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Click to visit SGU on SyFy!Hi Stargate Universe Fans,

WormholeRiders is pleased, proud, and thrilled for the opportunity to review Stargate Universe. This review is the first of our three (3) SGU reviews. WormholeRiders will publish two more Stargate Universe reviews by our reporters RadioStar and Play It Grand. The next SGU review will be posted on or before Monday, September 28. Our third review will be published right before the Stargate Universe premiere October 2 on SyFy.

Importantly, this reporter’s review will be from two distinct perspectives, one objective, and one of a rather subjective nature as a fan of the franchise.

The objective perspective focuses on the quality of the work itself. The acting, writing, directing, costumes, audio soundtrack depth and complexity of the plot, and other critical factors will be examined. Each of these factors determines whether the huge undertaking that is incumbent in a new television series like Stargate Universe, will ultimately succeed over the long term, or fail to draw enough viewers to justify the costly business and production aspects?

Producing a fine product within the entertainment industry is one thing, producing one that ultimately pays for itself is another matter altogether. Stargate Universe’s top notch quality gives it a good chance to do just that.

The proof is always in the pudding. For starters, from the professional look and feel of the SGU Press Kit, including the cool Stargate on the cover that has chevrons that light up, to the heavy ‘feel’ of the binding, like that of a fine book, the velvet interior lining and the slick layout for the cast and creators is a ‘pudding’ that not only looks very appealing, SyFy and NBC Universal have established a new benchmark that shatters all previous television series marketing campaigns ever known by this reporter! The SGU Press Kit alone is an outstanding accomplishment! Well done SyFy, NBC, and or MGM! Whomever is responsible! Great job!

The very intensity of such a marketing effort for a new television series like SGU is unprecedented. From the perspective of this reviewer, the SyFy and NBC Universal marketing teams should be very proud of their work indeed. The quality of the presentation speaks volumes to the depth of the commitment by Syfy to extending the legacy of the Stargate franchise in their partnership with MGM Studios. Having saved Stargate once many years ago when Stargate SG-1 was canceled by Showtime, SyFy is roaring back like the MGM Lion to market SGU! Great job SyFy!

Secondly, and just as importantly, this review of SGU will be from a WormholeRiders viewpoint, or simply put. From the perspective of the fans. Stargate franchise fans are very interested about the direction that SyFy, MGM and the creators are taking “their” Stargate franchise. In a nutshell, here’s why:

During travels to major Stargate conventions over the past seven years, Play It Grand (one of our founders), has witnessed first-hand the absolute fan dedication to the Stargate franchise. These fans can be called nothing less than fanatical, which by the way is a very good thing for the creators, owners and distributors of Stargate.

After a bit of a fan uproar (a riot you might say) when Stargate SG-1 was not renewed for an eleventh season in 2006, movie industry giant, the legendary MGM Studios, moved cautiously but firmly, taking a rather risky step by producing two direct to DVD Stargate SG-1 movies, ‘The Ark of Truth’ and ‘Continuum’. With plans announced for two more Stargate movies, MGM Studios has quite clearly demonstrated to the world that their Stargate franchise is about to enter the annuls of entertainment Click to visit Stargate on MGM-Dot Com!history.

MGM’s bold move ultimately proved the overall efficacy of the Stargate franchise. It was this gamble by MGM, and partnership once again with SyFy that has made Stargate Universe the reality that it is today.

Both MGM and SyFy clearly place Stargate Universe at a very lofty level indeed. How lofty? The creators of the Stargate franchise are on a path equal only to such long lived and cherished favorites as James Bond, Star Trek, The Terminator, and the Star Wars series franchises, all now well into their 4th and 3rd decades respectively. MGM and SyFy are poised to take the Stargate franchise into a very rare third decade, not often seen for any television program or movie franchise.

Based on the quality of the 2 hour pilot and the 1 hour conclusion, which excellently sets the stage for SGU, it appears we are all in for the WormholeRiders “ride” of our lives! Stand by to complete the second decade of Stargate. If things go well, if we are lucky, we might all (just maybe?) get ready for a third decade of Stargate!

