Comic-Con 2010 Sanctuary Panel Shares Season 3 Secrets!

Hi Sanctuary Fans,

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WR_Systems posting here for SciFiFanGirl616 (Rigel) whom attended the Sanctuary panel hosted by Josh gates Click to visit Sanctuary on SyFy!of SyFy at Comic-Con 2010 as our representative from WormholeRiders News Agency. Unfortunately Rigel is currently recovering from the nasty virus that has been going around of late. Please wish her a speedy by leaving a nice comment here or on Twitter. Thank you.

Logo Blue. Click to visit Comic-Con International!On Saturday July 24, 2010, after two and one half days in San Diego, the WHR team at Comic-Con 2010 worked independently on different and varied aspects of the convention to be able to provide the most robust coverage possible at the largest day of the convention when some 150,000 individual souls were estimated to be in attendance. The Sanctuary team returned again to Comic-Con in the Indigo Ballroom at the San Diego Hilton for their panel appearance as they have in previous years.

As can occur at huge conventions schedules can and do change. Rigel and I were to WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!cover the Sanctuary panel and Press Room together when the team received a call to get over to another facility! The team was in fact essentially in five different areas of the convention and had to meet at an undisclosed location for an early meeting called by a well known movie studio. Rigel ‘took one for the team’ and provided the robust cover of this panel and Sanctuary Press Room coverage at Comic-Con and we than her for in!

Comic-con 2010 - Sanctuary Panel

Comic-Con 2010 Damian, Ryan, Robin & Amanda!

Below is the fine camera work of SciFiFanGirl616 at Comic-Con 2010 for Sanctuary! We thank the Sanctuary Team of Amanda Tapping, Damian Kindler, Robin Dunne and Ryan Robbins as well Carole Appleby of the Sanctuary Media team and of course both SyFy and Comic-Con International for the courtesies extended to Rigel and WormholeRiders News Agency at the Sanctuary panel!

I hope you have enjoyed the Sanctuary panel. I know that Rigel worked hard that day to provide coverage. Please feel free to leave her a a non spam comment here or visit her on Twitter by clicking her avatar below right. As always we thank you for visiting.

Best Regards,Click to visit SciFiFanGirl616 (Rigel) on Twitter!

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