Fringe Review “Lysergic Acid Diethylamide” LSD Season 3, Episode 19 Analysis with Episode and Special Fringe Videos!

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Hey Fringies!

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We are back home in our own Universe in this #319 episode of Fringe but we are in for a ‘TRIP’ in more ways than one! Lol

Click to visit Warner Brothers Studios!We begin our trip with the Fringe team racing to save Olivia Dunham’s (Anna Torv) life and William Bell’s (Leonard Nimoy) {Belly’s} consciousness. Walter Bishop (John Noble) and Peter Bishop (Joshua Jackson) with Astrid Farnsworth (Jasika Nicole) are in the Lab at Harvard wiring up a dead body and Olivia’s head to transfer Belly’s consciousness to. The musical game between Olivia (Belly) and Walter is humorous. Click to visit 20th Century Fox Studios!

The expressions on Olivia’s face are so in tuned with the mannerisms she is trying to convey, of the different personality within her. The smile she gives and that voice she is using is amazing! Walter calls out to Astrid and calls her ‘Astro’ Where she replies “just about Wally” (first time for that). The expression on Walter’s face was priceless! Hilarious! He certainly was not expecting it from Astrid.

Fringe S3x19 - Astro says Wally

Fringe S3x19 - Belly in Olivia - Bellivia
I was curious to see how this experiment would play out. Having a dead body to work with I’m sure it would be interesting. They begin the experiment with affirmation from Belly that he is ready! Aye Aye, Captain! The dead body does a lot of shaking but the experiment fails leaving them without a viable solution to their dilemma.

Fringe S3x19 - Lab girl Bellivia

Fringe S3x19 - Walter is ready
Peter is concerned for Olivia’s safety, as he should be. I know I would be. During a conversation between Belly and Peter shortly after the experiment the real Olivia’s consciousness appears and a fast trip to the hospital is where we head. This is where we see The Observer (Michael Cerveris) for a brief moment as they rush Olivia to the emergency room.

Fringe S3x19 - To the emergency room

As the medical staff begins their work and proceed to kick all nonessential staff out, we experience a breath taking moment! Peter tells them she is his ‘girlfriend’. How could I, as a Fringie, not jump all over that?  Peter expressing his relationship so easily is a happy moment for me.

The Doctor must have got the shock of his life when his patient made the disclaimer that the woman he was living inside of would die if he shocked him. I lot of shocking going on! What a Trip we are in for with the opening sequence already having us riveted to our seats and biting our nails!

Fringe S3x19 - Bellivia in the hospital

Agent Broyles (Lance Reddick) is just as concerned as Peter is, that Belly is leading them no where in their attempts to free Olivia’s consciousness and get William Bell’s consciousness into the computer. However the only thing keeping Olivia alive IS Belly’s consciousness! The team is in a position that they may lose one of their own and they must come up with a viable solution and fast. They only have approximately a day to get Olivia back, before she is lost forever……How are they going to rescue her? How crazy will the scheme be to get her back?

Fringe S3x19 - Broyles is concerned too
Chi was not something I would have thought of. Belly thinks the process might work but Walter is thinking acupuncture but he knows it won’t work. Belly proposes something a little more unorthodox than Ancient Chinese medicine, but a way to go IN! Peter is very concerned about Olivia’s mind and Astrid and Peter are very uneasy that Belly’s ego will be a concern when it comes down to Olivia’s consciousness verses Belly’s own. Cheating death is something we would all love to do, but some more than other’s….. Exactly is how strong is Belly’s will to survive?

Well, kids, Whole Brain emulation! Apparently putting someone’s consciousness into a computer is pretty self explanatory if you have the right theories. Walter and Belly want to go into Olivia’s brain to save her. I guess it’s not to difficult for Walter since he has done it before in ‘The Arrival’ and in ‘The Transformation’ season one. This time it is different. They have to find her… with in her own mind. Walter and Belly will need a guide to find their way through the mind’s maze and they need someone who knows her. Peter will have to go in! This might be a weird time to ask, but have you ever gone on a LSD trip into someone’s else’s mind? Talk about the mind blowing first trip on LSD!

