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Heyla to all of The Event fans!

In anticipation of the new episodes which are returning this Monday, March 07, I am pleased to present to you this somewhat short analysis of episode ten, “everything will change.” This was a very exciting episode that left me with a lot of questions that I am eagerly hoping will be answered when season one continues.

This episode takes us right back to the cornfield where Mr. Berg (Peter Murnik) is laying in the dirt being held at gunpoint by Sean Walker (Jason Ritter) and Leila Buchanan (Sarah Roemer) who really want answers! He tells Sean that he is not going to shoot him in cold blood, and we see Sean really struggling, almost as if Mr. Berg is using some sort of mind control on him. And when Sean puts down his gun and says that he is right, I felt convinced of it, until Sean grabs the syringe that Mr. Berg had brought along to inject into Leila, and he injects Mr. Berg with it instead; which then led me to drop the mind-control idea like a hot potato. The injection causes Mr. Berg to grow very old very fast, and then he cannot breathe very well.

The Event S1x10 The President President Elias Martinez (Blair Underwood) goes back to visit Vice President Raymond Jarvis (Bill Smitrovich). Jarvis, remembering the threats made upon the lives of himself and his family decided against giving President Martinez the name of the man who put him up to trying to assassinate him at Coral Gables back in the Pilot episode. (Doctor James Dempsey) Jarvis pleads memory loss. Martinez does not buy this act, he believes that someone must have gotten to him, and he gives Jarvis an ultimatum, either he gives him the name of the man who wants him dead or he will make sure that Jarvis pays for the crime for the rest of his god given life.

Jarvis does not appreciate being threatened and he turns it back around on the president. It is apparently very important to Jarvis that he remain Vice President, I am sure that staying out of prison or out of the electric chair is also paramount on his mind. Jarvis threatens that if they (meaning Martinez or I imagine anyone connected to him) dares to expose his secrets that he will expose theirs.

He will leak information about Inostranka and the prisoners held there, and he will let the world know that Martinez went along with the cover up. Jarvis claims the president would be eviscerated by the public. He also tells President Martinez that he is just a bit player in the world, and that he is just as vulnerable as any man to the whims of those who possess much more wealth and power than he does.

The Event S1x10 Jarvis and Martinez

It starts to get exciting when a national security emergency arises, and Martinez must return to the White House immediately. The NSA (National Security Administration?) has suddenly discovered a missile installation in a country called Amallah. The builders of it were somehow able to cloak their activities from the NSA until today. The Amallahan government also claims to have been unaware that this was being built on their tribal lands. CIA Director Blake Sterling (Zeljko Ivanek) tells the president that Amallah barely has an air force, so there is no way that their government could have built this. Martinez wonders if terrorists could be behind it, and Sterling replies that this puzzles him because none of the terrorist groups they were currently watching would have been able to secretly built this missile installation either.

While the president and his people are busy talking about missiles, a nice little alien tea ceremony is going on with Sophia Maguire (Laura Innes), Simon Lee (Ian Anthony Dale), Thomas (Clifton Collins Jr.), and Isabel (Necar Zadegan) Everyone makes nice and pretends to get along. Sophia talks about how recently they have all been through some challenging moments, but that they will overcome these challenging moments together. And then she moves onto business and asks now that they have collected the key module what else will they need to rebuild the interface. (I love the terminology used here).

Thomas replies that opening the portal to save her from the plane was an improvisation and that interface is nowhere near powerful enough to get them home, so they will need to build a new interface at the same site in order to take advantage of the infrastructure they have already built there. Then Sophia smoothly segues into the real reason for this party by asking Thomas about the financial records. She had previously asked to look at them, Isabel had given them to her, and today Sophia is just making sure that they gave her everything. Thomas and Isabel lie and say that of course they gave her everything.