What remains to be seen is whether Stargate Universe will engender the same affection from the fans as did SG-1 and Atlantis? I could be wrong, but I think they will if SGU is just given a chance.

Stargate fans will not only NOT be disappointed in SGU, they will be simply ecstatic with it! Stargate fans, you are about to take the “E Ticket” ride of your lives on October 2! Your Stargate has returned in a new rich format, replete with top notch acting, writing, directing, production, costumes, and naturally special effects of such quality, well … frankly … all one can say in absolute genuine glee is …. “The joy ride thru the gate is about to begin again!”

In watching, no that phrase is not correct! ‘Experiencing’ the stunning opening episodes of Stargate Universe, I came to better appreciate there may not be enough appropriate words to describe the outstanding work from the creators. People like Brad Wright, Robert Cooper, Andy Mikita, Joseph Mallozzi, N. John Smith, Carl Binder, John G. Lenic, Paul Mullie, Martin Gero, Jennifer L. Johnson, Alan McCullough, John Scalzi, Valerie Halverson, Mark Savela, Joel Goldsmith, and so many others whom have all obviously poured their creative souls into bringing the Stargate franchise back to television.

For this I am sure the fans will surely give thanks that should also include SyFy, who stepped up to the plate and have just hit a grand slam with Stargate Universe! The quality of this work exceeds anything ever seen or even imaged by fans of Stargate!

Hey! It’s the Stargate, remember? It always gets better. It’s frellin unreal how things have gotten even better than better in Stargate Universe! Get ready fans! SGU Rocks!

Once thought impossible (a third series), Stargate Universe is set to virtually sweep the planet in a few short weeks. The entire SGU production is abundant testimony that SyFy, MGM, and the creators not only heard the fans cries for more Stargate, they themselves flocked to the call of the mesmerizing Stargate finally unlocking the secrets of the ninth chevron, and to the crystal clear clarity of the ever beckoning event horizon, shimmering in a new hypnotic fashion as never seen before!

Now let’s review the content of the Stargate Universe pilot episodes. What about the story, the plot, the characters, and the actors? Have Syfy and MGM baked in the right recipe for the prevailing times? After careful scrutiny and review, I would say the answer is a definite yes!

Let’s start with the story. Rather let’s examine the foundation, the basic premise of Stargate Universe. What premise? Why of course what every Stargate fan already knows, that day to day operations at Stargate Command have continued unabated and clandestinely hidden from the prying eyes of the general public as well they should be!

It’s nice to know we knocked off the Ori, the Replicators, (how many times?), the Goa’uld, and most of the other villains! Now we can finally get back to some good old fashioned Stargate archeology!

Don’t try to fool Stargate fans. They “know” what the dickens has been going on under Cheyenne Mountain for the past 15 years! And don’t forget they also know the facts about Atlantis hiding, ‘cloaked’ just outside the entrance to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco! So it better be a darn good story, Stargate Universe, or else!

SGU-S1x01-USS-General George Hammond in BattleFans will experience no disappointment here either. The story is excellent, eloquently unfolding over the two hour pilot using a series of episodic flashbacks. These flashbacks take us from the ‘present time’ back to the missions and events which unfolded at Stargate Command and at a secret base off-world, all ultimately leading back to the dramatic and potentially frightening deadlines in the present.

As the story develops we see several poignant and touching scenes including honorable mention of deceased actor Don S. Davis (very subtly, but matter of 2009 SGU - Colonel Carter on the USS Hammond!fact). We also see other familiar Stargate characters that build and blend a comfortable and familiar feeling of being ‘home’ again into the pilot episode, both in the environs of Stargate Command, and in our continued secret off-world base operations! Amanda Tapping’s reprisal of her role as Dr. Colonel Samantha Carter is very nice . We always love seeing Amanda. She simply does a great job! We wish Amanda well in Sanctuary and hSGU-S1x01-Doctor Daniel Jacksonope to see her again in Stargate soon!