Fringe S3x19 - Walters LSD is ready
Astrid is always there and has quite a list of things to acquire to get this journey started. Peter is concerned about kicking things loose in Olivia’s mind and Astrid is the reassuring one as always. Astrid is forever the stead fast assistant of this brilliant, mad hatter team.   Sugah, sugah!  There is nothing like accelerating the process and getting under way. This will be a sweet trip indeed.

Agent Broyles shows up to see how things are going. There are drugs, LOTS of them! Peter has begun his lovely trip into the world of la la land! Peter touches Broyles head and thinks he might be an Observer! Lol Yes, Broyles is bald, but it’s okay Peter, he is one of our guys! *Laughing* Peter’s expression’s are one for the books!

Fringeception begins with Walter on top of a bus and Peter looking dapper and sexy with his black waistcoat and sun glasses. Walter is dancing around after a grab to the crotch from Peter! Well, he did help him down from the bus! They will have to be careful though. Even though this is someone else’s consciousness, “touchy feel-y” of the privates is a no, no! “Crotch me pants” *laughing*  Walter sure got his feathers ruffled, with that and that is so comical!

Fringe S3x19 - In Olivias mind

Peter and Walter are in Olivia’s mind and there is a plan. Unfortunately it is a fly by the seat of their pants plan. The wardrobe of every one reflects Olivia’s style. Cortexifan children have the propensity to blend in, so this task might not be as easy as they first surmised. A morse code signal from the Twin towers flashes in their faces and finds out that Olivia has found them. The Twin towers?

Fringe S3x19 - Morse code from the towers

Are they in the Alternate Universe in Olvia’s mind? Walter digs in the garbage, much to Peter’s disgust, but no, Walter is not looking for a snack but something to answer the morse code. He comes up with a shiny pudding wrapper! Walter messages her to stay there and they will come to her. Is it really that easy to find her and get out of there? Where is William?

Fringe S3x19 - Walter and the pudding cup idea

Fringe S3x19 - Walter sends a message
Broyles is observing Olivia, Walter and Peter’s peaceful countenance and is very skeptical that the transfer of Belly’s consciousness to a computer is something that can be accomplished. However Broyles interest is caught by the wonder of Walter’s licorice. The swirl! Bernini Spiral! This is beyond hilarious! Broyles thought to help out Astrid and is now on a trip of his own! He is gone to his happy place. Broyles on LSD is quite something to behold. Astrid is wonderful in this episode, she is the corner stone of this team and she is the only one in the room that is not ‘stoned’. Someone had to have theirs wits about them, eh? 😛

Fringe S3x19 - Broyles and red vines swirl

Meanwhile Peter and Walter seem to not be getting anywhere, they are not any closer to getting to Olivia. The Twin Towers are still the same distance away from them, from when they started to walk there. Olivia’s mind’s landscape is a reflection of her emotions. Perhaps she does not wish for someone to get to close?

Walter sees Olivia’s step father and realizes that Peter and himself are in a lot of trouble. I believe this is manifestation of her step father in her mind is something that represents fear with the need to protect herself. Is that why we can’t find her? Peter and Walter find themselves running for their lives in Olivia’s mind. I don’t think it was a coincidence that Henry’s Higgin’s Taxi cab was there as an escape route for them to get away. Henry helped Olivia get away in “Abducted” so it is only fitting that there would be a representation of that help of escaping, in her mind. Walter jumps in to the driver’s seat and takes them both for a high speed race to Olivia.

What a car chase, who knew Walter could drive like a stunt driver! Nice skid mark Walter, as they arrive in a glorious power turn in a perfect 180. Vrooom! Walter is so proud of himself, on his successful driving skills and his great skid mark!  Walter and Peter get out of the car and go into the building they meet up with Nina Sharp (Blair Brown).

Fringe S3x19 - Nina in Olivias mind

Walter is pleased to see a familiar face after witnessing the scary people that they just met. As they follow Nina, she helps them to an elevator that will take them to their destination the quickest. Peter realizes that it is a trap and Walter just about walks right into it. Peter saves Walter and pushes Nina into the dark elevator shaft. Perhaps Olivia feels Nina’s help means well but leads them further into a deep dark hole of nothing but trouble?

