anything like this before. I felt for Kate, she has grown so much throughout this season. What an amazing actress. Well, they all are awesome in their own ways.

OK, so onto more of parts that stuck out to me…

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Will climbs the wallSanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Kate gets a shockThen Will discovers he’s got a new super power. SPIDERMAN! Yes, he tested it by climbing up the wall of his bedroom. Though, I felt bad for Kate. Bringing in his tray for him to eat and finding him almost up to the ceiling. I think I was laughing at a lot of places throughout this episode.

Of course with the word getting to Henry, he went to Will and asked him to help him out. I think he just wanted to see Will go up the wall. It was funny though. Because as you watch “yourself” climb the wall, you can hear Henry on the floor, “that’s so cool”.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Light fixture

The help that Henry needed from will was to change a light-bulb. Henry obviously could not reach it. And now with Will and his new “talent”, he figured this was the only way to get it done.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Henry with lightbulb

So Will went and done it. Well how could anyone refuse a face like that? LOL Doesn’t he look cute? 😀

Unfortunately, we find out that Will cannot be around sunlight. He dropped to the floor. Off to the infirmary again. Although, Henry felt bad that he learned that there was a switch to lower the chandelier to change burnt out bulbs. 😛

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Will gets another look at himself

This shows how awesome the make-up artists are. Will is changing and it is cool to how we are shown little by little of his progress.

Sanctuary S3xE14 metamorphosis - Will sees his reflection

Of course, later when Will and Kate are having a touching moment, we see his reflection through the laptop screen. Kate told him that Alley was asking about him, but she told her that he was not feeling well. He was appreciative. I do not think that he would have wanted to tell her on the phone, or in person for that matter.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Looking down at Sanctuary

This next picture is one of many pictures that we got to see of the awesomeness of Sanctuary. I would love to work in a place like that. I would make a great secretary and seeing to the files and putting them organized. 😉

But with Will changing, he is not allowed to go on a mission with the gang. Instead he is left behind. But it was not long before the Big Guy comes to his room and tells him he has something to show him. I was a bit scared and intrigued as to what this secret could be. Then we are let inside.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Biggie shows Will his secret room

Biggie opens the door and lets Will go in first. The room had a sitting area with shelves and shelves of bottles of whiskey. Yes, WHISKEY! A guy after my own heart. It is my preferred drink right now. But anyway, they were accompanied by someone who is no stranger to the TV screen.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Chilling with friends

Yep, it is none other then our own Stargate tech guy – Chuck. So with a few drinks, they had a great time, kicking back, having a laugh. Of course the boys were telling Will that once the gang gets back, they give a play by play of what happened out in the field. It was funny to see how Will and Biggie looked at each other as they watched Henry and Kate be so hyped telling the story. I giggled at the expression on Biggie’s face, and Henry & Kate’s enthusiasm.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Kate feeding Will

This picture of Kate being with Will when his hands have morphed in a way that he cannot get a grip on anything anymore, that Kate helps him by feeding his meal to him. Although, from this picture she looks a little flirty, but when you see the actual show, you will see just how much she truly cares for Will.

Unfortunately little later, we find that cause Will attacked Kate (partly cause he could not speak anymore), they had to put him in those isolation boxes where Helen usually keeps the rest of the adnormals that is taking up residence there. Each one took a moment and said their good-byes. Kate, unfortunately, could not muster the words. Bless her.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Morphed Will

Morphed Will looking around his new room, thinking of a way out.

Of course Helen finally gets the answer she’s been waiting on, and makes up a cure of sorts, but when Kate and Henry goes to get Will, he is gone. Or so they thought. Morphed or not, Will still knew how to trick people. He had tore off a heating grate up by the ceiling, letting them think he got out. When Kate turned around to only see Will there behind Henry. She did not get the warning out in time when Will hit Henry. Then knocked out Kate, and ran out the door.

Sanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Helen shows concernSanctuary S3xE14 Metamorphosis - Normal WillLuckily, they were able to track him, and got him back. Helen went to visit Will, who was back in the infirmary yet again, to see how he was feeling. With his voice still a little sore from the morphing, he was now back to his usual charming self. Well with a little bit of trace abnormality left on his face. But he was back to being his gorgeous self again.

So that is my thoughts on this episode. I hope you all enjoyed the read and especially enjoyed watching the episode for yourself. In the meantime below is the extended promotional trailer for “Wingman” tonight on Syfy and Friday on SPACE CHannel

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