Who can do without the ageless wisdom of the beloved Dr. Daniel Jackson? It never really gets old does it! Michael Shanks return as Daniel will delight the fans. His performance is oh so Daniel! Great job Michael!

SGU-S1x01-General Jack O'Neill And perhaps best of all is the return of General Jack O’Neill, Richard Dean Anderson, always loved by the fandom. RDA brings back fond memories of the SGC, and in a bit of his dead pan humor, we see him in action again, and of course seeing RDA makes us believe in the mission we are all about to embark on with Stargate Universe!

There are other familiar faces like Gary Jones as Gate Tech Chief Master Sergeant Walter Harriman for one. Each made me feel like I had just turned off the last episode. Perhaps only last week… After seeing their characters again in SGU, it seemed like such a short time ago. Nice touch. Very nice touch.SGU - 2009 CMS Walter Harriman

Cameos by a few more Stargate characters would have iced the cake. Bill Dow was nice as Dr. Lee. I was almost expecting the likes of Dr. Rodney McKay, Dr. Lamb and or Dr. Keller at the off-world base even though I knew they were not cast. Such would have certainly sweetened the deal, but the characters we do recognize clearly and convincingly create the willing suspension of disbelief that is so critical to the success of a gargantuan artistic effort like Stargate Universe. BravSGU - 2009 - Bill Dow as Dr Leeo! Well done!

As the plot thickens, rather quickly I might add, we learn that secret off-world operations have continued! Well of course they have! It’s Stargate! We learn the special research base in SGU is exploring the mysterious and little understood ninth  Stargate chevron!

The secrets of the ninth chevron have eluded the best minds of the United States Military during World War 2, at Area 51, and at Stargate Command for over 80 years! Since the original discovery of the mythical Stargate on the plateaus of Giza in 1928, never have the secrets of the mythical ninth chevron been revealed! Stand by ….. All that changes soon!

For years the fans have speculated about the meaning of the famed ninth chevron. But by originally having 9 chevrons, the Stargate creators have apparently planned for Universe very carefully, saving the biggest secrets of all, seeking to unlock the final mysteries of the Stargate, perhaps even the very keys to the Universe itself! Our reward? Well stand by fans, your long wait is over! The secrets of the ninth chevron are only a scant number of days away!

The real secret of success in the Stargate Universe pilot is it may (will likely) produce a heartfelt hope in every Stargate fan of renewal for the SGU series!

Back to the inherent quality of the Stargate Universe pilot episodes. The precision utilization of flashback imagery is at first almost dizzying, but the excellent technique employed in SGU very neatly merges the recent past into the defining reality of the present. Cooper, Wright, and director Andy Mikita have once again accomplished this critical factor in a very slick and convincing manner. Believe me, I believed! And very likely, so will the fans of Stargate!

SGU - 2009 - Elyse Levesque and Christopher McDonaldAs the first hour of SGU draws to a close, the viewing audience is brilliantly focused on the Destiny and her crew, or should we say survivors? I will not delve into why or how the crew goes through the Stargate and ends up on Destiny. It would be too much of a spoiler, ruining the fun for fans who prefer to see the premiere starting October 2.

Suffice it to say the sequences leading up to their arrival on Destiny are classic Stargate, replete with special effects and action scenes as good, or perhaps even better (with crisper images) than previously seen in either Stargate SG-1 or Atlantis. The sequences are extremely well made and should be enjoyed alone for their faithfullness to Stargate. We tip our hat to creative genius Mark Savela and his special effects team. Excellent work Mark!

Also of high quality, as always, is the fine costume design work by Valerie Halverson. A longtime member of the Stargate production team, Halverson’s expertise in blending outstanding costumes into SGU once again proved invaluable in setting the tone for the pilot. Great job Valarie!

Next thing the fans (and actors) want to know? ….

SGU-Elyse Leveque and Alaina HuffmanWhat about the new SGU actors and the characters they portray? Here again the creators and casting teams of the renowned Paul Weber (csa), Corinne Clark and Jennifer Page (Canadian casting), have performed brilliantly in their selection of the leading and support actors and actresses. Each are either clear leaders in their field, or are on a rising star’s path to success. Stargate Universe may very well be their vehicle!

