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Hello once again Stargate fans,

Syfy Logo Chain Mail - Click to visit Stargate Universe on SyfyThis has been the most anticipated episode of Stargate Universe ever since I saw the preview over a week ago. Although, I have known about this episode for some time now, I put in my request that I write on this one. As I am a fan of Stargate Universe, that still did not take away from the fact that I am still a fan of Stargate Atlantis and Stargate SG-1. To love one and not the other is ridiculous. I love each series for what they were and what they are.

Click to visit the fabled MGM Studios at their official web site! That being said, let us get on with the reason for your visit today. To read my thoughts on the Stargate Universe episode Seizure.

***SPOILER ALERT*** If you have not seen this episode yet, then stop right now and wait until you do.

On the other hand, if you do not mind reading what you have to look forward to, then by all means, keep reading. I will NOT write a play-by-play of the episode, that can get boring real fast. I will NOT jump around to different places as that will only confuse the hell out of you. I WILL however write in sequence from beginning to end the parts that stood out to me the most.

First of all, let me start off by adding in this lovely picture of Washington D.C. I am not adding it in for who it represents, but more of the beautiful landscapes and surrounding areas. I only wish that someday I will get to visit.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Washington

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Woolsey meets with Lengarens

Of course first we see our beloved Mr. Woolsey (Robert Picardo) trying to convince everyone that by using the Langeran stargate to dial the ninth chevron, they can get a good connection to get everyone aboard the Destiny home. Only problem was the leader of the Langerans (Victor Garber) wasn’t easily convinced. So seeing that Woolsey was having problems in convincing them, our other lovable guy, Col. David Telford (Lou Diamond Phillips), stepped in and said that they have someone who is qualified that this will work.

And who should we see walking in the door?

SGU S2x15 Seizure - And cue McKay

Yes, it’s our very own Dr. Rodney McKay (David Hewlett). This was a delight to see Rodney return to Stargate. And it was very cool how they brought McKay back into the Joe Flanigan as John sheppard from Stargate Atlantis Stargate series in the way they did.

With Dr. Nicolas Rush (Robert Carlyle) and Eli Wallace (David Blue) aboard the Destiny, and Col. Samantha Carter (Amanda Tapping) off doing her own thing, it only left us with McKay to solve the problem.

Now do not get me wrong, I like McKay,  however I personally like John Sheppard (Joe Flanigan) a bit more is all! 😛

And of course, you can not have Rodney on any planet without some sort of technical gadget with him to solve the scientific problem!

In this case Rodney had his trusty laptop with him to try and convince the Langarens that HIS idea will work. Well of course it would. He is the one and only Dr. Rodney McKay after all 😛

SGU S2x15 Sezsure - McKay shows results

Even if I try to look past Rodney’s egotistical manners (wow, I typed that word correctly the first shot), he was a joy to watch. This fact made me miss Atlantis that much more. Though, the best part that I laughed my arse off was where Rodney used the communication stones and switched bodies to go on board the Destiny.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - McKay gets caught

I guess when it comes to certain areas on a woman, McKay does not notice the color of the hair. Of all the years we heard him say that blond women does something to him, (his constant mention of Samamtha Carter), it is quite the flip for him to sort of hit on a brunette. LOL. The line that had me cracking up was when Lt. James was on McKay duty and noticed that he was looking at something that he should not have been. “I’m up here” to Lt. Vanessa James (Julia Benson) as Rodney was transfixed by her feminine attributes!

SGU S2x15 Seizure - James gets McKay's attention

I still find myself laughing when I remember the looks on both their faces. Then of course McKay tried to be somewhat polite and offered “Ladies first.” Of course that kinda backfired as James did not move, leaving McKay to walk out ahead of her with his tail between his legs! :-P.SGU S2x15 Seizure - James is not impressed

The look on James’ face was of typical, “another boob man”. But I still could not help but giggle. I can not wait for the DVD’s, there has to be some funny behind the scenes from this episode for sure!

