The Event: And Then There Were More!

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The opening scene of this episode of The Event was actually quite beautiful. The Earth in its myriad of blues, greens, and wispy cloud covering is seen coming into view on our screens. It floats in the sea of black dotted with the brilliant stars in the background.

The Event S1x11 - The shining ball that is the Earth

We then see a shiny, intricate satellite floating above the atmosphere, what seems to be sunlight glinting on the satellite’s copper mirrors.

The Event S1x11 - The satellite comes into view

We feel it is like looking at something on NASA TV when suddenly, the satellite explodes into a cloud of shimmering debris. As the scene goes to a night sky on Earth, we see fiery specks fall to the ground. Most if not all the debris would burn up on re-entry to Earth’s atmosphere.

The Event S1x11 - Satellite comes under attack

The Event S1x11 - Satellite is destroyed

I enjoy the way they did this. is was a good bit of ‘eye candy’ for the viewers who would normally not see such a thing. The question still remains, What was that satellite doing?

The Event S1x11 - Satellite becomes debris

The newsmen and women in Detroit, Houston and Denver are seen announcing reports of the strange lights in the sky and assuring us that Amala does not have nuclear capabilities … That the lights were in fact, ‘a passenger jet’ Next we find ourselves in the ‘war room’ with President Martinez (Blair Underwood), Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) and some other ‘brass’ discussing the ‘sleeper agents and the satellite.

The Satellite, sent by Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.) one of the Extraterrestrial Biological Entities (EBE’s), sent a seven-second message to their home world. Decoders were able to glean the first line of the message which read “Preparations are being made for your arrival.” Blake Sterling and President Martinez are observed discussing how the EBE’s have an agenda and more interrogation is needed to find out what that agenda is.

By now, the President and his aides know that one of the EBE’s, known as Thomas is behind this accelerated activity. Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes) and Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale) are in what appears to be a well-appointed apartment discussing the need to find Thomas and they sound like they would like to stop Thomas from carrying out a plan that they do not agree with.

The Event S1x11 - Simon and Sophia meet

So, it seems there is a little ‘infighting’ among the EBE’s. Sophia and the show leads us to believe she is of Peaceful intent and that Thomas has plans for a ‘portal array’ with which he plans to bring more of their beings to our world. Sophia’s words make one think the others who will arrive have nefarious plans for this world and us.

This reminds me of a Mother and son quarrel, but really, the EBEs have been kept in nothing more than a prison for 66 years. Sophia’s soft handed approach is …in the opinion of Thomas… getting their people nowhere, and he is fed up with waiting on anything to happen for their freedom. Thomas seems to want to take this in hand, bring their beings here to take us over. Sophia, a Motherly figure, is trying to stop Thomas.

We then find ourselves in the Himalayan mountains, Tibet.

Thomas and his companions meet with a man called ‘Brad’ and show him the alien tech-called a ‘Montal’- they brought apparently for use in the Portal array which is located nearby. Brad asks if Sophia knows what they plan on using this for. Thomas’ companion says ‘Now that we have sent the message, she does.’

Brad said “that could be a problem. Most of our people are loyal to her.” Thomas said he has a plan underway to gather a small army of their people. Brad offers to let them see the progress made on the Portal array, and we’re taken to overlook a huge, metallic circular structure on a field below them. They speculate if this will be large enough to bring the others here with it ‘even the numbers we were talking about’ Brad replies ‘Every last one!”

A little different than the usual ‘Invasion’ with a fleet of spaceships. Is this going to perhaps molecular transportation from their planet to ours? In my opinion, this would be an interesting change in the usual genre of Science Fiction.

Alone with Sean Walker (Jason Ritter), Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) looks through many pictures of her father. Her father from the mid-forties to the present day, and this man hasn’t aged at all. Leila does not want to think of what this could mean. We have been shown in past episodes that the aliens do not age as we do. They are only one DNA marker off from what we are normally.

The Event S1x11 - The pictures from the past

As Sean and Leila go through the photographs and papers, they hear someone in the building and after a small chase catch the woman who works in this run-down mental hospital. She is held and questioned by Sean about Samantha, Leila’s sister. “She was taken because she is special- all of the girls are… It’s the reason we wanted you, too… You’re special because of your father! He doesn’t age at a normal rate…”

Sean and Leila press her for details of where the little girls were taken. All she could tell them was they were taken in a white van, that left about 10 minutes earlier to a facility in West Plains. Sean and Leila take off to try to find this van.

Again we are left wondering who or what is behind the girls we’ve seen who look like typical kid, until you see their elderly looking faces. I don’t know, but I think Dempsey may be behind this, but at this point, no one knows for sure.

In the next scenes, Michael Buchanan is being transferred to another prison and their convict transport is rammed into by another car and Buchanan is taken from the scene by Simon.

A widowed Senator Catherine Lewis (Virginia Madsen) from Alaska is meeting President Martinez now. She became a Senator when her husband died and is filling in until the next election.

The Event S1x11 - Coffee with President Martinez and Senator Lewis

The Event S1x11 - President Martinez and Senator Lewis

She has some questions about Inostranka. President Martines takes the papers she hands him, Promptly handing the papers to Rene, a secretary as he is promising to look into ‘Inostranka’.

The Event S1x11 - Virginia Madsen is effective as Senator Lewis
Final pleasantries and she is leaving the Oval Office and asks her aide (Eric) if he had made copies of those papers. He affirms he indeed has, and she said good. Siting she plays poker she tells her aide the President is bluffing.