Some have said that SGU takes the Stargate Franchise in an entirely new direction with regard to character development. I am not so sure. Stargate Universe is more of a sophisticated character evolution, a dazzling product that represents the next generation of science fiction genre in a weekly series.

SGU tackles the challenge of character development head on, and I believe they have succeeded at their task. Often characters are developed over many years of series growth, sometimes even to the point of being clumsy and awkward until the cast chemistry blends. This is not the case in SGU. Stargate Universe starts off with the idea of very complex characters. SGU also has an extremely smooth cast chemistry that is very rarely witnessed in a series pilot.

Coupled with enchantingly deep and complex audio soundtracks, the cast chemistry is enhanced so what we see in a character is what we would believe, and makes us think how we might react if such things happened to us?

This factor alone is a special touch of magic in Stargate Universe! Fans will likely wait with baited breath for each episode to unfold! I know I certainly will.

By doing the toughest job first, that of creating convincing characters and their complex interactions, SGU seeks to, and has done a much better job than most in emulating the human condition, the day to day interactions of what could pass for real life situations. These factors make the pilot very convincing indeed, becoming most enjoyable in the process. All of this character development is accomplished very quickly, with quite believable scenes of what ordinary people under pressure actually do, how they act, and the inevitable tensions, conflicts, and consequences that arise there from.

SGU - 2009 - Ninth Chevron Active

Fans will witness some of what real life is all about, the jockeying for position, grasping for power or control, frailty in moments of weakness, great sacrifice, the quest for survival or salvation, and even brief emotional outbursts much like in life. Each properly and more than adequately sets the tone for what is to come. Stargate Universe is a tone which reeks of the realities and tragedies of the real world today, set on a virtual stage billions of light years distant from Earth. What remains to be seen is if fandom will ‘jump’ aboard the Destiny or not? What might it be that could just push SGU over the top into multi-season hit success? In the opinion of this reviewer, what will push Stargate Universe over the top in the hearts of fans is the cast itself.

SGU leads with acclaimed Scottish actor Robert Carlyle. By casting Carlyle as Dr. Nicholas Rush, we see something of an English Daniel Jackson, a touch more subtle, and perhaps a bit more mellow. Like Dr. Jackson, he is observed suppressing a tearful reaction to something we have yet to learn about from his past. The scene is very effective and leaves the viewer in a state of empathy for the tearful Rush.

Like Daniel Jackson, one can just image Dr. Rush digging at Stonehenge or deep in a tomb at Giza, or researching Ancient technology in the bowels of Area 51! One must suspect that Dr. Rush was involved with the retrieval of treasures at Glastonburry in the season nine opener of Stargate SG-1 ‘Avalon’ that lead to the discovery of the Ori! Much like Colonel Dr. Samantha Carter, Dr. Rush has obviously long been involved with the Stargate program, likely locked in an underground base or vault somewhere deep within Cheyenne Mountain or Area 51!

Well, Dr. Rush has surfaced, much to the delight of this reviewer! I am also sure to the absolute glee of the fans as well. While we may compare Dr. Rush to perhaps even the likes of an unshaven Indiana Jones, he is very much his own unique character. Much remains to be learned about Dr. Rush, but several poignant moments with Carlyle proves that casting this legendary veteran actor assures that the United Kingdom Stargate fandom and people around the world will become firmly attached to SGU. For fans unfamiliar with his work, Carlyle’s vivid portrayal of the Rush character is so real, so intense, that few should have trouble believing in who Dr. Rush is and what he is all about.

Best known for her more than inspired role in the Joy Luck Club and as the voice of the animated heroine Mulan, fans will be thrilled at the selection of Ms. Ming-Na as Camile Wray, the human resources director of the secret off-world base where the research into the Stargate’s enigmatic ninth chevron is taking place. Ming-Na, named as one of the most beautiful and influential women and actresses in the world, has a long and distinguished career of acting accomplishments. Being that her love is live theater, how in the world we fans are fortunate enough to have Ming-Na in Universe is a credit once again to the creators, the casting teams, and thankfully to the supremely talented and beautiful Ming-Na herself!

