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Hey Warehouse 13 Fans!

We certainly were left hanging off quite a cliff with the season one finale, “MacPherson.”

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Claudia (Allison Scagliotti) realizes her brother’s professor is actually MacPherson (Roger Rees). Leena (Genelle Williams) and Mrs. Frederick (CCH Pounder) find an artifact called the Phoenix has been taken from the warehouse. Claudia is the last person to have accessed the Phoenix. MacPherson had been bronzed but someone released him.

That someone seemed to be Claudia until we see MacPherson remove Harriet Tubman’s thimble and Claudia transforms into Leena. Artie (Saul Rubinek) discovers MacPherson in the warehouse office and fights him. Finally, Myka (Joanne Kelly) and Pete (Eddie McClintock) see Artie get blown up with the tunnel leading out of the warehouse in the premiere of season one cliffhanger of Warehouse 13 on SyFy! Now for my review and analysis of Time Will Tell, the season two premiere! Oh and thanks for all you do SyFy!

Warehouse 13

After a long wait we find out what happens next. For weeks my mother has been arguing with me that Artie is dead. I told her Artie and the warehouse are like peanut butter and jelly. I started to wonder if maybe my mom was right and the warehouse would be Artie-less. Furthermore, is Claudia bad? Is Leena? For an impatient person like myself it’s great to be able to say the wait is over.

Myka finds Arties glasses!

We see Myka and Pete staring at the aftermath of the explosion and then racing to see if they can find Artie. To be honest I realized my mom was probably right — Artie has to be dead.  While they search, Leena is wasting no time and de-bronzing some other master-mind criminal. She tells whomever the mystery bad guy is that there isn’t a lot of time. Then, just as Myka finds Artie’s glasses and it seems all is lost, a spark and cloud of smoke of some sort starts to form near them. Artie appears and mumbles to himself that that’s how that works. Thrilled, Pete and Myka run over and hug Artie.

Pete hugs Artie

Their joy is short lived when Pete wonders how Artie has survived. And by the way, Mom, I told you! Artie pulls the Phoenix out of his pocket. Apparently MacPherson had set Artie up to be trapped in the exploding tunnel on purpose. He wanted Artie to need the Phoenix. But why? Also, when the Phoenix saves one life it takes another’s in their place. The three leave the warehouse and find Mrs. Frederick’s car is on fire. At first Artie tries to get in the car to save her but Pete and Myka hold him back. Then Myka sees Mrs. Frederick’s body laying several feet away.

Watching from a nearby mountain, MacPherson believes Mrs. Frederick has died. A door opens and Leena walks out with the mystery person wrapped up. MacPherson tells her he’ll contact her with further instructions. Until then, Leena knows what to do. I notice that Leena doesn’t seem as happy this time. Maybe she isn’t the traitor I thought she was.

Macpherson and mystery person!

Artie visits Mrs. Frederick in the hospital. She appears unconscious. He tells her it’s his fault her driver is dead. He grabs her hand and Mrs. Frederick opens her eyes. She tells Artie to find Claudia and her brother, Joshua. She warns that MacPherson is playing the long game. Artie wakes up in a chair next to Mrs. Frederick’s bed. It was a dream of some sort. Or was it? Was Mrs. Frederick actually contacting him? It seems Mrs. Frederick, like Pete, gets vibes.

Mrs. Frederick in hospital bed

Back at the warehouse Pete, Myka and Leena are going over the video of Claudia de-bronzing MacPherson. Pete says he doesn’t believe Claudia would do something like that. Myka points out that innocent people don’t run. Claudia did. I’m with Pete on this one. Myka doesn’t realize that scared children run. Even genius 19 year old children.

Pete upset about Claudia

Leena has a weird flash to where she is looking at a reflection of some sort of Claudia. It then changes to Leena. She loses her balance but then tells Pete and Myka she’s fine. Artie walks and tells the others that Claudia popped up on the grid. She is heading to Switzerland to most likely see her brother, Joshua, at CERN. Pete and Myka want to go with Artie. Artie tells them to stay put and re-trace MacPherson’s steps.

Pete Myka and Leena in the office

Pete and Myka are using the durational spectrometer in the bronzing sector to see if they can find any more clues. They find out MacPherson wasn’t the only one de-bronzed. Another person was de-bronzed too — H. G. Wells (Jaime Murray). Pete remarks that the warehouse gets more interesting every day. No kidding. I’m wondering if at some point we’ll find out Elvis is in there too.