Fringe S3x19 - Nina gets the shaft

When Peter and Walter arrive at the door they come face to face with Belly instead of Olivia. But he is a CARTOON! “How Wonderful!” Is the thought bubble above Walter’s head! I chuckled at that, gotta love the comic(cal) way that was done. When people are tripping they usually watch cartoons, right?

Fringe S3x19 - Belly in cartoon form

Belly lied to get them there because he was doubtful that Peter would try to find him. Belly ran into the same problem that Peter and Walter ran into. Olivia’s deepest fears are taking over and causing her inner most self to become confused and she is allowing her fears to run rampant. She is hiding from the step father and all her fears? Olivia  pretends to be unafraid but I know from countless episodes she is damaged by her childhood and has so many fears. It is why she was afraid that Peter loved Bolivia. She showed her vulnerability in ‘Concentrate And Ask Again’. She showed her fear on her birthday. When she would get those awful birthday cards from her step father.

How can anyone find someone who is hiding in their own mind? Peter must use his knowledge of Olivia to find her. Where would Olivia go if she is scared?

The monitors are beeping away in reality but reality is far away for Broyles as he is in a full blown LSD trip. Astrid softly catches Broyles attention. Broyles is just so out there. The reality that he is in is infinite and he sees death. The vulnerability we see in Broyles is quite a far cry from the commanding presence that he usually shows us. He even asked Astrid to hold his hand. That moment I felt like I would hold his hand if he asked. Vulnerability is in all of us and sometimes it takes a revelation of self to expose our inner most feelings. Plus the LSD is helping.

Fringe S3x19 - How wonderful

Peter, Walter and Belly cartoon character’s must escape the Tower and get to Olivia. They are running out of time. They look out from the roof top at the beauty of the Alternate Universe before them and see that Olivia could be any where. Peter thinks though that Olivia went to Jacksonville. That would be one of the last places someone would look for her, so it would be the first place she would go. They are ready to start their trek to Jacksonville but the roof door slams open and out comes zombies after them!

Fringe S3x19 - Zombies

Brandonate (Ryan McDonald) is the representation of the evil slimy jerk he was to Oliva in this Alternate Universe. Brandonate as a zombie was a perfect choice. He is one character that gives me the creeps! Shudders and all. Zombies are scary and disgusting, just like Brandonate himself. Belly, Walter and Peter race to the Zeppelin to get away but Peter, ever the hero, stops to fight Brandonate zombies to give Walter and Belly time to escape. A zombie chopped up in a fan is always gross, whether in cartoon or in real life special effects. Ugh! Peter fights them off and does a spectacular swan dive and grabs onto the last rung of the Zeppelin’s ladder. *phew*

Fringe S3x19 - The last rung
They are underway in the Zeppelin and Walter reminds Belly of his hatred for saying good-bye’s. Walter felt he should have known Belly’s last good-bye was a lie. Walter does not want to lose Belly. Walter feels he needs Belly and is uncertain of how he will go on with out him with Peter’s life at stake with The Machine. Walter and Belly made paramount mistakes in their youth and Belly feels that Walter is capable and prepared to make the choices he must in the coming future as he is armed with the power of humility.

There is nothing like a good friend to point out the things they must, to someone they care about, that they do have the integrity with in themselves to make the right decisions with out them. This was a profound scene showing the depth of Walter and Belly’s friendship that began in their youth. Together, they were there for each other to check and balance and that is what friendship is about. Somehow this conversation between Walter and Belly feels like a goodbye to me.

Fringe S3x19 - Belly and Walter chat on the Zepplin

They are not alone on the Zepplin! There is a saboteur. Peter goes to investigate the fuel gauge and comes face to face with an unknown assailant that is pointing a flare gun at him. Walter approaches Peter who is on the floor at the mercy of this man when the man asks Peter his name and then blows a hole in the Zepplin. Walter is sucked out of the hole created by the Flare Gun and the unknown man and is catapulted to his cartoon death on the frozen lake. Astrid is there to reassure Walter when he wakes up from his trip. But damn he is back!