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Rush in the chair

Of course, it does not take long to figure out why Rush would want to sit in the chair VOLUNTARILY!

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Rush and Mandy together

Yep! Rush finally gets a bit!

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Chloe giving Col. Young an update

Then we observe Chloe Armstrong (Elyse Levesque) informing Col. Young (Louis Ferreira) that Rush hooked himself up to the chair, but he was not fixing or alternating anything. He was in some sort of virtual dream state thingy. No, I am not that technical when it comes to wording. This is as good as it gets, and if you know me on twitter, I have my own way of describing things.

Then we have our geek-fest with Eli and Rodney.

SGU S2x15 Sezsure - McKay debating with Eli

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Eli debating with McKay

I swear, it is a good thing that Rush is not among the rest of them cause I do not think that we could cope with three brilliant minds in the one episode.SGU S2x15 Seizure - Eli and McKay going head to head

Though, besides the fact that Rodney loved making himself seem way smarter then anyone else on any given day, he did manage to get out a compliment to Young about how smart Eli is. I found that to be a nice touch

SGU S2x15 Seizure - TJ and Greer back in infirmary

This is a beautiful scene with TJ (Alaina Huffman) and Sgt. Greer (Jamil Walker Smith). And then we can see Dale Volker (Patrick Gilmore) in the background, feeling much better then Greer is at the moment. From the last episode, we seen Greer give up his kidney to help someone in need. Unfortunate, Greer will need extra time to be himself again.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Eli got an idea

We then observe see Eli and Adam Brody (Peter Kelamis) trying to figure out what is happening to Rush. That is until Eli gets an idea and tells Brody to go back into the computer log records of what is being uploaded.

SGU S2xE15 Seisure - Brody looking over uploaded logs from chair

This is where I need some science geeks to tell me what is really happening. Where is my good friend Redone68?? She is way smarter when it comes to the science of things. I think she would have been a great asset to the brilliant minds on the Destiny.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - The famous Stargate

This is a great picture of the old style Stargate! It was so cool seeing it in action again.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - KAWOOSH

And, we can never forget the huge KAWOOSH from the event horizon.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - The beautiful blue shimmer

With it ending with the lovely blue shimmer of an open wormhole. It takes me back when I saw the event horizon  open for the very first time. It still puts me in awe how the special effects by Mark Savela and his crew including Sonia Gilmore are able to make it appear so real!

SGU S2xE15 Seizure - Woolsey brings a giftSGU S2x15 Seizure - Lt. Scott takes overAnother part of all this that seems to never get old, is the using of the Ancient Communication Stones. One second you have you, the next you have a totally different conscience in your head, controlling your every action. The freaky thing about it is the fact that you are oblivious to it all. Freaky, but very cool!

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Capt sees Scott's reflection in mirror

Yet another part that had me laughing, was when the Captain of the Langerans (Darren A. Herbert) was in the body of  Lt. Matthew Scott and he looked into the mirror at his reflection. The amazing camera work to pull that off is nothing but astonishing. Plus it only goes to show how awesome these actors are when doing each episode. Mr. Brian J. Smith in his portrayal of Lt. Scott in my opinion demonstrates once again that is a very talented actor and does an amazing job.

Though, in saying that, I believe they all deserve their own recognition when it comes to trying and succeeding to make the characters in Stargate Universe believable each week including a special guest star Victor Garber as the Langaran Ambassador.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Telford and McKay

I am not sure about you, but does Telford not resemble General Jack O’Neill (Richard Dean Anderson) when it comes to scientists. Especially when it comes to McKay. I guess in a way, McKay makes it very hard to like, from a working with point of view. Mr. Hewlett on the other hand, seems to have a very large following. Especially on twitter.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Eli and Ginn

There was a lovely moment between Eli and Ginn (Julie McNiven) as well. This was a bittersweet one, where Ginn told Eli what Dr. Amanda Perry (Mandy – Kathleen Munroe) was doing and that Rush was in a lot of danger. Typically from actually dieing. And that he had to be the one to terminate the program for them (the girls) to be able to interact with their other half’s (the guys). This was tough for Eli.

