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Heyla, V Series fans,

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Here I am with my first ever review! I hope you all enjoy reading as much as I did writing about Siege!

I thought episode six, called “Siege” was excellent. It had many sad and brilliant moments. The first sad moment, for me, was when Anna (Morena Baccarin) goes to visit Marcus Visitor (Christopher Shyer) in the medical bay. He is either sleeping or in a coma, but he does not move at all or open his eyes.

Anna seems quite troubled by what she sees. Click to visit Warner Brothers Entertainment!I can easily imagine a large display of possible emotions going through her mind (since contrary to what she tells her mother she does feel). She could be really sad that Marcus got shot, or she might just be mad that the fifth column were able to pull off something like this.

However she does vow to the unconscious Marcus that she will find Eli Cohan (Oded Fehr), and the rest of the fifth column; she will make them pay for what they have done!

On the one hand, I am rooting for the fifth column to win, so I don’t want her to make the fifth column pay. I do like Marcus though, and I hated seeing him get shot, so the sentiment makes me feel better. I share thoughts that Marcus is the best! 😉

Erica Evans (Elizabeth Mitchell) goes to visit Kyle Hobbes (Charles Mesure) and Jack (Joel Gretsch) at Hobbes bunker, at least this is where I think they are. Usually, Ryan Nichols, the anti Anna V (Morris Chestnut) would be there, too, but he betrayed them all last week, and no one has seen him since. Erica tells her friends she has just finished a six-hour interrogation over the events of Concordia, and Marcus’ attempted assassination. She has been given a vacation for an unspecified amount of time while she is being investigated.

Hobbes expresses his desire to kill Ryan for betraying them, and Erica tells him that he cannot kill Ryan until she has a chance to look him in the eye and ask him why he did it. She does give Hobbes permission to look for him. Eli, however, beats him to it.

Well, actually, Anna sends Ryan to kill Eli Cohan, per his obligatory daily payment for keeping his daughter (Trinity Jarman) blissed. Eli was waiting for him, a trap sprung into place, which Ryan walks right into. At the time I wanted to think that Ryan let himself get caught on purpose.

His falling into Eli’s trap just seemed too sloppy for Anna’s best hunter. Ryan gets tazered, beaten, and tied to a chair. When Scary Thomas (Marcus’ hopefully-only-temporary replacement) tells Anna what has happened, and asks if he should send in soldiers, as usual Anna has a better idea, call the FBI, leave an anonymous tip, and let them do her dirty work for her.

Erica was at home with her ex-husband Joe Evans (Nicholas Lea) and son, Tyler (Logan Huffman). They were preparing to go on a family motorcycle ride when Eli calls to announce that he has Ryan. When Erica arrives she kneels down in front of Ryan, looks him in his one good and one bloody, battered eye, and demands an explanation for his actions.

Ryan tells Erica that Anna made his baby sick; she said she would help if he came back to her. He then warns Erica about the tracker Anna sent after him and tells her she needs to leave before it is too late. Before Erica can respond one of Eli’s cell mates announces a disturbance outside. Erica, and Eli go to check the cameras and discover to their surprise that it is the FBI.

Eli’s solution is to kill them all, not surprisingly Erica does not like this plan, so she comes up with a better one: playing hostage. She asks Eli to hit her and turns over her gun. She is so cool! Then Eli has her lead out onto a balcony so her FBI friends can see her. She is sporting fresh bruises and a scared face, while waving a cell phone.

Thomas and Anna, are watching Erica’s performance on television. Thomas, who is understandably nervous about his new responsibilities (Marcus’ shoes would not be easy to fill) reminds Anna that Agent Evans becoming a hostage was not part of her plan, yet she does not panic. And instead comes up with a new brilliant plan to get Tyler’s father into the building, as well. Then they can blow it up and be rid of them both. Anna believes that breaking the bond between Tyler and his parents will get him up on the ship where she wants him, since he declined her birthday gift to spend more time with his parents.

Lisa calls Tyler to tell him about his Mom. He switches the channel from the football game he and his dad were watching, and they too, watch and believe Erica’s grand performance. Joe immediately, heads down to the scene, making Tyler promise to stay home. Lisa comes down to stay with him, like any good girlfriend would do.

Once Erica has made the phone call, listing their fake demands, Eli’s friends get a surprise visitor. No, not a Visitor … It’s Joe. A sleeper V, going by the name of Ray Caldwell, pretends to be a friend of Erica’s. He finds Joe at the scene, and makes a pretense of talking to him about what is going on. Before leaving the truck, where they were talking privately, he ‘accidentally’ leaves behind some building plans which reveal a secret entrance.

