VulcanCon Recap – New Shanks Images and Dean Stockwell Video Panel


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Wow! I still cannot believe the convention is over!

Of course, I say this after every convention. I am so happy Vulcan Events came to my home town. I’m hoping they return again next year because I would be more than thrilled to attend. For such a small convention, they certainly packed a lot into it. I’m still trying to absorb it all.

What stands out in my mind? Walking into the hotel lobby Friday night and seeing the DeLorean replica tricked out like the one from “Back to the Future.” Also memorable was realizing that Sally Kellerman can not only sing but has twice the energy I do — and ten times the coordination.

VulcanCon 2010 Sally Kellerman

I think that was a great start to the convention for me. I’d gone in not knowing what to expect and was pleasantly surprised. And with just a 15 minute drive home that night, I felt spoiled.

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Because VulcanCon was so close to home, my whole family was able to go. This was a first for us as a family and my youngest daughter’s first ever convention. We all got dressed up in Star Trek costumes and helped break a world record. It’s enough to make a major fangirl-geek-mommy like me cry. I’m proud of Allie for her great sense of humor and choosing a Wesley Crusher costume. I’m also proud that Erin made some of the coolest alien playdough animals I’ve ever seen. If anyone out there has ever wondered if conventions are good for families I hope this helps show how much fun it can be for kids (and adults) of all ages.

VulcanCon 2010 Playdough Erin

Who could ever forget the Guinness Book of World Records attempt on Saturday morning? I know I’ll never forget it. And not just because we were successful! There really is nothing like standing in a parking lot with Klingons, Starfleet Officers and aliens (including some Tribbles). It’s such a random thing yet I felt so at home with all those people. I’m hoping my girls will grow up being very proud of that moment. I’m certainly going to be telling the grandchildren that story. That is, in the distant future when I actually HAVE grandchildren.

The Christopher Lloyd panel was exciting. Everyone was treated to a little bit of Reverend Jim and Uncle Fester (of the Addams Family) and a good amount of Doc Brown. Mr. Lloyd is a talented man indeed. Of course some of my favorite moments were the cocktail party where I spent most the time talking to Michael Shanks and the banquet dinner with Christopher Lloyd. Talking to Mr. Shanks was as easy as talking to one of my friends. If only Doc Brown were real and that DeLorean in the hotel lobby really was capable of time travel. I’d relive that Saturday night over again.

VulcanCon 2010 Michael Shanks

Sunday I had the photo ops and autographs with Michael Shanks and Christopher Lloyd and the Dean Stockwell panel. I’m so happy I sprung for the photos. Even though I’m not a fan of getting my picture taken it is a great way to capture the moment, honestly, I am pleased with the quality of photos.

VulcanCon 2010 Michael Shanks

Kudos went to the photographer representing Vulcan Events. The autographs were included in my platinum ticket and I was more than happy to get those. After all, it gives the fans more time with the guests which is a huge part of going to the conventions. At least it is for me.

Dean Stockwell is someone I’ve always wanted to meet ever since “Quantum Leap.” I never knew that he had once worked with Errol Flynn. That’s just one of those random tidbits that typically comes out at panels — which is what makes them so great. Some conventions have a more formal setting for panels. For this event the panels were casual. Fans would ask questions right from their seats. A fan had asked Mr. Stockwell if he thought a reboot of “Quantum Leap” was possible.

Mr. Stockwell answered that there had been talk of a movie after the show was off the air but that was about it. I’m certainly in favor of a “Quantum Leap” reboot!   It was obvious that so many fans have enjoyed Mr. Stockwell on “Battlestar Galactica” as well His panel is included below for your enjoyment.



Conventions are funny in that I wish I could go back again and do them differently. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy myself but because I Click to visit whovian99 (Trish) onTwitter!missed out on things I would have loved doing if I’d had more time. I really appreciate the guests for taking time out of their busy schedules and away from their families to spend a weekend with a bunch of fans. Who’s ready for the next one? ME!



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  1. Hey there, that girl behind your daughter is my eldest, Sammie and the other that made creatures beside her was my youngest Casey! I had a great time, first Star Trek con I had been to in years! Hope to see you at the next one, my next cons are the Star Wars Celebration in Orlando and then Spooky Empire/Screamfest later in Oct.
    Oh yes, you got Sammie’s JSA/Hawkman question and answer on your video, she was thrilled! Take care now and smooth voyages!

  2. Hey Trish,

    I was so absorbed by Deans Panel in preview mode I forgot to click “Publish”! Great job! Thank you!

    Best Regards

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