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Heya Stargate Universe fans!

When we say “Focus: The Rock”, I mean the perspective from Newfoundland about SGU from our lovely island. It is known as the “Rock”. If you have not seen “Divided” stop reading now as this is a detailed review NOW.
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I knew that this episode was to continue the previous one, but I wasn’t expecting it to surpass it.  I found it interesting how they would open it up with Chloe dreaming of which it lead to a 
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I can see and agree with the autism reference PBMom used in her report, and being a mom myself of a son with autism also, I can only imagine how my son and others must feel that they have all the words there to communicate, but can’t get it out.

SGU S1x12 Divided Anna Galvin as Mrs Armstrong

Waking up in a sweat about seeing her mother in a nightmare, Chloe knew that the encounter was far from over.  I felt bad for Lt. Scott though, he wanted to help Chloe, but just didn’t know how.

SGU S1x12 Divided Lt. Scott with Chloe Armstrong

She leaves him there and end up in the mess where the other captor was sitting, trying to make sense of it all.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Rush and Chloe in Mess Hall

Rush knew she was awaken by the same dream, maybe because he was having a similar one.  But the one thing they both knew, they were coming.  The aliens wasn’t done with them yet.

SGU S1x12 Divided Louis Ferreira as Col. Young

SGU S1x12 Divided Robert Carrlyle as Dr. Rush

Rush confronts Col. Young about the possibility of the aliens being able to track this ship.  Col. Young accuses Rush of taking one of the stones and that’s how Young got transferred aboard the alien ship in the first place.  With Rush not saying one way or the other, Rush informed Col. Young that as they were going to be out of FTL for a few hours, that maybe this could be a time that they can look for some sort of tracking devices on the outside of the ship.

SGU S1x12 Divided In Control Room Kino on hunt

They set the Kino off in search of anything out of the ordinary.

SGU S1x12 Divided Kino through the hole

It’s released through the hole the aliens made to lure Chloe out, and set out on it’s search.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Greer and Young confer

Greer meets up with Col. Young asking to speak with him.  This is when he told him that no matter what the reasons of leaving Rush on the planet, if that’s what indeed happened,, but that he will defend Col. Young.  They both knew that it was only a matter of time that something was going to happen to challenge his authority, and Greer just wanted Young to know who’s side he was on.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Superb David Blue as Eli Wallace

Rush radios Col. Young that they found what they were looking for.  So Col. Young, Lt. Scott and Eli were walking down the corridor towards the shuttle to fly out and blast the dang thing off the hull.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - In the hall

That’s when Lt. Scott seen Chloe with Rush.  With no time to find out why or what they were up to, he was summoned by Col. Young to get a move on.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - In the hall 2

While Col. Young and Lt. Scott were aboard the shuttle and powering her up, Rush and Wray were in another section of Destiny to prepare for their little coop.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Lights turning on

Lights were being turned on and Rush & Wray were discussing that this was the best opportunity to set forth their plan to take over the ship.  So with that said, Rush told Wray to get her people in place and ready for the signal.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Chloe asks to see aliens ship

Chloe stopped by to distract Eli by asking to see the alien ship, not thinking anything of it, he brings up the picture of it and shows to her.  Now this is where I have to mention,, remember in the beginning of the first part of the season, when there was something that had fallen off the ship.  And you all said “what the hell?”  Well if you make a comparison, they are the same.  So when Rush had said earlier to Col. Young that he believes that the aliens have been tracking the ship for a very long time, he wasn’t kidding.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Chloe keeps Eli's attention

Crafty little buggers aren’t they?  So while Chloe keeps Eli onto the situation at hand, Rush is in another part of the ship, transferring control over to him.  You got to hand it to them,, they are resourceful when they need to be.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - TJ really does not notice

This scene gave me a chuckle.  Brody getting the message that it’s on and then TJ entering the room, loved how he made up a fake reason as to the radio message, when it appeared that TJ really hadn’t noticed or cared, lmao.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Things go wrong

With the shuttle coming back in to dock with the ship, things go a little wrong.The docking clamps won’t fasten on the shuttle, holding it onto the hull of the Destiny.That’s when Chloe conveniently informs Eli about another station in the control room.  Not sure what she’s up to, but it can’t be good.  Have to watch out for her in the future I’m sure.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Chloe runs to the rescue

This is when things get hairy.  With Col. Young and Lt. Scott trapped in the shuttle with no way of getting out – alive, Chloe runs to the part of the ship where Rush is, transferring the data.  Col. Young radios for Rush, with no answer – typical.  Then, he radios for Greer on another frequency, informing him of the situation and to locate Rush, but not to hurt anyone.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Sgt Greer thinks it over

With Greer informed, not sure if he’s able to not hurt anyone, especially since his confinement in the pilot episode still isn’t clear to me.  Hopefully we’ll know more to his back story in episodes to come. Chloe reaches Rush and informs him to stop what he’s doing.  He objects at first, but then she tells him that the docking clamps won’t engage and that if something isn’t done, that both Young and Scott will die.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Poor Eli

Poor Eli, that’s all I can say.  Being told by Rush over the radio, of which Young can also hear him, that he’s to stop what he’s doing and allow Rush to finish what he’s began.  And with Young on the other end, telling Eli to not listen to Rush and to get the controls back ASAP as they only had less then 5 minutes before the ship goes back into FTL.  What is a guy to do?

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Exterior view of Destiny

Now with both Camilla and Chloe trying to talk some sense into him, it takes Chloe’s comment “nobody should get hurt,” to make Rush stop,, just short of getting everything he needed. With an excited Eli announcing that he’s got control back, the clamps engage and within seconds, the whole ship jumps back into FTL.