Her brilliant portrayal of H.R. Director Camile Wray is evident in the fact she lets us “know” that she knows “things” that most of the others do not. Obviously trusted by almost everyone, except for one explosive Master Sergeant, Ming-Na illustrates her great talent in a performance so convincingly, displaying the ‘hidden’ side to her characters personality so subtly, that all “know” Ms. Wray’s intimate knowledge of the crew, and their ability to survive, is perhaps second only to that of the esteemed Dr. Rush himself. Great job Ming-Na! Loved your brilliant performance! We can barely wait for more of the enigmatic and beautiful Ms. Camile Wray! I am sure the fans will feel the same way!

Distinguished veteran actor Lou Diamond Philips very nicely rounds out the lead actors in the military compliment as Colonel Telford, the supremely confident leader selected to go on the ninth chevron mission. Perhaps one of his most poignant roles outside of Courage Under Fire with Meg Ryan and Denzel Washington, was Philips role in a Syfy mini-series named The Triangle with no less than the likes of Sam Neill! Always the consummate professional, Phillips role In Stargate Universe is another in a string of accomplishments since he first won acclaim in the 1980’s hit La Bamba. Exactly how Colonel Telford’s character is woven into the plot line will delight and intrigue the fans. Of great interest is an Ancient device that fans will instantly recognize. For fans in the United States, Philips rugged features and tremendous acting talent will anchor Universe with his dynamic and realistic portrayal of Colonel Telford. Philips is sure to be a Stargate Universe fan favorite because his many years of acting experience make you believe instantly in both who and what he is! Very well done Lou Diamond Philips!

Next, Louis Ferreira is cast as Colonel Everett Young. Ferreira will be remembered by science fiction fans who may recall his lead role in the acclaimed A&E mini-series remake of the classic, The Andromeda Strain. Here again the casting choice by the creators is brilliant. As Colonel Young, Ferreira is cast as the military leader of what becomes the unexpected expedition aboard Destiny. Much like the veteran character actors Robert Patrick and Mitch Pileggi featured previously as stoic military commanders in Stargate Atlantis, Ferreira fits into his role like a glove. At first we want to smack him around a bit for his terse treatment of other characters, but then we realize he is every bit the leader we would like to have around to cover our backs during an unfolding disaster. A very convincing performance by Louis certainly added to the overall appeal and realism of the SGU pilot! Thumbs up on Colonel Young!

A relative newcomer, Brian J. Smith is cast as First Lieutenant Matthew Scott. A recent graduate of the acclaimed Julliard School of acting, Smith may be recognized by Law and Order fans where he recently guest starred. Obviously seeking someone to portray a somewhat less experienced officer than that of the John Sheppard character in Stargate Atlantis, the casting team hit the mark right on with Smith. Smith quickly befriends David Blues character, Eli Wallace. Being young and inexperienced, their new bond of friendship works well. In the pilot episodes, Lieutenant Scott also reminds us a little bit of the brash Lieutenant Ford from Atlantis, with all the same dedication to chain of command and following orders amidst the Destiny’s plight. Smith is featured both alone and together with other characters in several scenes in which the cinematography … well … the cinematography and direction basically totally rocks!

Following in the tradition of such excellence that came to the forefront in ‘Continuum’ and ‘Ark of Truth’, SGU will not disappoint the fans in the area of visual excellence. Beyond special effects are wide sweeping cinematic sequences, real eye candy of such raw natural beauty, that these sequences alone should be nominated for an award. In what becomes a desperate, lone quest, Smith’s portrayal of Scott is one of the enduring spirit of human kind. Fans will trust, like, and want to see more of 1st Lieutenant Matthew Scott in the episodes ahead! Great work Brian!