I didn’t think Erica was very happy to see Joe when the fifth column guards found him breaking through the wall, and dragged him before Eli and Erica. They drop him roughly to the floor and would have kicked and beaten him like they did to Ryan if Erica did not recognize and save him. She was in a very stressful situation, so I am sure having Joe there to worry about was not making her day any less stressful.

Joe was there whether Erica did like it or not, trapped inside just like all the rest of them. Until Eli announces his ingenious plan, which involved sending a text to waiting members of the Fifth Column, who are outside within crowd. They are wearing these vests lined with explosives, and when Eli tells them to, they will announce themselves, and take real hostages inside the building, so that a little while later they can use these same hostages to sneak some of their guys out, with Erica leading the way.

Erica hates Eli’s idea, at first, which leads to a huge fight over their ideological differences. Erica does not believe in hurting or using the innocent. Eli believes in doing whatever it takes to win. Their argument ends with Eli giving Erica control of his entire fifth column network of worldwide operatives. Erica is shocked and asks him why. Eli tells her it is because she understands that this fight is for their future. I consider this Eli’s second great idea. What a champ!

Jack (who has just recently been kicked out of his church for being anti-V) also sees Erica on a lap top computer. He literally drops everything to run to the scene. They won’t let him anywhere near the building, so he stays in the crowd and calls Hobbes from his cellular phone. Jack asks him to come down there, but Hobbes reminds him he cannot be seen, then he is stopped by Scary Thomas, Marcus, so he makes an excuse about being on the FBI’s most wanted list. Like that would stop him if he truly wanted to be there. He is Kyle Hobbes, man of many great disguises. He can blend in anywhere, and not be noticed. I think that is his superpower. *giggles*

Thomas shows Hobbes a picture of a dark haired woman, named Sarah. Hobbes sneers that she has been dead for years. Thomas points out that they never found her body. Hobbes does not seem to be buying the act until Thomas puts his cellular phone to Hobbes’ ear and lets Sarah talk to him, or at least Hobbes believes that it is her. He slams Thomas up against the fence and puts a gun to his head, just itching, I am sure, to blow him away. But then Thomas calmly says if you kill me you will never find her. Hobbes relents, I guess because he does not want to take any chances if Sarah truly is alive.

Thomas gives Hobbes a computer-wireless-mouse-looking devise that is apparently a trigger. He says there are objects, which were brought inside Eli’s base that the thingamajig will detonate. I am sure Hobbes does not want to do it. But he does do it …………………… for Sarah.

Erica eventually agrees to Eli’s plan, and while he is putting his plan into motion Erica goes back to Ryan to say goodbye. He is still tied to the chair. He must have been very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain. I wonder if Vs have large bladders? 😀 Ryan asks Erica to get him out of there, which causes me to change my mind about him getting caught on purpose. It also makes me glad that Erica does not want to help him. She reminds him that he betrayed her, and Jack, that he was supposed to be their friend, and that they trusted him.

Ryan tries to say he had no choice, but Erica does not accept his excuse. I felt that throughout the series Erica and Ryan had been getting much closer, and I found it interesting how similar their story lines were with them both having a child they were trying to protect. I think Erica feels especially betrayed that Ryan did not trust her because they were in a similar situation. Out of anyone in the group Ryan should have known that he could trust her.

Erica does promise to help him get his daughter back. I like that she is still willing to do whatever she can to help his daughter. Erica is a nice person who would never willingly leave an innocent child in Anna’s clutches, no matter who the child’s father was. She tells Ryan though, that she will never forgive his betrayel.

Meanwhile, Hobbes sneakily joins the crowd of looky-loos who have gathered together to watch the exciting hostage situation, and to get shown on television. He blends in well, of course. The hostage situation is just ending at the moment that he arrives. Erica is leading the group of real hostages out of the building filled with dangerous terrorists into what should have been the safety of the outside. Eli stays inside the building. He may not have expected to die, but Erica did tell him she only saw two ways out of the situation for him: in handcuffs or in a body bag. Erica can be quite poetic when she wants to be.

Did Hobbes time this so the building is almost empty before he pushes the button detonating the explosive vests? There is a giant boom! Debris is flying everywhere, and then bullets start flying, too, from both Eli’s forces and the FBI. I think it’s possible had certain people not started shooting that Joe, at least, would not have died. Maybe none of the hostages either. So it was not all Hobbes fault. He just blew up an almost empty building. And Eli. I liked Eli. I thought Hobbes liked him too. I do not know if he realized that Eli and a few others where still in the building. But he probably did. Eli was ready to sacrifice himself though.

