Hey Chuck Fans, With all our thanks to the wonderful people over at NBC Universal Studios and to Comcast, below please find a special treat: Chuck and stars on location “Behind the Scenes’ during filming of the show in Los Angeles, California. This will be the first of many Chuck […]


Hey Adam Baldwin and Chuck Fans! As is customary at Team WHR we often follow the stars of Stargate when they move on in their careers to other movies or television series franchises. As Managing Editor and after consulting with MeaganSue we began looking into following Adam Baldwin, perhaps best […]


Hi Fellow WormholeRiders and Franchise Television Fans, Update December 11, 2009 (Per inquiries): This is a Stargate SG-1 / Stargate Universe based music news video. Original lead-in with watermarks and artist information required and may not be removed as prescribed. Subsequent to logo’s and artist data, the theme is decidedly […]


Hi Stargate Fans! As the season of Stargate Universe progressed, I, the die hard Stargate SG-1 fan and initially skeptical viewer of Stargate Universe, began to be able to see the strong roots that Universe has in SG-1 and Atlantis. As Kenn reported from his conversation with Martin Gero, Stargate […]


Hey Stargate Universe fans! With all our thanks to SyFy, MGM Studios, and NBC, WormholeRiders were granted the privilege to preview Stargate Universe episode 10 ‘Justice’ before the air date today Friday December 04, 2009 on SyFy in the United States. There was something special about the digital copy we […]


According to Gateworld.net, preliminary ratings have arrived for Stargate Universe’s premiere, and they are good! According to Nielson’s rating system – which provides “typical” households with information recording devices that attach to their television and record what is being watched for statistical purposes  to predict the viewing rate across the […]

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