WHR Announces Coverage of SciFi Ball 16 and Collector Mania 15

Hey Convention Fans,

Click to visit WHR on Twitter WHR is pleased to announce more 2010 “Live From the Convention” coverage of the SciFi Ball 16 February 12-14 2010 and Collector Mania 15 May 28-31 2010 in the United Kingdom! Click the banners below to visit these fantastic events official web pages! The events will be covered by our reporter in the UK, the fabulous JohnLizzieGirl. YAY! Click to visit JohnLizzieGirl on Twitter

These wonderful events feature Lou Diamond Phillips of Stargate Universe, Alexander Siddig of Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Linda Hamilton of Terminator fame, Kate Mulgrew, Tim Russ and Robert Duncan McNeill of Star Trek Voyager, Robert O’Rielly and JG Hertzler of Star Trek, Michael Carter and Daniel Logan of Star Wars, AND many more exciting stars. WHR will be there to report on the fun and to bring exclusive news coverage to you the fans of science fiction!

Click to visit SciFi Ball at SBF-Events-16

Click to visit Collector Mania 15 in the UK

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