Chicago Day 2 – Completed!


Amanda Tapping Chicago Stargate 2009

A few hours after Michael’s appearance today, Amanda Tapping took the stage. She had little new to report since Vancouver, but had lots of wonderful stories.

She did tell us that, from her time on the SGU set, the SGU cast is working hard to adjust to their new jobs. Amanda said that for the first couple of seasons of SG-1, the cast went on hiatus very tired and it took a couple years to adjust. The SGU cast is now going through the same process and Amanda’s reation was very much, “Yup.”

Amanda also had losts of wonderful stories, all of which I will report in detail in the coming days!

To end the day we had the Dessert Party, one of the two large meal events of the Chicago Convention. Fans have dessert, coffee, and drinks. Then food is cleared, the guests come out – in this case, Dean Haglund, Gary Jones, and Amanda Tapping – photos are taken paparazzi style, and then the guests go from table to table sitting down and chatting with the fans 9 people at a time.

At the Dessert Party, excitement is increased by the centerpeice contest. Fans create these Stargate related masterpieces from anything from Lego blocks to cardboard. Mine this year was made of painted styrofoam, aluminum foil, a whole lot of casting resin tinted blue, action figures, tissue paper, a lazy susan, and a string of batter powered Chirstmas lights . . .

Play It Grand's Centerpiece!
Teal'c is surfing a wave, Daniel is falling down a slide . . . .
Sam is riding a horse . . .
Sam is riding a horse . . .

 . . . and Jack is riding in an X302, hence WormholeRiders!
. . .  and Jack is riding in an X302, hence WormholRiders!

There will be video of this turning on it’s lazy susan later!

My only real competition was this one, which was well done though perhaps not very original.


It depicts each of the guests at this year’s convention, is double sided, and has blinking lights.

I can’t speak to how the guests reacted to this piece, but Dean Haglund was facinated by mine, spending almost the whole time at our table turning it and asking how I made it! He was sure it would win, but he hadn’t seen my competator’s yet. Gary talked about how Starhole has been compared to Who’s Line Is It Anyway, even though Starhole predates Who’s Line. Amanda was also facinated by the centerpiece but thankfully did not become too obsorbed by it to spend all her time at our table discussing it. She spun it once, laughed at how thin the face of Chris Judge’s action figure is compared to him, told me how cool she thought it was, and then went around the table asking where everyone came from and how we got to Chicago.

In the end, my centerpiece as judged by several Creation staff members, did not win. My competator – a mother and daughter team – claimed th prize of a $250 Creation gift certificate on the basis of having all of the convention’s guests on it and on displaying more effort by not using action figures. I claimed last year’s convention shirt as a consolation prize . . . but not really. Since I had it already and the staff was unwilling to offer me anything else, I asked my convention buddy Jenny, requested her size, and gave it to her.

Tomorrow will be full of Atlantis: Joe Flanigan, Paul McGillion, and Rachel Lutrell!


5 thoughts on “Chicago Day 2 – Completed!

  1. “starhole” predates who’s line….?” the u.s version was ’98, so that’s true for that, but there was a british one in ’88 (much better IMHO)

    BTW great centerpiece!

  2. To quote Amanda on your centerpiece “you got jipped!” The centerpiece is amazing! You did an awesome job! Great work!

  3. Ha! I did an action figure one at a NJ con a year or so ago (SGA), complete with rubber bands, paperclips and postits (done on a last minute whim). I did win a complimentary prize of ‘you can pick up a t-shirt’. Think it was done as so few people entered – the NJ con looked pretty dismal compared to the Chicago one!

  4. Well Grand, another fantastic centerpiece! A masterpiece in fact. I may be prejudiced, but I think yours is best! We are all looking forward to seeing your center piece video here soon.

    Great reports from the con being enjoyed by more Blog visitors than ever! Those special ‘tweets’ were nice too! Made folks feel like thye were there!

    Have a great Sunday today with Racheal Luttrell and Paul McGillion!

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