Belly and Peter must proceed on their own and Belly knows his way around. However Peter knows Olivia and knows she would not have gone to the Day Care center. Belly wants to ride a motorcycle and Peter wants to find Olivia, so they hop on a bike for a ride to the rescue. I liked this play between Belly and Peter. They rub each other a little bit, yet make a good team. The shared love they have for Walter is what seemingly makes Peter look beyond Belly’s faults.

Having Walter back in the lab is a great thing for Belly. As Walter begins to ready the computer to down load Belly’s consciousness I am captured by the vacuous look on Broyles face. Broyles is out of it. The hallucinations are coming to life and with that so is Broyles. Walter and Astrid are working on the solution to the computer hook up and a pretty little birdie alights upon Walter’s shoulder unbeknownst to him as it is only in Broyles’s mind. Broyles starts to whistle at the birdie and with a wave and smile….. Oh! THAT smile,

Fringe S3x19 - Broyles is out there

I loved that huge gorgeous drug induced happy smile! *laughing* Walter and Astrid pay him no mind as they continue to work. Walter and Astrid are racing against time to make sure everything is in place to accept Belly’s consciousness and Walter’s agitation is showing with his dropsy fingers. He will have to jury rig something to get this experiment to work. Will it work? Will Belly’s consciousness be transferred to the computer?

Belly and Peter are racing on the motorcycle to find Olivia. Peter thinks Olivia is in the one place that she would feel she would be safe. Olivia lived on a military base, and the last time she felt normal was the day before she met Walter and Belly at the Cortexiphan trials. Olivia longed for a normal life with a mother and father just like Bolivia had. She did have some normalcy living here on the base with her family, in a house with a red door. Her real father painted the door red, to mean good luck. I‘m thinking Peter and Belly are going to need some good luck. Peter is certain he will find her there, and it is comforting to know he is so certain in his knowledge of Olivia’s mind. It is always nice to get more of a back story on the characters of Fringe, I like the connection that it instills.

Fringe S3x19 - Carton Peters finds the red door

Fringe S3x19 - Peters enters the red door

Fringe S3x19 - Is this Olivia

As the sun begins to set they arrive at the military house with the red door. Will Olivia be behind the door waiting for Peter to rescue her like Peter believes? Now comes the moment of truth……and Peter steps forth into the reality of Olivia’s mind. He is no longer a cartoon, but himself and Olivia is standing there to greet him with an embrace only lover’s can have. Olivia is so afraid. People have been tricking her and she is uncertain. But is it? Is it really who Peter thinks? Peter realizes it is not the real Olivia.He looked deeply into her eyes and realized she was not Peter’s Olivia. Olivia had played a trick in order to protect herself from harm.

She knew the real Peter would recognize her. Peter recognized the gorgeous cute little girl that was sitting at he table to be the real Olivia. Peter and the little Olivia hold hands. When Peter had entered the house and Peter turned back from cartoon to real person made me think that only true love is real. Peter recognizing her was a moment that was marvelous but with her being a lil girl was not so much romantic but a sincere belief in their friendship that has progressed to the point that they are part of one another. So, Is every thing all right now? Are they both safe?

Fringe S3x19 - Peter finds Olivia
Unfortunately not and their reunion is short lived as Olivia’s step father and fears begin to ascend upon them. Peter and Olivia must run for safety. Peter clasping Olivia’s little hand runs out the red door and turns back into cartoon characters. Peter shouts at Belly to run as young Olivia and Peter are running and almost get hit by a hummer speeding towards them. The hummer crashes into a pole instead of into them, luckily. The chase to capture young Olivia and Peter is intense. They go to run and her small hand slips from Peter’s.

Fringe S3x19 - Peters hand slips away from little Olivias

The hummer hot on their trail is on a collision course to crush her small body but Peter lifts and tosses her to safety but is struck himself. As he is struck by the vehicle Peter’s cartoon character dies and is thrown out of Olivia’s mind in a most violent way. Peter wakes up in the lab, in his chair fighting, desperate to save Olivia and Walter rushes to console him.

Fringe S3x19 - Peter returns to the lab

Fringe S3x19 - Walter consoles Peter
Peter is beside himself that Olivia’s step father and her fears are going to get her. Walter is the rational one, assuring Peter and Astrid that saving her is up to Belly now. Peter is devastated that he lost her. He just can’t believe he lost her but he can’t go back. It’s up to Belly now. Peter and Astrid discussed earlier that Belly had a massive ego and Peter was concerned that Belly might let Olivia die just so he could go on living. Should we be afraid that Belly might chose his own consciousness over Olivia’s?