SGU S2E15 Seizure - Rush's last kiss from MandyThere were also a fair amount of touching moments with Rush and Mandy. Until Mandy gave a small peck on the cheek that he felt that something was “off” a bit. Not really realizing he was still inside the ship, per say, just that something felt different.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Rush and Mandy watching Destiny explodingSo he thought he’s put his assumptions to the test and do a little fiddling around with the computers to see if his thoughts were right. And sure enough, when he confronted Mandy, she told him that he was going to kill everyone. He knew that was not the case, and they stood there and watched the Destiny blow up.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Mandy's last visitSGU S2xE15 Seisure - Rush is left aloneUnfortunately, because Ginn had warned Eli of Mandy’s plan and what she was doing. Eli had no choice to do what he done. Mandy could “feel” this and she confronted Rush about what she had tried to do.

To find a way to keep him there with her. She confessed to him that she did love him, and that that was the reason for her messing around with the program. She told him she will always love him and then she was gone. Unfortunately, we are left again to witness Rush go through another mourning. First with his wife, and then with Mandy – twice.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - Eli lets his feelings be known to Rush

When Rush finally wakes up in the infirmary it has been two days that he was in a coma. Again, TJ was so sympathetic with what Rush went through, as well as Eli. After all, if you think about it, it was Eli who had to severe all ties he could possible have with Ginn, just to save Rush. Of which Eli made that quite clear when Rush asked him, “what did you do?” Eli told him as much, if he did not do what needed to be done, Rush would be dead. TJ concurred with Eli, and Greer spoke up from his bed to tell Rush to listen to the good doctor. She knows what she is talking about.

I felt so bad for Eli. He lost Ginn once, then to get her back in the last episode, only for Mandy to screw it up, he had to essentially loose her again for the second time. Maybe he can figure a way to give her access and not tell anyone. Take a page out of Rush’s book for secrecy.

SGU S2x15 Seizure - The Destiny

I shall end my review with an amazing picture of the Destiny flying through space. On her way to her predestined destination. The talents of Mr. Mark Savela and his team can not go unnoticed. Very well done.

That concludes my review. Hope you all had a great read. Feel free to comment below, click on a button to share it, or you can catch me on twitter. Be sure to venture back next week when I will have my thoughts on the episode “The Hunt” posted for all to read. Until then we include the promotional trailer for “The Hunt” below courtesy of Syfy via Hulu.

I will end this analysis with some personal thoughts I have been wanting to say for a long time. I would have thought that the ratings would have gone up a few notches with this episode, solely because we have McKay back again. But I do not think that happened. I am surprised actually, that the fandom as a whole did not support this endeavor.

Yes, I would have loved to have had another season of Stargate Atlantis. Or the very least, the third Stargate SG-1 movie and the first Stargate Atlantis one. But because of the anger by certain factions, this is the main reason why Stargate Universe was not renewed. Ratings for any given show are what counts at the end of the day and this is also what happened to Atlantis.

SGU Cast Banner courtesy MGM Studios!
The only point they are showing is how their lack of support is NOT going to get them their “promised” movies. We were never promised these movies. We were told that it was a possibility. But, here’s a question, why should we be rewarded with a movie for such behavior? It’s no different if a child is misbehaving. Do you reward that behavior with what they want? Or do you say, “until you can learn to behave yourself, you’re not getting it.”

And I know that I will probably loose a nice few followers on twitter for some reason or another. And I wouldn’t be surprised if i did. Especially from certain factions in the Stargate Atlantis fan groups. Yes, they are passionate, and I love Stargate Atlantis just as much as the next person. However, being a STARGATE FAN first and foremost, I will show my support for anything that has the name Stargate in it.

David Hewlett as Dr. Rodney McKay

And another subject about this whole thing that has my goat is the fact that the convention organizers go out of their way to give the fans awesome conventions year after year. Yet you have some (and I repeat SOME) who will buy the gold tickets to see every guest there, and then boycott the SGU stars because they figure they will “prove a point” that way too to the creators. How sad.