Once again the casting genius’ have struck gold! How? With Ms. Elyse Levesque! A veteran actress since early childhood, Elyse’s role is that of Ms. Chloe Armstrong, daughter of a famous United States Senator visiting just one of our many of the secret SGC’s off-world bases. Not only stunningly beautiful, Levesque’s inspired performance as the sheltered and somewhat naïve Chloe Armstrong should bring even the most hard hearted fans to the verge of tears in more than one scene. Her many years of experience are clearly illustrated in the pilot episodes of Universe. From the tears in her eyes during a poignant scene, to the stark, but reluctant transformation she makes into accepting her new reality, fans will surely be waiting eagerly to see more of talented Elyse Levesque as the very lovely Chloe Armstrong! Superb job Elyse!

Up and coming is the rising young star David Blue. Scholarship grant recipient for the prestigious British Academy of Dramatic Arts, Blue was perfectly selected by the casting teams for the role of the young computer genius Eli Wallace. With a few scenes pleasantly reminiscent of a campy cult classic, The Last Star Fighter, Blue is simply fantastic as Eli Wallace, bringing a wise and thoughtful side to the plight of many families and the medical tragedies they face today in the real world.

As the teaser trailer recently released by Syfy clearly shows, Eli is virtually kidnapped and sequestered by none other than General Jack O’Neill himself! Nearby, a petulant Dr. Rush waits in close proximity to recruit the boy genius! In some of the more humorous and lighter moments, young Eli gets a series of lectures from a revered Stargate character, favorite of many. When you see the scenes yourself on October 2, you’ll clearly understand the comedic, yet deadly serious nature of it all, including the disclosure of the secrets of the Stargate ninth chevron, and a reluctant, yet elated Eli being beamed directly aboard the new SGC flagship! David Blue clearly knows his stuff. His character, thrown into a situation that was not exactly what he bargained for, grows right before your very eyes. Way to go David, errrr Eli!

Perhaps best known for her role in Smallville as The Black Canary, casting the gorgeous and talented Alaina Huffman as First Lieutenant Tamara Johansen, the Stargate Universe creators have really hit the jackpot! An accomplished actress since her early teenage years, Huffman seamlessly incorporates her many years of acting experience into a character portrayal so genuine, so real, that one could easily be reminded of a fledgling nurse or other young military health care provider we may have encountered in our very own lives. This genuineness is a quality that shines through brightly in Alaina’s performance. Even with only viewing the pilot episodes of Stargate Universe, I (as many will) suspect that Huffamn will become a key player in the survival strategy for those aboard the Destiny!

The choice of Jamil Walker Smith as the aggressive but extremely dedicated Master Sergeant Ronald Greer once again attests to the creators and casting agent’s selection of actors who can accurately express aspects of everyday life in their characters. Jamil is just such an actor with a career spanning decades since his first performances at the tender age of 6. As Master Sergeant Ronald Greer, we see a character torn by his own beliefs and emotions much as war torn soldiers fighting against evil overseas are today.

At the same time Jamil is fiercely dedicated to the success of their survival, and in a juxtaposition of rather real life character flaws, is observed in an argument with character Camille Wray played by Ming-Na over a panic stricken outburst of emotion. What is it all really about with Jamil? I am sure we will all find out very soon! Jamil shows his true grit as a Master Sergeant when he risks his own life to save other crewmen and helps decide the very fate of the Destiny itself in the final cliffhanging moments of the pilot episodes. Fantastic job Jamil!

Of honorable mention are the supporting actors and actresses, notably two fine actors. First is the portrayal of Elyse’s fictional father in SGU. This talented actor will be instantly recognized, and may even remind many of the recently departed Senator Edward (Ted) Kennedy in a couple of scenes. Senator Armstrong is artfully played by veteran character actor Christopher McDonald.

The fine work of Patrick Gilmore as Dale Volker requires mention. Patrick also gave a sense of realism to his character that added to the depth of the pilot. Each of these fine actors contributed to the pleasingly slick ‘look and feel’ of Stargate Universe.