Fringe S3x19 - Olivia makes a stand
Cartoon Belly and cartoon young Olivia are fleeing the nightmare of step father and her fears but Belly falls to the ground and tells Oliva to run. Olivia stops and makes a stand but she is confused that they listened to her and stopped.  Belly tells her that he was right after all that she is indeed as strong as Walter and he always suspected. Olivia becomes a full grown woman instead of the scared child that was there before.

Fringe S3x19 - Belly - You are strong Olivia

Fringe S3x19 - Olivia is not scared anymore

Belly explains that Olivia had never felt safe and she was her own worst enemy when it came to her own fears but she is strong enough to overcome them and be the strong self assured person she should be. Belly must leave and Walter is right on time to pull the plug on this trip into Olivia’s mind. He gives Olivia a message to give to Walter. What does the message mean? Is Olivia’s consciousness safe and intact and nothing got kicked loose in her mind except the knowledge that she is stronger than she always believed herself to be?

Fringe S3x19 - The Fringe Team awaits

The lighting flashes and the thunder rolls inside her mind and Olivia comes out of her  place of darkness and emerges whole and in the safety of her Fringe team. Peter is there to greet her and Olivia is content in the memory that Peter came for her. Walter is ecstatic that there is only one consciousness and Olivia is home safe with them again. While Broyles blows bubbles in his drug induced state, Astrid calls Walter’s attention to the fact that Belly’s consciousness did not, in fact transfer to the computer.

Fringe S3x19 - The dog will not hunt

Olivia told Walter the message that Belly gave her before they parted. Belly told Olivia to tell Walter “He Knew The Dog Wouldn’t Hunt” This message makes Walter realize that Belly knew that the experiment to save himself would not work and that he wouldn’t be coming back. Belly does hate good byes. In a matter of a few minutes we feel a myriad of emotions, humour, to the triumph of recovering a lost friend to the sadness of losing another.

Fringe S3x19 - Peter and Astrid greet Olivia

Fringe S3x19 - Olivia is back

Belly does not have an ego so big that he did not realize the hope that Olivia represents to the Universe. The one Cortexiphan child success story that was created to protect our Universe was more important than his own life.

Walter is devastated to lose, his long time friend, Belly and Astrid is there to help him through if he needs her just like she will always be there for her team. I just wanted to grab Walter and give him a big HUG. *Tears* Losing a friend that you love is one of the hardest things to face, especially one that was always there for you to supply you with check and balance to your soul!

Fringe S3x19 - Poor Walter

Olivia and Peter are together in each others arms free from the strange dream she feels she was in. The bond they have is stronger than ever with Olivia’s recognition in the knowledge that Peter came for her. Olivia is not afraid to move forward and they will be doing it together no matter what comes.

Fringe S3x19 - Peter and Olivia together again

But what is coming? Peter is curious about the drawing Olivia made of the unknown man that was in the Zeppelin. Who is this man? Olivia drops a bomb that she does not know who he is, but feels this is the man that will ultimately lead to her death.

Fringe S3x19 - Peter - Do you know this man

Fringe S3x19 - The man who will kill Olivia

Fringe S3x19 - Yep its the man who will kill me

Wow! That is a way to end an LSD trip, by finishing it off with blowing your mind! Will this unknown man be someone who will try to kill Olivia? Why didn’t he kill Peter on the Zepplin? Every one else they encountered in Olivia’s mind was determined to cause Walter, Belly and Peter harm. He sabotaged the Zeppelin but had an opportunity to take Peter out but didn’t…… Could this ‘man’ be Peter and Bolivia’s son? And is this the end of William Bell? See what Leonard Nimoy himself says in this clip courtesy of FOX Broadcasting.

Tune in for more Fringe on FOX this Friday April 22, 2011 with the return to the battle between the universes in “6:02 AM EST”.

Fringe S3x20 - Back to the battle

In the meantime enjoy the sneak peak of “6:02” and the complete LSD episode courtesy of FOX via Hulu.

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