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After coming from Nalini’s Q&A, I then had to proceed to another room for Casey Bigg’s session. I was lucky enough to get a front row seat. There I got comfortable and got my camera in one hand and my video cam in the other. I enjoyed this Q&A.

2010-Scifi on the Rock -Casey Biggs

Although there was a chair for him to sit on, and he did grab a chair and situate it for him to sit down to chat, Casey then quickly moved the chair out of the way and walked around. As you will see in the video, I had to move the camera several times to keep up with him! I hope you enjoy the video session as much I enjoyed watching and recording it for you. Click to visit Karen Ford on Twitter!

Karen Ford


Newfoundland, Canada

One thought on “Scifi on the Rock Video Panel: Casey Biggs of Star Trek

  1. Hey Karen. This was sooooo funny. I remember Casey from the Creation Star Trek convention and he is a crack up! Thank you for your hard work at Scifi on the Rock!

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