SGU-NewMexico-set location by JGLenic via TwitPicMany other fines supporting actors and actresses contributed much, adding to the realism of the Stargate Universe pilot. I would continue on here about the supporting cast, but let’s save that for another day. As the series continues, a second review on the talent that makes up the supporting cast and crews of Stargate Universe characters is being planned.

Finally, as discussed by many fans at conventions and on the web, will anyone see much of the fabled Stargate Command, SG-1 or SGA characters in the foreseeable series future of SGU? Well, first you do get to see some of them in the pilot episodes. Without revealing the secret, let’s just say that the creators have left an umbilical cord back to the SGC woven deep into the fabric of Stargate Universe. How much this will influence the series is sheer speculation. But this reviewer would not be a bit surprised to see some cameos from time to time as the SGU adventure bursts upon the world!

How you say can that be possible if the Destiny is billions of light years away? Well, for that bit of fun and trivia you will just have to tune in and be watching the series premiere!

SGU Stargate. Click to visit Stargate on MGMIn closing for now, and after watching SGU several times, I remained stunned by the outstanding cinematography, the writing, the directing, the special effects, as well as the outstanding deep character development in the pilot. If I am correct, all of these factors should bear much fruit in the coming seasons.

Judging by how well the two hour pilot eloquently sets the stage, topped off with a one hour cliffhanger ending that neatly wraps up the single effect of the pilot work, SGU is sure to leave the fans waiting eagerly each week for the next episode aboard the ship of the Ancients, the Destiny, where “the only mission is survival”!

It is clear to this reporter that the creators, actors, crews, and contributors to Stargate Universe have a clear winner on their hands. So long as what we will watch in the third episode and beyond continues at the same quality level of the first two episodes, the Stargate fandom is in for many more years of great Stargate adventures. Almost forgotten, the return of SyFy Friday dear fans, is just around the corner!

To borrow a phrase, MGM and SyFy’s have indeed truly succeeded in “Re-Inventing the Wheel” …. The wheel of what Stargate has always been all about! Quality output with more tales to come that are sure to please!

Stargate Universe is an outstanding entertainment product we all are very fortunate enough to receive. The ultimate question is if the Stargate fandom is ready for where SGU will take us all? Remember that virtually every fan asked for this.

So fans, here is your reward: more Stargate! What will you do with it? It’s all up to you, the members of the fandom!

I’d say go for it! And when you do, I have a feeling you will enjoy the coming journey just beginning to unfold! With all respect to SG-1 and SGA, Stargate Universe is positively the finest incarnation of Stargate ever!

To SyFy, MGM, Bridge Studios, the cast and the crews … Bravo! A truly fantastic job!

Other than what has been released by MGM or SyFy themselves, I wanted to experience Stargate Universe “on my own”, all the while “screaming I love you so…(to Stargate) ”. At least the way lyrics of the hit song ‘Decode’ by Paramore (from Twilight) so aptly puts it.  Subjective enough? Just being honest.

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14 thoughts on “Review: Stargate Universe Set to Rock the World!

  1. Hi IceKat! 😛

    Thank your for the kind words. I am pleased that you finally get to see Stargate Universe! YAY!

    You and friends in watching channel 10 arr in for a real treat!

    I will not say more as our policy is only to include minor spoilers as appropriate for pre-reviews (pre air date) or complete reviews (post air-date), but you will find a number of nice reports here and I am glad you enjoyed “Set to Rock the World”.

    Best Regards

  2. As I live in Australia (and as we are continually tortured by having to wait months for new episodes of good TV like Dr Who, Red Dwarf and of course Stargate) I have only just seen the premiere of SGU.

    Stargate took me through most of High School and I was beyond thrilled to see it re-invented when it finally premiered this evening on the new station of Ch10 (as opposed to Ch7). It was a great pilot and I had a lovely evening of nostalgia. I just hope that Ch10 is better than Ch7 in keeping it in the same time-slot (and showing the entire season!). I agree with the reviews and other user comments. The other Series (as unwaveringly loyal as I am to both) were getting boring but this looks like a great new start and I’m hoping it’s the start of good Sci-fi once again! Way to go Creators, Cast, Crew, Backer of the Show and this website. All have done a stellar job.