Click to learn more about wonderful Creation Entertainment!But what it does is piss me off even more. I would love nothing more then to be able to afford to buy a gold ticket for a Stargate convention that Creation Entertainment presents wonderfully and see ALL the Stargate stars they have confirmed to attend. But you have these “people” that would buy a ticket, only to go and see who they want and ignore the others. That to me is a waste of money. They would take away from someone who would have loved to have seen EVERY Stargate guest going to these things.

And acting like spoiled little brats too. This is my opinion mind you. If I sound like a b***h, then so be it. I am a Stargate fan through and through and I for one enjoyed the many years and countless adventures our heroes have brought to my life these past 14 years, 17 if you count the original movie that started it all.

Like I said, these are my personal thoughts. If you don’t like it, oh well. But just to let some of you that love to cause debates and arguments in open tweets, I will NOT be apart of that. If you feel the need to send me messages to try and provoke me, just so you know, I will NOT answer to it. Not that I am a coward. It is just a fact that I will not be drawn into a pointless debate.

I think that is all I have to say. In fact, I feel I have said what I needed to say. So end of story.

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I hope you come back again soon. You can leave a comment here or you can reach me on twitter by clicking on my avatar to the right.

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Karen Ford


Newfoundland, Canada

2 thoughts on “Stargate Universe: “Seizure” Season 2 Episode 15 Analysis with S2x16 “The Hunt” Trailer

  1. Hi Gene,

    Thank you for your comments and observations today. We appreciate positive comments like yours and that you take time to post them. Yes you are correct in agreeing with Karen.

    Some in the Stargate fandom not only boycotted the SGU series, but I and other team members were there during several negative demonstrations at various conventions against SGU. It was very sad to see these people gloating in glee thinking they were “sending a message” to TPTB. The only message they sent edified why the Stargate franchise may be put on the shelf for a number of years by MGM. Those who have studied fan behavior know this was done in several other franchises often because of a minority of frankly rude and ill-behaved fans.

    Tragic is that they chose to attack the actors and creators who are only doing their jobs. Worse were the attacks on the families and friends of the actors and creators. Such behavior is both juvenile and unforgivable.

    Yes we are aware of the malcontents and their untrue hate filled posts against the WHR Team and myself. What they do not realize is that their hate filled posts, e-mails, and even private messages have been sent directly to the attention of our management and team leaders. All of their bile has been placed in their personal files documenting that they are really just disgruntled ex-members, sadly with a “chip on their shoulders”. However such things happen in life and the best “medicine” is to ignore them since what they really seek is attention for their misguided ways.

    In closing know this, you are to be commended for bringing these topics up. We have many hundreds of thousands of friends (visitors) from around the world as well as professional relationships. All know the haters are way off base. They “made their own beds” by harboring grudges. We leave them alone to stew in their hate

    On the other hand we wish them well in their future “positive” endeavors and hope they will leave hate out of their lives because they are the ones who have sadly harmed themselves, not WormholeRiders News Agency.

    Best Regards

  2. nice review. been a while since i have been here, but mondays are my day off and i stopped by to read some articles. i love stargate and agree all the shows were great and the trouble making fans have ruined it for everyone else. i have a twiiter account but am not going to reveal it since the people you talk about seem to attack people who like sgu and worse i saw a lj slander story against wormholeriders by a ceramicat and various attack posts by someone called iamvalathegreat among others. is these the same persons who used to write here? they are not so great imo and i say good riddance. your review was very nice. i like the analysis by the team here and not the recaps these other former members used to write. keep up the good work and do not let those losers bother you. based on what i have read by several of them they seem to want to argue on twitter and facebook and not accept the rules and i think they only joined wormholeriders to try and get access to stars for their own dubious purposes. i also went to the other newer wormholeriders news sites and they are great too. thank you for all you for us fans who cannot go to conventions the reports are like being there and the videos are cool.

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