Vancouver Stargate 2010 “VanCon” – Day One: The Madness Begins


Hey Stargate and Creation Entertainment fans!

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My first day at VanCon Stargate 2010 morning began with preregistration at the Hilton Metrotown Vancouver located in Burnaby, British Columbia. It is a beautiful facility that Creation Entertainment selected for the convention .

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I received my convention pass and Press Credentials for WHR from the wonderful team of Convention Masters at Creation Entertainment. I also purchased many Fan Photo Opportunity tickets, simply a must do at any convention.

I think I may have to go back for a few more photo tickets, though. There are some that I just can’t pass up – such as Michael Shanks and Joe Flanigan in a combined photo op. I do have the individuals, though, so I’m not sure yet. Since I purchased have a gold pass also, I also received a cool Stargate Universe shot glass. I think I know what I’ll be using from now on – even for just normal drinks.

2010 VanCon Gold - SGU Shot Glass

Almost immediately after getting my ticket, it was time for Peter Williams’ (Apophis, Stargate SG-1) panel to begin. Click to visit Stargate on MGM Dot ComHe was wearing dark glasses and joked that it was just in case his Goa’uld eyes were to act up. He did take them off after a couple minutes, though.

Peter looks very different – but then, he was not wearing gold lipstick, so I suppose that is to be expected. Just as an interesting tidbit, on the topic of wardrobe, he said he actually kind of liked the leather skirt he had to wear as Apophis. Peter also mentioned that underneath he wore tights, which he needed help getting in and out of each day.

2010 VanCon Stargate SG1 Peter Williams - Apophis

Peter said that the only practical joke played on him was when Apophis was in a straight jacket and once they called cut, he was left alone on stage and all the lights were turned off.

2010 VanCon Stargate SG1 Peter Williams - Apophis

They left him there for twenty minutes until finally he heard a giggle from off-stage and the joke was done. He joked his revenge would be the asteroid Apophis – which he owns and controls – comes to destroy Earth in 2029.

2010 VanCon Stargate SG1 Peter Williams - Apophis

When asked what he has been up to lately, he replied that he has been living in Antigua. He joked that when you live on a beach for two years, you have to be in good shape – and believe me, he was. As for work, he mentioned that he has an audition coming up for a guest spot on Sanctuary. He said his character is evil and, though he hasn’t read the end, he would put money on it that his character dies in the end. Peter also added that anyone in the audience who knows Amanda Tapping should put in a good word for him.

2010 VanCon Stargate Dan Payne & Dan Shea

Next up were Dan Shea, Sgt. Siler of Stargate SG-1 and Dan Payne, “Kull Warrior” in Stargate SG-1, and “Big Wraith” in Stargate Atlantis and recently in the episode ‘Corner Man’ in Human Target. Sadly, I missed the beginning due to business, which means I missed the fact that they started off the panel by taking off their shirts. They were just re-dressing as I got back into the room. These two Stargate legends were hilarious!

2010 VanCon Stargate Dan Shea

Most of their panel was focused on the two of them discussing different stories of stunt anecdotes from the careers. Dan Payne mentioned that he was glad he could not be seen from behind his costume because he said he was chasing Amanda Tapping while giggling – which would not have been very scary. I was busting a gut laughing at their stories.

2010 VanCon Stargate Dan Payne

If you ever get a chance to see them in a panel together, I definitely recommend you do so!

My last panel of the day was for Cliff Simon (Ba’al, Stargate SG-1 and Stargate Continuum). Cliff’s panel was quite funny as well. At one point, he answered a bunch of questions (from a script) in character as Ba’al.

2010 VanCon Stargate Cliff Simon

When it was pointed out by Patricia Stewart-Bertrand that he had changed the line in the script, Cliff stated that they always changed up lines on Stargate and no one would say anything because then they would have to re-shoot the whole scene! The audience burst out in laughter!

2010 VanCon Stargate Cliff Simon

Cliff was asked about his experiences working with Claudia Black (Vala Mal Doran) – more specifically if it was awkward during scenes where he was flirting with her. He replied that they had hit it off right away because she loves South Africa (where he is from) and found it easy to get along. Someone later called out from the audience asking who is a better kisser: Amanda Tapping or Claudia Black?

2010 VanCon Stargate Cliff Simon

Cliff  replied that he hadn’t kissed either of them, though not for lack of trying. He said Amanda punched him and Claudia slapped him. He said they’re so vastly different, but he’d happily kiss either, or both, or both at the same time. Someone else asked whether he preferred the slap or the punch and he answered that he really liked the punch at which point the audience howled.

Cliff also gave his thoughts on the movie District 9, as it’s a South African movie. He mentioned as well that if he were to play any other SG-1 character, it would be General Jack O’Neill, but he would play him the same way he does Ba’al.

2010 VanCon Stargate Cliff Simon

As for upcoming projects, Cliff mentioned that he has been doing some writing and producing, which is exciting because he gets to do the work he wants. He has a project in the pitch phase, which he would like to see turn into a television show, or, alternatively, a miniseries. Cliff is also interested in making a documentary on the Moulin Rouge, which he is currently in negotiations for, and a movie about a swimmer. An interesting tidbit is that Cliff actually qualified for the Olympics in swimming when he was younger.

I did a little bit of shopping while waiting for Cliff’s autograph session to begin. I bought a couple of t-shirts, which I’m excited to wear. Geeky attire always brightens my mood. Then, while waiting for my section to be called, I chatted with a few people around me. Seems there are a lot of newbies at this con, which is exciting. By the way, I love that I’m not the newbie this time around.

Cliff’s autograph session was fairly standard. We didn’t get much time to talk, but I gave him my card and he recognized Wormhole Riders. He was very nice, but we had to keep the line moving, so I didn’t dally.

Thus concludes the first day of my experience at the Vancouver Stargate 2010 convention. With the fabled Creation Entertainment Karaoke Party and the Cabaret tomorrow night, I’m expecting VanCon day two to be a lot more hectic than day one. I can’t wait!Click to visit ValaBlack (Steph) on Twitter



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  1. He said he wished it had been longer too… I don’t watch 24, but I wish it had been longer just ’cause Cliff is awesome 🙂

  2. Me too! I was hoping that he would escape and return this season year and have hand to hand combat with Jack or even Renee! Poor Renee. I was also hoping she would be the next Jack Bauer (female version). *sobs* for Cliff the assassin and Renee!

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