HG Wells has been debronzed!

Claudia gets off the train in Geneva and walks out of the station. She feels someone is following her and ducks into an alley. She surprises the person by knocking them over the head. Artie falls to the ground. He tells Claudia she’s fired. Claudia tells Artie if she had a Farnsworth he could have called her. Artie tells her she should trust him. Double agent or not, he wants to help Claudia out. Here we can see how their relationship is very much a father-daughter one. For even if Claudia were guilty in some way, Artie would still help her. Claudia reminds him of the importance of getting to Joshua before MacPherson does. Artie then remembers when he got Joshua (Tyler Hynes)  the job at CERN the director had mentioned Reynolds. He realizes this is what Mrs. Frederick meant by MacPherson playing the long game.

Claudia and Artie in the alley

Pete and Leena gather more information on H.G. Wells. They find an article on the H.G. Wells home museum in London. Pete and Myka head to London in order to check it out. Pete asks Myka why she doesn’t have jet lag. Myka has slept on the plane while Pete watched “Marley and Me” several times. He tells Myka it’s so sad. This is seriously the kind of line that might get lost but I find chuckle worthy. Pete and Myka poke around the museum to see what they can find. Pete hears someone trying to get in the front door of the museum. He opens it and sees a woman from the tour. She tells them she forgot her notebook. Pete lets her in to find it.

Mrs. Frederick is having dreams in her hospital bed of Leena and Claudia. Just as it seems she is putting the pieces together her eyes snap open. She’s actually awake this time. And quite possibly, she knows what’s going on with Leena, Claudia and maybe even MacPherson.

In London, Pete is kissing the woman who is looking for her notebook. Typical. It’s not like MacPherson is on the loose. Oh wait, he is. Artie calls on the Farnsworth and Myka answers it in another part of the museum. Myka tells Artie that MacPherson has de-bronzed H.G. Wells. At that moment Pete gets a bad vibe. Myka goes to find Pete and as she’s about to tell him something about Wells she finds Pete with the Tesla being held to him. Pete has just figured out what Myka was going to say: H.G. Wells is a woman. Pete has to add a hot woman.

ZOMG! Pete Kissing HG Wells!

Wells tells the two agents she brought the Tesla gun to the warehouse. She had been apprenticed at Warehouse 12. Wells met Tesla at a world fair in 1893. She wants to know what Pete and Myka are doing ransacking her home. Myka says that has a distinctive ringtone to it. Pete seems to get what Myka is saying. Myka quietly presses on something in her pants pocket. Soon “C is for Cookie” can be heard. Pete’s ring tone? I had him pegged as more of a Kesha fan. At any rate it distracts Wells enough for Pete to get the upper hand.

HG Wells with gun at Pete's throat!

After handcuffing Wells to a chair Myka tells her MacPherson will turn on her eventually. Wells says she knows this because all men turn eventually. She calls them Neanderthals. Pete wonders how someone who has been unconscious for so many years can still hold on to anger. Wells tells the agents that being bronzed doesn’t mean the person is unconscious. They are conscious the entire time. Talk about a time out. I’m hoping I never get bronzed. Although I can think of a few people I’d love to have bronzed.

Wells tells Myka and Pete where to find what it was MacPherson was looking for in her house. There is a hidden panel that unlocks a secret door. Behind the door is some sort of weird vest. Myka notices the wiring on the vest matches the wiring in the hidden panel. Wells tricks Myka and Pete into flipping the switch on the panel. They are both thrown up to the ceiling and stuck there. Wells is no able to make her escape, taking the vest with the mystery use with her.

Pete and Myka on the ceiling

Artie and Claudia make it to CERN just in time to see Joshua walking out with the doctor and a briefcase. Claudia runs up to see her brother when Artie sees the doctor is wearing Harriet Tubman’s thimble. He tells Claudia who sees it and pulls it off. The doctor transforms into MacPherson. He then shoves Joshua off the walkway they’re on and runs away with the briefcase.

MacPherson pushes Joshua off walkway

Meanwhile, Myka realizes Wells has actually invented cavarite and this is how they got stuck to the ceiling. Myka figures electricity may help them get down. Pete uses the Tesla gun to shoot at the ceiling. Sure enough, the two fall to the floor. They tell Artie about the vest Wells has. Claudia searches the warehouse database and finds it is the imperceptor vest. When wearing it the person is imperceptible to the naked eye. However it needs a massive power source. Also, I’m wondering if it makes your butt look big. Artie figures out that MacPherson and Wells are after something in the Escher Vault. It’s where the possessions of the bronzed people are locked up. Pete points out that Leena must be the breech and she is the only one left to take care of the warehouse.

