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Now that the very disappointing news is out and all Eureka fans know that the fifth season will be the last, we include some of the many Twitter messages recently shared by the actors on the series as well as other Vancouver area actors and industry people who wanted to express their feelings about the Eureka announcement.

Eureka S4x01 Cast - Image courtesy Syfy and NBC Universal

Colin Ferguson: @wilw (Wil Wheaton) sad day.

Salli Richardson Whitfield: @wilw @colinferg very sad and shocking.

Will Wheaton: It’s been one of the greatest joys of my life to work on #Eureka. I’ve made new friends for life, and I’m so proud of the stories we’ve told.

Felicia Day: At any rate, it’s been very fun to be on the show! Hope they can end the story with closure for the fans before the series ends. 🙂 #Eureka

Will Wheaton: Thank you, @bergopolis (Amy Berg), for bringing me in, Jaime Paglia for bringing me back, and the #Eureka cast and crew for making me feel like family.

Salli Richardson Whitfield: I am still in shock.Thanks guys I love you all

Christopher Gauthier: What the deuce!? It was a great 5 seasons. I will miss it.

Neil Grayston: Thanks for the huge support regarding #Eureka’s cancellation everyone! We love you guys, and we’ve still got 13 episodes for you next year!

Ken Kabatoff: Very sad to hear about #Eureka. Though 5 seasons is a milestone, it ended much too soon. Godspeed, friends.

Ivon Bartok: Another Vancouver show gone. Sorry to see #Eureka go. I sure am glad I took those mime lessons in high school. Not much work in Vancouver.

Niall Matter: The cast and crew of #Eureka just gathered for a heartfelt send off from @jaimepaglia. We all enjoyed making this show for you… Thank you!

Neil Grayston: Seriously awed at all the kind words peeps! You guys make me fist pump/transition to air guitar so hard! #Eureka loves you!

Ming Na: Just read tweets about #Eureka. Total surprise it’s ending. Gr8 show! It was a joy working w/ @jaimepaglia & @EurekaWriters, cast & crew! xo. Second Tweet – @jaimepaglia @colinferg @sallirichardson @AirikahChaira @neilgrayston @niallmatter @EurekaWriters @feliciaday @wilw GR8 TALENTS! xoxo

Eureka Writers: Important to remember that there’s a LOT of #Eureka still to come. 5 more Season 4.5 eps, new holiday ep, and 12 Season 5 episodes.

Felicia Day: Definition of class: showrunner Jaime Paglia flew to Canada with the only purpose of thanking cast and crew for seven years of work #Eureka

Trevor Jackson: #Eureka has been canceled 🙁 but more 4.5 eps, a Christmas episode & Season 5 still 2 come & I’ll still be #KevinBlake till the end =)

Jordan Hinson: Thank you everyone for watching Eureka through the years. It was a pleasure and I couldn’t have grown up with better people. Much love!

Will Wheaton: Walked into the GD Rotunda to block a scene, and felt like I was going to cry. I’m so sad #Eureka is ending. I’m gonna miss my friends.

Jaime Paglia: Just completed my last all-nighter and typed, “Fade to black,” for the last time, on the series finale of #Eureka. It has been a privilege

Eureka S4x00 - Cast Promo courtesy Syfy and NBC Universal
We informed you last week that we were enjoying the current fourth season of Eureka and were looking forward to the fifth (filming now), and were wondering what was up with the reportedly shortened sixth. Now we know. Within moments of the news, social media was abuzz with talk of fan campaigns to keep the series alive. Despite the hope among fans that, somehow, the series can be saved, it is very doubtful.

As I have shared with you previously, Syfy is not in the business to lose money. Once a show reaches the magical fifth season mark, it becomes more expensive to produce. Usually more than the amount of revenue it may gain through advertising and other means.

Indeed, while Stargate SG-1 lasted a remarkable 10 seasons, that was an aberration in today’s market environment conditions. If readers remember, Stargate SG-1 began on Showtime and was canceled after the fifth season. Then it was picked up by Syfy. So, in reality, each studio only had Stargate SG-1 for 5 years. Even though MGM Studios was the master copyright holder, it often seemed to some fans that Syfy held on to the franchise for 10 years. Not true. Even Stargate Atlantis lasted only five years as well.

Eureka S4x15 - Zane and Carter prepare
While we are at it, fan campaigns are a wishful and positive action in attempting to resurrect a beloved series that fans want to see continue. But with the cancellation of each show, it seems that a group of fans get together and declare that they are beginning a campaign. The trouble with this is that it becomes somewhat like a street protest. A group of people create banners and signs and stand on a street to protest something. At best, they may get some attention from the decision makers, at worst they cause a disturbance and get arrested. Generally, it changes nothing.

Science fiction shows and their fans in many ways are like sports fans or like a religion. Fans demonstrate their love for and absolute conviction and loyalty for their favourite show. Some people get a little carried away even to the point where some fans become zealots. There are always going to be a few people that take things too far. For the rest of us, the loss of our favourite show(s) cause great disappointment, but we move on.

Eureka S4x10 - An experiment gone wrong

Syfy’s updated statement: “After painstaking consideration, we have had to make the difficult business decision to not order a season six of Eureka. But Eureka is not over yet. There is a new holiday episode this December and 12 stellar episodes set to debut next year, marking its fifth season and six memorable years on Syfy. The 2012 episodes are some of the best we’ve seen, and will bring this great series to a satisfying end. We are very grateful to Bruce Miller and Jaime Paglia, their team of incredible writers, and an amazing cast and crew who have consistently delivered a series we continue to be very proud of. We thank the fans for their support of this show and know they will enjoy its final season in 2012.”