The last time Ryan is shown he is still tied to the chair. I assume that he blew up too. It did not look like Eli had enough time to untie Ryan before the building went kablooey! I want him to survive to have a chance to redeem himself, somehow. If Ryan does die I would rather that he die saving Erica’s life or someone else in the resistance/fifth column. I think that would be a good way for him to, at least partially redeem himself, and it would be a better way for him to go out.

After-wards Hobbes slinks away in the aftermath, while an anguished Erica is left cradling Joe’s lifeless body. Tyler, who starts freaking out when his dad does not call, had left Lisa behind in his empty house. Poor Lisa! He finally arrives on the scene, just in time to join Erica in her mourning. This was definitely, the saddest part of the episode. I liked Joe, and he did apologize to Erica right before they left the building for not believing her about the paternity issue. He wanted to make it up to her; they could have been a family again. Poor Joe. Poor Erica. Poor Tyler. It is just so sad!

Near the end of the episode Anna goes down in her special elevator to meet her mother, Diana (Jane Badler) in her nice dungeon. Diana confronts Anna on the true purposes of these visits, claiming Anna does so because she needs her. Anna flatly denies this, and then accuses her mother of trying to destroy her leadership abilities by making her feel human emotion. She claims it is not working and that her mother needs to work harder if she wants to destroy her. Diana says she thought her plan was working perfectly and promises that she will work harder. Anna then goes back up in her elevator, and Lisa (Laura Vandervoort), happens to see. Curiously she takes the elevator back down to the dungeon.

From the look on her face she has never been down here before. Then she sees Diana, but she has no idea who she is seeing. Diana realizes immediately, who Lisa must be, and introduces herself as her grandmother. Lisa, startled, explains she was told her grandmother was dead.

Diana hisses magnificently, that Lisa is to keep her existence a secret for now. Lisa asks how she knows thar she can trust Diana, and Diana responds by commenting that they both share the same enemy, Anna. I am quite excited to see how this new relationship is going to grow, and to see how it will change the rules of the game. I sincerely hope that Diana’s character arc will grow into season three. I would love to see much more of both her and Lisa.

After this little bit of excitement it is time to return to Erica’s misery. She is sitting at home, crying in the darkness. Awwe!!!! I just want to give her a giant hug. Then Tyler comes downstairs and instead of trying to comfort his mother (I know he’s sad too, but they could be sad together, couldn’t they?) He says he is leaving. Erica begs him to stay, claims she needs him, but he is rude and cruel and lashes out at her accusing her of not doing enough to prevent his dad’s death. Erica tells him it was Anna, but he does not believe her. Erica does smack him once, but not very hard, and he totally deserved it. It didn’t help, of course, and I doubt it made her feel better. But he did deserve it! I would have smacked him harder.

So now Erica has effectively lost three people she cared about, pretty much all in one day. Ryan, to his betrayal, her ex- to a gun, and Tyler to his own self centeredness. She completely falls apart in one scene. but then in the next scene she has composed herself. There is a new coldness in her, and a new determination to destroy the Visitors once and for all. Go Evans Go! And here is where I felt sorry for Hobbes, where maybe I should not have.

I am sure that most people have experienced this at one time or another. It is not a nice feeling. I do not find myself as sympathetic of Ryan. I guess because he does not show the emotion that Hobbes does? I could tell by looking into Hobbes eyes how terrible he felt. He may have felt bad about what he did or perhaps he simply regretted the consequences. I would have to be able to read his mind to discern that, and I have not yet mastered my mind reading handbook. Either way Hobbes could not say anything, nor could he undo any of the damage. I am sure Hobbes can find a way to justify his actions (this is war, after all, and these things do happen) Hobbes did betray his friend, as well as Eli and pretty much everyone in the fifth column/resistance, and I am sure there will be consequences, eventually.

Hobbes insists everything would be better if he had been able to kill Ryan a long time ago. Could he be trying to lay all the blame on Ryan? After all, Hobbes would not have been asked to blow up the base if Ryan had not gone there. Anna would not have known where it was, Hobbes services would not have been needed, and Eli and Joe would still be alive. I guess that is one way of looking at it.

There is a softness to Kyle’s voice when Erica apologizes for keeping him caged and releases him to fight this war the way he has wanted to all along. He pretty much pledges himself to her side at this point. I think he desperately wishes to make it up to her, and I hope that he does, but not by dying, please! I do not want to lose him. I think Hobbes may secretly be my favorite character.

When you hear a secret confession this is the signal that the reviewer is done.

Thank you for reading my review of Siege!

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