The Event S1x10 Alien tea party
Thomas claims he needs to take Isabel back to her hotel. (Does this mean that she lives in another state or town and that she had to travel to attend this tea party?) Sophia starts cleaning up after, and I got the feeling that they were in her home. Simon stays behind and Sophia informs him that Thomas was lying about the records, she did some digging on her own and she discovered that he has hidden funds no one knows about. She says that it is true that Thomas has built a nice little infrastructure through the stock market to help them get home, but he is hiding money for his own purpose with Isabel’s help. She tells Simon to find, Stephen Grant (Timothy James Driscoll), Thomas’ secret banker. Simon is to find out where the money came from, and what Thomas intends to do with it.


The Event S1x10 Simon

Down in the parking garage Thomas tells Isabel that his mother knows. Isabel hopes that maybe Sophia was just asking, but Thomas says no, that his mother has a reason for everything she does, that she has a reason for every breath that she takes. Then he says that they need to leave so Sophia doesn’t find out what they are doing. If Sophia finds out their end game she will do everything in her power to stop them. Isabel tells him it is too soon that they do not have everything that they need yet, and Thomas says they will figure it out. He tells Isabel that it has already started but now it is time to escalate their plans, and that she needs to be sure before going with him because a lot of people are going to die when they are through. Thomas what on earth are you up to?

Mr. Burk begs Sean and Leila to take him to Willow Brook Behavioral Hospital; he says that this is the only way. I assume he means for him to live, but Paul Stern (Josh Randall), the father of the little girl who escaped from the people that he works for, makes his way out to them. He says that his wife and Abby are in the car and that they are going to leave before the police get there. He tells Sean and Leila that they should just leave everything alone, that there are some things they do not want to know. Then Dr. Berk dies. I think he ran out of air. So Sean and Leila take his electronic key card with the triangle on it and they drive to Willow Brook to see what there is to see.

Dr. James Dempsey (Hal Holbrook) the evil looking man who sent Mr. Berk after Leila, and who seems to be in charge of this really not-very-nice organization that likes to kill and experiment on people, receives a phone call saying that Mr. Berk has not shown up with the new subject; this must mean Leila. Dr. Dempsey replies that if Mr. Berk does not show up within the hour they must assume he has been compromised. Dempsey asks the nurse, who is calling from Willow Brook, about Samantha, and the nurse replies that she is responding better than expected. We see a short glimpse of her in her bedroom/cell scribbling furiously on the wall.


The Event S1x10 Dr. Dempsey

Sean and Leila arrive at Willow Brook. They walk in through the front door and Leila pretends that a woman named Carolyn Jones is her aunt so they will be allowed to enter the patient wards. Sean searches for a room that fits the keycard he stole from Mr. Burk, but then a security guard catches him, and he kicks both Sean and Leila out. There is a crazy guy who overhears Leila asking her fake Auntie Carolyn if she knows of any little girls living there. When they get kicked out he goes out onto the balcony and he tells them that little girls live under the floor, he can hear them. Leila believes this man, but Sean does not. Then Leila sees a water tower on the roof, and she remembers that Abby told her about seeing a water tower when she escaped.

Simon travels to Winchester, Virginia to find Thomas’ banker dead. It looks like he was shot then his body was left in his bathtub. Simon calls Sophia to tell her. He says there is no sign of forced entry, so Mr. Grant knew his attacker, he says there is no proof Thomas did it, but he and Sophia both believe that Thomas did do it. Sophia tells Simon that Thomas and Isabel have disappeared with the key module. Thomas destroyed the banker’s computer, but Simon will take it to Langley to see what they can salvage. Then he gets called in to work. Sophia puts out word for anyone to contact her if Thomas contacts them –they must find out what he is up to.

The Event S1x10 The banker is dead
Isabel and Thomas find a nice hideout where they can watch the missile launch from Thomas’ laptop. Isabel puts her arms around him and says, “We did it, and now everything is going to change. “ What exactly does she mean by that? Change how? In what way? I hope that we find out when season one returns on Monday.

