Fringe Review Fans Freak on Fringe Friday Over Fringe S3x12 and V Series Veterans Vibrate Over Ratings!


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Well our detailed analysis of Fringe episodes “Concentrate and Ask Again” is complete and we found the Fringies frankly freaking out on Fringe Friday February 04, 2011 as many did not seem to have understanding why the series did not do as well as “Reciprocity” the previous week? Frankly Fringe Fans First Forget about the last Fringe Friday numbers!

We leave the four smiley faces about Fringe being renewed because we do not believe anything changed on a permanent basis. If one consults with both Nielsen and  TV By the Numbers, the answers are right there in front of all of us to see for ourselves!

TV By The NumbeTVByTheNumbers-Fringe-Jan3011-4-SmileyFaces!rs has recently changed their opinion that Fringe is now likely to be renewed and then threw Fringe fans a freaking fast one at the FringClick to visit Neilsen Ratings Service!ies by not connecting the dots to analyze the why of last weeks ratings!

Well we here at WormholeRiders News Agency did some hard work looking at a large number of factors for you to understand the why and wherefore about what happened! Did Fringe fall forever or is there a logical explanation. Fear far less Fringies the competition last week was more than was stiff, it was both championship and revolutionary in nature! You may ask what the frakkin are we freaking talking about? Click to visit Warner Brothers Studios!Click to visit 20th Century Fox television!

First, Friday represented a draining of frequent Fringe fans to other broadcast networks is the “rating number” and “share” of the crucial 18-34 year old and 18-49 year old target groups for three primary reasons.

Reason number one was the escalating crisis in Egypt which siphoned off nearly 1 million viewers in the crucial time slots. Second was the pending Super Bowl with the famous pre championship show about commercials which racked up nearly 10 million viewers. Third and finally, Supernatural enjoyed a resurgence of nearly 1 million viewers as the chart illustrates below. Click to visit TV By The Numbers!

Add all the logical reasons up and it is easy to understand why Fringe dropped to a 1.7 (or 1.6 if you want to be pessimistic and use the half hour ratings mark!). Does this mean Fringe is about to fried? Frak no!

Fringe Friday Fringe 312 Feb0411 Chart Comparison

As WHR has stated before, season four of Fringe is still a certainty as we have reported previously. The fact that the number one sports championship in the world and the largest political crisis in the Middle East juxtaposed themselves on Fringe is no cause to freak out Fringie Friends!

Speaking of the low ratings for the week ending Friday February 04, 2011, lets review some more facts about another series, V Series? In fact if viewers examine the ratings for virtually every series were lower due to the political crisis in Egypt. Now some may say well no the crisis was entering its second week, so why does that or how could that matter?

Click to visit V Series on ABC!

People are you or have you been watching the news? The Egyptian crisis escalated from the previous week for goodness sakes and it was SUPERBOWL week too! Is it any coincidence that V Series also dropped approximately 425,000 viewers to 5.286 from 5.703 million viewers the previous week with a 2.0 rating for the previous week? We think not! In fact if you look carefully at the ratings for television shows many suffered in the ratings last as a result of current events.

We leave you the fans with an important thought for your consideration: A single week does not make or break a series. What kills a series is when fans stop watching live week after week for an extended period, so here is your mission this week; let the diplomats handle the crisis in Egypt and you handle the television remote control and watch your favorite shows LIVE! Thank you.

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