“Air” Episode 103 — David Blue as Eli Wallace, Brian J. Smith as Lt. Matthew Scott — Syfy Photo: Gregory Peters Thanks to MGM, Syfy, and all the Powers That Be for granting Wormhole Riders a Stargate Universe Press Kit, I am able to consider myself one of the few […]


Hello WormholeRiders! It’s the moment that many of you have been waiting for! Below is the interview that WormholeRiders News Agency did with Claudia Black. We would just like to say that it was amazing fun. Claudia was absolutely lovely to talk to, very down to earth and incredibly funny! […]

Renowned character actor Henry Gibson passed away Monday at the age of 73 after a short battle against cancer. Stargate fans know Henry from his role as Marul in Stargate SG-1’s season 5 episode, ‘The Sentinel’. His acting in that episode was superb, no doubt helped by the fact that […]


Two important bits of news have come across the wires today! SyFy is looking for webcam submissions from Sanctuary fans in the U.S. To let them know what you think of Sanctuary go here! Be aware fans! This could be SyFy’s way of determining how much longer Sanctuary will continue! If you […]

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