The Event S1x10 Missile on laptop

The Event S1x10 Martinez in the war room

President Martinez is also keeping an eye on the missile via real satellite imagery on a screen that is slightly larger than Thomas’. He is informed that the missile is uploading propellant to rocket. The rocket is two hours away from launch, the presidents jets will not make it to the installation in time to stop the rocket from launching unless the United States can get flyover permission from the Chinese. A female Aide enters the war room to inform Martinez that the ambassador from Amallah, Mr. Talaky (Bernard White) has arrived. Mr.Talaky explains to President Martinez that the installation was built in a tribal area not under government jurisdiction. He says that their military is mobilizing troops towards the silo, but he can offer no guarantee that they will arrive in time.

He is able to tell the president that the Installation was built by a company that made arrangement with the locals to not cause them any trouble. He says that the company appears to exist in name only. He hands some papers to Blake, it is all the information he was able to obtain about this company. Blake sits down to look it over while President Martinez informs Mr.Talaky that this missile has the capability of reaching the United States with a nuclear payload. The president says that the United States will retaliate against Amallah if the missile reaches us. He says that there is a squadron of F16’s enroute to Amallah right now, and, if their missile strikes his F16’s will attack the Amallah capitol. Mr. Talaky is not very excited about going back to give this news to his president.

While this conversation was going on Blake has a breakthrough. He shows the president the list of the board of directors for the company that built the missile. It is unusually large with ninety-seven members and these members all have the same names as the ninety-seven detainees who were originally held at Inostranka. Blake realizes that the missiles are being controlled by the sleepers. Blake blames Sophia for this while Martinez more correctly blames Thomas.

The Event S1x10 Blake Sterling finds the truth

Sean and Leila sneak back into Willow Brook Hospital at night. They sneak past the man taking out the garbage. Crazy guy said he heard the girls through the floor so they look for a basement, and find an elevator instead. Elevator buttons begin at one, but Sean uses the keycard he stole from Mr. Berk and the card causes the elevator to descend. They walk out into the basement level, everything has been cleaned out. Mr. Berk could not make his appointment, him being dead and all, so Dr. Dempsey ordered everything and everyone to move out. Leila freaks out when she sees the playroom with children’s drawings and toys. She starts running around saying they have to find Samantha even though the place is clearly empty. She does find Samantha’s empty room, however, where she wrote Leila on the wall. Leila is devastated that they arrived there too late.


The Event S1x10 Leila

Simon eventually learns all about the installation, and he calls Sophia to tell her what Thomas did. Then the missile is launched, the NSA is able to track it, and soon discover that the United States is not its target. No radiation is detected, and they learn that the missile is not carrying a nuclear payload. They pick up a signal, a data burst from the missile. They discover that its true purpose is to be a communications satellite, and that its antennas are situated the wrong sending the signal away from earth. They are contacting home? Sending signal hurts everyone’s ears.

The Event S1x10 The missile


The Event S1x10 Communications satelite

Leila and Sean find a room full of burned papers, but they are not fully burned. The fire was likely set hastily. They find a file on Michael Buchanan (Scott Patterson) Leila and Samantha’s father. They find out that he is an alien, and Leila is likely a hybrid, unless of course Michael is not her biological father. I would wager that the girl’s mother was human, and that is why she was killed because she was not interesting enough for them to bother with.

Of course the biggest question is why did Thomas send a signal home? If that is indeed where he sent it? Are there a lot of people who live there? Are they friendly to the ones who left to come to earth? Was he asking for reinforcements for a war? Was he inviting them to all come down and live? Why will this action result in people dying? I can easily see the government deciding to go to war if thousands or millions of these aliens just showed up out of the blue, and were not hiding any longer. Will the aliens start the war? Thomas certainly seems itching for a fight. If they need a new place to live I can understand that, but Sophia seems dead set against settling here. I have a feeling though that after Thomas’ actions in this episode Sophia may have no choice but to go along with the settlement plans. She can only fight so much, after all

Thank you for reading my review of The Event, episode ten, “Everything will change.” The Event returns this Monday, March 07, 2011 8 PM EST/PST on NBC in the United States, with a two-hour mid-season premiere, “And then there were more/Inostranka”. Be sure to tune in live for the continuation of The Event. I know I will be! In the meantime here is the entire tenth episode courtesy of NBC Universal!

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