Back at the B&B Mrs. Frederick surprises Leena. She asks were Leena was at the exact moment of the explosion. Leena can’t remember exactly. Mrs. Frederick looks closely at Leena and her faces changes. The skin around her eyes is sunken and red. Mrs. Frederick says it was as she suspected and begins to strangle Leena. I knew this woman is not to be messed with. But wow, even I think strangling Leena was a bit much. What do you think she does when Mr. Frederick leaves the toilet seat up? Scary thought.

Mrs. Frederick's strangles Leena

Leena looses consciousness and Mrs. Frederick puts her hand near Leena’s ear. A small silver sphere rolls out. Mrs. Frederick puts it in her pocket. She then uses smelling salts to awaken Leena. Something to take note of, Mrs. Frederick carries absinthe in her purse. If you don’t know, it’s illegal in the United States. I mean, I’m just saying. Mrs. Frederick is full of surprises. MacPherson planted what is known as the Pearl of Wisdom in Leena’s ear, according to Mrs. Frederick. It allowed MacPherson to take control over Leena. Leena was not a willing double agent. And now MacPherson and Wells have made it inside the warehouse. MacPherson unlocks the Escher Vault and Wells goes inside.

Artie and Claudia return to the warehouse. They find out MacPherson has booby-trapped the warehouse. Claudia tells Artie they can climb the rafters to get around the traps and he can lose pounds. Artie calls her a devil child. Artie warns Pete and Myka about the traps when they get to the warehouse. They decide the fastest way to get to the vault is taking the zip line. I’m serious when I say I will try zip lining through the warehouse with Pete any day.

Pete and Myka on the zip line!

MacPherson is waiting outside the Escher Vault when Wells surprises him. She is about to kiss him but Pete handcuffs MacPherson. MacPherson is confused as Wells takes Harriet Tubman’s thimble off her finger and transforms into Myka. Artie and Claudia arrive with Claudia announcing its “game over.” MacPherson says not yet, Wells is still in the vault.

Pete Myka MacPherson and HG Wells!

Wells appears and cuts the necklace off MacPherson then takes off again, leaving him to die. MacPherson tells Artie he knew Artie would use the Phoenix. He wanted Artie to see the darkness and feel the emptiness. Artie says when he used the Phoenix he felt peace and saw light. MacPherson said he thought he knew the truth. His dying words to Artie are that he’s sorry. I actually feel sorry for MacPherson. Just as he realizes he’s wrong about everything he dies.

Artie and MacPherson dying

Back at the B&B, Artie is telling the agents they need to find Wells. So far there has been no trace of her. Artie wants to speak to Claudia about something. He gives her a Farnsworth. Not just ANY Farnsworth, mind you. But Farnsworth’s actual Farnsworth. Seriously cool. I say Claudia has earned it.

Mrs. Frederick takes Artie into the Escher Vault to see what Wells took. She unlocks a cabinet near the vault that contains special goggles. The goggles allow the wearer to see the path clearly so they don’t get lost. They discover Wells took her locket, ring and compact. What they don’t know is why?

MacPherson and Wells at the Escher Vault!

In a café somewhere in the world, Wells is looking at her locket. A man asks her what she’s working on. She tells him something she’s been thinking about for a very long time. Hmmmm… I’m sure it’s nothing good. I’m also sure we’ll be seeing Wells again.

All in all thWormholeRiders New Logo. Click to visit WHR on Twitter!is was a great episode. I’m very excited about the rest of season two. I love the interaction between the main characters. Artie and Claudia are hilarious as are Pete and Myka. Mrs. Frederick is just plain scary. I’m not sure how I feel about Leena yet. She wasn’t a true double agent. It seems MacPherson had used h er just like he used everyone else in his life. However she seems to be almost jealous of Claudia. I’m certainly a Team Claudia person. Hopefully Leena will grow on me. Hey Mom, any bets on who dies but doesn’t stay dead for next week?Click to visit Whovian99 (Trish) on Twitter!

Thanks for reading and please feel free to comment on Twitter by clicking my avatar or leaving a note here at WormholeRiders News Agency.

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