  3. Good article, thank you
    If you are interesting 2012 year, by the way, welcome to WormholeRiders they are already there 🙂

  4. Thanks for posting the review. You did a good job like you do in all your news reports. To people being overly critical, the review never said it was speaking for everyone, in fact it says in the beginning it has 2 viewpoints. This is a FAN news site you know. I wish everyone would just give SGU a chance before they criticize.

  5. Perhaps this new show will be wonderfully dramatic and intense. Good for them and for the people who like that kind of show.
    I would like to explain why I do not think I will be a long-term fan of SGU.
    On a purely shallow level, one of the reasons that I loved the previous incarnations of Stargate was due to the thunk-worthiness (fangirl here) of the male leads. I loved the heroes and their charming snark. If I didn’t find Shanks, Browder, Anderson, Flanigan and Hewlett attractive, I might have tuned into the shows but would never have become enough fan to follow online communities and blogs, attend cons, etc.
    With this new Stargate, I don’t see a single character that rises to that level in my mind. I admit the gals are gorgeous to a fault, not a single less-than-model perfect face among them. But the guys?
    Either they are far too young (Smith) to thunk without me feeling like a perv or just not pretty enuf. Even if they are brilliant actors.
    Darn it all, where is my eye-candy?
    A primary reason I watch – escapism and fantasy – appears to be missing for me.
    However, I do wish those of you who like this sort of program much joy and happy watching.

  6. I’m so happy that they decided to take this path with Stargate –
    I loved the first 8 seasons of SG-1 and the first two seasons of Atlantis, but unfortunately those shows dwindled into being far too “A-Team in Space”, and I lost interest.

    But with this new creation they really seem to have fixed all the things that troubled me about these shows – and I can’t wait to experience SGU.

    Of course, I’ll need to see for myself to decide whether I like it or not – but the concept sounds extremely promising.

    About the review itself, it was a bit too much “upbeat” for me 😉
    But I hope that I’ll feel the same after watching SGU!

  7. I really was hoping for a more objective run down of the premier. This sounds so unbelievably fanboyish that I can’t take any of it seriously. I wish you wouldnt keep speaking for the masses either. You have no idea what Stargate fans like or want. Unlike you this SGU cast do nothing for me. I find them totally unappealing and don’t see myself connecting to any of them. I wonder why you find this new version so realistic, nothing screams realistic to me. All the characters are cliches and carry the required baggage for forced drama. I watch Stargate for the scifi aspects and to enjoy good old fashioned heros. This new “realism” is far too overated and its something I can get if I walk out my front door, but the so called realism of SGU is nothing like real life.

  8. Thanks for all the feedback everyone! We really appeciate it!

    PPleyth: There are still two more reporters here at WormholeRiders set to offer two different perspectives on SGU. We hope you come back and read those reviews as they go up in the next few weeks.

    WF: I’m curious about that too!

  9. Hi PPeyth!

    Thanks for the comment, And oh btw: SGA rocks too! Loved it! It did well with 5 years and movie(s) coming. Second, I like fan girls! They are nice people! Third, I for one am not a fan girl, perhaps a fan boy, but definately not a girl! lol 😛

    Wait till you experience SGU for yourself. I think you could change your mind?

    Best Regards 🙂

  10. I really would have liked an objective critique rather than what is posted here.
    Far too fangirly for me.
    I think I’ll pass on this show.
    Sorry, and they should have never ditched SGA.

  11. Will you be reviewing the series as it goes along? I ask because MGM/SyFy have thrown *everything* into the pilot, and I’m wondering if, as with virtually every other show on tv, there will be a dip in quality once the folks in charge of the money go “budget! we have a budget!”

  12. GREAT Review WR_Systems! I can’t wait to see it and review it myself! Excellent job! This has to be the most indepth review of SGU that I’ve seen thus far.

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