Well folks, we’ve reached the end of the DragonCon convention at last. On Monday, the final day of a truly epic convention, the crowd thinned as people had to go back to home and work. Attendance was still good at the final Stargate panel though, filling over half the seats. […]


Hi Stargate Fans! As the season of Stargate Universe progressed, I, the die hard Stargate SG-1 fan and initially skeptical viewer of Stargate Universe, began to be able to see the strong roots that Universe has in SG-1 and Atlantis. As Kenn reported from his conversation with Martin Gero, Stargate […]


WormholeRiders would like to send Rainbow Sun Franks a nice big Happy Birthday wish! Rainbow is known to Stargate fans for his portrayal of Lt. Aiden Ford, who met his unconfirmed end in ‘The Hive’. Let’s face it folks, we don’t KNOW where he was for sure when that Wraith ship […]

WormholeRiders would like to give a big birthday shout-out to the lovely Ming-Na! Ming-Na is well known to Stargate fans as Stargate Universe’s Camile Wray. Word has it tha her character will be focused on in an episode in the next couple of weeks. You can follow Ming-Na and wish […]

Wormholeriders would like to give a nice big birthday shout-out to Sanctuary star Robin Dunne! Robin has become very popular for his role as Doctor Will Zimmerman on Sanctuary, where Robin’s acting abilities have been a great match for Amanda Tapping’s in her role as Helen Magnus. We here at […]

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