Col. Young and Lt. Scott leave the shuttle, very relieved. Though with Col. Young, he was more pissed off then relieved.  Can’t blame him really.  But now maybe he can get a sense of how Rush felt left to die on that desert planet. With doors closing off sections of the ship, being controlled by Rush, this is where things start to get interesting.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Volker and Brody confronted

You’ve heard of “wrong place, wrong time?”  Well, this is definitely one of those moments.  The perfect time of the civilians to take control of their assigned areas, and there ends up being a slight complication. Camilla Wray walks in where an Airman is holding a gun on some of the civilians with the announcement that unfortunately some people, civilian and military alike, were trapped on the wrong side of the line.  The civilians have taken over the ship

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Only one system

With Rush gloating that he’s got control of all systems, it didn’t take Eli long to point out that there was one major computer system that Rush didn’t get, due to stopping to allow the clamps to strap to the shuttle in time… life support.  That was the only system, so far, that Eli still had to work with. All are hopeful.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Relief

Then it just came down to negotiating for certain things.  One of which to more or less be treated as equals and not to be told what to do or where to go.  The dictatorship had to stop.  Though there was still one more thing Rush decided to ask for. Surprised that Rush would be willing to trade food and water over for Eli, the only thing would be as to why??  Other then having to brains on the one side, but what makes Rush think that Eli would ever turn so quickly anyway..

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Eli has doubt about Chloe

With Chloe taking Eli to their command centre, I’m sure Eli’s is not convinced if he could trust her.  This is the moment when Chloe really surprised people as to where her loyalties would lie.  With a man who basically killed her father, or a man she, I would assume, love.  For her to not inform Lt. Scott, she must have known deep down that he would honour his loyalty to the military first, her second.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Eli has doubt about Chloe 2

I loved this moment, when Eli finds out that she would join the other side.  Makes him question everything about her. Out of FTL, that’s when Young and Greer suit up to go outside and walk to the hole the aliens cut into their hull, which is on the other side of the “line”.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Scott and Young outside

The civilians congregated into the mess chatting on whatever is on their minds.  When Brody speaks up that they shouldn’t have given up the food and water.  But Wray informs him and the others that it’s a civilian government that the military ultimately takes orders from.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Every once of power

Rush informs Eli that they have to get every ounce of power from the ships systems and from places they haven’t even heard of yet and direct it to the ships shields.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Aliens are coming AGAIN

Well now, who do we have here?

Eli tries his dandiest to stall Rush from turning on the shields, knowing full well that the Col. & Greer were still outside walking on the hull to the opening on their side of the ship.  It worked though, they got inside just as the shield was activated.  I had to giggle at the look on Eli’s face to, not knowing for sure.

With Col. Young and Greer now inside, he tells Greer to go let Scott out, assemble a team and secure the civilians again, while he was going to look for Rush. With Scott out, and a bunch of officers behind him, he couldn’t help but notice some civilians on the floor of the ship.  When asked, Greer just simply told him that they are fine.  No doubt they will have a wicket headache when they do wake up.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Dr. Rush is caught

With Wray learning that Rush has a tracking device surgically placed in his chest, she concluded that, that’s the reason why he wanted to act on her plan. Col. Young walking in announcing that he didn’t care who’s idea it was to do what they done, it was now over and things were going to be different from here on out.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -All eyes on TJ

That’s when Eli informed Col. Young, TJ, and Scott that Rush has a tracking device planted inside his chest.  So they were shit out of luck because even if they survive this attack, the aliens will no doubt be able to find them again.  It had to be removed.  Everyone focused on TJ. Lt. Scott and Col Young confer about it.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Lt. Scott and Col. Young confer

With TJ refusing to do the surgery, Chloe spoke up and said that she would do it.  Though it really wouldn’t be her, but a doctor’s conscience from Earth performing the operation.Doctor Brightman arrives to see to Rush, who was already prepped for surgery.  She was shocked to learn the means of which Rush was put to sleep.  But when out in uncharted space, you have to do things on a whim.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Aliens fire on Destiny

Yet again Eli tries to convince Col. Young that Rush is right about the shields.  Taking power away from that just to fire back, and have no effect I may add, what good will it prove?  It will only prove that either side on it’s own will destroy themselves.  Only by joining forces, I think, they will live to see another day.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -Dr. Brightman makes incision

Brightman starts her incision into Rush.

Then with the aliens still firing on the ship, causing the lights to flicker, everyone holding their positions.  The officers with the civilians secured in the mess, Eli and Young in the control room, Brightman searching for the transmitter with a new gadget made by Eli, that is until they lost the connection and Chloe looks down into the open wound and backs away.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -The operation on Dr. Rush

Unfortunately, now TJ have got to finish the operation.  Something she wasn’t too happy about.  But just as she was about to take over and what do you know,, he starts to wake up.  I guess not enough of the anaesthetic was given to him the first time.  They give him another dose and out he goes again.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided -the danged thing is out

With the device out, they all took a deep breath of relief.  Of course not long after, Scott had the device in hand, taking his handgun, he then uses the butt of the gun to smash the transmitter.  There, gone, no more aliens.  I hope.

2010 SGU S1x12 Divided - Col. Young "back to your quarters"

WormholeRiders. Click to visit & follow WHR on Twitter!With Col. Young meeting up with Greer at the mess, he then announces to everyone to go back to their quarters,, it’s over.  One by one then leave, walking past him, most of them afraid to look at him.  Col. Young looking at each one as they past by, knowing full well that this won’t be the last time they try this, but at least for now, he gave them something to think about for the survival of their future.

That’s my review of the points I wanted to point out in this episode.  Thank you for visiting WormholeRiders news Agency.

I hope you enjoyed reading my thoClick to visit Karen Ford on Twitterughts as well.  Until the next time.



Newfoundland, Canada

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