“Eureka ‘s current fourth season continues to air Monday nights at 8/7C.”

Review – Omega Girls:

This episode of Eureka begins much as the last several episodes, with Fargo announcing the latest updates regarding the candidates for the Eureka S4x14 - Mission update “Astreus Mission”. The method being used for the updates is reminiscent of what was used for the movie, “Starship Troopers” (1997), staring Casper Van Dien, Dina Myer, Denise Richards, Clancy Brown, Neil Patrick Harris and Michael Ironside. A voice-over added to the story line by providing a news style explanation of events as they happen. Eureka has been using the same format, but only at the beginning of the episode, so it is not quite as distracting as the campy use in Starship Troopers which was quite popular at the time.

Eureka S4x15 - Time to launch

As the episode continues, we know for sure that Beverly Barlowe (Debrah Farentino) is inhabiting Allison Blake’s (Salli Richardson-Whitfield) body. Sheriff Jack Carter (Colin Ferguson) is acting a bit suspicious that something is up, as he asks Alison questions about her headache and where she’s been. She, of course, brushes off his concerns.

Eureka S4x15 - The evil Beverly Barlowe
Zoe (Jordan Hinson) makes a return visit to Eureka and is picked up at the airport by Jo Lupo (Erica Cerra), which is not a good scenario as far as Zane (Niall Matter) is concerned, because, and you can almost hear the drum roll of anticipation, Zoe finds out about Jo and Zane.

Eureka S4x15 - Jo meets Zoe on her return home
Meanwhile, Carter has a discussion with Henry Deacon (Joe Morton) about his concerns about Allison. Henry checks up on Allison’s prognosis from her hospital visit after her accident. The hospital has no record of her dropping in. All that Henry and Carter know is that Allison has some form of brain trauma is from the scan that Allison made while at Global Dynamics.

Eureka S4x15 - Fargo with Beverly Allison

As Carter heads off to look at the accident scene that may have changed Allison, Fargo (Neil Grayston) very reluctantly gives up his position of Director of G.D to Allison with Senator Wen (Ming Na) looking on. Henry brings Zane in to break into G.D’s files so that they can determine what is really going on.

Eureka S4x15 - Meeting with Senator Wen
One of the best lines is Zanes: “I can’t apply for the Astraeus Mission because of my past computer crimes, yet every time I turn around, you guys (Carter and Henry) are asking me to commit them”.

Jo and Zoe are still driving back to Eureka from the airport. Poor Jo is stuck having to be a captive audience to Zoe’s wrath as she tries to explain why she slept with Zane, someone Zoe thought she was dating. The discussion comes to an abrupt end when they arrive back in town to discover that everyone is unconscious. What happened?

Carter learns from Zane and Henry that Allison has a form of remote control in her brain. This explains how Beverly got access to Allison’s brain, but the why is still not clear until Carter confronts Allison/Beverly. Now that Beverly knows that Carter is on to her, she goes with “Plan B”, using a device to render everyone in town, including Carter, unconscious.

Eureka S4x15 - Carter is unconscience too
We discover that this was done through the inoculations being provided to all residents so that no strange illnesses become a problem with the Astreus Mission to Titan. Beverly’s team has placed nano-sensors in the inoculations. She also reminds her team that her ability to hang onto control of Allison’s brain becomes more tenuous the longer that it continues.

Zoe and Jo examine some of the townspeople who are unconscious on the street. Of course, Zoe’s concern is immediately for her father. She heads to the Sheriff’s office and finds Carter on the floor. Worried that what is affecting the town might be the outbreak of a disease, they decide to head to the infirmary at G.D. As they discuss this, Jo realizes that the inoculations themselves might be the cause since she didn’t have one, and she is fine.

Eureka S4x15 - All knocked out at Global Dynamics
An incoming helicopter arrives at G.D. Two of Beverly’s henchmen head to the core where all of the G.D secrets are stored. Jo and Zoe find Zane unconscious in the Infirmary. While Zoe works on what has knocked everyone out, Jo begins looking for Allison, assuming that she might still be awake and may be in trouble too. Jo comes across Allison/Beverly, but is rendered unconscious as well. She later awakens in her own jail cell inside the security area of G.D.

Only Zoe seems to be in a position to discover that Allison is really Beverly. Beverly and Zoe play a quick game of cat and mouse as the area where Zoe is hiding begins to go into lock-down. She just manages to escape and comes across Jo after knocking out one of Beverly’s “storm troopers”. Zoe has discovered that all that is required to wake everyone up is a small electrical charge.

Eureka S4x15 - A little shock fixes Allison

Eureka S4x15 - The end of Beverly in Allison

Allison fights back making Beverly’s attempts to steal information harder. Beverly’s team becomes concerned that her link to Allison could become permanent. She manages to get the download of secrets going, only to have it disrupted shortly there-after by Jo. Disrupting Beverly’s data theft is going well. However, back in the Infirmary, Zoe discovers that she is no doctor. Her attempts to revive her father nearly kills him. So she uses a different technique. She injects Carter with a neurotransmitter that wakes him up. Jo shoots Allison/Beverly with Eureka’s version of a stun gun and retrieves the data device that Beverly stole. However, Beverly and her henchmen escape.

Eureka S4x15 - Allison in the mood
Sadly, it also seems that Zane has turned his attention to Jo, and Zoe has lost him as a love interest in the series. She does manage to gain in the end, since Carter explains to her what had happened to everyone that created the situation in the first place. She learns of their trip back to 1947 and become one of the group who now know. Hopefully, now that both Zane and Zoe are aware of the timeline changes, the information doesn’t get out and cause problems later in the series.

Eureka S4x15 - Zoe learns the truth

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