Sophia, Simon in that nice apartment,along with Buchanan. He expresses remorse about flying the plane, saying ‘they had my daughters…’
“Daughters you were never supposed to have!” Sophia points out. “I sat in a cell for 66 years so you and the rest of our people on the outside could find a way to get us back home, not so you could play house here!…”

Buchanan told how he used his airport connections to get supplies and such to Thomas and the Portal Array. Sophia lays down some orders for Buchanan to follow about finding out who the ‘middle-man’ Michael sent things to was. Michael agrees to help her, but he must find out where Sam and Leila, his daughters are. Based on the investigation of the assassination attempt. Simon tells him all they know is that Leila’s Boyfriend Sean has surfaced occasionally, and as an FBI agent he could look into it.

Sophia interrupts saying “You will do no such thing!” then to Michael, “You will help us and you will do it now without conditions! Do you understand me, Michael?” Michael seems to get a spine and faces Sophia: “You help me find my daughters, and I will help you find your son. Those are MY terms.”

Sophia’s face tells me she understands this is the way it has to be. Michael will not budge Looks like Mother has a strong-willed ‘child’ facing her down. She is not happy, but seems to accept his terms.

Now, Sean and Leila are on a dark lonely highway when they spot the white van. They ram it and have a few vehicular altercations with it and finally cause the Van to go off the road. One could almost hear the axle break on this scene…

The Event S1x11 - The mysterious white van!

Leila and Sean run to the van, make sure everyone’s all right. A passing motorist gets 911 for the accident and they leave the other little girls taking Samantha with them and running off into the night.

A bar in Alaska sees a military man getting a drink sent to him, by an attractive woman with a cane. She takes Lt. Greer (Kirk B.R. Waller) outside on the premise of going somewhere for a romantic interlude. But Thomas ambushes Greer. Lt Greer is now hostage to Thomas and his companion. Thomas tells Greer “You will help us mass an army.”

The Event S1x11 - Blackmail in a bar

Back with Sean and Leila, with Samantha. Sean’s federal agent friend Collier called him and passes a message to him that someone we now know to be Michael Buchanan wants to meet them.

Senator Lewis is notified by Eric that her office is being searched and verified to be clear of any high-security or classified material. Her dead husband had the clearance, but she herself does not. Senator Lewis uses a ruse to get the agents out, by saying there were personal letters of a sensitive nature which she would like to remove first.

The Event S1x11 - Virginia Madsen as Senator Lewis

The agents leave allowing her to do this, whereupon she retrieves paper about Inostranka and leaves. At Mount Inostranka, Director Sterling come in, asking for a private room to conduct interrogations.

The next day, Leila, Sean and Samantha Buchanan (Anna Clark) are at a farm, waiting for Michael Buchanan (Scott Patterson) to meet them there. He arrives and of course overwhelming reunion of Samantha and Michael, Sean and Leila question Michael about ‘Them’ and tells Michael they found pictures of him over past decades. asking directly “Are you…one of …. them?” He could only reply “I’m sorry” as he continued to embrace seven year old Samantha.

The Event S1x11 - Sean wonders if Michael will show up

The Event S1x11 - Sean comforts Leila
How DOES one tell their offspring that they are a hybrid of beings from two worlds? That is one “Talk” I doubt many parents would want to have! But as she’s said, she doesn’t feel any different, or look any different, How would YOU cope if you were told one of your parents was from another galaxy? Granted, sometimes when I was younger, and even today, I think for me, being half Alien would explain a heck of a lot of things in my life.

Back to Mount Inostranka, the snow is thick on the ground and I got cold watching this scene.Thomas and others short out the electric fence, cut through and get to the guard station where they shoot the guards, steal what appears to be credentials. They and some others then hop onto a passing supply truck heading into the base.

Director Sterling is being taken into an interrogation room to see an EBE named Maya. He tells her they decoded the message from the satellite, saying ‘It’s a Status report for a planned invasion.’

The Event S1x11 - Blake Sterling grills Maya

Maya (Clea DuVall) claims to know nothing about this. “An invasion would go against everything we believe in.” Sterling said he could make this very unpleasant for her and there was nothing he would not do to protect his country. She says something telling after that: “You know the irony of it is, it was us who swore an oath to protect You” Sterling expresses disbelief at her words. Citing she killed a fellow detainee on the orders of Sophia.

The Event S1x11 - Maya maintains she means ho harm

She continues ‘To do no harm, to leave this civilization intact. That part of our mission wasn’t violent” “Then… Explain this” He says as he pushes the decoded message toward her.

The supply truck shows up and Lt. Greer clears it to come in. Remember, Greer’s family is being held hostage by Thomas’ goons somewhere. Once the truck is in, the stowaways come out and overtake the guards at Inostranka. Security notes the clocks are all 12 minutes off. they seem distracted by Lt Greer tying his shoe again.

The Event S1x11 - The Camp is infiltrated

It was a distraction to keep the guards from noticing until, too late, that Thomas has now come in to the camp, taking it over. So now, Thomas and some of his fellow EBE’s have control of Mount Inostranka. He is seemingly more bent to violent resolutions and one is left to wonder where and what is next.

The Event returns Monday March 14, 2011 with episode 13 “Turnabout”. In the meantime, enjoy the complete episode “And Then There Were More”courtesy of NBC Universal!

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