Stargate Universe Press Kit Arrives Through Wormhole!


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Hey Stargate Universe Fans,

Our Stargate Universe Press Kit gated in last week from the offices of SyFy via the fine people at NBC Universal Publicity in New York City.

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We are both pleased and thrilled by the opportunity to review Stargate Universe.

Even more pleased to examine the SGU Press Kit was one of our top video editors, Ms. Adria Orici Mal Doran! Once a maven of Supergates and The Book of Origin, few are aware of the secrSGU Stargate. Click to visit SGU on SyFyet War Crimes Tribunals Adria has endured since the end of the Ori Wars and the nature of her feline origins!

The only real condition for Adria’s release from a never ending battle in eternity with Morgan Le Fay is that she must agree to remain a cat until she can learn to behave and for once be a good girl!

Adria with SGU Press KitAs you can see from these photos, Adria may prove a difficult task. I don’t know how many times I have told Adria that she is NOT to play with the Stargate!

But as soon as the little Orici heard that there was a Stargate Universe Press Kit in the room, she immediately came to investigate!

Low and behold, what did she go do?

Adria immediately tried to dial out to the Destiny claiming she was only calling her friend Ming-Na for a full pardon! 

Lord only knows in what galaxy!

Bad girl!

Fortunately the SGU Press Kit does not contain instructions to build a real Stargate or we would all be in big trouble!


Adria the Orici has a mind of her ownBack to work on your video editing Adria! The Claudia Black and Gary Jones’ interviews are up next.

Will you just look at her! I am quite sure the little Orici is pretending to not be listening to me… again!

Come back to visit very soon.

I have watched the SGU episodes included several times, and will watch again before completing our first detailed review of the Stargate Universe pilot. Our first review will be posted Monday September 21.

Our only real problem? Figuring out how in the world to get the SGU Press Kit away from Adria so we can play the DVD’s again and finish our reviews!

Adria has very sharp claws! Yikes!

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Best Regards,

Kenn of #TeamWHR

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  1. Where do you guys get those books or kits from? Do you order them or did you get them in a contest or what?

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